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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 337: Mist Transformation

Chapter 337: Mist Transformation

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A carriage travelled across the dark plains unhurriedly.

Two wildebeests pulled the carriage. Due to the unhurried nature of the journey, these two steeds snorted as they gnawed at the plants along the path from time to time.

Around the carriage, a layer of light illuminated the surrounding land.

This was due to a constant illumination magic being applied to the horse carriage.

“Leylin, you made Obo and Ilya lower the speed of the carriage, and you also had me prepare this. What is this all about?”

Within the horse carriage, Celine asked Leylin as she suddenly raised her head and lifted a crystal ball that glowed with runes.

“It’s obviously to wait for somebody!” Leylin reclined on the cushioned seat as he squinted his eyes.

“Is it…Skrill from the Eight-Clawed Spider?”

Celine was an intelligent woman, and her expression changed immediately.

“Not only that, but perhaps also Magi from the Dense Fog Forest. After all, I am here!”

Leylin chuckled and suddenly walked out to the front of the carriage.

“Prof…Professor, look!”

The horse carriage stopped, and Obo, who had been riding, stuttered. In front of him, a dense wall of fog formed and blocked the way.

Although there were areas in the Twilight Zone with dense fog, such thick fog was abnormal. The power of the Magi who were mingled within the fog had given away their determination to massacre them tonight.

“A fog barrier! A specialised spell only known to Magi from the Dense Fog Forest. It really is them!”

Celine sighed from behind, “What should we do?”

After having experienced so many things, Leylin had already taken a leading role in Celine’s heart. Since this was the case, once she encountered a problem, she would seek out Leylin’s opinion first.

“As planned, all of you do not have to interfere with this, just keep yourselves safe!”

Leylin hopped down from the horse carriage and walked towards the wall of fog.

Under the illumination of the light, the grey fog seemed to congeal like a serum, with spiral waves occasionally forming.

“No matter how well-mannered, organised, or awe-inspiring they are, a Magus will always be a Magus! For the sake of benefits, taking a small risk like this is nothing!”

Leylin smirked.

Under such circumstances, if all of them were to perish here, Leylin would be able to take care of any repercussions later by tidying things up a little after having killed them.

As such he wasn’t surprised but was rather happy instead.

“It really saves me the time of gathering them all in one bunch like this!” Leylin immediately raised both his hands and pressed on the wall of fog.

*Ka-cha!* *Ka-cha!*

With Leylin as the centre, a layer of frost began to spread and froze the wall of fog.

In a very short amount of time, the wall of fog had turned into walls of ice that revealed inverted images of the objects in the surroundings.

This frost power came from the aftermath of the icy radiation he had received, which he had just released all at once.

“En! Not bad!” Leylin looked at both his hands.

His hands now were snow white, like jade, and even revealed a lustre deep inside them.

“With the adaptation to increased tolerance to the icy radiation completed, I can begin to freeze the imprints inside my bloodline!”

Leylin smiled and gently tapped on the icy wall.

*Ka-cha!* *Ka-cha!* *Ka-cha!* *Ka-cha!*

Fine cracks appeared and spread rapidly from where his fingers had tapped.

Seconds later, the web of cracks covered the entirety of the ice walls, which subsequently shattered and turned into fine shards of ice that fluttered into the wind.


With a huge rumbling sound, the wall of fog crumbled like toy bricks breaking apart.

Several figures were soon revealed after the dispersion of the fog wall.

“As expected, it’s you Skrill! And also, Xerxes!”

Celine gritted her teeth.

The ones obstructing their way were Skrill, Xerxes, along with several old geezers. Their bodies radiated the might of semi-converted elemental Magi, with traces of grey fog that continuously swirled around their fingers.

Expressions of alarm could be seen on the faces of the geezers as they were rather frightened by Leylin’s apparent ease in his dispelling of the fog wall.

“You are indeed a peak rank 1 Magus, Mister!”

Amongst this group, the androgynous Xerxes, who was distinctly the leader, said and bowed.

“These are issues that we have with the Nature’s Alliance, would Mister Leylin please choose to back down for the moment? After this matter, no matter what conditions you have agreed on with them, we will multiply them manifold!”

As he finished speaking, it was like as if seal that had come undone as a violent power coursed through Xerxes’ body, which made Celine turn pale. As for Obo and Ilya, they had almost fainted.

“A peak rank 1 Magus! He is actually a peak rank 1 Magus!”

Celine clutched the hem of her robes tightly.

Under the presence of another Magus of equal standing, one might choose to compromise. However, Leylin shook his head and outright refused Xerxes’s suggestion. To him, anyone who coveted the icy cave could only be a certain type of person, a dead one!

