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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 315: Secret Knight Technique

Chapter 315: Secret Knight Technique

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“Oh! No no no! I think you’ve misunderstood me!” Leylin hurriedly shook his head.

“While I am acquainted to Jenny, I also have no intentions whatsoever to partake in the Argus Family’s internal strife!”

Leylin made his stand.

With just one sentence, the calamity that was befalling Jenny and her father would be resolved. Even Lucas would not hold any objections anymore. However, what has all this got to do with Leylin?

Not only that, but after influencing Siegfried’s decision Leylin would owe him a favour! Favours are oftentimes the most difficult of things to repay!

Moreover, directly interfering with another Magus’ family matters could be seen as being disrespectful.

Whether or not Siegfried chose to mask his emotions, he would definitely be displeased about it.

Leylin did not concern himself with these issues. On one hand, Jenny’s father had some worldly factions supporting him while on the other hand, Lucas had the backing of Siegfried. There was simply no hesitation when weighing the benefits.

After all, with his years of experience, he was already used to making decisions by weighing benefits. This was also the principle that Magi practiced.

As expected, after hearing Leylin’s words, Siegfried smiled even more broadly. “Leylin, I think you are still unfamiliar with the Magi factions in the capital right? Don’t worry, you can pay me a visit to learn more about it whenever you like. I’ll also bring you to some Magi organisational places for networking and to make some new friends!”

“That’ll be fantastic!” After achieving the goal he came for, Leylin revealed his joy.

Leylin and Siegfried then exchanged some information that they knew about high-grade meditation techniques. Although Siegfried had amassed a bountiful amount of information for 250 years, he was still somewhat amazed by some of the theoretical practices simulated by the A.I. Chip. So much so that he almost wanted to immediately have them undergo practical tests. This was a form of acknowledgement of Leylin’s scholarly knowledge. As for Leylin, he respected the time that Siegfried had placed into his experiments.

After their sharing of information, both parties felt that the time spent was extremely short. Hence, only after setting a date for their next meeting did Siegfried reluctantly send Leylin off.


Now that Leylin had neglected to help Jenny’s father, the series of events that happened could only be expected.

During the Argus Family’s council, Lucas had amassed enough backing to take on the role of the next family head and to obtain the status of a Marquis!

During that very same night, the original Marquis died a painful death from a poison attack!

As for Jenny, she was accused of putting poison inside the Dragon-Blooded Flower Bud, thereby murdering her father.

Anyone with a discerning eye could tell that this was the lowest kind of set-up with a childish ploy. However, Lucas wanted to use this very method to know who stood on his side within the family and at the same time establish his dominance!

This deliberate misrepresentation of making a deer out to be a horse was done to punish Jenny, and to set an example for others.

After using a few lightning quick moves to rid himself of the opposing factions within the family, Lucas had a firm grip on the powers within the Argus Family. The entire family implicitly allowed this to carry on, and even corroborated the story of Jenny poisoning her own father!

Power struggles were often this harsh. Win, and become king. Lose, and become a dog. This was but another example of the bloody battles in this dog eat dog world.


Jenny dashed rapidly through a dark forest.

This girl of noble birth had now lost her elegant and haughty appearance. Her skirt had already been torn apart by the shrubberies. Blood streaked her face and she had an extremely miserable appearance; worse than a beggar’s.

“Dearest father!” Tears streaked down her face as she continued running.

The events had transpired so quickly that they left Jenny thinking that the whole thing was all but a dream.

Her backing, which was her very own father, had died just like that through a conspiracy. Worse yet, she was labelled as the murderer!

Dear heavens! Jenny did not know how perverted one had to be to brandish her as the murderer!

However, what followed next left her speechless. Under the immense political power, such absurdity was validated by the others, and even labelled her as a wanted criminal.

In fact, if not for the few loyal servants and kin who had tipped her off and protected her along the way, she would definitely not be able to escape with just her strength as a level 1 acolyte.

Of course, after helping her, those close ones encountered terrible fates.

*Plop!* Jenny stumbled on a tree root as she ran. Mud was splashed in the area as this young lady sobbed spasmodically as she knelt on the ground.

Even if she managed to escape this time, what good would there be ahead of her? Be it other nobles or even the common folk, she would be seen as a murderer. Her eventual outcome would either to be caught and be sentenced to execution, or to hide her name and honour in dirt, never revealing her identity. Just from thinking about this fact, Jenny adopted a bleak outlook for her future.

