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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 271: Materialisation

Chapter 271: Materialisation

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“Heh! It’s harvesting spirits to recover its strength huh?”

Leylin figured out the purpose behind this Gargamel’s actions.

This Gargamel, which had apparently regressed from the Morning Star Magus rank, would most likely be harvesting a massive amount of human spirits in order to regain its former strength.

As a collective body that was fused from countless vengeful spirits, the Gargamel did not have to increase its spiritual force through meditation like other Magi. What it needed to do was to absorb vengeful spirits. The more afraid and in anguish they were, the faster it could recover its strength!

And after it had collected all the spirits it needed, the Gargamel would regain the power it had once wielded.

For the south coast, this was a calamity!

To regain back its strength, the Gargamel had to absorb the spirits of at least 30 million regular humans. This number was equivalent to one-third of the total population in the south coast; the dark and light Magi would definitely not agree to it.

Moreover, no one could say for sure what the Gargamel would do after regaining its strength!

Leylin sneered. “But what has all this got to do with me? I’ll leave this headache to the respective chairmen of the dark and light Magi alliance!”

He was no saint, nor was he like that bunch of lunatics from the Botelli Family, who had assumed the role of the protector of the world.

With his memory, Leylin was extremely familiar with the route to the small town. He walked towards what had once been the town’s centre, to where the two storey wooden house was.

This location itself was rather remote, and cobwebs and dust were strewn in the entrance. This appearance made it look extremely unstable, as if a gentle breeze would blow the house down.

However, Leylin was not fooled by such an appearance. He raised his finger, on which a white glow of light converged.

*Weng Weng!*

Leylin’s finger seemed to have caused some sort of resonance, and covert runes began to crawl like ants to where Leylin’s foot was.

“The barrier to hide this area is actually still present?”

Leylin was somewhat astonished. Soon afterwards, he walked to the second level, to where there was an oil painting of an upper-class lady. This was the entrance to the secret plane that had long since been destroyed by Leylin.

“This secret plane was only a small-scale one, and the barrier of the space and isolation were not so strong. If they had strength comparable to the ones in the Eternal River Plains’ secret plane, that Gargamel would most likely still be confined in here.”

Leylin reached out his right hand and touched the rough, black surface of the wall.

There was a thin layer of greyish black material, which had a granule-like feel to the touch.

Leylin’s expression was extremely solemn. On the wall, apart from him feeling that his fire energy particles were affected, there was an additional spiritual force!

This force was extremely subtle, and could not have been discovered if one was not being cautious enough. It gave Leylin a vaguely familiar feeling.

“This spiritual force is filled with evil intent! There’s no doubt about it—it’s the spirit residue from that Gargamel! It had already escaped…”

Although he could surmise the escape of the Gargamel from the information that he had received, Leylin could only relax after confirming the evidence with his own eyes.

“However, it even laid an alert-type barrier, huh? It seems to have been set up for me…”

Leylin grinned. This Gargamel’s methods were extremely covert. However, it was only useful against regular Magi. The Leylin from before might already have noticed it using the A.I. Chip, not to mention now, when he had the strength of a rank 2 Warlock. This Gargamel’s tricks were ineffective against him.

Furthermore, Leylin’s strength had increased by leaps and bounds, and that Gargamel had only set this alert to match the strength it had witnessed when it had first seen Leylin. Hence, such a miscalculation could occur.

“A.I. Chip! Scan!” Leylin ordered.

Very soon, a layer of scanning ripple that only Leylin could see was on the field. After Leylin advanced into a rank 2 Magus, the A.I. Chip seemed to have received a very large improvement. The task of scanning was completed in an instant.

[A concealed type of spiritual force was discovered; determined to have been left behind by a rank 2 creature! The type is attributed to that of an ancient spirit’s barrier of the second form, analysing…” The A.I. Chip’s voice intoned.

In the database of the A.I. Chip, there was an immense collection of pictures and information. Furthermore, after Leylin had gained control of the headquarters of the Four Seasons Garden in the secret plane, he had obtained all of the data that were available to him, and had saved it inside the A.I. Chip’s database. Right now, Leylin could be said to be a true scholar— an existence that was extremely rare on the south coast.

A silver thread of spiritual force released a unique glow that was filled with a strong yet mysterious quality. It stretched out from between Leylin’s brows and spiralled in midair, before writhing into the shape of a rune and imprinting itself onto the wall.

*Ka-Cha!* As if something had been shattered, the alert-type barrier that the Gargamel had left behind was completely destroyed.

With Leylin’s current strength as a rank 2 Warlock, the act of breaking such a barrier was extremely easy, and would not raise the awareness of the other party.

“The might of the materialisation of spiritual force is definitely not ordinary!”

