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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 319: Negotiations

Chapter 319: Negotiations

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There were only a few Potion Masters in the entire south coast, and they were all pursued and worshipped by many major powers.

Hence, Leylin did not dare to expose his attainment in potioneering.

Advancing to rank 2 at his age was already heaven-defying, but if he revealed his skill in potioneering, he would be called not a normal genius, but a freak of nature!

A Potion Master’s progress was not dependent on his theory research—he had to do a great amount of practical work. Only after wasting lots of resources could he get plenty of experience and thus make progress.

Even if Leylin was freakishly talented, he simply could not be promoted to a higher level in potioneering without doing anything.

If many Magi decided to investigate him, the existence of his A.I. Chip might even be exposed!

Because of this, Leylin had always concealed his genuine realm in Potions, choosing to stay silent regarding this.

The most important aspect of a Potions Master was innovation! By relying on their wealth of knowledge and experience, they could improvise formulas and still attain a very high success rate.

Thanks to Leylin’s current attainments in potioneering, he only had to think for a short while before being able to recall several formulas to be used together with Icy Jade Scorpion’s Breath that would negate its side effects.

“En! In order to completely eliminate the side-effects of the Icy Jade Scorpion’s Breath, I’ll need Arrow Frog Venom, Reddish Stony Feces, and the egg of the Black Mountain Goat, and then I’ll be able to start the neutralisation process… ”

Leylin eventually selected a formula. “Coincidentally, I have one portion of all of these items!”

Soon after, he was deeply immersed in the brewing process.

The usage of this Icy Jade Scorpion’s Breath concerned the success or failure of eliminating the side effects from his bloodline, and thus, he had to be serious.


Two days passed before Leylin emerged from his laboratory.

There were slight differences between his condition from 2 days ago and now. His personality had become colder, and he now gave off an unapproachable aura. His skin had turned softer, and it constantly emitted a jade-like luster.

A chilliness seemed to emit from his black hair, decreasing the surrounding temperature by a few degrees.

After having brewed the potion, Leylin was itching to make use of it and see if it would successfully suppress his bloodline.

The A.I. Chip had already given Leylin definite assurance that while the potion was in effect, even if Leylin was to take part in bloody battles every day, the effects of his bloodline wouldn’t corrupt his rational thinking.

Only now did Leylin have the confidence to research on the Icy Jade Scorpion’s Breath.

“Siegfried! Previously, I asked you to get some intelligence about Celine’s guild. Is there any news on that matter?”

“Celine! I now have some time, so tell me where it is! We can go there directly and talk in person about the matter concerning the Icy Jade Scorpion!”

The first thing Leylin did was send out two short messages using secret imprints.

A few minutes later, he received an answer. A khaki coloured imprint of a mechanical arm shone upon the contact book.

“I had previously gathered some intelligence, and coupled with your generous reward, I have already gotten a better understanding of Nature’s Alliance. I’ll pass on the information to you later.”

Siegfried conveyed some good news to Leylin.

“Thank you! I will come and visit you later.” Leylin smiled.

Compared to Siegfried, Celine’s answer was much simpler. There was a time and a place, and everything else could only be discussed once they reached the place.

“What a shrewd woman!” Leylin evaluated. “I just hope you don’t go and get yourself ensnared too!”


“This is the place.” Leylin had arrived in front of an elegant office in the eastern capital.

This building was rather different from the usual structures of the subterranean world, which placed an emphasis on defence. Here, it was extremely majestic and sought to be elegant and pleasing to the eye—it was adorned with all sorts of flowers and plants, while its defence was unbelievably weak.

This contrasting style, along with the top-class luxurious items inside, had attracted the attention of several aristocrats, causing them to rush madly towards this place. However, it implemented a very strict system for its members, and only a limited number of customers were received. The supporter of this place was also extremely firm, and after rejecting the requests of a few aristocratic families, the demand sharply dropped.

Leylin entered this office and began to recall the information Siegfried had given him.

Nature’s Alliance—this was the guild that Celine was in. It was said that this small sized guild had affinities with various plants from another world, and their greenhouse handling of plants and research of these plants were extremely unique and cutting edge.

Furthermore, although the high-grade meditation technique of the Nature Alliance did not have strong fighting abilities, it was extremely useful in playing the role of support. Furthermore, the training in this technique allowed the practitioner to permanently change their appearance slightly, turning them into handsome men and pretty ladies that would be able to attract pursuit from the opposite sex.

