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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 273: Brambles Iron Door

Chapter 273: Brambles Iron Door

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After that, Leylin used a couple of different methods to try to investigate the situation at the other end of the tunnel, but none of them worked.

His spiritual force still wasn’t able to see through space and every detection Magus’ spell was connected directly to spiritual forces so all of his plans didn’t work.

After taking one last deep look at the tunnel, Leylin was extremely reluctant as he deactivated the Magus’ formation.

*Ka Cha!*

The magic stone crystal in the groove of the magic formation automatically flew to Leylin’s hand and the various light rays emitted from it became slightly dimmer.

“Hmm? 10% of its power was consumed?” Leylin frowned a little when he felt the loss in power of the magic stone crystal.

It was similar to using one million magic stones in the span of a short moment!

Moreover, Leylin didn’t send any living creature through it and just used his spiritual force to investigate it! Otherwise, the magic stone crystal would have been instantly depleted!

“In this case, I must use something like a puppet or spirit slave that can automatically move by itself so that it can head in to check it out before being summoned back!”

Leylin rubbed his lower jaw.

Following this thought, he did not hesitate any longer to leave the secret plane of the Spirit Slaying Sect. As he was leaving, he purposefully set a formation at the entrance to replicate the scene before he arrived as much as possible.

Even though he could observe from various signs that the Gargamel would not be able to break through to the interior emergency pathway, Leylin did not want to take the risk.

With the help of the A.I. Chip’s meticulous calculations, even if the Gargamel were to personally come here, it would not be able to discover anything. This meant that his personal safety had greatly increased.

After laying down the formation, Leylin left the place.

Brambles Iron Door, located in the western part of the south coast, was a large scaled Magus market.

The reason why this place had this name was due to an enormous iron door that was completely covered with thistles and thorns that was nearby. Behind it was a medium sized Magus’s secret plane!

In the south coast, the secret planes were mostly controlled by the various large Magi organizations, and this particular resource secret plane was being controlled by the wandering Magi alliance, Iron Crown.

Since the dark and light Magi had suppressed them both openly and secretly and, after having experienced countless suppressions, many wandering Magi who were sitting on the fence had finally chosen to rebel against the major alliances!

This Iron Crown was a power that had been formed from wandering Magi.

In this location, numerous wandering Magi grouped together, took charge of the nearby domains, and even controlled a middle-scaled secret plane!

Even though the middle-scaled secret plane could not be compared with the Four Seasons Garden’s large scaled secret plane, it was still extremely rare and precious!

The existence of the Iron Crown was like a torch in the dark; it attracted the various wandering Magi and acolytes from the various lands of the south coast and constantly expanded.

However, it was to this point only.

Since it was a Magi alliance and controlled the management and contract agreements, the Iron Crown had always been weaker than the powerful Magi alliances. When it dealt with the outside world, it always kept a neutral position. Moreover, it only recently had flourished to the point to being just slightly stronger than the Abyssal Bone Forest Academy.

Furthermore, the dark Magi organisation Abyssal Bone Forest was only ranked as a mid-tier power!

It was also unknown what the higher ups of the dark and light Magi organizations were thinking. Perhaps they couldn’t be bothered to make a plot to share that piece of land and just allowed the Iron Crown to continue existing.

This place had also turned into an enormous bazaar for all Magi!

Since the wandering Magi kept a neutral position, it had become the south coast’s irreplaceable free market. No matter if it was a dark Magus or a light Magus, non-affiliated Magus or one from an alliance, all Magi had free entry to this place. Since the Iron Crown watched over this area, the security could be said to be great as there were no terrible incidences that happened, which resulted the rapid creation of a good reputation.

Leylin climbed to the summit of the mountain and looked with an elated gaze at the unfortified gathering city within the flat plain not far from his position.

“Is that the Brambles Iron Door? Its scale is almost comparable to the Nightless City…”

He took advantage of his high altitude and surveyed the area. He could see flat summits and large infrastructure gathered together. It seemed to be like a spider web that was expanding outwards from the numerous pathways.

Moreover, what made him feel amazed the most was that the gathering city unexpectedly did not have fortified walls or guards. Leylin could casually see various Magi moving about in various transportation devices as they moved in the gathering city in all directions.

Leylin had not felt this kind of atmosphere when he was in the Nightless City.

“When the Iron Crown was first founded, it was born from blood and flames. Initially, the thirteen wandering Magi had their hands covered with the blood of the dark and light Magi in order to run this place and to enable a place for the wandering Magi to live……”

Leylin sighed as he put on his hat before heading towards the Brambles Iron Door.

