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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 268: Obliteration

Chapter 268: Obliteration

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In a region called the Land of Eternal Light.

A castle-like building that was upside-down was somehow standing upright. The defensive runes on the surface of the building constantly flickered. This was where the Botelli Family, who were rumoured to hold divination abilities, resided. Though their power had declined in the past few hundred years, they still retained some of the power from when they were at their peak. Beside the gate to the castle were two strange stone guards.

In front of the gate were two statues with large swords plunged into the ground. These two statues were over ten metres tall and two to three metres wide. Whether it was their appearance or weapons, they gave off an intimidating aura.

Within the castle, in a basement filled with white chilly air.

It was filled with translucent blocks of ice. At the centre of the cold room was a transparent ice coffin. With a pair of hands placed on her lower abdomen, a girl of noble blood and an elegant temperament was quietly lying within.

Though Jenna was still in a coma, the curse on her body was already beginning to spread. Black lumps of flesh and veins constantly spread. On Jenna’s face, black gas would not dissipate, and it looked something like little snakes constantly spiralling.

With these snakes attached to her, Jenna’s eyelids kept moving and she looked to be in immense pain.

It had been almost a month since Leylin had set up the curse, and it was already on the verge of completely exploding.

Without a cure, Jenna would likely end up like Manla, who had turned into a set of dried up bones!

*Boom!* The door to the ice room was pulled open, and the old woman who had met with Leylin walked in.

“Jenna, the guide of our generation! Based on the will of the mighty Mother of Peace, you shall continue to exist in this world!”

The old woman mumbled, and then placed a blood-red key on the freezer.

*Weng weng!* Red rays were emitted from the key and began to seep into the ice coffin. The red light covered Jenna’s body in an instant.

Under the illumination of the red light, the black gas on Jenna’s face began to vanish. The terrifying might of the curse waned at a rate that could be seen by the naked eye.

“The talisman to undo the curse provided by Leylin is effective, as expected!” The old woman looked at the freezer that was emitting red light, and her expression brightened.

After having traded to Leylin the incomplete high-grade meditation technique that was inherited generation to generation in exchange for the talisman, she was able to rush back before the curse completely exploded!

“Leylin Farlier, you sinner! You shall be punished and judged by the Mother of Peace!” The old woman made a few hand signs and prayed in a low voice.

*Drip! Drip!*

Droplets of blood-red liquid formed from the key and penetrated through the layer of ice, and dripped onto Jenna’s pale, snow-white neck.

*Tss tss!* White gas rose from the area on Jenna’s neck that was covered by the blood-red liquid as it began to recover at a visible rate.


Jenna, who had been unconscious all this time, suddenly opened her eyes!

*Boom! Boom! Boom!* The ice coffin shattered into pieces, and strange undulations traveled throughout the ice room.

The old woman was extremely familiar with this energy fluctuation. This was a phenomenon that happened when their guide was making a prophecy!

“She’s going to start now?” A bewildered look appeared on her face.

“I see countless deaths! Demon king! A demon king with toxic abilities is approaching…”

Jenna’s eyes suddenly rolled back to show whiteness, and a low and gasping voice was heard.

“Toxic? Demon king? Could it be…” The old woman was startled and suddenly recalled the latest news.

*Weng Weng!*

The blood-red key from before suddenly hovered in the air, producing glaring rays of light.

“A tracking imprint? This is bad!” The old woman’s eyes widened!

At this moment, outside the upside-down castle, Leylin in black robes appeared.

“Is this the rumoured upside-down castle? It really is quite strange!”

Leylin lifted his hood and sized up the building in front of him, sighing in admiration.

After killing two rank 2 Magi, he knew that he would be chased by both light and dark Magi factions. Hence, he had changed his clothes and escaped out of the secret plane via another exit.

Though there were strict testing methods at each entrance, these were all tests that picked out the aura of precious materials gathered from the Eternal River Plains’ secret plane, preventing them from being smuggled out.

