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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 303: Farewell

Chapter 303: Farewell

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Not all myths and folklore were true.

On the contrary, many myths have been altered, some even to the extent of the subjective thoughts of the storyteller, hence they were unusually laid with errors.

Only Leylin’s A.I. Chip could analyse and sieve out the most accurate version of the myth from the myriad of mythological information available.

As for now, after the blood analysis of the Goat-Horned Earth Dragon, Leylin discovered that there wasn’t a single trace of an ancient bloodline in it’s blood!

Evidently, the myth of the Goat-Horned Earth Dragon being borne from a giant dragon and another demonic creature was false!

However, Leylin did not harbour much hope from the start. Even if the Goat-Horned Earth Dragon were to contain traces of an ancient bloodline, this strength that did not even reach the stage of an official Magus did not fit his requirements at all.

Back in Nightless City, he was clear that even if he could obtain and purify the blood from creatures that contained an ancient bloodline, the creature had to be of a certain level to be of use.

As for this standard, after the analysis from the A.I. Chip, the conclusion was that these creatures needed to have the strength to at least rival a rank 3 Magus!

In other words, even if the Goat Horned Earth Dragon were to contain traces of an ancient bloodline, Leylin had to find one that was the equivalent of a rank 3 Magus. Then, with the help of the A.I. Chip, the purification of the ancient bloodline would be achieved.

”Aaah, a rank 3 Magus!”

Leylin smiled wryly; he had only recently advanced to a rank 2 Magus and the spiritual force he received from his meditation technique were extremely little. Most of the increase in spiritual force came from the Giant Kemoyin Serpent’s bloodline.

Although there was nothing wrong with a Warlock relying on the strength of his bloodline, Leylin did not want his foundations to be unstable.

Furthermore, he had advanced to a rank 2 Magus by the age of 40. This speed was extremely astounding on the south coast. Even back in the ancient times, it was considered remarkable.

Hence, spending more time for a better foundation was something that he had to do.

As he was now, it was unlikely that he could win against a creature with strength equivalent to a rank 3 Magus, even with the help of his ancient bloodline. Those kinds of creatures were terrifying existences, to the point where most rank 3 Magi would not dare to face off against such creatures directly.

After a brief sigh, Leylin let go of the notion of collecting ancient bloodlines.

After all, the Giant Kemoyin Serpent’s bloodline was enough for him right now.

Moreover, even if he lucked upon another ancient creature’s bloodline, it would only be a very valuable research material for him. Once a Warlock has chosen an ancient bloodline, there isn’t any way to change it.

”However, things do not seem to stop here!”

Leylin, who was observing Jenny through the crystal ball, frowned as if discovering something.

Under the control of his spiritual force, the images in the crystal ball began to change from Jenny’s party to the top of a different hill.

At this moment, under the shroud of darkness, there were two black figures conversing on the hill.

”Can’t you do your job properly? You actually let them get the Dragon-Blooded Flower Bud?”

The man who spoke had a gruffy voice and his silhouette was extremely fuzzy. He even wore a mask to hide his features.

However, Leylin’s gaze pierced through the darkness and the mask to see the countenance of the man.

The face belonged to a sinister-looking old geezer that had a black skull branded on his forehead. It seemed to have been branded using a hot piece of metal. There were also writhing burn marks that filled the surroundings of the skull.

Moreover, there was an energy wave that was not weaker than James. He was a level 3 acolyte and apart from having no magic artifact, his strength was not below that of James.

”I… I did not want that to happen to…” The youth beside him shuddered, and even he started to stutter.

”The earlier Explosive Flaming Wolves were already extremely risky, if we were to strike again, they would most likely discover us. Moreover, the Goat-Horned Earth Dragon was extremely difficult to lure… Your subordinate, I, thought that the Goat-Horned Earth Dragon alone would be enough to stop those people…”

”Although the Goat-Horned Earth Dragon was still in its adolescent stages, the might it had far exceeded that of a level 3 acolyte, only an official Magus would be able to take it down!”

The old geezer acknowledged the young man’s deduction.

”So then, how did they manage to kill the Goat-Horned Earth Dragon?” The youth was puzzled. “Even if a Knight manages to breakthrough, he would at the very most be a Grand Knight, which wouldn’t be enough to change the outcome…”

”I can sense that the air was filled with extremely strong energy waves… It’s definitely a powerful existence aiding them secretly…”

The old geezer looked miserable. The strength revealed was only the corner of an iceberg, yet it could make his hairs stand on end. It felt as if as he had returned back to his life as a helpless child. He had this premonition that if this force wanted to kill him, it would not have any trouble at all. As for the ability to be able to do that, the person behind this force must have reached the might of a rank 1 Magus!

