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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 297: Baelin And The Girl

Chapter 297: Baelin And The Girl

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“Breathe out! Breathe in! Focus! Pay attention to the frequency!”

Baelin had taken off his shirt, revealing some muscle that he had gained after all these days of training. He sat cross-legged, closed his eyes, and inhaled deeply; the muscles on his body shook as he breathed.

“No, your abdominal muscles are moving incorrectly!” With a swing of his arms, a wooden sword mercilessly hacked at Baelin’s lower abdomen.

Baelin’s face twisted, and the muscles there withdrew. *Hah!* Two white streams of air exited from his nostrils.

“Remember it? This is the feeling!”

Leylin patted using the wooden sword.

“Hah…” After training a complete round in the breathing method, Baelin expelled a long breath, some black impurities could be found in the white gas that he let out. He opened his eyes.

“Are you a pig? It took you ten days to understand the surface of this simple breathing technique!”

Leylin scolded, and Baelin could only rub his head and laugh, continuously apologising.

After so many days of training, he could feel the sturdiness of his body increasing. With the help of the breathing technique, he could begin to feel some warmth flowing in his body.

The intoxicating feeling he gained from achieving power made Baelin addicted to it. Even if Leylin wanted to kill him now, he wouldn’t leave no matter what.

“Go. A thousand times of the sword swings, and five thousand squats!” Leylin pointed, and Baelin immediately complied.

“I didn’t think that this random fellow that I decided to teach would actually have some talent!”

The corner of Leylin’s lips curved up into a smile as he watched Baelin perspire in the small field.

Baelin was evidently suited to the path of the knight. If Leylin had not used the A.I. Chip, Baelin might not even be able to scratch the surface of the improved cross blade breathing technique in ten days and grasp life essence. However, he had done it!

“However, I’ve never really had the talent to become a knight. In comparison, this speed would probably mean Baelin is an unprecedented talent! I wonder how his spiritual aptitude is?”

The spiritual aptitude of regular people was not very obvious. Unless he had access to specific spells or supplementary tools, even Leylin could not tell the talent that one had for magic.

“It looks like I have to stay here for a period of time…”

Leylin’s expression darkened. Though he had planned on looking for other Magi, the sudden explosion of his emotions due to his Warlock blood had delayed his schedule.

Leylin could only use a few common methods to slowly let out the emotions in his heart. Also, he could only brew a few potions of a higher grade than the potion of tranquility to suppress his symptoms.

His plans after arriving in the Twilight Zone would be related to the obtaining of high-grade meditation techniques. He would not allow himself to wander around while he was still in this highly emotional state. If he did, there was an 80% chance that things would turn out like when he was robbing the essence of the Wisdom Tree and incited the anger of multiple people, who then chased after him.

Unwittingly, six months passed.

Without knowing it, since the whole process was so smooth, Baelin activated the life energy in his body and became a real knight.

This miserable fellow saw that he was unable to withstand even one move from Leylin and thought that he was still a regular human. Therefore, he worked hard towards his goal of becoming a knight

The one effect of his becoming a Knight was being able to withstand one strike from Leylin before collapsing.

As for Longbottom, Leylin did not see him anymore. It was said that that kid, who was unwilling to admit failure, had followed a bunch of traders going to trade at a city, and was hoping to get lucky.

It was a pity that Leylin had seen plenty of youngsters struggling outside with their dreams in mind. Out of a hundred, ninety would die without reason, and the majority of the remainder would become beggars, disabled, thieves, or criminals.

Only one percent would be successful.

Leylin had listened to Baelin talk about this for a while and had thrown this matter to the back of his mind.


Baelin brandished the large steel sword in his hand, the blade glinting with a cold, sharp light, roaring as he charged towards Leylin.

“Kill!” He struck with his large sword, which in its wake brought a fierce gale.

On the other hand, Leylin was holding a wooden sword and shook his head, “Too many excess movements!”

With just a gentle thrust forward, the wooden sword entered the metallic rays of light.

What seemed to be a gentle, slow attack from the wooden sword pushed Baelin’s steel sword away, and the wooden sword pierced Baelin’s armpit!

“Ugh…” Baelin groaned and collapsed.

“Disappointing! Too disappointing!” Leylin bluntly struck him down.

During his free time after researching, he would tease this guy. It was one of the many pleasures he had in his spare time.

“My lord, can’t you let me win a little?”

