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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 264: Spiritual Force Crystallisation

Chapter 264: Spiritual Force Crystallisation

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*Woo woo……*

Along with the sound of wails, milky-white and dull red rays began to appear and shine all around the battlefield.

These spots of light were very bright, with some of them even illuminating a vague human face. The Magi nearby kept crying out in alarm because what they saw within were the faces of their family and friends!

“Spirits! This is a spell formation that specifically targets the spirits of those who died in battle!”

A Magus not far away immediately yelled, “Where have I seen something that can cover such a large area and not destroy anything before…”

These white and red spots seemed to be attracted by an immense force and shot towards the surface of the crimson light screen at the centre of the spell formation.

*Tss tss!*

The spirits dissolved into the crimson screen the moment they touched it.

The crimson screen did not refuse anything that approached it. Whether it was the spirit of an acolyte or a Magus, whether dark or light Magi, all of these spots of light which represented spirits were absorbed into it.

As the number of spirits that it absorbed increased, the reddish layer became darker until, in the end, it became a dark red large-scale defensive spell formation.

“It targets just spirits! This is magic that the Light Magi Alliance ordered to be made a forbidden technique! It even dares to gather the spirits of Magi! This is simply blasphemous!”

The eyes of a Magus with a snowy-white beard turned red. Just now, he had personally witnessed his lover’s spirit being absorbed by that sinister screen. Even without using his brain, it was obvious that Leylin did not have any good intentions in gathering these spirits.

“Destroy it quickly!”

This sinister black spell formation immediately caused the magicians present much fear. Whether dark or light Magi, neither wanted their spirits to be extracted and used by anyone else.

All sorts of magic such as frost arrows, fireballs, mysterious spirit spells and holy magic of the light element struck and exploded against the building that was filled with runes.


Under the joint attack of the Magi, the building was quickly reduced to ashes, but the black runes were like brands deeply etched into the air. Even the residual energy of the battle in the tornado between two rank 2 Magi was not enough to destroy these runes.

“I remember what this is! It’s the Large Formation of Ten Thousand Spirits: Hades’ Sacrificial Rites!” The Magus who had previously recognised the function of the spell formation yelled again.

“This is a forbidden technique that was considered taboo even in ancient times! It’s able to absorb all the spiritual energy from the spirits of the dead within its range. As it has a trace of protection from Hades, before the time limit is up, it will not disappear…”

“I’ve heard about this spell formation too! Hasn’t it been lost though?”

The Magi stopped their attacks and turned their attention to the dark red screen in the centre of Four Seasons Gardens, their eyes displaying their fear.

The huge black spell formation constantly thundered as it absorbed large numbers of spirits. Such a strange sight caused even the magical beings outside to feel a sense of dread.

The battlefield was silent. Whether it was the dark or light Magi or even the rank 2 Magi who were battling shifted their attention to find out what was happening with the crimson screen.

Within the crimson screen.

Leylin gazed at the white-gold flame in his hand and grinned.

“Power!” He spoke.

He had not had any intentions of abiding by the rules of the contract made with the Trial’s Eye. All that he did was for this thing that was now in his hands!

All that talk about a recommendation to enter Lighthouse of the Night was just a smokescreen. Compared to relying on another organisation, how could it be any better than the thrill of freedom?

As for the contract with the Trial’s Eye? That was just a joke in Leylin’s eyes!

Using the solution from the feathers of the nefarious filthy bird, he was easily able to remove traces of the contract from his body.

Though there was only one portion of the solution, Leylin still possessed many Void Hallucination Flowers!

This flower had a very unique property in that with some simple methods it could imitate all sorts of complicated ingredients! It was for this reason that the Void Hallucination Flower was an essential ingredient in ancient potions!

Giant had delivered the solution of the feathers of the Nefarious Filthbird into Leylin’s hands. Leylin had confirmed the authenticity of the item and did not consume it straight away, but had instead used the A.I. Chip to record the details concerning the composition of this solution!

Next, after many rounds of testing and a little help from the A.I. Chip at the atomic level, Leylin successfully made use of the Void Hallucination Flower and simulated the composition of the solution!

What happened next was obvious.

With his authority of seven stars for the formation genie, he had naturally secretly carved the runes for the Large Formation of Ten Thousand Spirits and prepared for today.

The runes and the setting up of the energy points was naturally information that he had gathered from the Book of Giant Serpent.

Based on records regarding Kemoyin’s Pupils, Leylin needed to burn up large amounts of spiritual force and stimulate his high-grade meditation technique in order to spur on his own advancement to becoming a rank 2 Warlock.

