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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 328: Information Of The Bloodline And A Conjecture

Chapter 328: Information Of The Bloodline And A Conjecture

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Leylin felt that he had correctly deduced the gist of the story.

In ancient times, after the Mother of Ten Thousand Snakes had failed to take over the Shadow World, she brought her descendants with her and migrated to the Purgatory World. It was probably during this time that she had infiltrated the Icy World!

However, the inhabitants of the Icy World’s naturally resisted this invasion.

According to Leylin, the Scorpion Man seemed to have received some powerful spiritual insight. Being able to interfere with the strength of a Morning Star creature through the spirit was either the work of the female giant, or the will of the world.!

The result was the death of the female giant, but with the great effort on the part of the Ice Mountain Wyvern, the Mother of Ten Thousand Snakes’ plans to invade the area were thwarted.

In the great battle, the female giant had been killed, and a droplet of her blood had landed on the back of Scorpion Man, which had wounded him greatly. Unable to avoid the spatial crack, he was swept in.

In the end, Scorpion Man had travelled to the Twilight Zone through this spatial pathway and had then died from his injuries.

Even so, he still had the strength of a Morning Star Magus, and the blood of the female giant, whose power was inconceivable. Hence, after his death, this entire region was affected by the radiation from ice, forming a topography and climate similar to that in the Icy World!

The Icy Jade Scorpions evidently had some connection with the Scorpion Man, but this connection had degenerated. Its human upper torso had completely disappeared, and there were no other obviously similar characteristics.

“It’s because of this that Icy Jade Scorpions could survive! They were actually creatures from another world. They could only survive and reproduce because of the radiation of extreme cold here.”

Leylin sighed and thought about the Mother of Ten Thousand Snakes.

He reckoned that the Mother of Ten Thousand Snakes should have attacked the Icy World after migrating from the Purgatory World, due to the fact that this world must have been extremely important to her and her race.

After the setback when trying to seize the Shadow World, she had no choice but to withdraw and bring her race to Purgatory World.

However, the fire attribute of the Purgatory World did not quite suit snakes, which were more compatible with the shadow element. After reproducing and beginning to adapt, their race even began to have some fire elemental attributes in their blood, but they were also mixed with the chaotic will of the Purgatory World in their bloodline.

This could be the origin of the emotional instability of warlocks with the bloodline of the Giant Kemoyin Serpent. After all, snakes were usually not so emotionally unstable as to lose control and rage.

Based on Leylin’s deductions, the issue with ancient Warlocks with snake bloodlines should have been an apathetic nature, and they might have even needed to hibernate. However, with the chaotic will added in from their time in the Purgatory World, their emotions were also altered.

The original characteristic of coldness had become a fiery temper!

Hence, the Mother of Ten Thousand Snakes had attacked the Icy World once more, probably hoping to use the chilliness there to treat the emotional instability issue with her bloodline!

Of course, her plan failed in the end, but the Icy World had also paid a large price.

For this reason, the Icy Jade Scorpion Breath from the Icy World was useful in treating the emotional instability that stemmed from Leylin’s bloodline.

“Sigh… what a complicated relationship!” Leylin held his forehead, which was starting to hurt from how hard he was thinking.

“Though these are all but conjectures, my thoughts should be correct. It doesn’t matter even if I’m wrong, since the Mother of Ten Thousand Snakes, Ice Mountain Wyvern, and the Purgatory, Icy, and Shadow Worlds are too far away to even matter…”

Leylin smiled wryly, “I just need to know one thing, which is how the breath of the Icy Jade Scorpion Emperor can heal my emotional instabilities. That will be enough!”

“A.I. Chip! Set up a plan to extract the Icy Jade Scorpion Breath and design my treatment process!”

Leylin immediately ordered.

[Mission establishing, beginning analysis! Setting up data model!] After receiving the command, the A.I. Chip quickly began to operate.

Meanwhile, Leylin, deep in thought, stroked his chin.

Honestly, after seeing that ancient war, it was impossible for him not to be stirred up. That droplet of blood that had dripped onto the back of Scorpion Man had stirred up Leylin’s interest as well as his desire to conduct research on it!

That was a strength that far surpassed Morning Star Magi—it might even be equal to a great rank 5 Magus. It could even be from a bloodline that was at rank 6 or 7, which even ancient Magi would have would have found difficult to attain!

If Leylin gained it, how much stronger could he become?

Though Warlocks could not change their bloodlines, doing research on the blood of these existences was sure to be unbelievably useful for his future.

In addition, the Scorpion Man had had the strength of a Morning Star Magus while he was alive. There was no need to refine his blood. It was the purest bloodline possible from an ancient creature.

Leylin’s breathing became rough just from wishing that he could enter deeper into the icy caves and look for the remains of the Scorpion Man.

