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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 280: Rank 3

Chapter 280: Rank 3

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However, it was too late.

With a sly grin on his face, Alistair suddenly transformed.

Muscles bulged, and thick, coarse fur that was characteristic of wolves covered his body. Fangs grew, and there was even fur on his face. Even his ears had turned into those of a wolf!

He threw himself forward, and in that moment, he turned into a werewolf!

*Pak!* Sharp wolf claws twisted in the air, and a rank 2 Magus’ head was smashed into pieces. Red and white brain juices spilled all over the ground.

The large werewolf did not stop and fished out a vial of green liquid from the corpse. His eyes revealed craziness along with his elation, and he was prepared to jump and leave the area.


At this moment, the announcer, who had retreated to the sidelines, suddenly stood forward.

Under white rays of light, the announcer’s body underwent a huge change.

His face became elongated, and a white beard dragged across the ground.

An overwhelming, tremendous, and unparalleled spiritual force descended onto the area.

“Giant Tree!” As the old man spoke, a huge plant suddenly grew from the center of the platform. The thick vines on the tree constantly extended, even crushing firm rocks into powder.

The huge tree blocked the entrance at the top, giving the werewolf no routes to escape.

“Awoo…” The werewolf that Alistair had transformed into howled at the old man.

“A rank 3 light Magus!” Leylin, who was in a VIP room, widened his eyes in surprise.

This was the first time that he had seen someone at the most powerful rank amongst the light Magi!

A rank 3 Magus was the absolute peak in the south coast! They were indomitable powers that controlled both the dark and light Magi.

The moment this light Magus attacked, magnificent and splendid life spells ignited within the auction area.

The wooden tables and chairs seemed to grow lives of their own, spores growing on their surfaces and turning into vines and plants.

In that instant, the entire area turned into a green plant heaven, with the giant, ancient tree right in the centre. It reigned like an emperor, standing tall and unyielding.

“When plant-type spells reach this level, it’s already touching the surface of being a ‘domain’…” Leylin, who had the guidance of the Book of Giant Serpent, had foresight that far surpassed all the rank 2 Magi present. He was able to recognise how remarkable this rank 3 Magus was.

“But… plant-type? This somehow feels very familiar!”

Dark energy particles exploded in Leylin’s hands, and the green plants in the VIP room instantly turned to dust.

This rank 3 spell immediately made him think of Reynold, the rank 2 Magus from Four Seasons Garden. Whether in terms of spells or aura, they were much too similar.

“Could it be that this rank 3 Magus is Reynold’s mentor or relative?”

With this thought, all of Leylin’s plans to participate disappeared.

In the auction hall, there were very few Magi who had chosen to just observe without lifting a finger.

There were two or three Magi in VIP rooms that still maintained their silence, not planning to do anything.

Alistair had dared to utilise a flesh puppet to hinder the light Magi, even risking his life to steal the essence from the Wisdom Tree. Furthermore, he had almost succeeded.

Leylin could not help but be in awe at his decisiveness and patience.

It was a pity that with the suppression by a rank 3 Magus, any plans were all in vain.

No matter how well Alistair was able to deal with rank 2 Magi, he was definitely not a match for a rank 3 Magus.

*Ka-cha! Ka-cha!*

Within the boundaries of the green plants, the large black nets of mucus were quickly broken through by the many vines from all sorts of plants. The rank 2 Magi that struggled free quickly assembled behind the rank 3 Magus and secretly dispersed, trapping Alistair, who had turned into a werewolf, in the middle.

The furry werewolf in the middle kept howling at the Magi, a cunning look glinting in his eyes.

“Hm, something’s wrong!”

Leylin suddenly found an issue. Alistair, who was being surrounded, was much too calm about his current situation.

“Grab him!” The rank 3 Magus whose beard reached the ground seemed to have noticed something. His brows furrowed, and he quickly commanded the Magi behind him.

*Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!*

Several streaks of translucent magic arrows cut through the skies and produced whistling sounds, causing several Magi’s heads to explode.

*Bang! Bang!* A few light Magi immediately collapsed.

“What’s going on?” The light Magi around quickly retreated, all sorts of innate defensive spells flashing and appearing on their bodies.

Unfortunately, this was all useless!

The translucent arrows seemed to possess some terrifying magical power, and even the defences that rank 2 Magi spent all their energy on could not withstand them at all.

“Greta Abyssal Arrow? Fedlan, it’s you!”

The rank 3 light Magus roared in surprise, and green rays of light were produced from the foliage. Under the green rays, the green vines turned into large hands that seemed to break through space and appear in front of the translucent arrows, cancelling each other out.

