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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 275: Trading Event

Chapter 275: Trading Event

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The inheritance of the Warlocks had been lost from the south coast for many years, so Leylin did not think that he would be so lucky as to be able to find a remedy so easily.

In addition, he did not want to reveal his trump card!

“I’m afraid I’ll have no choice but to rely on the Great Magus Serholm!”

Leylin scratched his chin, walking as he pondered over this.

As a rank 4 Warlock at the Morning Star level, the Great Magus Serholm must have had certain methods to withstand the emotional side effects that ailed them.

The potion of tranquility from before was evidence of that!

Leylin planned to find some vestiges or ruins that had been left behind by him, and hopefully discover something.

Leylin, who had already made up his mind, proceeded to the outer layer of the Brambles Iron Door.

He urgently needed some information or news regarding the Great Magus Serholm. From this, he would be able to find some methods to relieve himself of the side effects of his bloodline.

“Is our guest here planning to leave already?”

Just as Leylin was planning on leaving the Brambles Iron Door, he was suddenly stopped by a strange person who was wearing a hood.

“Who are you? I don’t know you!” Leylin, whose appearance was now that of a middle-aged man with a dangerous aura emanating from him.

The person he was facing could definitely sense this. He was currently like prey that had been marked by an ancient creature, and his two legs began to tremble involuntarily.

“Wait! Wait! My lord, I have no evil intentions!” The strange person began to wave his arms. To prove his identity, he even produced a metal disk and showed it to Leylin.

On the surface of the black disk, a symbol of the Iron Crown had been deeply engraved. There was no ornamentation on it, and the style in which it had been carved was with smooth, firm lines.

“Someone from the Iron Crown?” Leylin’s tone became less aggressive, and his aura also calmed down. He sized up the strange man, who was also an official Magus, “What do you want from me?”

“My lord! We from Iron Crown are extremely respectful and humble towards the many powerful lord Magi. To be honest, the moment you entered the market, we had already noticed you…”

The strange person bowed towards Leylin, “Please come with me!”

Leylin scratched his chin and followed behind him. From this person’s actions, Leylin could assume that the Iron Crown had already discovered his true strength. Then again, as the ruler of this area, a rank 2 Magus like him could easily disrupt everyday life here if he was not monitored. Iron Crown must have developed some sort of probing methods.

“How did you find me?”

Leylin, who was behind the strange person, couldn’t help but ask this question.

After hearing this question, the hooded person in front proudly patted the pouch on his waist. *Xiu!* A black shadow instantly crawled up to his shoulder.

This was a high-energy being that was similar to a mole, with eyes that brightly shone like shining sapphires. As it looked at Leylin’s body, it couldn’t help but shiver, even wedging its tail in between its legs.

“Pardon me!” The hooded man patted the head of the mole-like being to comfort it. “This is my lifelong magical companion, a Krone Mouse. Krone Mice have a heightened awareness for powerful spirits. Hence, I was able to take charge and become the leader of the defence team of the Iron Crown.”

Leylin glanced at the mole on this leader’s shoulder, a look of understanding in his eyes, “To be able to make this creature that has already gone extinct your pet, it seems like you have pretty good luck!”

A Magus’ magical pet or companion wasn’t just some mount. They needed to sign a strict spirit contract, and could only have one magical pet or companion in his or her entire lifetime.

Not only did many top grade magical pets have amazing battle power, they could also enhance a Magus’ magic or body. It was said that some legendary magical pets were able to help Magi break through bottlenecks.

Leylin had been looking for a magical pet that was completely compatible with him, but alas, such a thing was difficult to find. One could only depend on their luck, and as a result, Leylin still had yet to make a decision on his pet.

The Krone Mouse completely lacked the ability to fight, and did not have any special abilities that could increase the might of one’s magic or his resistance to spells. Its meagre ability to sense things was basically useless. This Magus had completely abandoned all these possibilities in favour of obtaining a powerful ability in detection, and it was hard to determine whether or not he had made the wrong choice.

Leylin followed the defense team leader into a private room that was opened up by other Magi.

It was extremely quiet, and there were even a few Magi. It seemed that the entrance was tightly guarded, and was only open to members.

“Alright. Can you tell me why you brought me here now? I’ll give you five minutes!”

Leylin was becoming a little annoyed. The leader, who had realised this, quickly launched into the main topic.

“If I’m not wrong, you must already have stepped into the realm of rank 2, right?”

