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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 326: Icy Jade Scorpion Emperor

Chapter 326: Icy Jade Scorpion Emperor

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Due to Leylin’s use of guerilla tactics, the cyclone of Icy Jade Scorpions had lost many of its members.

In addition to this, the Icy Jade Scorpion Emperor had been separated from the safety of its den; it chose to make its move.

This movement was the opportune moment for Leylin to act!

With just a thought, Leylin caused a fierce, black hurricane to suddenly appear to sweep across the icefield.

As the violent black hurricane swept forth, the layer of ice that had remained frozen for ten million years immediately cracked open, and turned into white powder that scattered in the wind.

The hurricane slightly took on the shape of a tornado, collided with the cyclone of Icy Jade Scorpions that were in the process of moving away.

“Jji! Jji!*

The cyclone of Icy Jade Scorpions suddenly emitted intense howls.

As they made this noise, all the Icy Jade Scorpions immediately gathered together, puffs of frosty air came out from their mouths as they constructed a very thick layer of ice that formed a wall in front of them.

As if unsatisfied with the firmness of the ice wall, these Icy Jade Scorpion did not stop exhaling; instead, they continued until the ice wall’s thickness had exceeded two meters before they gradually stopped.

*Ka-chak! Ka-chak!*

The black hurricane threw itself at the ice wall, and an ear-splitting noise similar to scraping one’s fingernails on glass echoed. Little flakes of ice were constantly being shaved off the wall.

The Icy Jade Scorpions at the back immediately increased their rate of puffing to patch up the gaps in the wall caused by the hurricane.

The remaining Icy Jade Scorpions united, and their combined power was equivalent to ten official Magi working together. Even a peak level 1 Magus would have to withdraw if facing an attack of this degree!

But Leylin was no ordinary peak rank 1 Magus! Although the total quantity of his current spiritual force was only that of a peak rank 1 Magus, but his spiritual force had already undergone the rank 2 Warlock advancement, and as such had the ability to solidify.


At this moment, a cold snort was heard from within the black hurricane.

Immediately, a massive amount of silver spiritual force dispersed and covered the surface of the black hurricane. Silver cracks appeared on the hurricane’s surface.

From afar, there seemed to be a layer of silver on top of the black wind blades.

*Bang! Bang!*

Under the attack of the wind blades, the giant ice wall could no longer hold on, and deep fissures appeared in the wall. These fissures increased in size until the wall crumbled completely.


*Bang!* The giant ice wall fell to the ground with a loud noise, and the black hurricane then engulfed the entire cyclone of Icy Jade Scorpions.

*Ji! Ji!* Numerous Icy Jade Scorpions roared, the jade radiance on their bodies glimmered as they resisted the attacks of the wind blades.

Although the attacks of these wind blades were very strong, most of these Icy Jade Scorpions were fully-grown adults. With their icy armour and their defences from the chilly air about them, they remained in a deadlock for quite a while.

The black hurricane came quickly but disappeared just as fast.

In several seconds, the hurricane had swept through the place where the cyclone of scorpions was and vanished into the horizons of the icefield, faintly emitting incisive sounds.

However, after hearing these sounds, all the Icy Jade Scorpions became frantic as if they had gone mad, and pursued the hurricane.

It was a pity that speed was their weakness, and they could only look on helplessly as the hurricane swept further and further away, until it finally faded into the horizon.

Leylin urged the hurricane on, and the green shadow wrapped within sped forth until it was confirmed that the Icy Jade Scorpions could no longer overtake it. Only then did the hurricane disperse, revealing the identity of the green shadow.

After seeing the black hurricane dispersing, the figure of a green Icy Jade Scorpion was revealed. This Icy Jade Scorpion’s build was slender, and it appeared to be very gentle and exquisite. Compared to ordinary Icy Jade Scorpions, it was rather on the small side.

However, it was different from other Icy Jade Scorpion partially because of its imposing mannerisms. In addition to these, on the back of this Icy Jade Scorpion was a complete pattern, which had been seen earlier on the body of an elite Icy Jade Scorpion, though it had been incomplete. This pattern had the form of a distorted female’s face.

This Icy Jade Scorpion Emperor assumed an offensive stance and lifted both its arms, facing Leylin.

“You do not need to struggle anymore. You should know of the disparity between our strengths!”

Silver spiritual force flashed in Leylin’s eyes while he grinned.

Relying on his present strength, he would need to squander a large amount of spiritual force and magic power to face off against the cyclone of Icy Jade Scorpions that had already lost most of its soldiers. After all, the opposing party could be regarded as a group of Magi working together, with a peak rank 1 Magus commanding them! As he had yet to recover his strength as a rank 2 Magus, even Leylin felt dread.

But now, he only needed to take care of the Icy Jade Scorpion Emperor.

*Jji! Jji!*

Reacting to Leylin’s words, the Icy Jade Scorpion Emperor calmly issued a sound that increased by several pitches that made it even more piercing.

A big, green, misty brilliance was emitted from its shell, forming a thick ice armor that covered its body.

After putting on this ice armor, the Icy Jade Scorpion Emperor increased in size; it had gone far beyond that of an elite Icy Jade Scorpion and was almost the size of three ordinary Icy Jade Scorpions added together.