Baelin huffed and puffed, complaining as he sat on the ground, “I’m always defeated in one blow! Gosh! I feel like I haven’t been improving at all…”

“Stop with the nonsense! Continue training. To punish you for being unable to withstand one move, you are to do a thousand more push-ups!”

Leylin tried his best not to laugh as he showed a poker face.

In fact, Baelin was improving extremely quickly. He was on the verge of advancing to become a Grand Knight. On one hand, this had to do with the effectiveness of the breathing method Leylin had provided. On the other, Baelin’s talent and diligence could not be disregarded.

Leylin reclined on a deck chair, watching Baelin sweating, but his thoughts were all on the A.I. Chip.

[Beep! Based on the real-time monitoring, host body’s secretion of adrenaline is at a low level, and mental status is becoming stable. Estimated to reach normal level in 341 hours!]

Through the diagrams and curve that the A.I. Chip analysed, Leylin was overjoyed to find that after all his efforts, his emotions were stabilising.

“Based on this pace, I’ll be able to completely suppress the explosion of my emotions in ten or so days…” Leylin grinned.

“Boss! Is the boss here?”

At this moment, a young man’s voice travelled over, “We want to buy something. Is the boss of Blazing Hammers around?”

Upon hearing this voice, Baelin stopped his training. “Oh, my heavens! There’s someone actually coming to boss’ shop? Has the sun risen from the west?”

Due to Leylin’s unconventional pricing, only a few items were sold every year despite the excellent quality of the weapons in the shop.

“What are you talking about! Go and entertain the customer!” Leylin’s sword knocked on Baelin’s head.

At this moment, Baelin remembered that his real identity was a worker employed to man the weapon shop. He immediately put on a white shirt and jogged out to receive the customer.

Leylin was a little curious and followed him out.

“My lady, please come in!”

Baelin seemed to be fawning over a girl of noble blood, who was wearing sophisticated clothing and had a ring with strange inscriptions on it. He made eyes at Leylin, indicating they were going to make a huge sale.

Behind this noble girl was an old man with silver hair that seemed to be a butler. Behind this man were two young guards wearing armour made of iron mail. The one who had shouted was evidently one of the guards.

On the shoulder of the guard, there was a large crest with sun vines adorning it. In the middle were a sword, shield, and a crown!

Leylin was learned in the area of the coat of arms, and naturally knew that no matter which society they were in, only the first-rate nobility were able to use a crown in their crest.

“Interesting! A daughter of a noble? She even has an acolyte and two knights protecting her!”

Leylin gazed at this group of people with interest. The butler behind the girl was obviously a level 3 acolyte, and he even had a low-grade magic artifact, judging from the energy waves it gave off.

The guards behind them were guards with the strength of knights.

Even this girl herself also produced undulations from energy particles and had the power of a rank 1 acolyte. All sorts of amplification type rings were on her fingers.

At this moment, the four guests were surprised at Baelin, who was treating them so politely—not every shop had a Knight that would service guests!

Baelin, who was still oblivious to everything, was politely introducing to the girl, “My lady, if you wish to go to the Woody Wasteland, I recommend this steel sword! Its workmanship is first rate, and there won’t be any nicks even after killing thousands. If you couple it with these arrowheads, it’s even more perfect…”

Baelin’s saliva flew everywhere as he opened another cabinet, revealing a bunch of arrowheads that looked completely new and was giving of a turquoise luster.

This eagerly attentive display that might even be seen to be overly humble had Leylin laughing inside. The two soldiers behind the girl turned, a little embarrassed at seeing a knight just like them, who seemed to be tarnishing their reputation.

In fact, if not for their owner being right in front, they would long since have drawn their swords and taught this fellow who knew nothing about the dignity of knights a lesson.

“Look!” The noble girl spoke to the old butler behind her.

The butler with the strength of a level 3 acolyte went forward, touching the steel sword with his wrinkly hands and then touching the arrowhead, shock apparent on his face, “The quality is not bad! It can even be compared with the works of the Great Master Yoda.”

“Oh?” The surprise was evident on this girl’s face. This was the first time she had seen her butler praise any item, and even more so comparing it to Great Master Yoda? That was a Master who had earned a reputation in the eastern capital from forging weapons, and was extremely popular with the public!

“Who forged the weapons here?” She asked, looking at Baelin. After all, his bulging muscles were very enchanting.

Leylin, who concealed his power very well, was naturally ignored.

“Oh, those!” Baelin was about to brag about his boss, but upon seeing Leylin’s warning look, he corrected himself, “That’s obviously a secret!”

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