”What should we do? Should we continue?”

The frightened youth went into shock. He knew the identity of this old geezer, but this was an existence that could make even the old man tremble in fear. That existence ought to be an even more powerful magician.

Once he thought of this, cold sweat began to drip down his body. He had an urge to turn around and run, never to participate in such a mission again.

However, very soon he mocked himself for this thought. Being a covert member of this large organisation, how can one leave that easily? Just from the information he held at his fingertips, he was already familiar with the nature of the big boss. If one wants to run or retire, the only way to do it was to lie in a grave.

”No matter what, we cannot allow that girl to bring the Dragon-Blooded Flower Bud back to the eastern region! This is the command of the big boss!” The old geezer was extremely stern.

”Let’s go…”

His cloak swiveled as he vanished into the darkness with the young man.

”Interesting! How very interesting!”

Leylin smiled wryly after seeing this scene. He had no interest in the petty struggles of these mortals but felt rather intrigued by the one pulling the strings from behind.

Power determines everything! In this subterranean world, for the Argus Family to be this powerful, there must definitely be an official Magus supporting it from behind the scenes!

Perhaps, this is an opportunity to interact with the Magi in the subterranean world!

Leylin rubbed his chin and entered into a deep thought.


”Teacher! Teacher! I have returned!” Baelin dashed in quickly into the little shop with forge and anvils, smiling triumphantly. “I have also advanced into a Grand Knight and plucked the Dragon-Blooded Flower Bud for Jenny!”

As for Leylin, he sat at the counter concentrating on brewing his tea filled with yellow fellow petals and green buds, all this while not lifting his head.

”After cultivating in the breathing technique I’ve taught you, you managed to advance into a Grand Knight only now? What a big idiot you are! Also, when have I ever accepted you as my disciple?”

Baelin’s smile turned stiff.

”So… So when I slain that Goat-Horned Earth Dragon I heard your voice!”

The youth began to mutter to himself, “Back then you have admitted that I was your student, and even helped me to defeat…Argh!”

*Pak!* Leylin used a vine to lash at Baelin’s head.

”This is your imagination, kiddo! Want to be my student? Cultivate for another ten thousand years first!”

Under the relentless verbal abuse, Baelin’s head drooped.

He was extremely embarrassed now and had the urge to find a hole and hide in it. After slaying the Goat-Horned Earth Dragon, he knew that he had hallucinated, but he still wished to make use of this opportunity to make Leylin his master. These were also incited by Jenny and James.

Evidently, this shameless plan of his failed!

Leylin would never acknowledge him as his student, which left Baelin standing there, not knowing what to say.

”Haha… Mister Leylin is really a strict teacher!”

At this moment, Jenny walked in and reduced the awkwardness for Baelin.

”I am just educating this silly little chap!” Leylin smiled humbly.

As for Baelin, he heaved a sigh of relief and stood at the side.

”Actually… For Baelin to be able to advance to a Grand Knight at his age, he is considered to have a remarkable talent! Even in the aspects of the more mysterious arts, I believe he will have exceptionally great talent…” Jenny deliberated, “Mister, why don’t you give him a chance?”

Although Baelin did not quite understand what Jenny meant, he still looked gratefully at Jenny.

“I am rather strict when it comes to the selection of my students!” Leylin shook his head and expressed his rejection on the matter.

Hearing that, Baelin lowered his head again.

As for Jenny, she could only give a comforting gaze to him.

“Your purpose of coming here wouldn’t only be to speak about this, would it?” Leylin sipped on his tea, with no intention to brewing a cup for Jenny as he asked.

”Actually, picking the Dragon-Blooded Flower Bud was only made possible with the help of Mister Leylin. Also, regarding the Explosive Flaming Wolves, I have come here to express my heartfelt appreciation!”

Jenny curtsied and smiled wryly, “With your capabilities, Mister, I don’t think I can offer you anything that you’ll need. However, in the future should you require the assistance of the Argus Family, please send along your requests! I, Jenny Argus, solemnly swear by the name of the Sun Vines, that I will not refuse your bidding!”

Jenny’s face turned solemn as she made an oath.

”Also, I have come here to bid farewell to you, Mister!”

“Wait!” Before Leylin could speak, Baelin opened his mouth in shocked, “Jenny, you… you’re leaving?”

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