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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 314: Gaia’s Might

Chapter 314: Gaia’s Might

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“Haha… an outdated work such as this can also get a sigh of admiration from Magus Leylin? It is indeed my honour!”

At that moment, the door at the base of the white tower opened, revealing a linen-clothed old guy, who grinned at Leylin. It was evident that he had overheard Leylin’s deliberate sigh.

“This humble self is Siegfried Argus! I greet Lord Leylin.”

This old guy’s expression was respectful, and he slightly bent his waist to bow, as was per the Magus’ etiquette.

This etiquette was passed down from ancient times, and was something Leylin had only seen in ancient books. He remained unfazed and repeated the same bow as he said, “I, Leylin, greet Lord Siegfried!”

After the perfunctory greetings were done with, Leylin was able to size up this Lord Siegfreid.

Siegfried’s style of clothing was very casual, as if it could be torn apart with a single pull. It was more leisurely and comfortable compared to the splendid attire of the lords in the outer hall.

The current Siegfried was not someone that Leylin would associate as being the trump card of a great family. If it weren’t for his right-hand, Leylin would have assumed Lord Siegfried was just a peasant farmer.

That was right! His right-hand! This Siegfried’s right hand was a robotic limb that gave off an awesome, bright, metallic lustre; even the gears and the welded portions were clearly visible.

*Ka-cha! Ka-cha!*

Siegfried extended this right hand as he said, “I shall call you Leylin. I lost my right hand permanently while experimenting with a spell. I know that a flesh and muscle hand can be transplanted, but I find that a mechanical hand is much more useful.”

*Bang!* Then, his mechanical hand split open into finger-like parts, which were tools like tweezers, scissors, pliers, etc., and they were wildly swaying in mid air, looking like silver colored tassels.

“How is it? This ‘hand’ was created especially for me, using my specific measurements, by my old friend, an Earth Elf called Grandmaster Oak!”

“Very good.” Leylin nodded. This kind of a very precise machine limb is extremely rare even in the south coast and thus Leylin was also not stingy with his praises.

It was clear that this Siegfried was very happy with the admiration from a fellow Magus.

He then invited Leylin into his lab to look.

“Siegfried, did you build an energy particle pond in here?”

Due to Leylin’s graceful and cultured mannerisms, he soon became friends with Siegfried. They addressed each other directly by their first names.

This showed how well their relationship had progressed.

While Leylin casually walked around Siegfried’s lab, he came in front of what looked like a small pond and he asked this question.

This small pond was surrounded by stable, ferrous metals. On top of the pool was a strange and complex pattern and in the middle of the pool was a khaki-colored liquid.

A large number of energy waves could be felt fluctuating from the pool.

“Yes, I have built here an earth element energy particle pond. This task consumed all of the resources that I have accumulated for nearly a hundred years!”

Siegfried’s face appeared to experience a muscle spasm, but the next moment, it was replaced with an expression of pride.

“After building this energy particle pond, the concentration of earth element particles in this place has increased to 55% and the results of my cultivation have been more remarkable when compared to using just meditation techniques.”

The element particle pond’s ability was not restricted to the one mentioned prior. Magi could use the energy within this pond to replenish themselves in a crucial moment, and the element particles within could be used to attack enemies.

Thus, a Magus having such a pond would be stronger within his own territory when compared with his peers.

With his strength as a semi-converted elemental Magus, within this white tower, Siegfried’s attack power would be roughly equal to that of a 70-80% converted elemental Magus.

“Oh, that’s right, I haven’t properly introduced myself. I am a reputed instructor at the Earth Fire Association, and I cultivated using their high level meditation technique, the Gaia’s Might! It is divided into three layers: earth, magma, and organisms. I am currently still in the stage of earth. A high level mediatation technique’s progress is too slow…”

Having said this, he looked at Leylin with curiosity, very much interested in the background of this Magus.

“It seems that sharing one’s experiences with a high-level meditation technique is a tradition amongst the Magi of the Twilight Zone…” As this information flashed through Leylin’s mind, he smiled very modestly, “I come from a very small institute known as Goodlaw! This institute specializes in researching in ancient reptilian creatures. It is very focused in that field. I cultivate with a damaged high level meditation technique called the Sacred Flame! Currently, I am stagnated in the first level of that meditation technique…”

After that, he explained, in simple terms, the first level of the Sacred Flame and its difficulties. As expected, he concealed that mystical ability to predict forthcoming events.

“Hu… Leylin! This meditation technique of yours is quite badly damaged.” Stroking his beard, Siegfried’s eyes shone as he looked at Leylin. “How about you join our Earth Fire Association? Our high-level meditation techniques are more whole as compared to your Sacred Flame, and moreover, we could continue to share our experiences…”

“No thank you!” Leylin shook his head, “Changing meditation techniques is too dangerous. I advanced to a level 1 Magus by depending on my Sacred Flame technique. I can’t get rid of the impact it has on my spiritual force in such a short time. Moreover, I also want to pass on my Goodlaw School’s inheritance, as it was my teacher’s dying wish that I do so.”

