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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 279: Lone Wolf

Chapter 279: Lone Wolf

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Usually, the extract of the ancient Wisdom Tree would be stored securely in the light Magi headquarters, and there might even be a rank 3 Magus keeping watch over it. It would basically be impossible for Alistair to obtain it.

To lure him out, they had brought the real essence of the ancient tree! That rank 3 Magus had also temporarily left his post.

Magi were not idiots, and Allistair was no exception; before confirming that there was no rank 3 Magus around, he would definitely not appear.

“Alistair’s nickname is Lone Wolf. He’s definitely used to working alone, and has the strength to overpower groups of people. He must have a certain level of confidence and strength!”

To be able to heavily injure two rank 2 Magi in a single move, he himself must be rather difficult to deal with. Leylin was sure about this.

Even within rank 2 Magi, Alistar was definitely above the middle level and might even have reached the peak, and was just a step away from advancing to rank 3!

Once he verified there was no rank 3 Magus here, there was a large possibility that he would attack and attempt to rob this item!

“When that happens, it’s all up to us!”

Leylin surveyed the VIP rooms. How many of the ones inside were dark Magi, and how many were light Magi? How many were like him and harboured ulterior motives?

Evidently, the extract of the Wisdom Tree had attracted the attention of all the rank 2 Magi present.

One after another, spiritual force from multiple Magi, each carrying a strong desire to complete the trade, rushed into the room that Magus was in.

For regular Magi, rank 2 was usually the limit if they did not possess high-grade meditation techniques. When that happened, Magi’s innate spells would have already been finalized, and even if they were to switch to a high-grade meditation technique, it would be impossible to advance further.

To forcefully alter a crystallised core consciousness that had already taken shape required a method that did not exist in the south coast. There were rumours that it could be found in another world or in the central continent, but this was not something that Magi in the south coast would ever have the chance to come into contact with.

Hence, the essence of the Wisdom Tree that could provide enlightenment and help a rank 2 Magus raise their spiritual force was their only hope to being promoted to rank 3!

They were willing to pay any price for this!

While rank 2 Magi in the VIP rooms were fiercely communicating by way of their spiritual force, a voice broke the silence.

“100 million magic crystals, and fifty standard portions of the crystallisation of spirits!”

This voice used no spiritual force and was instead shouted from one’s throat. The place where this voice originated made Leylin even more surprised—it was actually from a rank 1 Magus on the lower level.

“Interesting! He’s just a rank 1 Magus, but he dares to stick his hand into this contest between rank 2 Magi!”

Leylin sized up the Magi who was shouting with interest.

There was a certain set of rules in private trade meetings like this. Rank 2 Magi formed their own circles, and it was impossible for rank 1 Magi to participate.

This rank 1 Magus actually dared to speak so loudly. If he didn’t have outstanding might, then it meant there was a huge organisation backing him!

Or could it be… that their target had appeared?

Leylin focused his attention on this rank 1 Magus. He was of average build and donned a black robe. His face wasn’t able to be seen, but under the gazes of numerous rank 2 Magi, he was still able to maintain his composure, “This Lord Rank 2 Magus did not specify any materials, and only stated that the person who can give the most valuable materials will obtain it. I wonder, is what I’m offering of the highest value here?”

For lower ranked Magi, having the attention from rank 2 Magi was like being a weak, frail rabbit that had been dropped into a pride of lions. Most Magi would long since have been scared stupid, yet this rank 1 Magus was still very calm.

“How is it? Can you confirm that it’s Alistair?”

In the room of the Magus that Leylin had vied with for the Rays of Dawn, the lady asked the old man, Torp.

“I can’t tell for sure!” The old man, Torp, who had a red beard, stroked his chin. “His attire is extremely unfamiliar, and I don’t feel the aura of anyone I know. Out of all the people who were invited here, we have the least information about him!”

“That means there’s a high possibility that it’s him!”

The woman extended a forked tongue and licked her lips.

“It’s very possible. Prepare to attack!” Torp nodded, and concealed waves from a spirit imprint began to spread, “Target is suspected to have appeared. Prepare to attack!”

“Alright!” “Understood!” “Clear!”

Different voices sounded in the surrounding VIP rooms.

“Alright!” The place became silent, and the voice of the rank 2 Magus who was selling the extract of the Wisdom Tree was heard from the VIP room.

As he spoke, golden yellow rays of light wrapped around the green extract that was filled with vitality, and it slowly floated out of the VIP room.

“Many thanks, my lord!” A glint of excitement appeared in the eyes of the rank 1 Magus who had bid, and he bowed slightly. A bunch of materials and crystals flew from his body.

The items that were to be traded met in mid-air.

