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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 311: Eastern Region’s Capital City

Chapter 311: Eastern Region’s Capital City

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The black beetles completely covered Leylin’s body; it was as if he was wearing a very thick, black coat.

Numerous beetles tried to gnaw on Leylin’s body; their teeth struck upon his black scales, resulting in crinkling noises.

Leylin’s body emitted a black light and the layer of beetles trembled and fell off, but right after they just extended their exoskeletons and crawled back up.

These beetles eventually even advanced to the only exposed part of Leylin’s body: his eyes! They wanted to completely submerge him in the sea of their bodies!

“I underestimated them,” Leylin muttered. He had not expected that these black beetles would be so troublesome. There was not enough time for him to execute Toxic Bile!

“Ah! How can I die in this place?”

Leylin roared, and at this exact moment, the Giant Kemoyin Serpent’s bloodline within his body began to violently circulate.

Soon, Leylin’s pupils became amber colored vertical slits, and while facing the sky, he let out a loud hiss!.


It sounded fierce, and appeared very sinister! A tremendous, devilish aura was cleanly emitted from Leylin’s body; it was as if a predator from ancient times had been resurrected.

Black energy spewed out of his body and congealed behind his back, taking the form of the Giant Kemoyin Serpent, which hissed into the sky.

*Rumble! rumble!*

Along with this huge shockwave, the beetles, which had forcefully crawled all over Leylin, turned to dust in midair, as if they had all been struck by bullets.

Leylin’s roars still echoed, and the power and emotions in his blood vessels recklessly surged.

*Ka cha! Snap!*

The surface of the surrounding mirrors covered with cracks and then exploded with a loud bang, exposing an opening of hollow space.

“Fu…Fu…”, Leylin stopped his roaring and started panting heavily.

Just now, at the critical moment, the blood essence of the Giant Kemoyin Serpent within his body had exploded, which had also placed a very strong burden on his body.

Currently, Leylin was surrounded by pitch-black nothingness. Spread about on the ground were the butchered limbs of the black beetles.

*Hoo! Hoo!*

The mutilated corpses of the black beetles hovered in midair and formed the black face of a woman, which said, “A Warlock with the bloodline of the ancient Giant Kemoyin Serpent? I also get a whiff of the nauseous odor of spirits from your body.”

Her lips squirmed as she spoke in the ancient Byron language.

It seems like it only likes the pure spirits of humans. As for the bodies of Warlocks, not only do they have a distinct bloodline, their spirits are different from normal spirits as well. Hence it doesn’t like this scent!

Although he put on a calm expression, Leylin was inwardly excited. Using the ancient Byron language, he said, “I accidentally intruded upon your territory. I request that you let me leave; I will also pay a ransom for it…”

This existence wasn’t human, so Leylin bluntly stated his conditions.

“Not bad! However, I do not like the spirit of a Warlock.” The huge human face responded, “As for the price for redeeming your spirit and those of the other two civilians, I ask that you give me those green spirit crystals in your pouch.”

“The green spirit crystals?” Leylin was startled. Immediately, upon his hand, were some beautiful crystals that emitted a green radiance and luster like that of a green diamond.

“Yes, precisely!” The huge human face spoke.

Those are the ancient, pure spirit crystals that I got by killing the Loathsome Evil in the Ancient Spirit Slaying Sect’s secret realm. There are rumors that these crystals are valued equally highly by all existences in the different worlds… A flash of understanding went through Leylin’s mind.

“So that will be the ransom for releasing me and the other two!” Leylin nodded, expressing his agreement. Then he asked, “What happened to that old man in the beginning?”

“He is deeply immersed in the illusion; he has already lost himself within my body…”

The huge human face replied.

Leylin had already guessed that to be so. He sighed, “Send me out!”



Leylin opened his eyes and found himself lying on one side within the carriage. Baelin and Jenny were on the other side, and James’ body had silently vanished.

In the same way, the soul crystals also disappeared from Leylin’s hands.

“Here it is, the original location of the three-forked paths…”

By now, the grey mist had settled down for the most part. The three forked paths and the huge granite rock had all faded, and in their place was the original road.

Leylin could clearly recognize the direction, and he quickly drove the horse carriage and left this place.

“This time, it was really dangerous!”

While Leylin kept driving, some traces of fear still lingered. If not for the enemy having disliked the idea of having her spirit contaminated by Leylin’s bloodline, or perhaps even having feared the power of Leylin’s bloodline, Leylin would have also ended up like James, being forever trapped in the body of that huge face made of beetles.

The further he went, the more the mist began to clear up, until eventually, it completely vanished, exposing the view of overgrown fields on both sides of the road up ahead.

“The Weeping Ghost Grounds are truly a dangerous place!”

The traumatic experience that Leylin had just gone through caused him to keep turning around and check behind his back as he continued to drive, up until he completely lost sight of the Weeping Ghost Grounds.

Behind him, the fading gray mist congealed again to form a wall that blocked his view.

