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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 286: Possession

Chapter 286: Possession

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“Activate gravitational spell formation at full power—100 times gravity!”

Leylin pressed his temples and ordered.

*Weng weng!*

A large, dark brown formation lit up and rose from the ground and tore apart the milky white domain.

The light Magus was stunned for a moment, the ball of energy in his hands changing its course and missing Leylin.

“An ancient spell formation? When did he set that up?”

The light Magus saw the terrifying formation that spanned for kilometres, shock apparent in his expression.

“I’ll take advantage of this! Suction spell formation!” An inverted “L” shaped rune brightened on Leylin’s body, and as if he was being sucked in by a black hole, he turned into a black streak and vanished.

“What an interesting little guy! It’s a pity that all your methods are useless against me!” The light Magus calmly looked in the direction in which Leylin had fled, and suddenly laughed, shooting a glance at the old Magus from the corner of his eye. He turned into a ray of light and quickly left the area.

“Poison? Then he should be the Demonic Poison King Leylin, whose name has been going around! I wonder which faction and organisation that rank 3 Magus is from…”

The old Magus mumbled to himself in a daze, not noticing the look of envy in Arnold’s eyes.


*Boom!* A black shadow slammed into the spell formation, the powerful suction spell formation smashed to pieces.

Leylin let out a long sigh, “A rank 3 Magus is someone I can’t deal with yet…”

In the beginning, under the influence of his emotional state, Leylin had killed off Jojane, who had a powerful backing. Under his enraged state, he had not even taken the most basic protective measures.

When he had killed Jojane, the death mark from a rank 3 Magus was left on Leylin’s body.

All Magi usually had this method. For Leylin, a mark from a rank 2 Magus basically had no effect on him. However, the mark from a rank 3 Magus was evidently not so easily dealt with.

Leylin forced a smile and took a look at his sea of consciousness.

Within the crimson sea was a little, maggot shaped, milky white ray of light. While Leylin was not paying attention to it, it would expand.

A large amount of time and spiritual force would be needed to wear down and expel this mark.

This was the best solution provided by the A.I. Chip, but Leylin would be found by his opponent every so often. There was not enough time to deal with this.

After a few battles, Leylin had a better understanding of his own strength.

In his current state, he was a terrifying existence to rank 2 Magi who were lucky enough to rank up.

With a high-grade meditation technique, as well as a powerful bloodline, Leylin’s advancements in rank as a warlock always brought immense benefits and increases in strength.

However, for similar rank 2 Magi who also possessed high-grade meditation techniques, the gap was not so obvious.

“In my current state, I am considered an elite amongst rank 2 Magi. However, in the face of any rank 3 Magi, I have no confidence at all. Even being able to escape would depend on my luck!”

Leylin shook his head and walked out.

In front of him was a small, desolate little town, with dust, rubbish and all sorts of vines growing on the ground.

“No! The mark on my body is constantly emitting waves to track my location. No matter where I am on the south coast, I’ll easily be found. I need to go to a place far, far away, to the point that the distance can interfere with the mark’s transmission of information!”

Leylin’s eyes showed his resolution. This was the desolate town where the Ancient Spirit Slaying Sect’s secret plane had been!

“If this really doesn’t work out, I can just use the teleportation spell formation and leave this place! If I’m quick enough, he won’t be able to find out about this place, and I may still be able to return!”

If the Magus did not find out about this secret plane, Leylin could remove all traces of the mark, and then confidently strut back into the south coast.

The moment the entrance to the secret plane was found, no matter how much Leylin did not want to do so, he could only hold back the pain of having to abandon this place, destroy the teleportation spell formation there, and leave this place forever.

“I didn’t think I’d need to use my last resort so soon!”

Leylin laughed bitterly, and from a spell formation at the villa, entered the secret plane. While going through the spell formation that went through the void, Leylin moved his hand and a red ray disappeared into the wall.

“I haven’t been able to obtain probing spells or spiritually branded slaves. If I’m going over, I’ll need to do it myself. Though I’ve already ascertained that the teleportation spell formation is alright after checking with the A.I. Chip, gambling like this really leaves a sour taste in my mouth…”

Leylin furrowed his brows and came to the secret room in the narrow pathway.

Though he was sure that the teleportation spell formation was fine, the state of the surroundings around it might not be alright.

What he could confirm, though, was that the other side of the spell was in a place that was very far away. As long as he escaped and broke the connection between the two spell formations, he would be able to break away from the chase of the rank 3 Magus!

