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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 312: Settling Down

Chapter 312: Settling Down

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There was a shiny insignia on the flags held by this group of white Knights.

Lush sun vines formed the border of the insignia, and in the middle were a giant sword and shield. On the top lay a crown, which represented the profound origins and illustrious history of the household.

“It’s the Sun Vine Argus Family!”

“That well-known family where the Marquis is!”

“That is their ‘Silver-White Knight Squadron. Could it be that some important figure of the Argus Family is setting out on a journey?”

The citizens and passers-by fervently discussed amongst themselves, and Baelin put on an extremely complex expression.

“I’ll get going!” Jenny looked at Baelin and spoke.

“Oh? Eh! Alright!” Baelin replied sluggishly. Only now did he realise how great a distance he was from Jenny.

“Let’s us leave too, my lord!” Baelin sucked in a cold breath of air and spoke with resolve.

“We will remain in the city for a period. As for the location, I’m sure you don’t need to know. You’ll definitely be able to find us, won’t you?”

Leylin spoke to Jenny, before disappearing into the crowd along with Baelin.

As for Jenny, she inhaled deeply as she clutched onto the pouch that contained the Dragon-Blooded Flower Bud.

“Miss! Our men have immediately reported your arrival upon receiving the news. We are here to escort you home!”

The leader of the Silver-White Knight squadron looked at Jenny as he took out a badge with a red jewel embedded in it.

“Alright! Let us quickly enter the city! This time, I have completed the mission of bringing back the Dragon-Blooded Flower Bud for my father!”

Jenny muttered.


Very soon, she was escorted by the squadron leader to a lavish horse-drawn carriage. This young lady of nobility shed a tear, as she could no longer hold her emotions in…

Twilight Zone’s eastern capital was extremely large. The permanent residents amounted to over a hundred thousand people. Of course, most of them were just regular folks. Even so, it brought about an extremely wealthy economy in the area.

As they were in the subterranean world, the architecture of the buildings and the items sold here were different from those on the south coast. From Leylin’s observations, everything was engineered with defense in mind. The whole capital was like a massive fortress. Even the buildings themselves within were built with their defensive capabilities in mind.

“It seems like the environment for the humans in the subterranean world isn’t that great. It might even be inferior to that on the south coast…” Leylin pondered as he analysed his observations.

In the south coast, any danger would have long since been driven away or controlled by the Magi. Not one species would engage in a long battle with the humans, hence the living conditions were better there.

However, it was a different story here! Apart from humans, several other intelligent beings resided in the Twilight Zone. Some of them even had their own kingdoms!

Hence, the horde of darkness beasts that forever lay in the shadows was the greatest nemesis for all intelligent beings.

Under such harsh conditions and the struggle for survival, the buildings and houses were not made to pursue aesthetic beauty, but rather, they were built with defense in mind, which was crucial for their survival.

“My lord! What are we going to do here?”

Baelin carried a knapsack and a greatsword. He gave off an extremely gallant disposition, yet he wore a vacant expression on his face.

Their reason for leaving Potter Town was to send Jenny back. However, now that she had safely returned, Baelin felt that part of his heart was vacant as if something of importance had gone missing.

“First of all, find some lodging, and then rent a building!”

Leylin looked at the bustling crowd and smiled. “After all, the inns in the capital aren’t cheap! If we want to stay for long, we’ll have to buy or rent a flat…”

“Settling down? We’re going to stay here instead of returning?”

Baelin could not express his current feelings. However, permanent residence? Thinking that he could be in the same city as Jenny, it immediately turned into a happy thought.

“En! Is there anything in Potter Town that is worth being nostalgic over?”

Leylin grinned at Baelin until the little chap bowed his head down in embarrassment.

This poor fellow thought that it was because of him that Leylin had decided to reside here permanently; he thought that it was so that his heart would be filled with gratitude towards Leylin.

Alas! On the contrary, this was based on Leylin’s own interests.

After recovering part of his strength, Leylin could wait no longer to get into contact with the Magi of the subterranean world. Although Leylin had exercised a mind searching technique on Aaron and the other acolytes, much of the information that he had gleaned was still incomplete. Due to their lack of status, no precious information could be obtained.

Furthermore, the circles of official Magi and regular acolytes were on two completely different levels. Leylin had no desire whatsoever to even take a look at the bazaar area that he got from Aaron’s memories.

