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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 320: Celine

Chapter 320: Celine

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“There is only one effect from such a meditation technique, and that is to increase affinity with others!”

“Natural affinity! Affinity to all things! At its peak, it will even affect intelligent creatures and their unconscious state of mind. Furthermore, it will also attract the illusion elemental energy particles…”

Leylin quickly deduced Celine’s meditation technique.

“Terrifying! At its later stages, this meditation technique will even affect official Magi, where the energy particles will enter the Magus’ body and influence their spirit’s natural inclinations…”

Of course, Celine’s attainment in this meditation technique had not reached such a level yet. Furthermore, Leylin had only conjectured the level higher than her current state, which may not even be true.

Evidently, her lustrous appearance could still not enchant Leylin.

Hence, Leylin had not completely disregarded Celine’s beauty and found another chair made of vines, which was facing her, to sit on. “I’m sure that Miss Celine is extremely clear about my intentions on being here…”

The attitude that Leylin showed caused Celine to furrow her brows. However, very soon she smiled meaningfully as she stood up and stretched her back.

“Since Mister Leylin had already mentioned it, then I won’t beat around the bush any longer!” Celine smiled wryly. “The icy cave is not controlled by my guild, Nature’s Alliance. As for the Icy Jade Scorpion, it’s venom poses a problem even for Magi… Furthermore, the elite Icy Jade Scorpion has the might of a semi-converted elemental Magus. Legends have it that a peak rank 1 Magus could not even beat their king…”

“Under so many unfavourable circumstances, we have to pay a huge price for every Icy Jade Scorpion’s Breath that we obtain. What’s more troublesome is that this species cannot be tamed, and they will attack any other living thing… To be frank, that material that I put for sale was the very last piece I owned…”

Celine continuously poured forth her grievances, seemingly pitiful like a weak and helpless damsel. One would often forget her identity as an official Magus.

However, Leylin would not fall into such a trap. Furthermore, even if she really had met with such troubles, Leylin had no intentions of helping her.

“My apologies but my reason for coming here this time is to amass large amounts of the Icy Jade Scorpion’s Breath. Also, if you were to meet with difficulties, we could change our negotiations. Bring me the permit to enter the icy cave and a detailed map. In exchange, I’m willing to fork out large amounts of magic crystals, precious resources, and even top-grade research materials.

Leylin spoke in a rich and overbearing manner.

Of course, to enter the icy cave, he could deal with other organisations or simply choose to infiltrate his way in.

However, having an honest identity was always a good thing. Furthermore, Leylin had already inquired about the other factions who were safeguarding the icy cave. They were either a type of intelligent species or those extremely obstinate, conservative humans. As to whether Leylin could obtain anything from them, it remained a mystery.

No matter what, if Leylin did not want to cause a huge stir, the best way was to get in through Nature’s Alliance.

Of course, if he was left with no other choices, Leylin did not mind going into seclusion for a good while before he regained the might of a rank 2 Warlock and force his way in and even monopolise the area for himself.

“Entry permit? Even a map?” Celine bowed her head as she pondered, but she very soon declined, “My apologies! Mister Leylin, you aren’t from Nature’s Alliance, so if I were to let you in, the other factions would not be too pleased about it…”

“However, if you were a member of Nature’s Alliance, then there wouldn’t be any problems anymore!” Celine grinned.

Leylin laughed loudly, “Just for a mere entry permit and you want me to join as a member, aren’t you a little too naive?”

“It definitely will not stop at that level. If you, Mister Leylin, are willing to join, Celine is willing to give you the honorary title of a professor, with 500,000 magic crystals as a salary each year. Furthermore, the precious resources and experiment lab will be opened to you! Mister! Won’t you give Celine a hand?”

Celine sounded extremely sincere as she spoke in an endearing manner which could enchant people. Ripples seemed to emanate from her big, shiny eyes.

“En?” Leylin was shocked for a while before he smiled and met Celine’s eyes with his.

Under the detection of the A.I. Chip, an extremely indiscernible spiritual force was revealed to him. Moreover, the direction that it headed towards was Leylin’s brain and his sea of consciousness.

“She actually dared to cast an illusion on me?” Leylin did not know whether to laugh or cry. This woman was acting somewhat recklessly. Not to mention the automatic counterattack from his bloodline, as a rank 2 Warlock, his massive spiritual force was enough to cause Celine a backlash which could turn her into an idiot!

