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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 284: Prowess

Chapter 284: Prowess

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“What’s going on?”

The Great Sage was surprised, and all of a sudden, his body lost all its strength.

*Boom!* Multiple steel creatures fell to the ground; the spirit flames in their black eye sockets died out. In a few seconds, they turned into dried up bones once again.

“Old friend!” The Great Sage wailed sorrowfully. His connection with his steed had been completely severed. In other words, the spirit of his companion of many years had been destroyed and no longer existed in this world.

“Who is it?” His eyes turned red.

That dark Magus and Siley turned in the same direction to look at Leylin, who had a helpless look on his face.

“It’s you!” The Great Sage’s face began to twitch. “You wretched trash! You dare…”

“How pointless!” Solidified blood-red rays shot out of Leylin’s eyes, and the red light on his wrist was now extremely intense, to the point that it hit its limit. *Bang!* The early alert warning system crystal exploded, turning into sparkling powder.

“Shadow Domain!”

“Toxic Bile!”

Total blackness filled the entire region, and behind Leylin, a large number of shadows that looked like snakes forming the terrifying features of a Devil King.

The large shadow was like a beast that swallowed everything as it spread, the terrifying sounds of corrosion and the low huffs of those meeting the face of death sounding at the centre.


A moment later, the black shadow disappeared, leaving the thirteen sages with no light in their eyes as they collapsed. Even the spirits in their bodies had been eaten through by the poison.

“Demonic Poison King! It’s Demonic Poison King Leylin!”

In an area not too far away, the few light Magi who were planning to take advantage of the decision turned pale in fear at the rotted corpses under the black mist.

Though they had heard of Leylin’s nickname as the Demonic Poison King before, they had never understood how terrifying he could be.

“Ley-Leylin, you…”

Not just that dark Magus, even Siley was a little stunned as he looked at Leylin, whose eyes were still shooting out blood-red rays.

The thirteen sages of the Iron Crown were a firm force that had been safeguarding this region. Every one of them had the strength of a peak rank 1 Magus, and their leader, the Great Sage, was even at rank 2!

Siley knew that if he were to be trapped by this group, things would very very troublesome. Even fleeing would be an issue. The terrifying vitality of the spirit beasts was something that Magi who developed their strengths based on spells were unable to contend against.

Now, however, this little group of Steel Knights that had been around for hundreds of years had died, just like that? And their killer was a newly-advanced rank 2 Magus, Leylin?

Siley scratched his bald head, wondering if he had been caught in some Rank 3 Magus’ illusion.

“Who else is there?”

Leylin’s expression was a little strange and he began to roar, the blood-red in his eyes more prominent as they swept in the direction where the light Magi were hidden.

“This is bad! He’s found us!”

The leader whispered softly, and the entire group rapidly withdrew a large distance. It couldn’t be helped! Leylin’s poisonous attack that could affect a large area had terrified them.


Leylin’s current situation was not good. Not only were there a few small wounds left behind by the retaliation of the Steel Knights, his expression was also crazed. White streams of air exited from his orifices.

[Liveliness of blood cells in host’s body has exceeded threshold! Beginning procedure to forcefully control situation!]

All of a sudden, a flash of bright blue rays covered Leylin’s body, and his body temperature lowered. The white mist condensed into fragments of ice inside and scattered all over Leylin’s body.

“Damn it, I got emotional again!”

Under the control of the A.I. Chip and the stimulus from the biting cold, Leylin was finally able to regain his senses, eyes flashing with intelligence.

“I can’t fight anymore, or else I’ll descend into a crazed state and go on a killing rampage till I die…”

Leylin surveyed the area, keeping the sight of the battlefield in his mind.

Though walking the path of a warlock with a bloodline allowed him to possess an incredible might, to the point that he could use his innate talents from his bloodline to achieve victory against experienced rank 2 Magi or even kill them and gain a reputation for himself, this branch of ancient Magi, the Warlock, had quite a few flaws.

The issue of becoming overly emotional was one of the problems.

Compared to the rational Magus, Warlocks were easily affected by the external world and were often extremely emotional.

Slaughter and battles would easily result in fury for Warlocks, causing them to descend into a crazed state and lose part of their rationality. If he were to be surrounded by enemies, he would not be able to escape at all.

“My bloodline is much too pure. The moment it flares up, even the potion of tranquility will be rejected from my body.”

Leylin checked his stats.

[Leylin Farlier. Rank 2 Warlock, Bloodline: Giant Kemoyin Serpent. Strength: 21.1, Agility: 14.4, Vitality: 27.9, Spiritual force: 104.3, Magic power: 53 (Magic power is in synchronisation with spiritual force) Status: Large amounts of adrenaline is being secreted. Similarity to emotional outburst of Warlock: 98.7%. Dispelling potion of tranquility.]

