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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 317: Icy Jade Scorpion Breath

Chapter 317: Icy Jade Scorpion Breath

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Leylin looked at the members of the Earth Fire Association

The Magi sitting here were rather few. Including Leylin and Siegfried, they only amounted to 5 people.

No matter if it was the south coast or the Twilight Zone, it was not easy to advance to an official Magus. However, once someone advanced, their status and position would undergo massive changes.

“When I had recently studied Gaia’s Might, I felt that it was very difficult to attract the earth element energy particles. It was especially so on the topic of gathering Gaia’s aura…”

At this moment, one of the red-haired Magi impatiently began to talk.

“For that, I believe an energy particle pond will help you…” Siegfried interrupted with his own opinion.

“That is not realistic! It consumes too many resources! I suggest using 3 kinds of meditation assisting runes, but then there is the problem of impurities in your spiritual force later on…”

Leylin found that these Magi of the Earth Fire Association discussed quite a bit about their experiences while training using their high-level meditation technique, Gaia’s Might.

Some of the problems discussed had been researched very thoroughly, and it helped Leylin a little bit in his cultivation and perfection of his Sacred Flame and Kemoyin’s Pupil.

The common practice in the Twilight Zone was like this: people would get together and discuss their experiences in meditation techniques, and thus hope to jointly advance.

Of course, one was delusional if they thought that just relying on these casually discussed phrases would help in the completion of Gaia’s Might. Thus, these Magi were not worried that their cultivation secrets would be leaked.

When it was Leylin’s turn to share his experience, he talked about his breakthrough through a small bottleneck, which led to some reminiscing among the other Magi.

Although it had only taken him a short time to advance to a rank 2 Magus, his Kemoyin’s Pupil had also advanced to the second level, which was considered a high level. Moreover, after obtaining another high-level meditation technique called Sacred Flame, under the constantly inferred data by the A.I. Chip, Leylin’s understanding of meditation techniques had far surpassed the knowledge of these old geezers who had immersed themselves in meditation techniques for several hundreds of years!

“It seems that later on, one must not only bitterly cultivate by themselves but also often exchange experiences with their peers.”

Just this one discussion had given Leylin new ideas for resolving the complexities and misunderstandings he had with his own meditation techniques. This was despite the fact that this discussion was only pertaining to the Gaia’s Might, which was not the meditation technique Leylin practised!

Furthermore, relying on the information collected by the A.I. Chip this time, Leylin could derive a deeper understanding of his two meditation techniques.

This was only natural, as Magi followed the ancient principle of equal exchange among themselves.

Leylin paid attention to the fact that these Magi only talked about general things and the mentioning of the various means of doing something.

The genuine, concrete details could only be mutually exchanged between two Magi in a way like a business transaction, and strict confidentiality was expected between these two parties that had made the transaction.

Just now, Siegfried had sold some information related to the energy particle pond, and had got a huge remuneration.

After the public information exchange session was over, the next session was the transactions between two people.

If one was an official Magus, then they could set up a table with items to be sold and await customers.

The atmosphere here was completely different from that of the open-air stalls and street vendors.

Magi were not very eager to strike a deal, but rather, they loved to showcase and play with their precious resources. It was a common sight to see both buyer and seller chatting and smiling; some even had wine out to toast their successful trades.

Unfortunately, although these underground resources were also very valuable, most of them held no interest for Leylin.

With the A.I. Chip’s knowledge of some ancient information, he could easily identify the items on display and recognize their names and origins. It was a pity that while these resources were useful for a level 1 Magus, they were of no use to Leylin, who had already advanced to a level 2 Magus.

However, after all was said and done, the underworld was not the same as the south coast. Leylin did not recognise some of the items on display, and as a result, his curiosity was piqued.

“What is this?”

Leylin walked up to a table just ahead and picked up an item that had been placed on a white tablecloth.

It was a uniquely shaped bone flute, with one side having some irregular, round holes.

“This is the Saxon bagpipes, which was inherited from the McKinsey era’s Leighton archduchy. It is said the tune it produces is very beautiful, even surpassing the songs sung by mermaids. Thus, it can be used as bait to trap mermaids. Unfortunately, ever since the Leighton archduchy’s destruction, there hasn’t been anyone who knows how to play this instrument…”

The seller was a middle-aged fellow who was suitably attired for this occasion. In his hand was a long-stemmed wine glass full of a dark-red wine.

“I am very interested in these kinds of ancient musical instruments. I have currently already acquired 3912 varieties of musical instruments from different eras, and have housed them in my collection room. However, this item that I’m holding right now will not be able to shine on my hands, so I am in search of a more suitable owner”

The middle-aged gentleman’s face appeared regretful as if he was saying goodbye to his own lover

“If you can use this item to play the ancient Requiem, then it is all yours.” He raised his glass of wine to toast Leylin.