With Leylin’s abilities as a rank 2 Warlock, it was naturally effortless for him to escape.

As for the sensing of any items, Leylin had placed them in the spatial leather pouch. With the isolation from spatial runes, even the most refined detection spell formations would not discover any traces.

Leylin raised his right hand, and on his wrist, a red key-shaped imprint was pulsating with light.

“It’s here!”

Leylin grinned as he looked at the tracking imprint.

The place where Jenna’s family was located was hard to find. It could be said that even Hyder needed the old woman’s directions in order to enter. There was no real map.

In the trade with this old woman, Jenna’s family’s grandmother did not have good intentions and wanted Leylin to take this incomplete high-grade meditation technique and be taken over by it. Leylin, similarly, was not kind and added a tracking imprint into the talisman.

With the help of the imprint, he was finally able to locate the nest of Jenna’s family.

“Though the high-grade meditation technique, Sacred Flame, is incomplete, it is still unique! Its nature is extremely troublesome, and only one person in the world is able to train in it at a time.”

Leylin’s lips curved as bloodlust overcame in. He did not have a good impression of this egocentric family. Since he’d found where they were, it was natural that he would want to get things over and done with.

“Halt!” The two statue guards at the gate came to life and their muscles rippled as they yelled in a low tone.

“Two magical beings? Together, their power is almost equivalent to a rank 1 Magus!” Leylin’s eyes flashed, already pinpointing information about these guards.

“This level of defense for a Magus family is not half bad!”

Leylin waved his arm and two large black fireballs flew out, meeting the large statue guards that had whipped out their weapons.

*Bang! Boom!*

The fireballs smashed into the large stone swords, and like water engulfed the bodies of the guards. The two guards immediately turned into two huge, black torches that burned furiously.

Under the attack of Leylin’s Latent Fireball, the two statue guards that had been around for thousands of years instantly turned into a pile of black powder.

“Enemy attack!” “Who is it?”

Countless urgent voices sounded in the castle, and then the mournful, piercing sound of a copper bell. The runes on the surface of the castle began to move.

For the defense of such an ancient family, even a peak rank 1 Magus would not be able to penetrate through if it was completely activated.


Leylin let out a long sigh, and streaks of silver spiritual force extended from his body. His body then mysteriously hovered in mid-air, forming a huge silver face.

“Toxic Bile!”

From the lips of the large silver face, a cold incantation was exclaimed.

The poison from the terrifying ancient creature, the Giant Kemoyin Serpent, soundlessly penetrated throughout the insides of the castle!

The runes outside were entirely useless towards poison attacks. Every single person inside, whether it was an acolyte, servant or even official Magi collapsed to the ground, their bodies beginning to rot.

Not only the castle but in a range of half a km away, all the plants were beginning to dry up and rot.

Silence! The eerie silence of death! It shrouded the area, with the castle at the centre of it all.

In this large area, no being was lucky enough to survive and sunk into the eternity of death.

*Bang!* The old grey gate that still was still full of patterns that had an ancient aura silently toppled.

Under the corrosion of the poison, not only the defensive formation, but even the building itself was affected by the destructive force.

In the granite that seemed to be extremely solid, there were hundreds of thousands of little holes that were the result of the corrosion. The entire building swayed and looked on the verge of falling. Leylin felt as if at a light push, the entire castle would fall with a huge rumble.

In the corridor that was filled with a putrid smell, rotting corpses were everywhere.

Leylin followed the tracking imprint and advanced further, finally reaching the ice room that was far into the castle.

He entered the ice room filled with chilly white gas and saw the two corpses.

The old woman had died extremely painfully, holding test tubes that held all types of antidotes. Of course, there did not seem to be any use in it and her flesh was still rotting.

As an official Magus, her resistance was obviously more powerful than a regular person. Even when dead, her body was still more difficult to destroy.

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