However, he still had uses for her, so naturally, he would not be this vicious.

From Leylin’s eyes, a large crimson coloured light surged forward and crumbled the incoming spiritual force into pieces.

After realising this had happened, Celine’s face turned pale. Leylin, who had adopted a low profile, had always been suppressing his spiritual force and energy waves that he radiated. On the surface, he was just another ordinary rank 1 Magus.

For this very reason, Celine was willing to cast an illusion on him.

However, from the looks of it, this Magus by the name of Leylin was concealing most of his strength, which had caused her to be on the losing end.

In many cases, magic could turn around and backfire on the person who had cast the spell and cause him or her damage.

Celine struggled, wanting to shift her eyes away.

However, her neck seemed to be stuck in a certain position, unable to move even an inch.

Shocked, Celine could only gaze pitifully at Leylin, hoping to gain his understanding.

After playing around with her for a while, Leylin gave a faint smile and curbed the crimson rays coming from his eyes. Meanwhile, Celine trembled violently, two red lines flowed from her beautiful nose and created a flaw on her attractive face.

“A peak rank 1 Magus! You’re a peak rank 1 Magus!” Celine did not even bother sorting out her appearance and exclaimed.

Through this spiritual force encounter, Celine could tell that he had a spiritual force that was as deep and profound as an ocean. The icy and terrifying aura it had caused her much fear.

She was extremely confident in her abilities in casting illusions. Based on records on meditation techniques, only someone who had the strength of at least a rank 1 peak Magus would be able to forcefully break her illusions.

At this point, Magi like them had basically completely converted their elemental essence, and their whole body had undergone a slight change. Ordinary illusions were basically useless.

And Leylin right here was a peak rank 1 Magus!

“My apologies! Celine did have the slightest clue that Mister Leylin had already been promoted to the peak of rank 1. Please forgive me for that sudden probing just now. Thank you so much for letting me off.”

Celine looked grim, got up, and bowed towards Leylin with an expression of reverence.

In this situation where guilds were usually managed by official Magi, a peak rank 1 Magus was enough to destroy several small guilds. Celine was extremely familiar with the destructive power of a peak rank 1 Magus.

Magi at this level were enough to be the trump cards of medium-scaled guilds. Why would they appear here?

While Celine was bowing, she secretly raised her head and took the measure of this young man who was preposterously good looking. All sorts of thoughts emerged in her mind.

“It’s nothing much! How is it going regarding the trade?” Leylin shook his head slightly.

Just showing a bit of strength was enough for this little vixen to see the disparity between them. When the difference in power was like that between heaven and earth, any scheming would be useless!

“The trade isn’t very urgent. Please wait for a while longer!”

Celine’s attitude had now undergone an 180-degree change. She bowed slightly, and then flitted away into the darkness like a butterfly.

She did not make him wait long, appearing in front of him again within a few minutes.

However, she now wore a purplish-gold gown and had dressed herself up, and did not look as pitiful as she had been. She was also holding onto a round disk.

“This is the collection at our office. There aren’t many produced every year, and we only use it to entertain important guests!”

Celine smiled daintily, placing the item on the round dish on the table.

It was a seed that was in the shape of an olive. There were also patterns that were similar to that on walnuts and was probably the seed of some plant.

Celine’s pale jade-like hands brushed at the seed!

*Weng!* Along with a circle of green rays, the entire seed began to tremble.

*Pak!* A white feeler burst out of the seed, extended itself, and then increased in number.

After the feelers were brown branches, followed by green leaves and pink flowers.

Under the green rays, this seed rapidly went through its entire brief life, and when all the flower petals fell away, a red fruit that was like an apple appeared on a branch.

“This is a special local product of ours, the Sicily Fruit! As it stays ripe for just a short period of time, it needs to be eaten right after being picked to be able to enjoy its pure, unadulterated taste.”

Celine explained to Leylin while giving a gentle smile.

“The miracles in life are truly splendid and numerous!” Leylin praised. Such a miracle was only possible by using magic.

He picked the fruit off the plant, and the plant, which had lost its fruit, quickly wilted, and in seconds, turned into a puddle of grey liquid.

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