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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 321: A Pact

Chapter 321: A Pact

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Leylin took a bite of the fruit that had been created by using magic to accelerate its growth.

As for any poisons, after having awakened the toxic innate talent of the Giant Kemoyin Serpent, he was basically immune to most poisons in the world. Perhaps only the terrifying toxins that originated from ancient times might be able to affect him.

As the fruit entered his mouth, a fragrant and sweet juice flowed between his teeth.

“It tastes pretty good, and it also seems to be beneficial towards one’s spiritual force! It is still rather effective for official Magi who are gathering spiritual force.”

Leylin gave a slightly surprised glance towards Celine.

“The Sicily fruit is only effective for official Magi who are eating it for the first time. If a Magus’ rank is too high, or if it is eaten multiple times, it is probably only useful for satisfying one’s taste buds and stomach.” Celine could only force a wry smile, pointing out the flaws in the fruit.

“Even so, it is still remarkable!” Leylin shook his head. The effects of this fruit were akin to those of a potion for spiritual force. If this was on the south coast, countless official Magi would be looting this everywhere. Here, however, any small power was able to bring it out, and Leylin once again learned more about the abundance of resources in the subterranean world.

After displaying his strength, Leylin was extremely calm and composed, enjoying the top-grade delicacies, wine, and other great things that Celine brought out, while occasionally speaking to her.

After that, Celine took the initiative and brought up the trade that Leylin had been talking about.

“Is my lord really not going to even consider Celine’s suggestion?” Celine stared at Leylin with puppy-dog eyes.

“I don’t have any plans to join any powers and be tied down.” Leylin rejected her straight out.

“Please don’t worry about that at all. Nature’s Alliance is very small and I, Celine, am the only official Magus. My lord, you wouldn’t have to do much!” Celine guaranteed.

“Also, the moment you enter, we will release to you all of Nature’s Alliance’s high-grade meditation techniques and information regarding the secret spells that have been passed down.

After all, it was very rare for a peak rank 1 Magus to be seen traveling alone in the Twilight Zone. One could go so far as to say that they could be seen once in a hundred years.

If one wanted to walk far on the path of Magi, it was essential that they possess large amounts of resources and knowledge, and these were things that only large powers possessed.

Hence, those wandering Magi were usually not that powerful. Anyone who was a semi-converted Magus was considered rather powerful, and as for being a peak rank 1 Magus, that was virtually impossible.

Even if there were one or two who were extremely lucky, they would immediately be roped in by large Magi organisations, and would definitely not continue to wander.

Now, however, Celine knew there was a tremendous opportunity in front of her!

The moment she recruited Leylin, Nature’s Alliance would automatically become a medium-ranked guild that would not lose out to top powers!

Hence, whilst knowing that she did not have much hope in this endeavour, Celine still wanted to give it a try! Though she had previously used her own beauty to seduce a few Magi, most of them were nothing special, and all they wanted was to gain possession of her. It was extremely disgusting, but she had to endure the disgust that rose within her and continue to have dealings with them for her guild to continue to exist.

If her guild had a peak rank 1 Magus taking charge, things would definitely be different!

“My apologies but…” Leylin spoke, causing Celine’s expression to pale.

“But it’s not as if there isn’t a roundabout way of doing this.” However, Leylin’s next words caused Celine’s eyes to shine.

“I can go through the motions of entering the Nature’s Alliance guild to obtain the entry permit to enter the icy cave. Also, I want everything that you promised me, and in return, I can even personally help you to expand the guild to some extent! After this, you and your Nature’s Alliance are not allowed to reject any of my requests. Remember, I mean any at all!”

Leylin altered the conditions a little, leaving Celine to sink deeply into thought.

“Fine!” After muttering to herself for some time, this clever woman quickly nodded and accepted Leylin’s terms.

There were few chances to recruit a peak rank 1 Magus. In addition, though Leylin would only enter the guild in name, as long as she did her utmost if Nature’s Alliance were to get into trouble, wouldn’t he help out?”

“I can… Even…” Celine raised her head and looked at Leylin’s handsome features, flushed red, and then ducked her head.

However, considering her experience, she knew to reign in her emotions.

“I’ll pass you the high-grade meditation techniques and information regarding spells as soon as possible. May I know when you are planning to enter the icy cave? I can arrange…”

Celine’s head automatically lowered.

