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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 267: Scorching Touch

Chapter 267: Scorching Touch

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The largest issue Leylin had with this was that the poison worked too quickly, and even he himself did not have any methods to save the poisoned ones.

The poison from the Giant Kemoyin Serpent was not simply a neurotoxin. Some ancient sinister thoughts and intentions had been mixed within, which made it difficult to dispel.

The reason that Leylin was not afraid was because after modifying his heart, he was now considered to be partially a Giant Kemoyin Serpent. Naturally, he would not be affected by his own poison, but it would be too difficult for him to save someone else.

Based on his estimations, even a rank 3 Magus would find it nearly impossible to deal with this poison. Perhaps only a rank 4 Morning Star Magus would have a solution to this.

“Looks like I can’t use this ability as I like! It can only act as a trump card.”

Leylin forced a smile.

The area of attack was much too vast, and it did not differentiate friend from foe. If he used this, it would definitely result in the loss of many innocent lives and give rise to public anger.

Though Leylin would not feel any guilt or shame, he did not want to become hated by many due to a simple accident.

For instance, after seeing all their subordinates dead, the two rank 2 Magi, Cabourn and Desmund, were on the exploding with rage!

“You… You actually…”

Desmund howled, the lightning imprint on his forehead shining crazily, “You actually destroyed my Lightning Corps! I will kill you”

He had brought all the elites of his Lightning Corps here. On top of that, he had left two large armies here. In other words, Leylin’s Toxic Bile had utterly decimated his surbodinates, which caused Desmund’s eyes to turn red. A violent aura undulated around his body.

Compared to Desmund, Cabourn was dealing with this situation much better. After all, he was a dark Magus, and was used to massacres. No matter how many of his underlings were killed, it wouldn’t affect him.

His mind was focused only on the strange spell that Leylin had displayed that intimidated him.

“What a terrifying ability! Is this his innate spell? A toxic area of effect attack that even a rank 1 Magi cannot withstand?”

As a veteran dark Magus, Cabourn immediately began to estimate Leylin’s battle power. He could envision how terrifying such an ability would be in a war!

This was a battle power that had a destructive power that could rival a natural disaster.

“Crap!” Cabourn and Desmund paled at the same time, and their bodies, which were in midair, began to tremble.

A purplish-black gas rose in front of their faces. This was the poison of the Giant Kemoyin Serpent! Even a rank 2 Magus could not completely dispel it!

“Seal of Ten Thousand Poisons!” The lumps on Cabourn’s shoulders exploded, and a red ring of flesh twisted into a circle rune, sealing the purplish-black gas within.

Only after the poison was sealed did he have the time to look at the state of his old rival.

Desmund was in worse shape than he was. Great amounts of lightning were in front of Desmund’s face, and the lightning rune between his brows was moving around, forcing the black poison to coalesce into his right arm. With a resolute look, his left arm struck down as quick as lightning, and he chopped off his entire right arm!

Though Magi could use all sorts of methods to regenerate their limbs, their battle power would be largely diminished if they had just lost an arm.

“Old fart, how are you?” Cabourn and Desmund were old rivals, and in front of Leylin, whose strength was scarily powerful, these two had joined hands to oppose this enemy.

“It’s…it’s nothing!” Desmund huffed. A ring of lightning flashed by his wounds and immediately stopped the bleeding. “It’s just that I can only use 70% of my peak strength. How about you?”

“A little better than that. I can exhibit 80% of my strength. Any more than that and my seal will lose effectiveness…” Cabourn forced a bitter smile, “Leylin actually dared to kill my kin! I will definitely kill him!”

Under Leylin’s all-encompassing toxic attack, Giant, and Caesar, peak rank 1 Magi who were seriously hurt and in a coma, were obviously not spared.

In addition, since the little boy who Leylin had previously killed did not come back to life. Caesar’s three spirits were all dead. In other words, he had really died!

Cabourn was Caesar’s father, and was not on good terms with Leylin. In this situation, he had another grudge, which was for the death of his son!

“It looks like we need to work together!” Desmund looked grim.

“En! I have no idea how that freak trains.” Cabourn and Desmund inched a little closer to each other.


Leylin sighed at this moment and approached Cabourn and Desmund.

“Kill!” Leylin initiated the first attack, and huge black fireballs filled the sky like large stars.

At this point, Leylin’s conflict with these two rank 2 Magi could no longer be resolved peacefully. This fight would only end when one side was completely eliminated.

After being promoted to a rank 2 Magus, the might of the rank 1 spells that Leylin used had also obtained a huge boost.

The Latent Fireball now held a power that was more than several levels stronger than when Leylin had used it while being a rank 1 warlock.