I also wonder about the two Magi who had once fought there—what rank were they, and what was the result of their battle? Leylin thought, and then he sighed.

Just the aftermath of a fight had disturbed time and space and had created such a strange place. Leylin knew from this that these Magi’s powers exceeded his own imagination. They were probably existences that surpassed Morning Star Magi!

“There will inevitably be a day when I, too, will reach such a level!”

This time’s incidents only reinforced Leylin’s resolution to become stronger.

“Oh! Where am I?”

After leaving the Weeping Ghost Grounds, Baelin woke up, holding his head with his hands.

“How do you feel? Do you remember anything from before you lost consciousness?” Without turning around, Leylin asked while he brandished his horsewhip.

“My memories are not very clear. I think that we encountered a woman as we passed through the gray mist.” Baelin looked as perplexed as he sounded.

Very soon, the horses’ reins were placed in his hands.

“You woke up just in time! You can drive the carriage instead of me!”

Leylin pushed the whip into Baelin’s hands and sat back to enjoy this free manpower of his.

Baelin’s physique was that of a Grand Knight, and thus, he woke up before Jenny. However, Jenny was still a level 1 acolyte, so she woke up soon after Baelin.

“Very good reaction!”

Leylin looked at Jenny who was still pretending to be unconscious as he touched Jenny’s hand and complimented her indifferently.

“So it’s Mister Leylin!” Jenny shuddered and opened her eyes, “I thought it was the bad guys!”

Afterwards, she opened the carriage window and looked out of it to see that there was no grey mist.

“Have we already left the Weeping Ghost Grounds? Where is James?”

“Yes, we are now in Olive Fields. We will be seeing the capital city of the eastern region of the Twilight Zone in two days at most.”

Leylin slowly nodded, “As for James, you had best prepare yourself mentally…”

A short while later, Baelin, who was driving outside of the carriage, heard Jenny cry out in alarm, “No, it can not be so. You are telling a lie!”

*Bang!* The carriage door opened, from which a tearful Jenny could be seen.

“Jenny, you…” Seeing Jenny look so broken-hearted, Baelin was bewildered.

*Sob! Sob!* Jenny threw herself into Baelin’s embrace and began to cry loudly.


The Twilight Zone was divided into 5 regions: the east, west, north, south, and central regions. The capital city of the eastern region was the most flourishing city in all the Twilight Zone and was also the center of politics and business.

Many aristocratic families had set up their headquarters here, forming the aristocrats’ alliance which held a major influence in the entire eastern region.

There were also many Magi conducting research and establishing academies in secret locations there, which caused this place to be a meeting point for magicians.

In the center of the city, there was a sun stone that was the size of a small mountain, which brought eternal light and heat to this entire region.

“The city’s walls are very tall!”

On this day, in the eastern region’s capital city, a country bumpkin could be seen gaping at this tall and sturdy castle wall.

“Enough!” Leylin used the sheath of his sword to hit Baelin on the head, stopping him from continuing to behave like this.

Although the eastern region’s capital city looked huge, as he looked around, it seemed to Leylin that it was the same as Nightless City. As a result, the way Baelin behaved made Leylin feel ashamed.

“You really are causing me to lose face,” he reprimanded Baelin.

Hearing this, Baelin rubbed his head and looked at the surroundings, only pointing at the citizens from time to time. Only after a while did he smile in embarrassment as he said, “Lord! From the day I was born, I have never set eyes upon such tall city walls. I’m really sorry…”

Leylin was rather speechless. If not for the number of people around, he may have even harboured thoughts of killing Baelin right there and then.

“Tee hee… Lord Leylin, Baelin has only seen Potter Town until now. This degree of astonishment is quite a reasonable reaction!”

At this moment, Jenny, who was nursing her sorrow, was amused by Baelin’s behaviour. She sniggered as she helped Baelin out of his predicament.

However, after seeing Jenny answer for him, Baelin drooped his head in embarrassment, not doing any other potential things that could be unbearable to look at.

After all, in front of the girl he loved, Baelin still had to put up some poise.

“Alright! Since we have sent Miss Jenny back safely, we should bid our farewells now!”

The atmosphere in the horse carriage turned silent, yet Leylin still smiled and faced Jenny.

“What?!” “What!?” Two shocked gasps were uttered by the two youths.

“Wh…Why? This is too sudden!” Baelin felt that something was amiss, yet he could not put his thoughts into words.

“Lord Leylin! I still request that you visit my Argus Family. My father will definitely wish to have your acquaintance, and Baelin’s as well!”

Jenny bit her lips.

“From the start, I mentioned that we were only travelling together out of convenience!”

Leylin’s expression turned resolute. “As for you, Baelin, you can return with Jenny! Furthermore, there are already people coming to receive you, Jenny!” He smiled.

*Thud Thud*

Right after Leylin spoke, the continuous thuds of hooves of horses sounded out. The approaching party was a group of white Knights sitting upon handsome steeds. On the tops of their helmets was a white feathered ornament. Their armour had not even a single speck of dust, and even their horses were fully white in colour!

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