The light Magi that had survived stuck close to the rank 3 light Magus, surveying their surroundings fearfully.

“You dark Magi actually dare betray the contract with the alliance. Aren’t you afraid of punishment?”

The rank 3 old light Magus seemed to know his opponent’s identity and immediately exclaimed.

“Hehe! Light Magi, the contract with the alliance—they’ve long since become things of the past! From hereon, darkness shall unify the continent!”

Along with the strange laughter, a dark green figure suddenly appeared within the auction hall.

After the figure appeared, green fluids and light rays began to take over half of the area, competing with the plant domain of the light Magi.

There were immense energy waves emitted from the body of the dark green figure that were on par with a rank 3 Magus.

“Hoduke, my old friend, isn’t it obvious? The continuous betrayal and fall of rank 2 Magi implies that there’s a large issue with your light Magi’s values. Only dark Magi are qualified to rule the south coast!”

The dark green figure seemed to be narrating some sort of insignificant issue, but the faces of the light Magus who heard this immediately underwent a violent change!

With the huge temptation of the Eternal River Plains’ secret plane, as well as the continuous damage dealt to the light Magi alliance, the dark Magi finally decided to break this fragile balance and bring war to the rest of the south coast!

“Come out!”

*Shua shua!* As the dark Magus spoke, a few figures suddenly appeared in the middle of the hall.

All these people had used black headcovers to cover their face, and there was an overpowering scent of blood on their bodies. On top of that, the energy waves they emitted were not lower than that of a rank 2 Magus!

Upon seeing this, the rank 3 light Magus’ expression worsened.

*Rumble!* Black mucus reached the heart of the giant tree, and covered by white gas, the tree shriveled up at a rate that could be seen by the naked eye. Eventually, it toppled and revealed a black rock with a hole in it.

“Let’s go! Don’t forget our agreement!” Fedlan spoke to Alistair, who was still in his werewolf form.

“Awoo!” The werewolf howled at Fedlan a few times as if in reply, jumped into the black hole that was a passageway and then vanished.

“The essence of the Wisdom Tree is extremely precious. They absolutely can’t gain possession of it!”

Hoduke, whose beard touched the ground, turned pale. Upon seeing that Alistair had fled, he quickly ordered the Magi behind him, “I’ll hold back the dark Magi. You need to get the essence back!”

As a rank 3 Magus, Hoduke was well read and knew that the dark Magi were not very prepared. Whilst they were at a huge disadvantage, they couldn’t just let Alistair leave.

If not, it wasn’t going to be just the problem of losing a few rank 2 light Magi. This was a matter of imbalance of power between rank 3 Magi!

A portion of the extract of the Wisdom Tree might not be enough to help a rank 2 Magus break through, but with the treasure in Alistair’s hands, it was a real possibility.

Hoduke knew very well that the treasure in Alistair’s hands would create a heaven-defying effect when paired with the essence of the Wisdom Tree.

“My old friend, we haven’t exchanged blows in two hundred years. I wonder what kind of changes your Wailing Earth technique has undergone!”

Hoduke muttered, while the power from vegetation began to vibrate.

“Hehe! Twenty years ago, I finally succeeded in my experiments and refined three thousand pure blooded Quarks, and I blended their innate talents into Wailing Earth. I’m sure the result will not leave you disappointed.”

Fedlan laughed again. A huge phantom image filled with skulls and gravestones appeared, and it struck against the green mirage filled with plants.

“Is this the domain of rank 3 Magi?”

Leylin observed the two rank 3 Magi exchanging blows and commanded the A.I. Chip to record everything down carefully.

Battles between two rank 3 Magi were very rarely seen, so this was extremely precious information.

Leylin, who possessed Kemoyin’s Pupil, the Book of Giant Serpent, as well as much information from the Four Seasons Garden, naturally knew that the power displayed by these two rank 3 Magi was still not a true “Domain”.

A real domain was a terrifying might that only rank 4 Morning Star Magi would be able to produce.

In a domain, all Magi who were weaker than rank 4 would have their abilities suppressed by a few levels, perhaps even to the point that they became like regular humans.

These two rank 3 Magi were only able to grasp a hint of this concept, and lacked the terrifying ability to suppress a Magus’ might!

However, now that he had been forced into these two rank 3 Magi’s “Domains,” Leylin couldn’t help but emit a few large darkness elemental runes, as if wanting to have a standoff with the domains.

“The domains of these two rank 3 Magi are already beginning to affect the Magi around them. Though the effect is very slight, it still isn’t weak enough to be ignored.”

Leylin gave the two figures, who were now hard to differentiate, a long look, and stood without any hesitation.

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