“Umm! I beg your pardon, but I have only a little understanding in playing a musical instrument…”

Leylin was somewhat silent, but this was also the norm for Magi. Due to their long lifespans, apart from always doing experiments and cultivating, Magi also took some time to have some extra fun.

Preferring to hoard some special kind of collectibles was not a very common or safe hobby. Some dark Magi even experienced a big change in their temperaments, as they got addicted to collecting strange collectibles—some of which even reeked of blood—and finally caused harm to others and themselves.

“That is truly regrettable! However, one day, I will definitely be able to find its genuine owner.” This gentleman seemed to truly feel regret and sighed. “Come! Let us drink to the moment that my precious item will find its owner! Toast!”

“Cheers!” Leylin inwardly sneered, but still picked up a glass of orange juice. Then middle-aged gentleman touched his glass to Leylin’s, issuing a clear ‘ding’ sound.

There were but a few in this trading session like this strange, gentlemanly Magus. Most of the Magi were doing their exchanges quietly. There were some who had clearly defined that their items could only be exchanged for items or resources, while the others also accepted magic crystals and completed their transactions.

In the Twilight Zone, magic crystals were also a commonly used currency among Magi.

Leylin exploited those transactions that used magic crystals to buy several resources that could only be found in the Twilight Zone, intending to go back and look over each of them thoroughly.

Because he was worried that both parties’ magic crystals might have subtle differences, Leylin had purified all the magic crystals he had brought from the south coast and had converted them into magic crystals with the purest essence he could produce.

Magic crystals with this kind of purity were just like that magic crystal used by Leylin when he had opened the ancient teleportation formation. This was because after undergoing the purification process many times, it was now impossible to find any characteristics of the south coast in Leylin’s magic crystals.

It was just like that matter with the gold coins. The decorative design on the gold coins from the south coast was not too similar to those from Twilight Zone, but Leylin had melted down all his gold coins into a lump of gold so that no person would be able to tell that it was from the south coast.


While Leylin was walking around, he was occasionally observing the other Magi bargaining, trading, and so on, silently watching and learning from them. At this time, however, something on a white table caught his attention.

“What is this?”

Leylin picked up an item that looked like a shard of ice from the white table, appearing to be interested in that item.

This ice shard was preserved within a green jade box as if it was a very valuable treasure.

However, this feature wasn’t why it had caught Leylin’s eye.

While he was walking to this table, he had felt a movement in his blood essence, as if it were reacting to some item, and that item was this ice shard.

At this moment, while Leylin was holding onto the ice shard with both his hands, the sensation he had felt before had now intensified.

*Zi! Zi*! A white mist appeared out from that ice shard and very quickly condensed into a layer of thick frost that froze Leylin’s fingers.

This degree of white frost could not do any harm to Leylin, but he still was pleasantly surprised to find that when this cold air invaded him, there was an odd change that had occurred to the Kemoyin’s bloodline in his body.

This feeling, it is as if a person who was burning with rage suddenly had ice-cold water poured on him. It really is very enjoyable!

Leylin heaved a mental sigh.

A Warlock’s emotional instability was a bloodline illness, and it had already caused Leylin trouble for a long time. Although the A.I. Chip, in accordance with the research notes and the original prescription of the tranquility potion left behind by the Great Magus Serholm, had allocated more of the high-level tranquility potion, in the end, it could only suppress the illness, and could not completely cure it.

Now, this ice shard-like item in his hand caused him to feel some hope!

“I feel that this item I am holding can suppress the negative effects on my emotions for at least a year! If I find more items like these, then perhaps the emotional instabilities can be completely cured.”

A joyous sparkle appeared in Leylin’s eyes, but it was quickly concealed.

He did not want to expose any emotion before he got his hands on the name and origin of the ice-shard.

“This is the Icy Jade Scorpion’s Breath. Icy Jade Scorpions live deep within ice caves, and their saliva has the effect of boosting the advancement of plenty of ice element high-level meditation techniques. It is being sold for 500,000 magic crystals, or can be exchanged for an item of similar worth…”

In front of Leylin was an extremely beautiful female Magus.

Her long purple robes could not hide the curves of the body. Instead, it was even more enchanting as the robes failed to conceal them. Her light purple hair was let down like a waterfall, and her exquisite face carried a smile.

This woman’s looks definitely ranked in the top ten of all females Leylin had ever seen, and in addition, she looked extremely intelligent and capable.

“I have an experiment which requires a large amount of this item; can you bring me to the ice cave? Or perhaps, I can purchase them in bulk”

From the smile of the woman, Leylin knew that she had seen through his urgent need for the Icy Jade Scorpion’s Breath, so he just calmly admitted it.

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