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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 287: Teleportation

Chapter 287: Teleportation

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“Oh? A unique, diseased spiritual force, and spiritual power full of hatred and resentment! You are a Gargamel, the main cause of the plague in the west!”

The rank 3 light Magus, Alric, immediately identified the Gargamel.

*Chi chi!* What came in response was a loud roar from the Gargamel.

The human figure with a bone mask waved his cape, and a great number of crazed and indistinct spirits pounced towards Alric, many of which began to self detonate in mid-air.

*Rumble!* The power of the explosion of spirits brought with it toxins of an ancient plague, causing Alric’s face to change as he staggered backwards.

“Light of Saint’s Glory!” He shouted, like a bishop not at all afraid of death, his face radiating with a dazzling light.

A large amount of milky-white, divine light was produced from Alric’s body, and the silhouette of a large building that commanded respect appeared behind him.

The moment these spirits met with the sacred light, black gases emerged from their bodies, and their crazed expressions became peaceful.

Afterwards, with their faces full of tranquility and smiles, they threw themselves towards the building behind Alric.

“It really is the Gargamel, with a body constructed of resentment!”

The light Magus roared, and like a madman, rammed into the huge figure.

The divine, milky white cleansing light and the black power of loathing offset each other.


At this moment, Leylin was currently placing a black, magic crystal into an energy slot.

*Rumble!* The teleportation spell formation came to life, rings of light brightening and four energy balls that represented Earth, Fire, Wind and Water hovering on top of the four stone pillars. The red, yellow, green, and blue lights came together, sparkling brilliantly all this while.

“I never expected the rank 3 Magus to come so quickly! Luckily, I made some preparations…”

Leylin looked at the spatial passage that was forming, and heaved a long sigh of relief.

He had anticipated that the rank 3 Magus would follow him. Afterall, every once in a while, the rank 3 Magus would use the mark to detect his position, not giving Leylin the slightest chance to rest or remove the mark.

To give himself more time, Leylin immediately thought of the Gargamel.

It had obviously remembered Leylin, and had determined that Leylin would definitely return to the secret plane. Hence, it had set up a secret alerting spell formation at the entrance.

However, with Leylin’s powers of detection, this was very obvious, and the spell formation had been temporarily damaged and sealed by him.

Leylin’s previous actions had completely activated the alerting spell formation and had drawn the Gargamel here, which would give him more time.

Since the rank 3 Magus was from the light Magi alliance, how could it just let the Gargamel, a body formed from resentment, go? In addition, the Gargamel was directly responsible for the recent huge plague in the west.

From the looks of it, everything was going according to plan.

A pitch black spatial passageway that emitted silver rays of light was constructed from nothingness on top of the spell formation.

“I need to leave this place, and I don’t know when I’ll be able to return!”

Leylin turned back to look at this region, suddenly feeling reluctant to leave.

No matter what, this was the place that he had grown up in. The memories of this place had already been branded into his heart.

If the other side was a place with terrible conditions, and if the rank 3 Magus was unable to find this place, Leylin might even make use of the teleportation spell formation on the other end and return. However, it was evident that this was no longer possible.

Leylin had no idea how long it would take for him to use his own strength to return instead of using the teleportation spell formation.

“Goodbye, south coast!” Leylin murmured.


Just as he put one foot into the teleportation passageway, a rumble sounded out, and everything around him began to shake, as if there was a magnitude 10 earthquake.


The roof of the secret room was torn open, and boundless amounts of sacred light flooded in.

“Leylin! Don’t even think of running!” Alric roared, bearing terrifying injuries from spirits detonating themselves on his body.

The Gargamel was an ancient being after all, and its might even reached the thresholds of the level of a Morning Star Magus.

Though its power had not fully recovered and it was merely using a borrowed body, it was still able to cause some trouble for Alric.

“An ancient teleportation spell formation?”

Upon seeing the spell formation with its four, glimmering, coloured lights, he shouted.

As a rank 3 Magus, he had lived a few centuries. How could he not know what an ancient teleportation spell formation represented?

That signified another continent with endless resources and boundless benefits!

“Stay here!” Alric’s eyes turned red as he approached the ancient teleportation spell formation. He could give up on anything for access to this teleportation spell formation. He roared, two large arms made of sacred light grabbing towards Leylin.

However, Leylin merely gazed at Alric coldly, and two words came out of his mouth. “Too late!”