Lastly, the Magi that graduated from these guilds were completely different from traditional Magi with their stubbornness and unwillingness to communicate with others. Most of them were intelligent, capable, and extremely adept at socialising. They had quite a good reputation outside, and even had a good relationship with other small guilds.

This was all the information Siegfried had gathered regarding the guild behind Celine.

Leylin had also found much valuable information from within. “Changing their appearance, being good at socialising, having a powerful backing… It looks like the high-grade meditation technique of Nature’s Alliance can’t directly increase one’s strength. It might increase one’s charisma or illusory abilities!”

“In addition, they have a good relationship with most small guilds, and a few medium-sized guilds. This means that it’s almost impossible for there to be a rank 2 or higher Magus in charge, else it would have long since become a large-scale guild.”

If Leylin was still a rank 2 Warlock, he would naturally force his way through. However, as he was still sustaining an injury and could not yet use his full power, he had to remain low-key indefinitely and not attract unwarranted attention from Magi who were rank 2 and above. Hence, he had to be patient and enter the game that this wily vixen Celine was playing.

“Hello, Mister! Do you have an appointment?”

As Leylin stepped in, he was respectfully stopped by two maidservants. As they greeted him, Leylin caught a whiff of an extremely simple yet elegant perfume. The two maidservants were dressed extremely well, and they clearly had training in their poise, which could rival that of women in nobility.

However, the few Knights that stood behind the maidservants were enough to cause people to dispel their stray thoughts.

“I have an appointment with Celine!” Leylin answered.

“Lord Leylin, please follow me!” After hearing Celine’s name, the two maidservants’ bodies shuddered slightly and they became more respectful to Leylin.

“Lord Celine is waiting for you in the Horizon Pavilion!”

“Horizon Pavilion? Isn’t that the guestroom that is reserved for people of the highest importance?” A passing noble youth squealed, attracting the attention of passers-by.

“I haven’t heard wrongly, it is the Horizon Pavilion!”

“Exactly what background does this young man have? I haven’t heard anything about a noble paying a visit…”

From a secret hall nearby, all sorts of mutters could be heard. Though their voices were extremely low and quiet, they were still able to travel into Leylin’s ear.

Leylin followed behind the maidservants. Under everyone’s astonished gazes, he headed towards the meeting point designated for the people of highest importance.

After walking through several corridors that were lined with flowers and plants, Leylin finally reached the Horizon Pavilion.

The two maidservants opened the door for Leylin before retreating.

Mist! A layer of thin white mist engulfed the entire room, and in certain corners of the room were the glittering of jewels, making the place more magnificent than before, its picturesque beauty like a place of fantasy.

“En? This mist seems to have a type of tranquil and relaxing effect, which is rather useful for even a regular human’s body!”

Leylin made his deduction after catching a single whiff of it. He even understood the formula to replicate the mist. “It’s a pity that it doesn’t have much of an effect on an official Magus.”

Leylin continued to observe the layout of the Horizon Pavilion.

Green plants took up a huge portion of the room, but the layout was extremely neat and tidy, giving off a feeling of being one with nature.

In the Twilight Zone, green plants were extremely valuable resources, as the light from sun stones was used to grow various fungi and oats. As for vegetables and fruits, they were extremely rare items only for the nobility, much less plants that were only used for aesthetic viewing purposes.

Celine rested on a chair made of vines, seemingly unaware of Leylin’s arrival. Her long, slender legs were revealed, and with that beauty of hers that could cause wars between kingdoms, it was no small temptation, even for an official Magus.

“Ahem.” Leylin lightly coughed.

Following which, the woman lying down was roused in shock, and she proceeded to greet Leylin with a smile, “You’re here, Magus Leylin!”

Each and every movement of hers had elegance in it, and coupled with her voice that was as sweet as a skylark’s, it could leave one intoxicated.

“Hello, Magus Celine!” Leylin gave a perfunctory greeting, the expression on his face neither warm nor cold.

The spiritual force of an official Magus was enough to engulf the space within the room, and when Leylin entered, he did not conceal the aura on his body. It would be strange if this woman did not realise his arrival at all!

However, even if it was done on purpose, Celine’s behaviour could not invoke any hatred. It was as if a little girl was playing a prank, which was not annoying.

However, after witnessing this scene, Leylin was even more sure of the meditation technique she cultivated in.

A superior illusory technique was not only cast on opponents, but also on the user. It would often leave opposing Magi finding it unbearable to inflict pain on them.

It was extremely obvious that Celine’s meditation technique had reached such a level.

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