“Pardon me for my impudence then!”

In the next moment, Xerxes, who still had a calm air, underwent a tremendous bodily change.

Similar to a fiery volcanic eruption, intense energy waves emanated from his body, and countless grey energy particles condensed and formed a tide of energy waves.

“Fog Giant!”

Along with Xerxes’ incantation, a giant elemental genie appeared.

From waist down this genie was a mass swirling fog and its upper body had the shape of a man. It’s whole body was greyish white, and the muscles on both arms were extremely defined. Its ginormous stature was also extremely impressive.

“In my name, I order you to kill him!” Xerxes pointed at Leylin.

The Fog Giant roared, and two fists the size of hills smashed towards Leylin’s direction!

“Attacking with such power from the start? Are you planning to kill me?”

The slight smile about Leylin’s lips did not falter.

“Looks like he’s guessed that I know about the Icy Caves and thought I was a contender, so he’s planning to kill and silence me?”

In actuality, this opponent had guessed correctly, but what they did not know was that Leylin’s strength far surpassed them, and had the same intentions of killing them!


As he faced the Fog Giant’s attack, Leylin merely recited a syllable.

*Weng!* A violent black tornado formed between him and the giant. The large number of wind blades pushed the giant’s fists back.


Following that, a spiritual force more powerful, more sinister than Xerxes’ descended upon the battlefield.

Black darkness elemental particles swept through like a tide, crushing the energy wave that Xerxes had formed into nothingness.

In the Twilight Zone, darkness elemental particles were very concentrated. On top of that, the solidification of Leylin’s spiritual force as a rank 2 Warlock could overpower his opponent.

Countless darkness elemental particles gathered around Leylin, to the point that they could be seen with the naked eye.

As a light wind lifted him into the air, the elemental particles fused with the tornado! Its volume had expanded immediately and it turned into an ancient creature with a ferocious, violent aura.

This was a tall and lanky giant beast that was around seven to eight hundred metres long. It had dense black scales on its body, and a pair of amber eyes that were as large as a water jar. It carried with it a malevolent, bloodthirsty aura!

Meanwhile, Leylin stood on this large black giant snake, appearing to be calm.

Just the confrontation between this giant snake and giant was enough for Skrill, Celine and the others to try their best to take shelter and quickly retreat to another area.

“This is a battle between peak rank 1 Magi! Just a single ripple of energy can easily destroy you. Be careful!”

While Celine retreated, she protected the two acolytes and warned them.

Meanwhile, Obo and Ilya were staring at the person on top of the large giant snake enviously, their expressions filled with yearning and hope.

Celine could only smile wryly at this scene.

How could one reach the peak of rank 1 so easily? These two acolytes were the core seeds of her guild. One would already thank the heavens if they could rise to become an official Magus in the future, but to reach Leylin’s level? Difficult!

“He… He’s actually this strong?”

On the other end, while Skrill knew Leylin was at the peak of rank 1, he had no idea how powerful Magi like Leylin could be, and he could only gape in response.

“How is Lord Xerxes?” Seeing the Fog Giant beaten down by the giant black snake, Skrill was extremely anxious.

“Don’t worry! Our guild leader is very strong, and he hasn’t even brought his trump card out yet!”

The other two semi-converted elders immediately comforted him. In their eyes however, there was very little confidence.

“Distinguished Leylin, you truly are an opponent worthy of respect!”

At this moment, Xerxes suddenly exclaimed, “This next attack will be my last. I hope you won’t disappoint me.”

“Mist Transformation!” Xerxes muttered in a low voice.

Large amounts of fog were sent out from his body, and it constantly gathered at the body of the Fog Giant. Meanwhile, Xerxes’ body shrunk until all was left was a pile of clothes.

Meanwhile, the Fog Giant rapidly increased in size until it was 50% larger than before, and fluctuations could be seen on its face. With a grey flash of light, Xerxes’ face appeared there.

“I remember now! This is Mist Transformation, the strongest attack of the guild leader of the Dense Fog Forest! He once used this attack to kill a Magus who was similarly at the peak of rank 1! Be careful, Leylin! This Xerxes is the disguise of the guild leader of the Dense Fog Forest!”

Celine, who was standing not too far away suddenly seemed to remember something and reminded him loudly.

“I see!” Leylin nodded.

The effects of his opponent’s spell were not half-bad.

The original Fog Giant’s attack power was only around 60, but after Mist Transformation, the A.I. Chip warned Leylin that the number had increased to almost

This was practically the limits of what a rank 1 Magus could do! It was no surprise that his opponent could kill Magi of similar rank with this attack.

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