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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 327: Ancient War

Chapter 327: Ancient War

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Within the icy caves, in a hidden room.

This was the temporary laboratory that Leylin had created in the basement. It was like a large-scale basement, with Icy Jade Scorpions trapped in various holes. However, they all looked lifeless, as if most of their energy had been sapped.

At the centre of the laboratory, Leylin was excitedly facing a small mountain of ice.

At the end of the war, the emperor of the Icy Jade Scorpions found that it was impossible for it to escape, and it could only resort to its ultimate innate skill—Freezing!

This was an ability unique to Icy Jade Scorpions, where a layer of solid ice was formed around the body until their injuries recovered.

The fact that it had used this move showed it had no other alternative.

The block of ice in front of Leylin was huge and could be even said to be an ice mountain. Large amounts of mist emanated from the mountain, lowering the surrounding temperature.

The layer of ice was no ordinary one. Its hardness could even be compared to steel.

The Emperor Icy Jade Scorpion’s protective layer of ice was naturally even more terrifying than that of regular Icy Jade Scorpions. However, this was merely a small issue for Leylin.

Besides, though this move could protect the Emperor Icy Jade Scorpion, it was also a prison! Hence, after completing his research, Leylin had used this layer of ice to imprison it.

Leylin was now holding a thin, long needle, and jabbed it into the ice mountain!

This needle had been custom made. It was a shiny silver colour and almost a metre long. The moment it contacted the surface of the ice mountain, it produced a sound similar to that produced when molten iron meets water.

Next, a red dot appeared on the surface of the ice mountain. The silver needle had pierced through the layer like it was going through cotton, and directly reached the shell of the Emperor Icy Jade Scorpion.

It was currently like an insect frozen in amber, unable to move and even unable to blink.

*Zi!* The needle shook a little and then pierced into the body of the Emperor Icy Jade Scorpion, extracting some green blood.

After seeing this blood, Leylin’s expression showed his excitement.


Half a day later, Leylin stared at the green blood essence in the petri dish, looking hesitant.

The Icy Jade Scorpion Emperor was now similar to a peak rank 1 Magus in terms of its strength, and that obviously meant he could not refine the pure ancient bloodline from it.

Even so, Leylin had found a lot of information from its bloodline.

Some ancient creatures could use a special method and transmit information and images to their descendants through their bloodline. This information was hidden deep within their genes, and only the creature itself could awaken it.

But Warlocks were different! Their research and understanding of bloodlines was enough to undo the complicated genetic lock and allow this ancient information to see the light of day once more!

Leylin had found some ancient information in the bloodline of the Icy Jade Scorpion.

“Though I don’t know if it’s good or bad, I’ll just look at it!”

Now, after seeing the blood essence of the Icy Jade Scorpion Emperor, even Leylin’s own Giant Kemoyin Serpent bloodline trembled, giving him some confidence.

“Retrieving spirit memory!”

A sliver of silver spiritual force extended from Leylin’s forehead, entering the bloodline of the Icy Jade Scorpion.



It seemed like he had gone through a long period of darkness before he saw light again.

Leylin woke up, but he now found himself immobile. However, his body kept crawling, as if he was an observer that was living in this body. He could observe, but had no control.

Surrounding him was a world of white snow with a layer of ice on the ground. Leylin saw his reflection on the layer of ice on the ground.

He had six jointed legs and a stinger, but his upper body was that of an adult male, though his two large hands had turned into pincers.

“What kind of ancient creature is this?” Leylin was stupefied.

There was little information passed down in the South Coast. There was no record of this being in the illustrated handbook of ancient creatures, and there were also many powerful creatures from other worlds that were not recorded. That was why Leylin did not know the true identity of this Icy Jade Scorpion Emperor ancestor.

However, the vast, bubbling strength it had made it obvious to Leylin that this creature was far above him in terms of might. It had even reached the level of a Morning Star Magus!


An ice mountain that was thousands of metres tall broke into pieces in front of the Scorpion Man, and it brandished its large pincers as it advanced indifferently. Occasionally, it would battle with beings that were as powerful as it was, and the stray ripples would break off large fragments of ice.

Until one day!

*Ka-cha!* The Scorpion Man had just ripped up an ice dragon, and was gulping down its flesh and blood. As if sensing something, it raised its head and looked into the horizon.


The heavens split and the earth shattered. In the sky far away, it looked as if someone was tearing out a large hole. A horizontal crack that spanned a hundred thousand metres emerged in the sky.