A layer of Kemoyin’s Scales covered Leylin’s body, and with a huge leap, the silverish spatial passageway swallowed him.

*Tss tss!* After teleporting one person, all the energy of the spell formation was sucked dry, and the various rays of light dimmed. The passageway disappeared.

“No…” Seeing the spatial passageway, which was gradually closing like a beast’s mouth, Alric shouted.

*Whoosh!* He appeared in front of the teleportation spell formation, fishing out a high-grade energy crystal and throwing it into the energy slot.

“Quickly! Activate!”

Though Alric did not know the Turin Language, he still had other methods. Under the solidified milky-white holy rays that wrapped up the spell formation, the spell formation began to work.

With large amounts of effort on Alric’s end, the spell formation worked at twice the speed that it had with Leylin.

“Faster! Faster! Faster!” However, Alric was still not satisfied, and kept inserting his immense spiritual force into the spell formation.

He knew very well that the moment Leylin reached his destination, he would immediately destroy the spell formation at the other side. When that happened, they would be on two different continents, and his revenge for his son, as well as the benefits from the teleportation spell formation, would come to naught.

All he needed now was a little bit of time!

With the urging of Alric, a rank 3 Magus, the spell formation worked quickly, and rings of energy constantly ascended.

Once again, a pitch black passageway opened up!

“Exactly! That’s how it should be!” Alric mumbled, eyes full of excitement as he watched the spatial passageway begin to open.

*Weng!* *Bang!*

However, just as it was about to completely open, the teleportation spell formation suddenly halted, the lights turning dim and the space cracking. The passageway then disappeared.

This situation meant that Leylin had already destroyed the spell formation on the other end!

“Damn it!” Alric roared, milky-white holy light that could be seen by the naked eye emitting from his body and destroying the items in the secret room around him.

Next, a light beam struck the teleportation spell formation, turning it into a huge crater!

Without the spell formation on the other side, this spell formation was merely a decoration. He obviously wouldn’t leave any chances for Leylin to make use of this spell formation again.

“Despicable! Repulsive! Damn it!” Alric yelled, the pain of being on the verge of gaining something only to lose it right after feeling like a poisonous snake devouring his soul.

*Chi chi!*

At this moment, with the wails of spirits that had departed unjustly, the secret plane of the Ancient Spirit Slaying Sect began to shake.

A pair of translucent, black arms broke through the hinderance of the secret plane, as if tearing through cloth, and charged towards the centre of the secret plane.

“The main body of the Gargamel has actually reached rank 3…”

Alric’s face turned grim. Without even having the opportunity to lament over letting Leylin go just like that, his clothes began to flutter despite there being no wind, and he flew in mid-air, confronting the Gargamel.


After Leylin entered the spatial passageway, regret was apparent in his expression.

The immense spatial power was like several hundred tons of seawater pressing against him from all directions and tearing his body apart.

Kemoyin’s Scales constantly produced crisp explosive sounds, as if about to crumble under this power.

If that happened, Leylin, who no longer had an innate defensive spell, would turn into minced meat in the flow of space.

“I miscalculated! I overestimated my own body’s capabilities and the defence of Kemoyin’s Scales!”

Leylin’s expression was serious, “This is a spatial passageway connecting two continents. The pressure within is something that not even rank 2 Magi are able to withstand. There must have been some method used in ancient times to avoid this, but I haven’t found it yet…”

“This can’t go on!” Leylin saw his Kemoyin’s Scales contracting, so he produced a red test tube from his pouch and smashed it.

*Puff!* A defensive layer formed from the red potion appeared on the surface of his body, and it began to vibrate for a while; after only three seconds, it shattered.

“A middle-grade defensive potion can only withstand this for three seconds?” Leylin was expressionless as he produced another potion.

As a Potioneering Master, he had tens of different types of defensive potions in his spatial pouch, which would be enough to last him for a long time.

*Bang!* The layer formed by the potion cracked, and was then quickly replaced by another layer of defence.

Leylin constantly went through his reserves to withstand this.

Finally, the potions were completely used up and a large pressure was once again put on Kemoyin’s Scales.

“Ah…” Leylin shouted in a low voice, spiritual force and magic constantly being consumed as incomplete black runes that formed a full-body shield was produced from his scales.

*Ka-cha! Ka-cha!*

After being in a deadlock for a period of time, Leylin’s spiritual force was exhausted and the defence of the Kemoyin’s Scales shattered into pieces. A tremendous pressure began to tear Leylin’s body apart.

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