Rather than accumulating slowly, he could use large amounts of ownerless spiritual force to replace what he required with this method!

Spiritual force was as precious as one’s own blood. If one were to burn up large amounts of their own spiritual force, this would definitely result in very dire consequences. And even if one could advance, a long period of time would be needed to recover from the damage.

If he were to use spiritual force from the external world, this would not be a problem! If there was enough spiritual force and it was pure enough, it might even support the Magus and set up a strong foundation for them!

After being made aware of this fact, Leylin immediately fixed his attention on the core body of consciousness.

This core body of consciousness had formed after tens of thousands of years, and had a tremendous amount of spiritual force. However, its intelligence was very weak and was not even comparable to a three-year-old. It was for this reason that it was so easily caught and sealed by Magi.

The spiritual force that would stimulate the meditation technique to power up would require refinement and purification of his own foundations.

Hence, Leylin chose to use the Large Formation of Ten Thousand Spirits in the Book of Giant Serpent, which was a formidable forbidden technique used specifically to accumulate spiritual power.

What this formation needed was a battlefield, and the deaths of many Magi who were extremely powerful in terms of their spiritual force. Leylin had therefore decided to activate it at this point of time.

In the external world, most of the light and dark Magi had already died. The spirits of these Magi and acolytes, and even magical beasts, had turned into fuel for Leylin’s advancement!

“Let’s not waste time. Let’s begin!”

With a thought from Leylin, milky-white and dark red spiritual spots were like moths flying into flames, pouncing towards the white-gold light in the palm of his hand.

At this moment, Leylin seemed to feel the howls of a confined consciousness at the heart of the white-gold flame.

The spiritual spots were numerous but were heterogeneous. The core body of consciousness had a boundless spiritual force, but had a very weak consciousness.

As these two collided it was like boiling oil meeting water, they created a violent reaction.

With the interference from the Large Formation of Ten Thousand Spirits: Hades’ Sacrificial Rites, the script that Leylin had prepared was beginning to put on a good show.

The flames, which had only been the size of a bean, suddenly expanded and burned furiously. Just like that, the spirit spots were razed to ashes.

However, these spots seemed to be boundless. Even though the spots in front of them had been burnt to nothingness, they still did not hesitate to pounce towards the flames. This was especially so for the spiritual spots that belonged to official Magi. They could survive in the flame for a long time, almost extinguishing the white-gold flames.

Eventually, the consciousness of the white-gold flame became increasingly weak. All the impurities in the spiritual spots had disappeared, and the consciousness vanished, causing it to be extremely pure.

A clean, pure, ownerless spiritual force began to be produced from the heart of the flames.


Sometime later, Leylin focused on the silver flames in front of him, his eyes revealed his joy.

This was the crystallised spiritual force that he had refined. It combined the spiritual force that the platinum gate had gathered after many years, with the spiritual force essence from the Magi that had died in battle.

“The effects are even better than I expected! Total amount of spiritual force has increased by 22%.”

Leylin mumbled quietly, and then looked towards the silver flame. There, a white-gold ball of light like a ping pong ball hovered, emitting spiritual waves that Leylin almost did not notice.

However, the spiritual waves seemed to communicate with the silver flames, and there was even an urge to return to within the silver flames.

This was the consciousness that he had separated. After fights with other spirits, it had become very weak and would probably be destroyed with just a blow from Leylin.

However, as long as it was still not destroyed, the crystallised spiritual force flames in Leylin’s possession would never be able to be considered pure.

“My apologies!”

Leylin spoke to the ball of light, and then blew!

*Pu!* Like a bubble, it popped, and the ball completely broke open and it was on the verge of disappearing in the air.

With the destruction of the core body of consciousness, the crystallisation of the silver flames in Leylin’s hands were transparent, like a totem of flames created using crystal. It produced a very pure feeling.

This was its form after removing its pure consciousness.

[Large amounts of crystallisation of spiritual force. Purity: 100%] The A.I. Chip came up with a conclusion.

“100%?” Leylin shook his head.

He was clear that at this point, he would not be able to identify the impurities in the spiritual force, and it could not be said to be perfect.

The spirit was a wondrous thing. Even the A.I. Chip right now was unable to examine it properly. Though it might not be able to detect a few ingredients, this did not mean that rank 4 or 5 great Magi would not be able to find out.

In the Book of Giant Serpents, there was a warning from the great Magus Serholm. This spiritual force seemed to be very pure, but in actuality, there were still a few spiritual marks left behind and could not be absorbed! Otherwise, the road ahead would be difficult, and might even cause residual effects.

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