Snakes! A giant black snake with silver armour! There was even the Giant Kemoyin Serpent that Leylin was especially familiar with rushing through the spatial crack, entering this icy world.

The appearance of these giant ancient serpents marked the start of a massacre.

The Scorpion Man howled. He could feel that just the stray ripples from the spatial crack was enough to heavily injure or kill him! Furthermore, every one of those snakes did not lose out to him in terms of strength. However, affected by his own bloodline and the surroundings, he couldn’t help but rush to the opening of the spatial crack.

Along with him were other beings of this word. Icy Dragons, Giant Chilly Eagles, Ice Spirits, and even some creatures that were natural enemies were somehow summoned, putting down their prejudices against each other and rushed to the battlefield.

The two forces slammed to each other, blood and flesh flying, the space contorting around them.

The Scorpion Man and a giant serpent battled. It was as if he had gone crazy, constantly attacking it.

This all came from a premonition deep inside him. If these snakes were to continue existing here, this place would be damaged or even destroyed.

Kill! Kill! Kill! Life and death battles went on, and it was common for Morning Star Magi to fall. There were also corpses falling from the sky, their auras enough to make Scorpion Man tremble in fear.


At this moment, a loud hissing from a snake caused the Scorpion Man to come back to himself.

All of the creatures on the battlefield looked at the spatial crack.

A ferocious ancient aura leaked out through the crack, and all the snakes respectfully lowered their heads. The Scorpion Man was forced to lie on the ground from the pressure.

The black crack suddenly extended, and a large ball of snakes that was the size of a planet seemed to want to pass through the crack and descend on this world.

The aura emitted from the snake ball made the Scorpion Man shudder from the very depths of his heart.

The other creatures of the Icy World were just like him.

*Weng weng!* The entire Icy World trembled, layers of ice breaking to reveal a female giant who was several tens of thousands of metres tall.

This female giant had a very boorish face. She had copper armour, a pike and a green shield.

The female giant first roared at the snake ball, but received no answer. The large snake ball constantly forged forward, widening the spatial crack at its seams.

Upon seeing this, the female giant raised the pike in her hands and pierced towards the snake ball.

A devastative power appeared on the surface of the pike, red lightning flowing around the body of the pike. It was as if the the gods had cast out a pike that could destroy worlds!


The pike arched through space, appearing in front of the snake ball.

The snakes that had entrenched themselves separated, revealing the body of a beauty in the middle of the snake ball. Every single strand of her hair was made of tiny snakes, yet she did not look strange, but was instead very charming!

The woman smiled sweetly, surpassing the limits of race with her enchanting features. All creatures, and even space and the world found her pleasing to the eye, not wanting to see her take on this pike.

A few creatures of the icy world even betrayed their faction and began aiming for the female giant. However, before they even came close, they turned into powder by the lightning on the body of the female giant.


Two large palms formed of countless groups of snakes extended from the snake ball, grabbed hold of the pike and broke it!

The pike that seemed to hold the powder to destroy the world was split into two halves by these large hands.

However, they were not yet satisfied, ruthlessly grabbing at the female giant!

A black blade formed out of the spatial crack instantly appeared in front of her.


The female giant’s head and body separated, and large amounts of green blood spurted out.

A violent explosion resounded through the battlefield, and countless dangerous spatial cracks were created.

A droplet of green blood that was almost as large as a human head fell on the back of the Scorpion Man. The intense pain and burn immediately caused him to let out a miserable cry.

He was then swallowed by a large spatial crack.

At the last moment before he was swallowed up, the Scorpion Man looked at the giant Mountain Wyvern made entirely from an ice mountain and descended onto the battlefield, breaking the spatial crack.

Within the snake ball, a woman’s sigh was heard…

Darkness! A darkness that spread throughout the heavens and earth surged up and invaded Leylin’s body.


Leylin gasped in large breaths, cold sweat rolling down his face.

“That woman! The one inside the snake ball! I’ve seen her before!”

Leylin immediately thought of the dreamlike trance he had been when he had advanced to be a rank 1 Warlock. The woman inside there looked to be the exactly the same person as who he had seen from the bloodline of the Icy Jade Scorpion Emperor!

“Unless… That woman in the snake ball is the legendary Mother of Ten Thousand Snakes! And was the war that I just saw the battle where the ancient Mother of Ten Thousand Snakes invaded the Icy World…?”

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