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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 283: Goodbye

Chapter 283: Goodbye

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“Leylin, do you also wish to obtain the extract from the Wisdom Tree?”

Siley looked at what could be said to be the most outstanding student in the history of the Abyssal Bone Forest Academy, a complicated expression on his face.

On one hand, there was no need to prove Leylin’s talent as a Magus. To be able to advance to rank 2 at such an age and at such a speed was something rarely seen in recent years of Magus history.

Siley believed if Leylin could maintain this rate, it was definitely possible for him to became a rank 3 Magus before he turned a hundred, and advance to the most powerful ranking in the entire south coast! If he was still in the Abyssal Bone Forest Academy, the school would definitely be in its golden age.

On the other hand, Leylin had already betrayed the academy, and his fierce strike back had resulted in the death of Marb, the elder of the Lilytell family, one of the three large families in the academy. He had even killed off a large number of rank 1 Magi, causing the Lilytell family’s power to decline by a large amount and almost have their name removed from the Magus World!

Hence, Siley had many thoughts regarding Leylin’s appearance.

“Yes, director!”

Since his shapeshifting spell had already been removed, Leylin no longer had anything to hide.

“I hope you don’t interfere, as the essence of the Wisdom Tree and the treasure Alistair obtained are items that I need!” Leylin bowed slightly.

Looking back on things, the Abyssal Bone Forest Academy had treated him quite well, not taking into account the actions of the Lilytell Family. They had abided by the basic principle of trading using equal values, allowing Leylin to be enlightened as a Magus and walk the path of the strong.

Hence, unless there were some special circumstances, he did not wish to exchange blows with Siley.

“How arrogant! You’re just a newly advanced rank 2 Magus, and yet, you actually dare…”

Before Siley had the chance to react, the dark Magus with him had already furiously lashed out.

In his eyes, no matter how much of a genius Leylin was, he had only just advanced. Though he had the terrifying battle achievement of killing two rank 2 Magi, who knew if he had taken advantage of the situation and killed them while they were seriously injured?

Hence, his attitude towards Leylin was a little too much.

“Young man, let a senior like me teach you how you should act in the circle of rank 2 Magi.”

Two masses of black rays were produced from this rank 2 Magus’ hands, forming a skull.

“What pointless preachings! How bothersome!”

Leylin muttered to himself, the red in his eyes becoming increasingly intense. On his wrist, the transparent crystal had begun to emit a dim red colour.

“What did you say?” The rank 2 Magi who was speaking was startled.

“I said you should do something about your habit of preaching. Otherwise, I don’t think you’ll live to see the sun tomorrow!”

Leylin suddenly raised his head, smiling brilliantly.

*Tss tss!*

Large amounts of white smoke poured out of the body of one of the large skeletal soldiers from before. Suddenly, the frame of the soldier scattered, turning into a pile of bones on the ground.The fragmented bones were corroded again, and ended up as a pile of black powder.

From a circle of charred earth, corrosion began to spread in all directions with Leylin at the centre of it all, the grass rotting in an instant and turning into something similar to mud.

Numerous bugs fell to the ground, and a mole flipped over, body stiff as it lay upside down, rotting.

As if the Grim Reaper had arrived, the entire region sank into deathly stillness.

*Slam! Thud!*

One after another, the large skeletal soldiers fell, their frames falling apart as they turned into powder.

“You used a poison attack that affects a large area!” Alistair was already injured from before, and under the powerful attack of Leylin’s Toxic Bile, his right arm began to fester.

Alistair looked miserable as he gritted his teeth, producing a test tube and pouring it on the wound on his right arm.

*Rumble!* A tongue of flames covered the area down from his right shoulder, and the smell of flesh burning was produced.

Alistair grimaced. After the flames disappeared, blood was no longer flowing freely from the wound on his shoulder, and the festering from before had disappeared.

“Go! I’ll stay behind and teach him a lesson!”

The dark Magus exclaimed coldly, with a hint of bloodlust.

“Alright! Be careful of the light Magi, I suspect that they have made some agreement with Iron Crown.”

Alistair quickly replied, moving to ride a magnificent flying carpet that appeared from his body.

All of a sudden, his eyes glazed over and he fainted!

*Bang!* Alistair’s body hit the ground; there were mysterious black patterns that looked like snakes slithering on his face.

Even the flame potion from earlier was unable to deal with the toxins!

“What ferocious neurotoxins! It can lie dormant before it completely flares up! This is bad!”

The expression of the dark Magus who found Leylin a nuisance changed vastly.