The corners of Leylin’s lips curled up as he felt the firmness and power of his own spiritual force.

A rank 2 Magus had definitely reached a higher realm than a rank 1 Magus. Between the levels, not only did they have superb control over the modification of their own body and obtain various types of power, but they could then choose from the various paths and specialisations and walk further down the path of their own specialisation.

However, there was one ability that all rank 2 Magus had to cultivate in. That was the materialisation of their spiritual force!

This process was to materialise a faintly discernable spiritual force from nothingness using energy particles.

This type of materialisation could only be performed after having their elemental essence conversion reach at least 80 percent. The materialisation of the spiritual force using energy particles far surpassed the might of regular spiritual force. It was also one of the criteria needed to advance into a rank 3 Magus!

Breaking through to a rank 3 Magus required a minimum amount of spiritual force, and also a certain threshold where a rank 2 Magus could materialise their spiritual force.

Right now, Leylin was only at the starting point for the materialisation of his spiritual force, but he had already discovered the benefits of using such materialised spiritual force.

Spiritual force was, in fact, a catalyst for spells. After increasing in power through the use of a spell model and conversion, it would draw from the energy particles in the surroundings?

Right now, the spiritual force, which was acting as the catalyst, had been strengthened. No matter which spell was cast, its might would be increased!

Hence, the power of a rank 1 spell from a rank 2 Magus would far surpass the one that a rank 1 Magus had cast.

“Fortunately I made preparations to overcome the isolation of the secret plane!”

After expelling the Gargamel’s spiritual force, Leylin looked at the already broken entrance, and sized up the surroundings, before withdrawing various items from his spatial pouch.

Through several past instances of extortion and plundering, Leylin had amassed a huge cache of resources that would even leave a rank 2 Magus gaping. The Insatiable Bottomless Pouch was almost filled with stocks of various ingredients. Hence, setting up a spell formation was not a problem.

Leylin’s movements were extremely quick as he withdrew many different coloured gems and other bizarre items from the pouch and placed them on the floor. He also used a silver powder to draw out a triangular magic symbol on the floor.

*Shua Shua Shua!*

Leylin’s right hand turned into claws. and several crucial spots in the spell formation were hollowed out to form the necessary shapes.

Soon after, he crushed the gems and energy jewels on the floor with his left hand!


Resplendent layers of light slowly spread out from the energy nodes of the gems, and like water, they slowly filled up the boundaries of the formation.

The spell formation seemed to have come alive, and it began to tremble, emitting beams of light.

Large amounts of visible distortion began to appear in midair above the spell formation.

Tiny specks of red light seemed like fireflies as they flickered within these distortions.

“What’s next is the localisation of the secret plane’s position!”

Leylin shut both his eyes and recalled the memory of when he was last in the secret plane of the Ancient Spirit Slaying Sect, searching for this familiar aura within the distortions in the air.

The various red specks of light, which were the weak spots of the void, flickered. If Leylin were to choose the wrong one, he would immediately be lost in the chaos of space and ripped into shreds by it!

At this moment, a darker coloured red glow appeared, and in it was an aura of spirits that Leylin was familiar with!

Leylin opened his eyes in solemnity, and a silver light flashed from his pupils!

“It’s in here!”

“Sword of Memphis!” Leylin raised his right hand and clenched his fist as he slashed downwards!”

In the twinkling of the silver light, a transparent longsword appeared in his hands.

The slim blade accurately slashed at the darker red glow of light.


The slash was as fast as lightning, and very soon, the darker red glow exploded, turning into a pitch black tunnel.

Without the slightest hesitation, Leylin dashed into it.

Moments later, after travelling through the darkness, Leylin once again emerged in the Ancient Spirit Slaying Sect’s secret plane.

“Wu!” Leylin rubbed his forehead, “Opening the isolation tunnel of space is, indeed, very troublesome. It’s very difficult to pinpoint it through the chaos of space…”

Very soon, he sized up his surroundings.

It was not very far away from the entrance that he had entered before, and Leylin still had some recollections of this place. However, what was different from before was that the surroundings here seemed to have been abused by a hurricane that was over magnitude ten. The surroundings were in shambles.

“Gargamel definitely threw a tantrum in here! I hope the teleporting spell formation is still alright!”

Leylin thought, before sitting cross-legged on the floor.

“Hissss!” A huge black mist spread from behind his body, turning into many tiny black snakes with red eyes.

“Go forth!” Leylin whispered.

With his command, the countless tiny black snakes began to roam around in the surroundings. As for Leylin, he closed his eyes and used his spiritual force to sense everything inside the secret plane.

As he had the map of the secret plane that he had previously recorded, the searching was much simpler this time around.

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