“Wuu…Why…Why did things turn out this way?” Jenny cried.

“Jejeje! Look at the pathetic state you’re in!”

At this moment, a familiar voice sounded behind her back, leaving shudders throughout her body.

She turned around and saw a tall Knight in armour, who had a malevolent scar across his face.

“‘Dagger’ Todd, one of my father’s personal bodyguards, even you dare to betray me?”

This man had the terrifying strength of a Grand Knight, and was even one of her father’s own bodyguards, and as such commanded quite a lot of trust.

Todd only sniggered towards the lamentations of the young lady. However, his smile made his scarred face look even more horrifying.

“In fact, I’ve always been on Lucas’ side. So there is no betrayal per se!”

Jenny’s pupils dilated as she suddenly got a bad premonition.

“And as the reward of being an undercover operative, Lord Lucas has allowed me to seek pleasure with you before killing you!” Todd licked his lips and revealed a wanton grin.

“Five years! A full five years of listening to you call me Uncle Todd! In reality, during my duties I have thought frequently of possessing you, feasting on you, ripping you!”

“You! You sick pervert!” After listening to the man admitting to the desires of wanting her even since she was a ten year old girl, Jenny’s hair stood on ends.

“Yes! I’m a pervert, but what can you do about it? Missy of the Argus Family!”

Todd advanced as he peeled off his gloves, “Relax, I will give you a great time…”

Jenny scuttled backwards, as if Todd was some kind of terrifying beast.

However, Todd was, in this moment, worse than a monster!

“Save me! Help, someone please save me!”

The girl wailed helplessly as tears streamed down her face.


“At this moment, a extremely youthful voice sounded. What followed soon after was the wind caused from a blade being swung!

“Eh?” Todd jumped back and looked at the lad who had emerged from nowhere.

“Baelin!” Jenny snuggled into Baelin’s arms as she sobbed quietly.

“You bastard, I’m going to kill you!” Baelin stared coldly at the large Knight in front of him. He seethed in fury, for had he arrived a moment later, something bad would have happened to Jenny.

It was the first time in his life that Baelin wanted to kill someone so badly!

“Kill me? Are you able to?” Todd unsheathed the sword hung at his waist. “You must be this missy’s lover! I’ve decided that I will first chop off your four limbs, then take her right in front of you! At the time, your expression will definitely be extremely fascinating to watch. Perhaps, you can even join us…”

Todd licked his lips and smirked.

“Arghhhh…!” Baelin swung his cross blade that carried a flash of white light as he could not bear to listen for a moment longer.

“Grand Knight!” Todd turned solemn immediately.

His giant sword was swung forward as it clashed with the cross blade, emitting sparks.

*Clang Clang Clang!* Todd retreated several steps. “What power!” The vibrations sent from Baelin’s swing left his hands somewhat numb.

“Kill him Baelin! Kill him!” Jenny wailed loudly behind Baelin.

Under the encouragement of his loved one, Baelin advanced and struck, sending Todd staggering backwards by several steps.

“Ping!” Just as the two weapons clashed, Todd suddenly released his giant sword and rushed to Baelin’s side like a sweeping wind.

*Ka-cha!* A black dagger suddenly appeared in his hand and pierced towards Baelin’s heart like a venomous snake!

Baelin struggled to move his body away, and a layer of spiritual life force appeared on his chest. *Pak!* As if thin leather, the dagger pierced through and left a deep gash on Baelin’s chest, allowing blood to flow profusely.

*Shing!* Todd suddenly appeared from a distance away as he licked the edge of his dagger.

“Now you’d know why they call me ‘Dagger’ huh? Because I like to cut the flesh of my prey with this dagger, and then watch them die of anguish!”

Todd’s face turned red and he spoke excitedly, “Your blood is the tastiest I’ve ever tried!”

“Secret Gale Technique!” Todd shouted and spiritual life force wrapped around his calves.

*Shik Shik!* He advanced again, this time even faster than before!

“Damn it! Secret technique, Cross Star!”

After suffering from several more wounds, Baelin could not bear it any longer and shouted.

*Weng!* His body suddenly doubled in size as a layer of translucent armour protected him.

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