As for the eastern capital, it definitely had many Magi and academies for Leylin to come into contact with.

Even the Magus forefather of the Argus Family was an excellent choice!

Not long later, Leylin brought Baelin to the upper-class district on the northern side of the capital and rented a two-storey villa.

The area of the villa was rather vast, and its walls were sturdy and tall. As for its windows, they were both tiny and few in number.

Within the tall fences with coiled barbed wire laying on top of it, there was a tiny garden and a training ground.

A villa of this standard was considered way above average in the eastern city. Typical merchants and nobility would not even be able to afford it.

However, this was just peanuts to him.

Even without considering the vast amounts of magic crystals that he carried, just the gold he had gotten from Jenny was enough for them to live extravagantly for a couple of years!

Back in Potter Town, Jenny had almost cleanly swept all of Leylin’s highly-priced equipment off the shelves for the use of her employed mercenaries and adventurers. Later on, to thank Leylin, who had lent her a hand together with Baelin, she sent even more gold and jewels to him.

To Magi, items such as currency were not essential items. Hence, Leylin was extremely generous with his purchases. Finding a villa and preparing the procedural documents was only hastened with the help of this worldly wealth.

“Ha! He!” A steady and loud shout sounded.

Leylin put down the coffee and newspaper he was carrying as he peered out of the window and towards the training ground.

Baelin stood on the training ground as he practiced, his bare upper body revealing his chiseled muscles.

After settling down, this fellow had turned even more diligent, training like a mad man each day. He even sought Leylin’s permission to join a mercenary group to hone his skills.

“Still harbouring the dreams of a knight being together with a princess? Interesting!”

Leylin looked at the youth with interest, “If I had a word in things, and had helped him in reaching his goal, his dreams would most likely be fulfilled. But why would I? The glory of a story lies in the unknown!”

To him, Baelin was just a chap that he picked up on a whim to do odd jobs for him. Occasionally, he would guide him in some Knight training, but other than that, it was not worth it to spend any more effort on him.

On the contrary, as he was very curious about the developments of the story between Baelin and Jenny, Leylin had adopted the mindset of an audience member watching a show.

Ever since he obtained the premonition through the Sacred Flame by chance, he knew that Baelin and Jenny were no regular folks. To be more precise, they were some of the main characters in the Twilight Zone.

Such a life would definitely be anything but ordinary!

Suddenly, Leylin smiled. “Finally here?”

Loud doorbells sounded from the front gate.

“Who is that?” Baelin took a white towel from a wooden rack beside him and wiped off his perspiration as he ran to open a small, partitioned box on the door.

Just then, Baelin saw the girl of his dreams.

“Jen…Jenny, why are you here?” Glee was written all over Baelin’s face.

“Why? Am I not welcome?” Jenny smiled.

“Welcome! Of course, you’re welcome here!” Baelin immediately opened the door. Jenny walked in wearing the outfit of a noble; her beauty and elegance left Baelin awestruck.

It was obvious that Jenny did her makeup delicately. Not only was her attire vibrant with various ornaments, she even wore two giant ruby earrings and a sparkling diamond pendant.

“What is it? Do you not recognise me anymore?” Jenny chuckled as she spun in a circle.

“No! I mean… You’re too ravishing today!” Baelin’s face immediately turned as red as an apple.

This helpless reaction left the maidservants behind Jenny snickering. In addition, it was only then that Baelin noticed the several Knights standing alongside the maidservants.

This discovery left him feeling a little gloomy, but it was very soon concealed.

“Jenny! Has your father’s illness gotten any better?” Baelin asked.

“Yes, thank you! It’s much better now, but things are getting complicated! The purpose of my visit today was for this, and of course, also to see you!” Jenny swept her eyes at the vicinity.

“Where is Mister Leylin? I wish to be granted an audience with him!”

“The lord is in the house! I… I’ll report to him!” Baelin now had an urge to cry.

“No need for that, I’ve heard it!”

*Pa!* The windows were pulled open, revealing half of Leylin’s figure. “Do enter, beautiful miss!”

Jenny did not dare tarry facing this official Magus, so she curtsied and entered after telling her subordinates to stay outside.

In the guest chambers, Jenny sat opposite Leylin and between them were two coffees. As for Baelin, he stood behind Leylin.

There were only these three people in the guest chamber.

With a wave of Leylin’s hand, the room was covered by a layer of black energy particles.

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