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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 272: Mending

Chapter 272: Mending

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Previously, on the peak of the mountain of white bones where the Gargamel was sealed, Leylin had made a map.

He later that found out that this was the main map of the Ancient Spirit Slaying Sect, and it was essential in his escape from there.

What he now needed to do was to explore the area and make a comparison with the map that he possessed.

Time passed slowly, and the state of the secret plane was presented in front of Leylin.

The secret plane of the Spirit Slaying Sect was largely ruined. Not only had all sorts of mechanisms been completely destroyed, but Leylin could not even find a single complete building.

It seemed that the Gargamel that had been sealed here must have been full of grievances.

That huge mountain of white bones and all the materials in the laboratory were all gone. Even the cabinets full of information were all empty, and it was obvious that the Gargamel had ransacked the area.

The little black snake that Leylin controlled with his mind approached a silver passageway meant to be used as an emergency exit.

The metal was well preserved and seemed to emanate a strong power that could subdue spirits. However, there were a few large stones that had been thrown inside, which were now obstructing the way.

The black snake easily slipped through the gaps in between the rocks and came to the place where Leylin had initially found the secret room.

*Rumble!* After pressing the power switch, a side of the wall slowly opened to reveal a secret room.

This room was extremely small, with a black spell formation in the centre that was surrounded by four stone pillars. Beside one of the pillars was the remains of a Magus.


The little black snake circled the spell formation and suddenly began to hiss.

Black flames began to burn from the surface of its scales.

The flames became increasingly intense, gradually forming a doorway with abstruse spatial runes on its frame.

“It’s here!”

Leylin came out from the door of flames, and upon seeing that the spell formation had not been damaged, he looked satisfied.

“A.I. Chip! Scan the teleportation spell formation!” Leylin pressed his temples, and a blue light that only he could see began to sweep the spell formation.

[Beep! Scanning complete! Intactness of spell formation is 98.7%. Lack of energy present!]

The A.I. Chip quickly responded.

“Compared to 98.8% from the previous time, it has slightly been worn down. Looks like the area of destruction by that Gargamel was quite substantial, for even this place to have been affected.”

Leylin rubbed his chin and ordered, “Based on the information I received regarding teleportation, begin tests simulating the restoration of the formation.”

In his previous exploration, Leylin had obtained a diary from the skeleton here, which included information regarding the teleportation formation. With additional information that had he later gathered, he had learned the complete technique of the ancient teleportation spell formation; correcting this little imperfection would not be the least bit difficult.

Based on the calculations of the A.I. Chip, the formation only needed to be 97% completed to work, but it was still possible for there to be problems!

Leylin was not going to risk anything when it came to this long distance teleportation. Whether it was spatial distortions or the explosions of spatial elemental particles, anything could leave him dead without leaving any traces.

He did not want to die in some stupid accident.

[Beep! Scanned incomplete portion, beginning simulation of restoration process…]

As the A.I. Chip sounded, Leylin felt as if he had arrived right at the spell formation. His fingers slid like the most precise surgical scalpel as he mended the teleportation spell formation.

The runes carved onto the spell formation were extremely dense and complicated. They were more than ten times tinier than a strand of hair, and Leylin himself did not have the confidence that he could do this in one try and without errors. However, with the aid of the A.I. Chip, his every movement was filled with grace and fluidity. In less than an hour, he had already completed mending the few areas that were incomplete.

*Weng!* The blue light disappeared, and Leylin returned to normal. The feeling he had just experienced lingered in his mind.

In front of him, the black teleportation spell formation still retained its original state without any signs of change.

“The A.I. Chip’s simulated experiments are becoming increasingly vivid!”

Leylin’s hands flashed as they moved, his fingers forming all sorts of symbols and hand gestures. These were techniques that he had used while mending the spell formation. All sorts of complicated and profound signs were flawlessly made with his hands, as if they had been practised countless times, “Such a unique feeling had already been put to muscle memory…”

Seeing the signs being made so fluently despite only being used once in the simulation, it looked as if Leylin had trained for a decade. A flash of awe appeared on his face.

Leylin immediately thought of other areas in which this would be useful. For instance, learning rank 2 spells! Though he had used the A.I. Chip to aid him in using magic spells through the use of spell models, the movements were stiff and robotic, just like Magi who were training in something for the first time.