Immediately after, a pitch black gas surrounded his body.

The toxins of the terrifying ancient beast, the Giant Kemoyin Serpent, began to corrode his body and spirit!

“I told you before. You can’t stop me!”

Like a Grim Reaper that had descended to Earth, the phantom image of a huge python appeared behind Leylin as he headed straight for Alistair, who was in a dead faint. After taking the essence of the Wisdom Tree from his lap, Leylin went through the pouch on Alistair’s waist, and dug out a crudely made wooden cup.

The surface of this cup was an aged dark yellow, with the unique lines of the ancient tree. It also produced the slightly sweet smell of vegetation.

Though the appearance was nothing spectacular, Leylin could feel a very ancient and aged aura.

Even if it was an inanimate object, the cup still gave off a feeling of intelligence.

“This is… a wooden cup made from the bark of the Wisdom Tree!”

Leylin touched his chin. The reason why he was so sure was that besides the A.I. Chip’s tests and his own conjectures, the essence of the Wisdom Tree he now possessed was beginning to emit a slight green lustre, which was a huge indicator.


Leylin relaxed his right hand, and the green bundle of light disappeared into the wooden cup.

Like ice melting, the extract of the ancient tree and the wooden cup fused together. The cup was instantly covered by a layer of green light, and the inside of the cup was filled halfway with a transparent liquid. This liquid emanated an aura of vitality and intelligence.

Leylin sniffed the liquid for a moment and felt his mind clearing. The usual myriad of thoughts that went through his mind kept appearing, and the questions that he had been faced with while training began to be solved, causing him to feel more open-minded.

“Is this enlightenment?”

Joy appeared on Leylin’s face, and a layer of light from his hands sealed the cup.

“The ancient Wisdom Tree! It truly is the crystallization of ancient intelligence! Just breathing in a little resulted in such a dramatic effect. What will happen if I use it all?”

A fiery look appeared on Leylin’s expression, and with a flash of silver light from his hands, the wooden cup and the essence within disappeared.

“Unexpectedly, the person who had been a student has already surpassed me!”

Siley was also surrounded by a layer of black gas. While glancing at Leylin, a bitter smile appeared.

With the corrosion from the toxins, neither he nor his partner was able to exhibit even 70% of their true strength. Even if they worked together, it would still be difficult to win against Leylin.

The dark Magus who did not like Leylin had long since fled, body flashing with the energy waves of spells used to dispel toxins.

Unfortunately, the black poison became denser, and did not seem to be able to be removed.

At the thought of what he had said, this dark Magus’ face turned red. Thankfully, his face had been completely obscured by the black gas, so nobody could see what sort of expression he had.

Seeing Leylin holding the target of their mission, this dark Magus had all sorts of thoughts and his lips twitched, but in the end, he didn’t say anything .

Leylin’s might far exceeded his expectations. He was basically at the level of the elite within rank 2 Magi, and he or Siley were unable to handle him by themselves. Attempting to fight may incur the hatred of their opponent, as well as cause more unnecessary deaths.

Dark Magi were very shrewd people. Even if he was able to hold onto the essence of the Wisdom Tree, there was no way he would have the chance to use it for himself. Why would any dark Magus risk their lives for it then?

Leylin naturally did not know about the complex thoughts running through their minds. Based on experience, however, he was largely able to guess their train of thought.

Hence, after nodding briefly towards Siley, he turned to leave.

*Step! Step!*

The sounds of the hoof steps of horses constantly sounded, and from the horizon a distance away, a team of Steel Knights appeared.

Though there were just thirteen people there, the knights were like a flood of steel that was charging towards them.

“It’s the thirteen sages of Iron Crown, who form the Steel Knight Squad!”

Siley gulped, “Since when did they work together with light Magi? Or was this just a simple dispatchment?”

At this point, he couldn’t help but chance a glance at Leylin.

Their target could only be Leylin, who had stolen the essence.

*Lu lu!*

Thirteen giant steel beasts that spewed out flames and had green light in their eyes stopped before the group. They fanned out and surrounded the Magi.

*Ka-cha! Ka-cha!* The leader’s helmet automatically opened, revealing the face of the Great Sage. “Who has the essence of the Wisdom Tree?”

He looked around with suspicion.

Their target, Alistair, was now collapsed on the floor, and nobody knew if he was alive or dead. There was a high possibility that the essence had been divided amongst the Magi here, or had been stolen. He naturally did not recognise Leylin, who had only just showed up.

What made him the most annoyed was that all of the Magi present were staring at him the way they would a dead man.

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