*Bang!* All of a sudden, fierce red light shone from the green extract. The extremely dazzling red light looked intense, and was very similar to an alert signal!

“It’s him! It’s Alistair!” “Move!”

As if triggering some switch, the VIP rooms belonging to rank 2 Magi exploded. Each and every one of the Magi who had reached rank 2 brazenly showed off their strength, and immense energy waves were constantly produced, causing an earthquake in the surroundings.

“Binding of Azora!” A streak of golden white light fiercely attacked the area where the rank 1 Magus was.

“Awoo!” At this moment, the Magus that was suspected to be Alistair suddenly ripped off the clothes on his chest, revealing fangs and a black tattoo of a huge wolf still dripping blood.

With his roars, a large black wolf leaped out of the Magus’ chest, its large and sharp claws reaching forward!

*Bang!* Golden yellow binding lights were smashed by the giant claws and were rendered to bits of gold light that quickly dispersed.

“The totem of the giant wolf! It can’t be wrong, this is Alistair!” More Magi charged out of the VIP rooms, streaking towards the rank 1 Magus like sharks that had found their prey.

An immense repressing force field suddenly appeared in the arena of the trade. The wandering rank 1 Magi that had been on the first level quickly retreated, looking pitiful as they left.

Some were even more unfortunate, the powerful spells of Rank 2 Magi having brushed passed them and causing serious injuries.

“Damn it! I shouldn’t have come here!”

A black figure had been caught by the intense red rays and could only dodge pitifully, their body charred over.

The figure’s hood was pushed back, revealing the face of the black figure. Surprisingly enough, it was the lady boss who Leylin had seen before, specializing in selling information.

“Damn it! Damn it! Are the leaders of the organisation stupid? Everyone here is a rank 2 Magus! They hid this information from the other Magi and wanted me, a puny rank 1 Magus to coordinate with their plans and go into the lion’s den? Did they want me dead?”

*Bang!* At this moment, the sparks from a huge green fireball brushed past and crashed into buildings behind her. There was even a corroded crater from the aftermath of the attack.

The female Magus was stunned for a second and then ran for the door without looking back. “Damn it, do whatever you want! I don’t care anymore!”

Compared to a rank 1 Magus, the spells of rank 2 Magi may not be as flashy, but the strength within were like mountains or seas. Just brushing against an object would cause it to turn to dust.


Numerous black figures that were like ancient savage beasts pounced out from the surroundings and sealed all the entrances from which Alistair could escape.

Amongst these Magi were white-haired elderly, grand and dignified ladies, as well haughty gentlemen in formal attire. The common trait between them was the symbol of the Light Magi Alliance on their chests.

“Alistair, you actually dare betray the glory that represents the light Magi! The Supreme Alliance will punish you!”

The red-bearded Torp yelled, and with a wave of his hand, immense flames and lava were produced from his hands, turning into a firey-red hammer.

“Lava Hammer!”

Lava kept boiling at the surface of the red hammer, emitting energy waves that belonged to rank 2 spells.

“Keke! I only temporarily entered the light Magi alliance. All that I have obtained are items I’ve gained through trade. How have I betrayed anyone?”

Alistair, who was in black robes, laughed in a strange manner that sounded like the howls of a wolf.

“This is definitely Alistair’s voice!”

“Go! What else is there to say to traitors who can’t even repent?”

The many rank 2 light Magi roared and colourful spells surrounded Alistair.

The black totem of a large wolf that Alistair had let out quickly turned to dust under the combined attacks of the rank 2 Magi.

Surprisingly, Alistair opened his arms and sneered at the rank 2 Magi that surrounded him.

“I have done no wrong! I need to advance to rank 3, and after that, darkness will eventually descend on this land!”

He chanted words that sounded like a prophecy, and his body began to crack under the continuous onslaught of spells.

*Pak!* *Pak!* Black fragments flew in all directions.

“This is… A dark Magus’ corporeal body puppet!”

Noticing that something was not right, Torp immediately yelled, “Beware! This is not Alistair’s real body, but a temporary flesh puppet!”

A ring of lava surrounded the puppet’s body.

*Pak pak!*

The black fragments from the flesh puppet melted into liquid in midair, forming large black nets that were similar to spiderwebs, which covered all the nearby rank 2 Magi .


The roof of the exchange hall shattered, and a Magus that looked exactly the same as the flesh puppet from before emerged from the rubble and dust; he howled at the Magus who was selling the extract of the Wisdom Tree.


Faced with the wolf howl, that Magus’ eyes seemed to glaze over, and he seemed to have been temporarily stupified.

“The Howl of the Lone Wolf!”

“Alistair’s unique mental attack!”

The rank 2 Magi who were trapped let out expressions of immense hatred.

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