But this situation was different. If he used the A.I. Chip’s simulation, his manipulation of his spells would reach a whole new level.

Though this was just a short simulation, Leylin now had a rather in-depth knowledge regarding the teleportation spell formation. Though he might not be able to set it up, simple maintenance was not a problem.

Leylin approached the side of the spell formation.

“Thank you for your teleportation spell formation, Lord Magus!” He first went to the skeletal remains of the Magus and bowed towards it. A large black hand then descended, countless tendrils extending and propping up the skeleton.

*Boom!* A huge pit was dug with the hand and the skeleton was placed within. Soil and stones fell, and this became a grave.

“The area is ugly, so this is the only way to give you a proper burial.”

Leylin sighed and then came to the front of the spell formation.

“Naz’s Hand, third formation!” Leylin made a spell pattern, and from the tip of his fingers, silver threads were sent out and entwined themselves along the surface of the spell formation…

Two hours later, the teleportation spell formation was now completely restored to its original state, as if it were brand new. Not only were a few damaged portions mended, even some of the original runes were improved using the A.I. Chip.

Leylin looked at the surface of this new spell formation, and his breathing became a little coarse.

“Next is the most important step, which is to test whether this spell formation is functional…”

The leather pouch at his waist automatically opened, and a black crystal flew out and dropped into the energy groove in the teleportation spell formation.

Within this crystal was a pure darkness, with even some transparent, distorted flames burning within. This was the essence of the magic crystals he had purified! The consumed had totalled over a thousand magic crystal cards, which meant a value of over a ten million magic crystals!

Although the ancient teleportation spell formation could send a Magus far away, the energy required to do was also monstrous.

If not for Leylin’s recent successes in plundering, it would be difficult to gather this amount of magic crystals.

*Rumble!* After the essence of the magic crystal was deposited into the groove, the spell formation began to rumble.

Mysterious magic runes began to light up, and bright rays lit up every corner of the spell formation

*Ka-cha! Ka-cha! Ka-cha! Ka-cha!*

Threads of pure energy from the magic crystal was extracted from the spell formation and poured into the ancient spell formation.

From the bottoms of the four stone pillars, rings of light emerged and spread to the tops of the pillars, until the top suddenly exploded to reveal a hole.

Piercing light rushed out of the centre of the pillars and formed four differently coloured bundles of light, which hovered at the tops of the pillars.

Earthen brown, fiery red, heavenly green, and azure balls of light silently appeared in mid-air.

“Oh? This power!” Within these four balls of light, Leylin could feel the familiar air of energy particles.

“These are… Earth, fire, wind and water?” Leylin was dazed and immediately recognised the natures of these balls of light.

He touched his chin and pondered deeply.

In a few ancient schools of thought, there had once been a concept that earth, fire, wind, and water formed the foundations of the world!

From the looks of it, the Spirit Slaying Sect also held such a thought.

“Activate!” Leylin exclaimed loudly, using a language that he had never utilised, which was full of a cryptic and ancient aura.

This was the Turian language that the Spirit Slaying Sect used! After recording information regarding this with the A.I. Chip, Leylin had effortlessly learnt this language.

*Weng Weng!*

Four energy balls constantly fluctuated, and different coloured rays extended from the balls, converging above the heart of the teleportation spell formation.


As if the fabric of space had been split in two, and as if lightning had descended, huge spatial distortions appeared in front of Leylin and became a depthless hole.

“Now the teleportation is working!” Leylin immediately came up with a backup plan. No matter whether or not he would need this teleportation spell formation, it would be an escape route if he ever required one.

“Should I go over?” A tempting thought appeared in his mind, but he mercilessly suppressed it.

Based on his conjectures and the A.I. Chip’s estimations regarding space, spell formations like these did not consume a lot energy from the magic crystals, but the moment a real and living subject went through, the required energy would be enough to extract and consume all the power in the essence of the magic crystals!

Leylin was still not clear about the situation at the other end of the teleportation formation, and naturally could not take such a risky chance. In addition, the magic crystal consumption from the trip was bound to break Leylin’s heart.

Without seeing the teleportation spell formation at the other end, Leylin was unable to tell if he could return safely. What if it is was a one-way trip?

“En! Spiritual force can’t penetrate through, and detection spells are useless. There has to be another way…”

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