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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 265: Self-Destruct Runes

Chapter 265: Self-Destruct Runes

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“However I don’t want to absorb it, but to use it as a single-use stimulant to level up the meditation technique!”

Leylin chuckled and reached for the crystal in the heart of the flames.


The spiritual force crystal glistened as it turned into a large silvery flame that engulfed Leylin within.

Where the crimson light screen formation was.

The Magi outside would naturally not know what happened in here, but at this moment Leylin destroyed the secret plane’s core body of consciousness!

*Weng!* *Weng!* *Weng!*

The giant metal gate of the Four Seasons Garden headquarters creaked loudly as various runes on it dimmed! Right after, large cracks began to appear on the surface of the gate.

*Ka-Cha!* *Ka-Cha!*

The noise produced from the giant metal gate was akin to that of ice cubes melting, as chunks of the gate began to melt like lava and rolled to the ground.

Under these circumstances, even the two rank 2 Magi inside the tornado stopped fighting and directed their gaze towards this scene.

Finally, with the faces of the dark and light Magi showing their disbelief, the gate collapsed and produced a large amount of grime and dust!

“The secret plane’s entrance has self-destructed! Damn it! That Leylin must have destroyed the core!”

Cabourn who was in the tornado charged at the crimson light screen formation.

As for Desmund, his eyes gleamed as he remained rooted to the spot, not planning to stop Cabourn.

At this moment, outside of the crimson light screen formation, Number 2 and Number 3 brandished their metal greatswords, which were even larger than they were. The brands on their body shone resplendently and surrounding them lay the bodies of countless magicians.

All these were magicians who had foolishly rushed forward earlier to stop Leylin from harvesting the spirits from both dark and light faction. However, under the two Branded Swordsmen’s teamwork, they were all slain here.

Branded Swordsmen had always been one of the stronger classes in ancient times. This could clearly be seen from the mighty battle prowess stemming from Number 2 and 3.

Regular semi-converted Magi were not their match at all. Even if those Magi were a tad stronger, under the combination of the instantaneous spell casting innate to their bodies and their battle techniques, the Magi were still easily disposed of.

Formidable physical qualities with an expert fighting technique, combined with instantaneous spell casting abilities have granted Number 2 and Number 3 the title of meat grinders on the battlefield. It required at least a peak rank 1 Magus to finish both of them.

However, how rare was a peak rank 1 Magus?

Previously, Leylin had already swept the battlefield clean of the peak rank 1 Magi. Not to mention those dark Magi spies who were now dead, and even Caesar and Giant were severely injured and unconscious. At this moment, Number 2 and Number 3 were unstoppable!

However, no matter how powerful a Branded Swordsman was before they advanced, they weren’t a match for rank 2 Magi

With the attack from Cabourn, Number 2 and Number 3 looked at each other with undying loyalty written over their faces.

“For our Master!”

They grunted as the brand and runes on their bodies flashed ten times more powerful than before as they charged to receive Cabourn’s attack.

“You’re overestimating your abilities!” Cabourn smirked and released two black tornados from his hands.


The tornados which contained a corrosive effect hit the Branded Swordsmen bodies, but it only left several white marks. Their skin was even intact.

“En? What kind of modification is this?” This time, it was Cabourn who was astonished.

However, he no longer had any time. At this moment, Number 2 and Number 3 bodies began to bloat, like two over-inflated balloons, as they came to Cabourn’s side.

*Boom!* *Boom!*

Two huge explosions sounded.

As a Branded Swordsman, in front of an unbeatable foe, there was always a final move! This was to fully detonate all of the brands on their body to generate a powerful one-time attack!

In theory, this attack was to use the life force of the Branded Swordsman, the energy particles attracted by the runes and even the spirit that would be detonated all at once! A rank 1 Branded Swordsman’s self-detonation, which could even be a threat to a rank 2 Magus!

When Leylin made modifications to the Branded Swordsman, he also increased the explosive effect of the detonation.

As this information of the Branded Swordsman’s trump card was not known to many, even Cabourn as a rank 2 Magus had never heard of it before. Hence, he had received two such explosive attacks without any suspicions.

Two giant red mushroom clouds formed in the air, whistling through the skies as they engulfed Cabourn completely.

These flaming mushroom clouds even had scarlet flames at their edges. Anything that the flames touched, be it Magi or concrete, would be instantly dissolved.

“What kind of spell is this? The might is infinitely nearing that of a rank 2 spell!”

The eyes of the surroundings Magi twitched as they scrambled away as if having seen a ghost.