“I’ll take a look over there, and if it really isn’t a good environment there, I can still come back!” Leylin consoled himself.

*Pu!* All of a sudden, a bright, milky-white beam shot out from Leylin’s body and up into the sky, heading upwards in a straight line as if penetrating the hindrances of the secret room.

Leylin covered his head and staggered back. In his sea of consciousness, that milky-white light was spreading outwards, and no matter how Leylin used his spiritual force to obstruct it, it was of no use.

Leylin seemed to see a blonde rank 3 Magus rushing towards him.

“The time he takes to detect me has shortened. He’s found this place!”

Leylin’s expression turned grim, “I’ll have to use my last resort and completely give up on this place!”

Not only that, even the teleportation spell formation had to be destroyed as well. If not, the Magus could give chase through the spell formation. With the mark, it was impossible for Leylin to hide.

*Tss tss!* Numerous black tendrils of smoke were emitted from Leylin’s body. Meanwhile, in his sea of consciousness, a vast amount of red rays charged towards the milky-white spiritual force and encircled it, temporarily isolating it from external influences.


The secret plane began to shake as if there was a powerful existence attacking the area from outside.

“Alric is attacking the secret plane!” Leylin grit his teeth as the crimson ring on his finger exploded.

The alert spell formation that the Gargamel had set up on the wall had been damaged by Leylin in the past. However, the moment the red rays shone, it began to work once more, and a hidden spiritual force travelled through a special path.


In an area surrounding the little town, the grass and soil flipped over, and a strange ‘corpse’ crawled out!

This ‘corpse’ was shrivelled up and small, and resembled an old woman. Moreover, it had a couple of deformities. Not only were there two extra arms and legs, there was also a young face growing at the back of the head of the old lady.

It looked like a body that was shared by two people.

“The alert system set up by Master has been activated! The only person who can find this place has to be Leylin!”

Wisps of green light shot out of the old woman’s eyes. “It has to be him!”

“Leylin? The offering that escaped?” The young woman’s face behind the old lady opened her eyes.

“Yes! If not for him, you would have gained a body of your own and not have ended up in this state.”

The old woman grit her teeth, a deep-rooted hatred apparent in her eyes.

She was Old Devil, the female Magus who had conducted secret dealings with Leylin in Nightless City. She had tried to use him as an offering to the Gargamel in the secret plane, in order to allow her daughter, Jaye, to regain her physical body.

Unfortunately, due to Leylin’s escape, her wish had been realised with a strange method.

Somehow, the Gargamel had forcibly induced half a corporeal body onto the old woman’s body, and had placed Jaye’s spirit within.

It could be said that Leylin had a played a very big part in causing the two of them to end up in this way.

“I want to kill him!”

Old Devil roared.

“Have you forgotten Master’s orders? He’s an offering for Master, so only Master is qualified to enjoy him!” Jaye’s eyes, behind Old Devil’s head, suddenly glazed over as she muttered.

“No! I wouldn’t dare offend Lord Gargamel!” The old witch quickly knelt down and begged for forgiveness.

“Then say your prayers, and report the happenings here to the great Lord Gargamel!”

Jaye closed her eyes after speaking, and the next time she opened them, she seemed to have turned into another person. “Mother! My illness seems to be getting worse…”

After implanting the spirit, the Gargamel had mixed in a few things into Jaye’s spirit, and had set up a core of consciousness that would oversee the old witch.

Old Devil, whose daughter was being controlled, had no choice but to submit to the Gargamel.

“Oh, Great Gargamel, home of all spirits! You are the master of all, as well as the beginning and ending of all. Please listen to the prayers of your servant…”

The old witch took out something like a communication device and chanted a long verse of prayers from a scripture.

*Weng Weng!*

After Old Devil explained the current situation, the communication device began to vibrate.

“Yes, Lord Gargamel! It will possess me!”

The old witch was stricken with fear, but her body involuntarily knelt to the ground—after the modifications, her body was now no longer her own.

A powerful spirit that was brimming with evil thoughts used a special method to rush out of the communication device and possessed the old witch’s body.

Old Devil’s body trembled violently, her eyes rolled back, and white foam frothed at her mouth.

Finally, her body was wrapped up in a black spiritual body and turned into a large, black, human figure.

On the figure’s face, there was a mask of a devil’s skull with a horn on it, which looked immensely strange.

*Chi chi!*

The Gargamel that had possessed Old Devil’s body made a sound and charged towards the secret plane.

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