“A.I. Chip, use Plan C!” Leylin could only laugh bitterly and give out the command.

[Received authorisation, beginning small operation on Host’s body.]

The A.I. Chip loyally answered. In that moment, Leylin’s pupils turned sky blue, and cold energy particles were produced from all over his body.

“He seems to have a problem! Go!!!”

The light Magi who had been pursuing them saw Leylin acting weirdly. Excited, the light Magus who was the leader waved his sleeves and countless flying bugs came together to form half a human face, flying towards Leylin.

“You just don’t know when to stop!”

A fire rose in Leylin’s heart, but with the force from the chilliness, it was quickly suppressed.

His right hand slashed downwards, and a formless, translucent ripple spread like a wave in the air.

The formless ripple immediately collided with the sea of bugs.

*Bang!* The half-formed human face stopped moving for a moment, and large amounts of flying bugs fell to the ground, their compound eyes no longer moving. The bodies became stiff and began to rot.

*Huahuahua!* Like rain, the bugs fell from the sky and formed grey droplets.

The formless poison seemed to be able to go through the void and connect to the Magus’ spiritual force, corroding his actual body.

The Magus who manipulated the flying bugs staggered back, black tendrils that looked like snakes spreading on his face.

“Quick, protect me and help me leave!” At this moment, the leader of the group of light Magi finally regretted his greediness. Even when Leylin was in a strange state, he was not somebody he could handle.

“You’re thinking of leaving?” Not far away, Leylin’s lips curved up in a sly smile, and the black defensive item on his hand exploded. Black rays were pulled into a shape, turning into a longbow.

“Toxic Bile!”

Leylin used his innate rank 2 spell once more, his left hand pulling the string and releasing an arrow in the direction of the fleeing light Magi.


With vibration from the string, a formless toxic arrow streaked through the sky, distorting the air as it passed.

On its way, the ground was charred black, plants died, creating a unique path that showed the arrow’s route.

”No! You can’t kill me! My father is” The light Magus who was in the middle of escaping was so terrified that it seemed as if his spirit had departed. Next, his body trembled and his expression changed.

*Ka-cha!* The clothes on his back were ripped open, revealing a translucent palm.

This palm was the size of that of a regular human, and it grabbed towards the transparent toxic arrow.

*Beng!* A formless ripple spread, and the surrounding Magi quickly retreated, fearing the toxins.

“The protection from a rank 3 Magus?” Leylin watched on not far away, his desire to kill even stronger now, “Nobody can save you today!”

He pulled the string again. *Bzz!*

Along with the sounds of vibration, the toxic arrow that had been at a deadlock with the transparent palm exploded, forming countless tiny arrows that went flying in all directions.

*Tss tss!* The translucent palm exploded in such a manner that there were numerous holes in it, which caused it to break down. From within, the roar of an old Magus could be heard.

With an expression full of disbelief, that light Magus stiffly collapsed.

On his back, a large wound from the explosion had been inflicted. His innate defensive spell that he had been so proud of had not been the slightest bit useful.

“You- you actually killed him! His father is a rank 3 Magus!”

Siley’s voice trembled.

Leylin, who was still under the influence of the warlock bloodline effects, paid no heed to this. He turned, cold glaze piercing as he focused on Siley.

Siley quivered, suddenly remembering that his life was still in the hands of his opponent. He forced a smile, “Alright! I was just pointing it out. You can do whatever you want!”

Hesitation and struggle appeared in Leylin’s expression, and dense black gas wrapped his body.

*Whoosh whoosh!*

Strong black gales blew madly towards the distance, and in a moment, disappeared into the horizon.

“That crazy guy is finally gone!” Siley and his partner glanced at each other, and then Alistair who was heavily injured and unable to get up, with bitter smiles.

“What should we do? Jajone’s dead! Lord Eric won’t let us off!”

The other light Magi made sounds of indignation in unison.

“Kill those dark Magi and avenge Jajone!”

A light Magus stared hard at Siley and the rest with deep hatred.

Siley steeled his expression and stood with his partner, a ring of defensive energy particles appearing.

*Pu! Pu! Pu!*

In that instant, the looks on the faces of the Magi present changed. The fierce toxins suddenly flared up.

In the havoc that Leylin had wreaked previously, the Magi present had somewhat been affected by the toxins of the Giant Kemoyin Serpent, and this was difficult to remove.

The light Magi had been affected by the attack towards Jajone, and their injuries were even more serious.

The two groups of people exchanged gazes, and eventually decided on leaving in a huff, rather than clashing.

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