Leylin’s tone remained firm and unwavering; it spoke of his resolve.

He knew that this invitation of Siegfried’s was only small talk, and that it was not actually sincere. Moreover, in a situation where he did not know about the Fire Earth Association, he did not want to rashly become one of its members.

“En! That’s right, acolytes can switch meditation techniques, but for a level 1 Magus, after his sea of consciousness is stabilized, it would be extremely troublesome if he decided to switch out his meditation technique.”

Siegfried also solemnly agreed; it seemed that a while ago, he had spoken out without thinking.

As for Leylin’s background, he did not have a speck of doubt regarding that.

After a memory search on Aaron, and having spent two years in Potter Town, Leylin had already grasped the customs, traditions, and manners of speech of humans of the underworld. He gave no indications that he was not from their world.

In addition, there were countless acolytes in the subterranean world, and schools that had only one or two Magi to pass on the inheritance were similarly too many to count. And perhaps one day when these Magi could not find the right apprentices to inherit meditation techniques, that school would naturally cease existing.

As for other lucky magicians who had obtained high-level meditation techniques, they would be considered the pillars of support for passing down inheritances in their small academies.

Thus, even if he hadn’t heard of any Goodlaw, Siegfried believed Leylin to be only a disciple of some small-scale academy—perhaps even a bright shining disciple who was his school’s sole Magus. Siegfried even felt some sympathy towards Leylin.

“Not only are high grade meditation techniques easy at first and difficult later, the further one advances the more difficult it becomes to keep advancing. For a Magus to train in them, they must meet some very lofty requirements in regards to their physique and spirit. It would be no easy task for an acolyte to find a complete meditation technique that is suited to him.”

Leylin nodded in agreement with what Siegfried said.

With a high-grade meditation technique, a magician at the acolyte or level 1 Magus stage could easily advance, but then onwards, it would become harder. In addition, finding a complete meditation technique that would suit one’s own physique depended upon one’s character and luck.

Even Leylin was initially unsuitable to practise the Kemoyin’s Pupil technique. Only after transplanting the bloodline did he have the qualifications to study that high-level meditation technique.

No matter how difficult it was to advance using a high-level meditation technique, Magi who used such techniques were much better off when compared to those Magi of the south coast who advanced by depending on resources.

Siegfried’s magician tower was divided into 5 floors. The lowest floor was where the refined metal puppets stood guard. On the second floor, there were rooms that stored treasures and junk.

The third floor consisted of a magician’s garden, a room for cultivation, and a room for training. The fourth floor had the lab and the elemental pool. The fifth and final floor contained his bedroom, a room where he received visitors, and other rooms for similar domestic purposes.

After Leylin had taken a look around the tower, he was invited by Siegfried to go to the fifth floor.

“Now, can you tell me the purpose of your visit, Leylin?”

The two of them had enjoyed their afternoon tea along with some light refreshments before they each took a seat on the sofa. The old man, with a wise expression in his eyes, laughed and then asked Leylin that question.

“Well, the fact is…” Leylin paid attention to how he phrased his next words.

“I have been wandering around in the Woody Wastelands, and do not understand much about the current situation of Magus powers in the capital. After hearing Jenny say that her family had an existence such as yourself, I decided to pay a visit!”

“Another reason is that she and her father had spent a lot of effort in inviting me over.”

“Hehe. You are very frank!” Siegfried wore a happy smile. “Regarding these descendants of mine, I have no interest in their matters. In my opinion, they are all a pack of feral wolves, and only an alpha wolf chosen after a bitter competition will have the qualifications to lead the Argus Family.”

He let his descendants cruelly fight it out amongst themselves, and from amongst them, he would choose the one who was capable of wielding power within the family.

This kind of speech that was dripping with blood showed the cold and detached outlook of a Magus who had lived a long time.

Leylin could also understand some of Siegfried’s thoughts. It seemed that he had already cut off any feelings he had for his close relatives; these blood-related descendants of his were no better than strangers to him.

Because it was like this, Siegfried would be so cold and detached, and consider them as mere beasts or even commodities to be traded.

“Recently, Lucas had contributed an item that was of some use to me, and because of that, I have started favouring him.”

Siegfried indifferently talked about the internal disputes in his family, “Of course, if Leylin is taking Jenny’s side, then I shall immediately put an end to Lucas’ dreams.”

As far as Siegfried was concerned, Lucas was but one amongst the younger generation, while Leylin’s status was on the same level as his own.

Thus, to strengthen their relationship, no hesitation was needed if sacrificing a small benefit of Lucas was needed.

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