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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 338: Severe Injuries

Chapter 338: Severe Injuries

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Leylin glanced at the Fog Giant that was in front of him.

After Xerxes fused with the Fog Giant, not only did its strength increase, but its movements also became more agile.

“Based on the principle of elemental essence conversion, can the physical body itself be converted into an element? An interesting train of thought!”

How knowledgeable was Leylin in this area? He had stored all the academic knowledge from the south coast in the A.I. Chip, and with a few glances, he could roughly deduce the theory and application behind this ultimate attack formed from fog.

“It’s a pity that a Magus’ body is the only place where spiritual force can be stored. The moment the physical body is converted, it will then lose the chance to go one step further!”

Leylin sighed, seemingly looking upon his opponent with pity.

This attitude had obviously infuriated Xerxes, and with a roar, the Fog Giant charged over.

Leylin fearlessly manipulated the large giant serpent and had it coil around his opponent.

*Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!*

The scale of the battle increased in size, and giant rocks the size of hills were smashed by the two of them, flying in all directions. There were even some sparks at the tail, creating a trailing flame.

“To this extent?!”

Not only Celine but also the other Magi were stunned.

Meanwhile, while on the back of the giant snake, black light flashed in Leylin’s eyes. Numerous black fireballs flew out from the shadows.

The fireballs converged and condensed, forming a small, blazing black sun that was even more sinister looking.

Latent Fireball, the spell that Leylin had invented, had a reputation that could rock the south coast with the numerous Magi that had been killed by it, had finally revealed itself once again in Twilight Zone.

And the Magus he was facing was at the peak of rank 1!

Xerxes’ expression became serious, evidently sensing the destructive power hidden within Latent Fireball. *Hah! Hah!*

*Pant!* *Pant!*

Making the first move, Xerxes took in a deep breath, and two streams of white gas that could be seen with the naked eye rushed into his mouth.

This stream was extremely powerful, to the point that even a tornado appeared in the air. Even bits of plants and little rocks began to float.

After taking in this large amount of air, the Fog Giant’s chest expanded at a speed that was visible to the naked eye. It was as if it was a giant frog.

“Secondary Energy Air Cannon!” The giant opened its mouth, puffed out, and a light green compressed air bomb-like cannonball attacked Leylin.


The air cannonball brought with it immense wind pressure, and Leylin’s clothes rustled loudly from the wind.

Meanwhile, Leylin indifferently pointed at the Latent Fireball in the air.

The black latent fireball immediately stretched out, formed a black lance that caused distortion ripples in the air, and charged to the front of the air cannonball.

*Pu!* Like a balloon that had been pierced, the black lance pierced through the air cannonball.

Following this, the Secondary Energy Air Cannon exploded and deflated.

The black lance’s power continuosly extended as it ruthlessly used its momentum to plough into the chest of the Fog Giant.

Black rays flashed and some flames blazed on the body of the giant, tenaciously extending till they covered half its chest.

Xerxes, who had fused with the Fog Giant, winced, and had evidently felt pain.

“Ah…” The Latent Fireball burnt not only the physical body, but also the formless spiritual force, and even the spirit! Xerxes began to scream pitifully.

“Don’t think you can get away with this when you’ve gotten me in this state!” Xerxes’ looked resolute, bringing the Fog Giant in front of the black giant snake.


With this thought, the entire Fog Giant exploded.

The black giant snake was drowned in fog and fire.


The ground constantly vibrated, as if a large earthquake had happened. Dust floated tens of metres high and blocked the whole scene from view.

Moments later, a human figure was launched out from within the dust.

“It’s the Guild Leader!” A few Magi from the Dense Fog Forest immediately went up to help.

Xerxes did not look to be in a good state, with a large hole in his chest and numerous wounds all over.

All of a sudden, rays of light fluctuated above his face, and his original face disappeared, revealing that of a middle-aged man who looked to be a pacifist.

“It really is the guild leader of the Dense Fog Forest!” Celine muttered not far away, the crystal ball in her hands constantly flashing with light.

“Guild leader, are you alright?”

A few semi-converted Magi elders immediately asked concernedly, after catching hold of Xerxes.

“He’s also injured, but his injuries are slightly lighter than mine. He can still battle. Let’s leave quickly!”

Though Xerxes looked to be seriously hurt, his ability to think was not compromised.

“Understood!” The few Magi made to leave, with Skrill following closely behind.

“All of you can leave except for him!” Leylin’s voice sounded from within the cloud of dust.

Shortly afterwards, an icy blue ray of light shot out, striking Skrill who was trying to activate a scroll!

A blue layer of ice immediately formed around him, turning him into a blue, human-shaped ice sculpture.

The dust settled, revealing Leylin’s figure.