*Whoosh!* The Icy Jade Scorpion emperor simply left an afterimage where he had stood as he turned into a dark green ray that wanted to attack Leylin.

“Sigh. In the end, this problem can only be resolved with brute force!”

Leylin quickly drew back, and the moment he retreated, the ground suddenly exploded, crushed stones flying everywhere to reveal a big hole.


The Icy Jade Scorpion Emperor withdrew its pincers, and puffed out a big blob of blue icy breath without hesitation and aimed it at Leylin.

*Ka-cha! Ka-cha!*

The sounds of solidification constantly sounded, and there was even a transparent twisting seen in the air.

“Such chilliness! It even caused the air to freeze!”

Seeing such a powerful chilliness, Leylin could not help but be excited. Only this type of crystallised breath could completely eradicate the emotional instability that had resulted from his Warlock bloodline

“A.I. Chip! Scan the opponent’s data!”

Leylin’s eyes flashed blue.

[Beep! Task established, beginning scanning. Beep! Target is covered by an unknown force field, unable to be scanned.] The A.I. Chip quickly intoned.

“Oh!” Large amounts of black air were emitted from Leylin’s body, forming a shield adorned with various patterns. It smashed into the chilly air.

He could disregard the breaths of regular Icy Jade Scorpions, but the attack of this Icy Jade Scorpion Emperor was not something he could withstand with just his body. If he did that, he suspected that this fierce chilly air would freeze his body to death!

The shield formed of black air slammed into the blue icy mist, and darkness formed at the centre. It was like a black hole, swallowing the shield and chilly air and even the air itself.

“Unknown force field? Where is it?” Leylin asked. With the amplified power of the A.I. Chip, only rank 2 creatures could shield themselves from the scanning. This Icy Jade Scorpion Emperor was clearly at peak rank 1.

[At its back, where the distorted human face is.]

The A.I. Chip responded quickly, and after hearing this expected answer, the gears in Leylin’s mind began to turn rapidly.

A few exceptionally formidable creatures from other worlds had almost godlike strength. They had formed unique runes of their own that symbolised their path, achievements, strength and many other attributes.

This rune often had a mysterious strength that could be used as a link to them and could be passed on to descendants, and could even traverse dimensions.

This phenomenon was more distinct in bloodline creatures. Leylin even suspected that the perfect rune formed from his innate spells, as well as the rune of the human face on the back of the Icy Jade Scorpion Emperor could be classified as such.

*Ji ji!*

Seeing Leylin blocking its attack, a trace of human-like mockery appeared in the gaze of the Icy Jade Scorpion Emperor. It suddenly lifted its back.

*Weng Weng!*

The female face on its back seemed to come to life, rays of green light circulated and produced an ear-piercing wail.

*Ji ji!*

Invisible sound waves streaked past Leylin’s body, and he was in a slight daze.

*Xiu!* The Icy Jade Scorpion Emperor immediately seized this rare opportunity and rushed to Leylin’s front as its large claw snipped at Leylin’s waist.

Meanwhile, Leylin looked absent-minded and was actually stuck in a daze, allowing the Icy Jade Scorpion Emperor to attack as it liked.

*Ka-cha!* Sharp giant claws immediately chopped Leylin’s body into two, and large amounts of blood, water, and internal organs gushed out. The Icy Jade Scorpion Emperor’s gaze exhibited its elation.

*Shua! Shua! Shua!*

However, this joy did not persist for a long time. The blood that flowed from Leylin’s body seemed to have a life of its own as it twisted, forming a crimson cage that closed in on the Icy Jade Emperor.

Leylin, who was now in two halves on the ground, began to transform, finally revealing his true appearance. He was formed of countless shadows, and was actually an illusionary virtual body!

There was a flash a distance away, and Leylin appeared.

He looked at the human face on the back of the Icy Jade Emperor, fear still lingering in his mind.

“What a terrifying illusory spell, to actually be able to affect me, even though my spiritual force is already solidified! If not for having met that banshee in the secret plane of the Spirit Slaying Sect and done research on the spiritual attacks like wails, it would have been dangerous!”

The attack of the human face on the back of the Icy Jade Emperor was even more powerful and strange than that of the banshee. Leylin had almost fallen into its trap.

*Ji! Ji!*

Countless blood tendrils climbed up the cage, engulfing the Icy Jade Scorpion Emperor. It constantly howled and waved its large claws around, constantly puffing out.

“I need to finish this fast!” Leylin flung out numerous potion bottles.

These bottles exploded in the cage, forming an immense fiery mist that kept the Icy Jade Scorpion Emperor inside.

This was what Leylin had brewed through numerous experiments, a potion that was especially made while taking into consideration the properties of the body of the Icy Jade Scorpion. Though he did not have a sample from the Icy Jade Scorpion Emperor, Leylin had increased the dosage. Based on the simulation experiments from the A.I. Chip, this potion was enough to affect a peak rank 1 Icy Jade Scorpion and cause it to become rigid.

As expected, as more mist entered the body of the Icy Jade Scorpion Emperor, with crimson tentacles constantly twining around it, its howls became weaker until they disappeared.

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