Such an attitude surprised Leylin. “Don’t I have to sign some contract? I recall that when most guilds recruit new blood, some even get them to leave behind a portion of their soul.”

“I trust Lord Leylin!” Celine resolutely stated, which left Leylin somewhat stupefied.

Of course, he would not leave any traces of his spirit to be bound by a contract. However, he was prepared to use the Trial’s Eye to reassure her. After all, he still had many items that could be used to concoct the solution of the Nefarious Filthbird’s feathers.

However, it seemed like Celine was slyer than he thought, and was also willing to take risks!

Perhaps, in the future, Nature’s Alliance would be able to shine through her leadership and walk the path to glory!

Leylin looked at Celine, who seemed like a maidservant now, as he smiled in a toying manner…


A few days later, on a tall, fertile land, in front of a mighty construction.

Celine wore purple robes, seemingly with a bewitching intent. This caused the two acolytes behind her to gulp down their saliva.

Between the two acolytes, one of them was female. She herself was intoxicated by Celine’s beauty, and her gaze held a trace of adoration.

“Lord Celine, are we really waiting for a peak rank 1 Magus here?”

As for the other male acolyte, he was somewhat in disbelief. It was a peak rank 1 Magus after all! Such strength was enough to be granted the position of an elder in large guilds. Why would such a Magus lower his status and enter a small guild?

Or perhaps, maybe it was for Lord Celine! The male acolyte racked his brains to derive a plausible explanation while tightly clenching his fist.

As for the female acolyte, she gritted her teeth.

As for what she thought, that peak rank 1 Magus must have used some methods to cause Lord Celine to succumb to him, and intentionally joined the guild to use it to his advantage for a long time.

“Obo, Ilya, although this Lord Leylin has a relatively good-natured disposition, you cannot be disrespectful. You are the hope of my Nature’s Alliance. If you have the chance to be favoured by Lord Leylin and become his disciple, the chances of advancing to a rank 1 Magus in the future will be extremely high…”

As for Celine, she did not consider the complicated feelings of her acolytes and even tried to instruct them at this moment.

The reason for her bringing the two acolytes who had the highest chances of advancing into an official Magus with her was twofold. First, she wanted everyone in the guild to know that she had recruited a peak rank 1 Magus, and on the other hand, she had hoped for Leylin to take them as his disciples, to further strengthen the ties they had.

“Jejeje! Isn’t that the guild leader of Nature’s Alliance? Who might be this important for the ravishing beauty Miss Celine to personally welcome him?”

At this moment, a group of Magi walked out as the large gates of the construction creaked open.

The one walking at the forefront was middle-aged, with a half-naked torso and eight long legs that propped up his body. At his buttocks was a sack of silk.

It seemed to be a half-man half-spider creature. Moreover, a genital tube hung from his lower abdomen in the open. Looking at it, Obo felt it repulsive, and as for Ilya, she lowered her head.

However, they could not express their disgust, as this creature had the might of a semi-converted rank 1 Magus, which made it stronger than Celine.

Through the sensing of the spiritual force, they could see that the halo of energy particles surrounding the creature’s body was mightier than that of their guild leader.

“It’s been a really long time, Magus Skrill!” Celine smiled jubilantly and went forward to greet the creature.

The Magus Skrill looked at Obo and Ilya in disdain, before looking at Celine. “Miss Celine, why do you have to safeguard the Nature’s Alliance? There are so few acolytes, and much less potential. This will only end with you squandering your youth and your precious life span. Why don’t you join us at the Eight-Claw Spider Guild? I can give you a position which is just beneath mine…”

Skrill licked his lips as he lustfully looked at Celine.

“My apologies, Sir Skrill, I…” Celine smiled with some difficulty, and as Skrill edged closer, she caught of whiff of his repulsive odour, which left her rather pale.

On the other side, Obo and Ilya’s eyes had already turned red; if not for Skrill being an official Magus with a might that surpassed Celine, they would have already dashed forward.

Skrill was a leader of one of the small-scale guilds that had banded together with Nature’s Alliance to guard the icy cave.

Very long ago, when Nature’s Alliance was at its peak, Skrill’s guild was still a pathetic, tail-wagging, pity-votes-garnering, tagalong of a guild.

However, after Celine took over the leadership position, Nature’s Alliance’s power started to wane. Only then did Skrill begin to mercilessly reap the benefits that originally belonged to Nature’s Alliance, and even express his interests in Celine.

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