However, he then smiled wryly.

Based on the remaining memories left in the bloodline of the Icy Jade Scorpion Emperor just now, Leylin knew that Nature’s Alliance and the other small guilds only controlled a tiny area of the icy caves.

Deeper underground, there lived all sorts of icy creatures that were ten or even hundreds of times stronger than the Icy Jade Scorpion Emperor, all of which formed their own small Icy World.

The remains of the Scorpion Man were probably at the deepest level of this Icy World!

There, rank 2 icy creatures would be running rampant. It wouldn’t even be surprising if rank 3 creatures emerged there.

Even if Leylin became a rank 3 Warlock, was not sure that he would be able to leave without a scratch. He would need to at least have the strength of a Morning Star Magus to completely break into this place to get the remains and bloodline.

“Strength! It all comes down to strength!” Leylin smiled wryly and gave up on any thoughts of exploring further in.

Though those were great items, Leylin was not going to risk his life for them!

Leylin had always been very prudent. If he was less than 70% confident, or if his life would be in danger, he would definitely choose not to take this risk.

Besides, in a situation where the icy caves had existed for such a long time and yet nobody had realised their true origins. Leylin was not afraid that other Magi would come here. There were also the icy creatures down there, which were a great defensive line.

He had already figured things out. Once he had enough power, he would come back here and obtain the presents from Icy World.

“Things need to be done one at a time. First, I need to deal with the problem of my emotional instability!”

Leylin’s pupils returned to their calm state, his expression revealing his rationality.


Outside the icy caves in the Twilight Zone.

“Take note. The expedition into the icy caves is very dangerous this time. Though you are all the cream of the crop in our guild, as long as you haven’t become an official Magus, you have virtually no way to protect yourself in there. Take care not to leave the sight of the team leader, understand?”

A valiant looking middle-aged man dressed in armour was currently preaching to a group of acolytes.

“Hey, Mully! Are you bringing acolytes down there again?” Old Madre, who was guarding the area, greeted him with a smile.

“Yes! The joint conference is beginning soon. It’s best to raise the strength of these little monkeys under me. It can’t be helped even if it’s a little dangerous.”

“How is it? Have there been any icy explosions or migrations of dangerous creatures within the caves?”

“Currently, I haven’t received any reports that mention such a thing. Furthermore, there’s currently a famed professor from Nature’s Alliance in there. If there is a problem, you can ask him for help, especially since we’re all allies!”

Old Madre laughed and then mentioned Leylin.

“Professor Leylin who came from the eastern capital? I heard that he’s a master at the peak of rank 1!”

Though Mully said all this, he still looked unwilling to accept this. It looked like even if he really met Leylin, they wouldn’t be able to get along.

After all, it was shocking that a peak rank 1 Magus had entered a small guild such as Nature’s Alliance.

Like many other Magi, Mully thought that Celine was bragging.

“Celine really is quite pitiful. She’s been going around looking for help nonstop. Nature’s Alliance is in a very dangerous position.”

Old Madre sighed, but a glimmer of delight flashed in his heart.

Whether it was Leylin or Mully being on the losing end in there, it was still going to be a delight to see.

“Hmph! Whose fault is it that you two are always harbouring evil intentions towards my Celine?”

Madre thought in his heart while revealing an enthusiastic grin. Compared to when Leylin had entered, he was much more passionate while explaining things of note to the acolytes.

From an outsider’s perspective, Old Madre was still a very respectable senior.


At this moment, large amounts of chilly gusts of wind blew out form the crack in the ground, and the acolytes could not help but wrap themselves tightly in their clothes.

“This means someone is coming up… huh! They’re fine!”

Old Madre was bewildered.

“What’s going on?” Mully rushed over and asked.

“It’s Magus Leylin! He’s out! Magus Celine has already come here quite a few times to check if he’s out yet. I need to inform her!”

Old Madre did not take him seriously, even complacently laughing after seeing Mully clenching his two fists.


A figure with a large, icy mountain on his shoulder rushed out from the crack.

“Are you Leylin, the new, famed professor that joined Nature’s Alliance?” Mully sounded impolite.

“Yes! What’s the matter?” He was beaming widely.

This person was naturally Leylin. In this period of time, after constantly extracting the breath of the Icy Jade Scorpion Emperor, he had already healed the emotional instability from his bloodline using the treatment designed by the A.I. Chip.

The extreme chill originating from Icy World, as well as support from the A.I. Chip had completely expelled the chaotic will in his bloodline that came from Purgatory World.

Though there might still be an issue deeper in his DNA, the A.I. Chip calculated that until he became a Morning Star Magus, the emotional instability of Warlocks would not be an issue. Leylin was therefore in a good mood.

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