He was now extremely pale, with some blood at the corner of his lips. The fluctuations of his spiritual force were unstable, and he looked to be seriously injured.

“Since Lord Leylin has spoken, we’ll leave him behind!”

Xerxes struggled to answer, and upon hearing this, the semi-converted Magi supported Xerxes and retreated, not even sparing a second glance in his direction.

“Leylin!” Celine immediately rushed out, not hiding any of her worry.

“I’m fine!” Leylin waved his arms, “Have you recorded everything down?”

“Yes. I’ll send them to the council members of the joint conference and indict them!” Celine looked furious.

“No, not yet.” Leylin waved his arms.

“Also, bring Skrill along as well. He’s an important witness!”

“Yes!” Though Celine was still doubtful, she naturally did not dare ask more questions after having seen Leylin showing off his might.

As she wanted to give Leylin space to recuperate, Celine went outside and squeezed in with Obo and Ilya.

In the carriage, there was only Leylin and the frozen Skrill.

A layer of black elemental particles instantly formed a divide that split the interior and exterior of the carriage into two completely different sections.

Leylin stretched and stood up.

It did not even look like he was injured at all.

“A surprise attack midway and having a witness is crucial enough to indict the other side for serious penalties. However, this will, at most, shake Dense Fog Forest’s position. It isn’t practical if we want to completely uproot them.”

Leylin understood this well.

In addition, since their opponents had tried to kill them, it was alright for Leylin to fight back and even kill one or two Magi from their side. However, if he did not let this matter rest and eradicated them completely, then that would be going against the laws of the subterranean world.

Magi grasped the bigger picture in the Twilight Zone and attempted to unify against the elven empire and darkness creatures. Hence having such internal conflicts were disapproved of within the committee.

Even a rank 2 Magus would find it difficult to deal with this situation, much less Leylin, who had yet to completely recover.

Hence, he had to tempt his opponents to slip-up even more, and then respond while protected by a valid excuse.

“After seeing my strength, I’m sure they must be feeling uneasy!”

Leylin grinned while stroking his chin.

“Besides, the seeds of enmity have been planted. Believing we’re almost equally powerful and considering my status as ‘heavily injured’, paired with the tremendous benefits from the Icy World, I believe they wouldn’t consider trying to settle this with us. Rather, they’ll try to eliminate me as soon as possible!”

Medium-scaled guilds had an ample number of hidden cards. Furthermore, besides the guild leader, they had many powerful Magi that, when they banded together, would cause a great deal of grief even to a peak rank 1 Magus.

Xerxes had not gone all out this time, naturally because he believed in his might.

The next time, he would come out at full strength!

However, this was what Leylin wanted. Their opponent was already at their doorstep, and wanted to eliminate the guild! Under this circumstances, it was reasonable for him to strike back brazenly and destroy the enemy, right?

Besides, the buffering time before this that had happened was enough for Leylin to use the freezing bloodline imprint to regain his full strength.

Once he regained his strength as a rank 2 Warlock, he would be free to wander freely. As long as he did not meet anyone like that old rank 3 freak previously, he would definitely be able to protect himself.

“Next up!” Leylin shifted his gaze to Skrill, who was in the block of ice.

The Spider Man’s eyes were unblinking, and he was only able to display a pleading expression.

Leylin smiled gently and advanced…

When the carriage reached a waterfall, Leylin descended from the carriage with a pale appearance.

Meanwhile, Skrill had already been retrieved from the ice and was now merely unconscious. Celine ordered for him to be imprisoned.

This was obviously Leylin’s plan.

Using a few methods, he found that Skrill did not, in fact, know much about the Icy World. All he knew was that the Dense Fog Forest was drooling over the icy caves, and Leylin’s killing intent died down.

From his perspective, Skrill would make a pretty good subordinate. He was semi-converted, and that was enough to do many things in Twilight Zone.

In addition, he was an able witness. Though Leylin did not believe in this method, this was enough to mitigate some potential troubles.

Though he was unafraid of trouble, he did dislike it. It was not a bad idea to reduce it as much as possible.

Lastly, Nature’s Alliance was much too weak. To complete his grand plan, he would need a few capable subordinates.

Leylin could not really trust Celine.

It wasn’t in fear of her betrayal. This woman was far too intelligent, and after gaining a large amount of power, she might prioritise her own benefits over Leylin’s words.

She might not betray him, but there might be instances where she paid lip service to him, using her position and getting overconfident.

Hence, it was necessary to pull in and control people who would definitely side with him.

In Leylin’s eyes, Nature’s Alliance’s power would expand greatly, and would require his own staff.

If not, it was easy to be hoodwinked.

After seeing the demise of the Dense Fog Forest, he was sure that Skrill would make a sensible decision. After all, dark Magi were also very adept at controlling emotions!

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