Huge waves of black fire streaked through the sky, almost evaporating the molecules in the air into nothingness.

“He’s only just advanced and has yet to record the spell model of his rank 2 spell. Beware of his poison innate spell!”

Cabourn and Desmund exchanged glances. One person produced tremendous amounts of lightning, while the other sent out greyish-black tornados that charged towards Leylin.

Lightning, tornados, and black flames mercilessly collided against each other.

Silver spiritual power split the air, giving rise to a huge spiritual force maelstrom!

Under the manipulation of solidified spiritual power, the rank 2 Magi exhibited magic that far exceeded the might in rank 1 Magi, reducing the Four Seasons Garden’s headquarters into rubble.

Three large silver hands that were over ten metres long wrestled like giants from ancient times.

“Toxic Bile!”

This fight continued for over ten turns, and with a glint in Leylin’s eye, a formless ripple of poison dashed towards the two opposite rank 2 Magi.

This time, even the air slightly rippled.

“Be careful of his poison attack!” Cabourn and Desmund retreated as if they had seen a poisonous snake.

*Weng Weng!*

Formless ripples smashed into the two Magi’s innate defensive spell formations, producing sounds of corrosion.

A strange glint flashed through Leylin’s eyes, and the formless ripples turned into transparent hands that grasped towards Cabourn.

*Pak!* The innate defensive spell formation in front of Cabourn could not withstand the attack from this transparent hand, and a large hole was made.

“Ah! Omni-Decay!”

Cabourn looked torn as he yelled the incantation.

Black tornados whirled in all directions, looking like a black flower bud that was blooming.

*Rumble!” The large transparent hand and black flower collided. Both attacks dissipated, and the stray energy spread outwards.

A transparent tear in the sky exploded, and black spatial cracks formed.

Leylin and Cabourn attacked in two different directions.

At this moment, a sinister smile flashed in Leylin’s lips. With a wave of his hand, a large amount of red powder spread into the air like a red cloud of fire, “Scorching Touch!”

Two lines of fiery energy shot out, and in an instant, they streaked through the air and appeared before Cabourn.

The energy fluctuations from the attack caused Cabourn’s face to change, “Rank 2 magic! How can this be? Hasn’t he only just advanced?”

*Pu!* *Pu!*

The two fiery streaks drilled through Cabourn’s lower abdomen and right shoulder, creating two large wounds that had been charred black.

The reason why Leylin had been in a tussle with these two rank 2 Magi was to stall for time, so that he could analyse the rank 2 spells in the Book of Giant Serpent!

After obtaining the Book of Giant Serpent, Leylin had received three rank 2 spell models. However, while he was still a rank 1 warlock, the A.I. Chip had been unable to make anything of them.

Only now, after his advancement, could the A.I. Chip finally analyse these spell models.

Leylin chose a fire elemental offensive spell and ordered the A.I. Chip to analyse it. With the powerful calculative abilities of the A.I. Chip, the spell model was finally analyzed, and the information was sent to Leylin’s mind.

“Thunder Tempest!” Upon seeing his ally injured, Desmund immediately charged out to help.

A powerful storm of lightning surged up like a wave and swept towards Leylin.

“Kemoyin’s Scales!” Leylin steeled his expression, and fine black scales appeared all over his body.

After advancing to a rank 2 warlock, the scales on Leylin’s body emitted an even deeper black luster, and there were even incomplete patterns on the surface of the scales, which vaguely formed dark elemental rune barrier.

The barrier instantly shaped into a huge, solid black runic shield that situated itself in front of the tempest.

Leylin did not care for Desmund’s attack from behind, and his eyes turned into amber vertical pupils that stared straight at Cabourn, who was quickly retreating while spitting out blood.

“Eyes of Petrification!” From Leylin’s amber vertical pupils, two lines of petrification rays caught up to Cabourn, who was in the middle of retreating.

“Ah…” Cabourn let out blood-curdling screams and covered his eyes, from which a layer of ashen-white stone skin began to extend.

The power of a rank 2 warlock was even more powerful then a rank 1 Magus, and the two rank 1 innate spells Leylin originally had had received a huge boost. Even a rank 2 Magus was affected.

Leylin’s speed increased rapidly, and in an instant, he caught up to Cabourn, who was still fleeing.

There was no trace of emotion in his eyes. The fiery red Scorching Touch was casted again.

Three fiery streaks combined and became as thick as a person’s arm, and penetrated through Cabourn’s brain.


Cabourn’s head exploded open like a watermelon, and red and white cerebrospinal fluids and blood dripped all over the ground.


The large black shield shattered, and lightning leaked through the cracks and headed towards Leylin.

*Tss tss!*

Blue lightning exploded behind Leylin, and he turned pale.

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