The specialty of the gathering city was that there were no obvious boundaries. After entering the perimeter of the Bramble Iron Door, Leylin saw various kinds and types of stalls on the road side.

Those stalls were set up by the wandering Magi. Leylin could also see acolytes, Magi, and even humans that were mending the stalls.

“It seems that this place isn’t inferior to the Nightless City! I wonder if I’ll be able to obtain the materials that I need here…”

Leylin thought to himself that his motives in coming here were to gather information, to replenish the ingredients he used most often, and to test his luck on whether he would be able to find any detection spell models. If it really was not possible to obtain them, then he would purchase a few puppets or spirit slaves to explore the plane.


Leylin walked without a destination in mind, but his gaze suddenly focused!

At the side of the main road, a group of Magi gathered and they appeared to be looking at some form of public notice.

Various images and words were shone onto an enormous black wall so that Magi from a few hundred meters away would still be able to see it.

The words were blood red with the words ‘wanted list’ written in large. Below the words, pictured of the Magi, their danger levels, and bounty rewards were mentioned.

Leylin had seen this before in Nightless City, but here, he was the top on the wanted list and was described to be incredibly dangerous!

His valiant achievements in his life up until this point in time were recorded, including the fact that he killed two great rank 2 Magi.

What made Leylin astonished was that currently on the wanted list his picture had shifted a position as he was replaced by an unfamiliar Magus.

“It seems that during the period that I disappeared, the south coast has experienced some major events!”

Leylin was a little curious, so he walked forward to see the words that were being shown.

In the south coast, the majority of the wanted people were people that gathered souls, such as a black Magus that committed crimes including slaying cities and eliminating countries. Once a rank 2 Magus entered the board, it would definitely be enormous news.

A rank 2 Magus would be counted as a big shot that oversaw an area on the south coast. There was not any news about such a person being wanted within the past few hundred years.

The rank 2 Magi on the wanted list had always been those few and there wasn’t any news that they made a blunder and were caught.

Moreover, in this few short months, there was unexpectedly two rank 2 Magi on the board, instantly attracting the gazes of numerous Magi.

That was right! The person that was positioned in front of Leylin was a rank 2 Magus!

Leylin squeezed to the front row to read up on that Magus.

“Alistair Faron, rank 2 Magus. Title: Solitary Wolf. Crimes: During an exploration, he had killed the tree protector Aleken from the same faction, resulting in three army squads of the Light Magi Alliance to be annihilated, and vast resources from the Eternal River Plains’ secret plane to be stolen! Risk level: Extremely high! If any Magus has any news regarding his locations and report it to a member of a nearby Light Magi Alliance, they will immediately be rewarded with a million magic stones as their reward! Killing the target will enable them to earn one billion magic stones or resources and rewards of equivalent value!”

In the image on the wall, Alistair had a mix of gold and white hair and was a youth which was smiling candidly. His eyes expressed the intelligence that he had accumulated from the passing of time. He had an extremely peculiar personal charm and a scholarly temperament.

After becoming an official Magus, Magi were able to undergo local surgery to change their appearance. Rank 2 Magi were able to undergo more extensive flesh and body alterations.

Since Alistair could kill two Level 2 Magi, he definitely would be at least at the rank 2 Magi’s level. After all, he definitely would not be young since not everyone could be as perverted as Leylin, who could succeed in breaking through to being a rank 2 Magus level before he was forty.

As a matter of fact, when he broke through to the rank 2 Magus level, the entire Magi realm of the south had viewed him as an unprecedented genius.

According to what the Abyssal Bone Forest Academy had said, they were extremely regretful of their initial actions.

“However, there were three Level 2 Magi. They seemed to be the guards of the Magi of the light Magi’s alliance at the Eternal River Plains’ secret plane. It looks like something major has happened there again!”

Leylin rubbed his chin as he was extremely interested in the Eternal River Plains’ secret plane.

It was vast and had everlasting resources. It wasn’t something that ordinary ancient Magi organisations could establish.

According to Leylin’s hypothesis, those who built it should be an alliance with a few Morning Star Magi.

Moreover, the secrets in the secret plane still had a lot of areas to be investigated.

It was to the point that it was unknown which Magi organisation had created this secret plane. Currently, the dark and light Magi were also unable to give an accurate answer.

“From the circumstances that made rank 2 Magi to fall out with one another and even kill each other, including the high rewards that were to be given out by the Light Magi Alliance, there should be a remarkable incident that happened in the Eternal River Plains’ secret plane…”

Leylin lips curled up into an interest filled smile. He wore his cap as he reentered the crowd.

After a short moment and spending sufficient magic stones. Leylin received a report that he had wanted.

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