*Rumble!* The splendour of the giant red mushroom cloud displayed its terrifying radiation and might. Several minutes later, the two clouds completely dissipated, revealing a black robed figure within.

“Cough Cough…” Cabourn’s appearance now was terribly miserable. His robes were all tattered and torn like a beggar’s. Especially noteworthy was his left hand which was in an unusual angle with evident traces of burns. It seemed like the effects of the self-detonation of Number 2 and Number 3 were substantial.

“Damn it!” Cabourn was now enraged. After advancing to a rank 2 Magus, when did he ever receive such a large loss like this? All the more so done by two unremarkable looking fellows, how could he be appeased?

Right now, Cabourn was in fits. If not for Number 2 and Number 3’s spirit being destroyed in that explosion, he would have definitely held their souls captive and let them feel the greatest pain and despair.

*Bang!* *Bang!**Bang!*

At this moment there were some changes coming from the crimson light screen formation again.

The formation continuously shrunk and expanded like that of a heart beating.

On the surface of the light screen, the Hades’ Sacrificial Rites had black patterns inscribed on it, just like veins which bulged.

With the continuous beating of this red heart, an energy so immense and overpowering which made Cabourn feel apprehensive began to form and grew increasingly bigger.

This aura even caught the attention of Desmund who was merely spectating, as his expression turned solemn.

“A rank 2 aura… That Leylin is advancing into a rank 2 Magus!”

Cabourn’s eyes opened wide, “How is this possible?”

However, he was extremely clear that no matter how Leylin reached this stage with the advancement requirements, he could not let him advance, no matter what it took.

Cabourn retrieved several items from his robes as he chanted an incantation.

Along with the incantation, layers after layers of energy waves emanated from Cabourn’s body.

“It’s a rank 2 spell!”

Several Magi who were looking on at a distance exclaimed in shock. At Cabourn’s level, casting rank 1 spells was almost instantaneous and required no chanting. However, once he was to use ingredients to aid him in spell casting, there was only one possibility! He was going to use a mighty rank 2 spell!

In the south coast, a rank 1 spell model was extremely difficult to acquire. Regular level 3 acolytes had to at least amass contributions points for over 5 years before they could have enough to exchange for a spell model.

If rank 1 spell models were this difficult to acquire, one can only imagine how much rarer a rank 2 spell model was.

Even most rank 2 Magus did not own many rank 2 spell models. Each and every one of the spells were enough to obliterate a small village.

As for now, Cabourn was casting a spell which contained such a might.

As Cabourn chanted, he continuously fused the magic items which he took out and eventually it held the form of a giant lance used by knights. The lance seemed to be metallic with a green sheen on it.

At the same time, malevolent skulls began to emerge from the void and attached themselves to the lance.

“Wailing Lance?” Cabourn even used this rank 2 spell! It seems like he’s really agitated now!”

Desmund who was watching from the sidelines sniggered. He dispersed the golden blue lightning ball on his hands, “It seems like I don’t need to strike anymore!”

Although Cabourn was his enemy, Leylin, who had destroyed the secret plane’s core, was not a good person either. Right now, Leylin was about to be killed by Cabourn, so naturally, Desmund would not stop this.

Furthermore, if Cabourn were to fail, Desmund could then strike after and kill Leylin!

The skulls on the giant green lance wailed loudly, emitting a loud whistling sound as they struck the crimson light screen formation.


The crimson light screen shuddered as the red and green merged and spread through the skies. The air in the surroundings contorted wildly as energy waves were violently released.


The green and red light began to shrink after stretching to their limits and a mighty explosion erupted as the flames lapped everything in the surroundings.

The surround buildings had previously gone through a large scaled battle and were already damaged. This time, the explosion shattered them to pieces and turned them into a rubble.

The rebuilding efforts that Leylin and Caesar had put in were now completely destroyed by this explosion.

*Pu!* *Pu!*

This Hades’ Sacrificial Rites that was harvesting spirits finally succumbed to the pressure and completely shattered. What was left now was Leylin’s final line of defense, the crimson light screen.

The crimson light shuddered and then black cracks began to appear on the surface.

*Ka-Cha!* *Ka-Cha!*

The light screen shuddered and finally shattered!

The green lance that contained a monstrous might pierced the centre of the light formation.

Under the dazzling light, a barely visible human figure was seen. This figure was wrapped in a silvery flame which very soon was extinguished.

“Crimson Palm!”

The human figure in the centre spoke softly. Immediately, his hands turned into a fresh blood-red colour.

Two burning holographic claws appeared and grabbed the green lance, which created a whistling noise.

As the red flames touched the green light, the green light was extinguished.

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