The team leader seemed to be probing as he asked. Upon seeing Leylin admitting to this by staying silent, he straightened even more in his excitement and bowed once again.

In the south coast, rank 2 Magi were the absolute highest level, and were the leaders of large-scaled academies or the wielders of power in families! No matter where they went, they would enjoy treatment that was reserved for honoured guests.

“Oh revered Lord rank 2 Magus! We of the Iron Crown have recently been holding a small trading gathering between highly ranked Magi. Seeing that you did not look very satisfied, I was hoping you would be able to obtain what you wanted there…”

The leader began to explain, and a look of understanding shone in Leylin’s eyes.

In general, though the resources on the south coast were quite plentiful, this was only so for acolytes and regular Magi. The moment one was promoted to become a peak rank 1 Magus or even a rank 2 Magus like Leylin had been, it would be difficult to find a market that could meet their needs.

Hence, trade meetings that were held by individuals, in which only Magi of a certain level were invited, became mainstream.

Many Magi resumed their habits of using material items to make trades after being promoted to a higher ranking, exchanging items for what they needed with Magi at the same level of strength as themselves.

Before, Leylin lacked power, and was not qualified to participate. Now, however, he had been especially sought out and invited.

“Is this a trading event organized by the Iron Crown? When is it? Where will it be?” Leylin questioned. He already had plans to take a look there. Meeting with other Magi at the same level of strength as him would be extremely helpful to him, and in this sort of setting, the appearance of amazing items was almost certain.

“We are extremely honoured to have you participate!” Seeing that Leylin had agreed, a hint of joy appeared on his face.

With both hands, he then passed a black card to Leylin.

“The trading event will be held three days later, and the address is on the card. When the time comes, you’ll just need to bring the card and reach the place on time. In addition, the sages of the Iron Crown would like to have a long talk with all who are at least rank 2 Magi before the trade meeting. You’ll definitely not be disappointed.”

This leader provided more news, which seemed to be the most important part of this invitation.

“A meeting with them?” Leylin was surprised.

The sages of the Iron Crown were naturally not those who started the organisation, but they had the strength of at least peak rank 1 or even rank 2 Magi. Without this much strength, the Iron Crown would long since have been destroyed countless times over by Magi who harboured bad intentions towards them.

“May I know what it is about?”

Leylin fiddled with the black card in his hands. It was made out of some crystal and was cool to the touch. There were even rings engraved onto it that connected to form an intricate pattern that formed a large metal sword.

“I can’t really reveal the details, but I can tell you that it has to do with the incident at the Eternal River Plains’ secret plane.”

The leader of the defense team smiled, but Leylin began to get nervous.

“The incident at the Eternal River Plain’s secret plane? Was my identity revealed?”

Beneath his clothes, black scales protruded through Leylin’s skin. However, he quickly reacted, and asked without changing his expression, “Are you talking about Alistair?”

“Yes! He’s the lord who betrayed the Light Magi Alliance!” At the mention of Alistair, this leader’s tone was still one of reverence towards a rank 2 Magus, causing Leylin to nod inwardly.

Of course, this had to do with his neutral stance. If this leader was a light Magus, he would not call him a lord, or else he would be punished by the enforcement team!

“Interesting! Very interesting!”

After coming out of the private room, Leylin touched his chin, and a smile appeared on his lips. He quickly disappeared into the throngs of people.

After finishing up this business, this defence leader politely encouraged Leylin to partake in the services provided here, which he did. It must be said that these places that were catered to service highly ranked Magi were truly different, whether it be in terms of food, liquor, women, or anything else. Whatever Leylin could think of, they could provide, and the quality was also first rate.

For large organisations like this, any rank 2 Magus was worth roping in. In addition, Leylin was extremely unfamiliar to them, which had piqued their curiosity.

The Iron Crown obviously did not dare look into his background, though some sorts of observations and investigations were definitely underway.

However, Leylin paid this no mind. This middle-aged man that he currently looked like was completely different, and there was absolutely no information regarding him. By the time the Iron Crown might have found anything out or linked him to anything, he would probably have been long gone.

“But Alistair?”

Leylin suddenly felt as if this was fate. He had already been prepared to let this man go, but somehow, he was nearby Leylin again.

“He’s thought to have fled towards the Endless Ocean, but in actuality, he escaped towards the west. He’s a little shrewd, but that’s it…”

The diversion made by a rank 2 Magus was not so easily seen through. From Leylin’s guesses, there was probably a rank 3 Magus involved!

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