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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 339: Frost Innate Spell

Chapter 339: Frost Innate Spell

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A few days later, rumours had begun to spread around the Twilight Zone.

The rumours claimed that the guild leader of the Dense Fog Forest longed for the resources held by the Nature’s Alliance and the other small-scale guilds, and had been plotting to absorb them on the sly. There was even news that the Dense Fog Forest wanted to openly rob and murder the guild leader of the Nature’s Alliance!

Even though the assassination was not successful, there were rumours about both Celine and the Nature’s Alliance honorary professor, Leylin, being seriously injured.

These rumours first started spreading within a small circle of Magi, but very soon more people came to know about them. What was stranger about this situation was that the Dense Fog Forest had not sent anyone to refute the rumours, but had instead added fuel to the fire.

The largest propagator would reap the most benefits! Even though medium-scale guilds or even large-scale guilds had done the same, it was rare to see such unfiltered, unsightly tactics like those of the Dense Fog Forest.

Immediately all small-scale guilds of the Eastern Twilight Zone became cautious and distanced themselves from the Nature’s Alliance.

At the narrow valley behind a big waterfall, Nature’s Alliance’s headquarters.

Celine looked inside the laboratory within a large icy mountain that was a short distance away and sighed.

Upon returning to Nature’s Alliance’s, Leylin had practically stayed in the laboratory the entire time.

”I need time to heal! Remember, whatever the matter may be, don’t disturb me!”

That was Leylin’s words then, but the cold icy look within his eyes had caused Celine to be even more fearful.

Obviously, Celine had instructed the release of the rumours within the Twilight Zone as to ensure that the Dense Fog Forest would have some reservations before making their next move.

However, Dense Fog Forest’s silence was not expected, and this made Celine’s heart very heavy.

In these kinds of situations, the natural thing to do would be to first flare up and then to maintain silence.

“I hope Leylin can recover soon!”

Celine’s eyes revealed a sense of worry.

At this point in time, Leylin was the only person she could depend on.

At this moment, within the laboratory that had already transformed into an icy mountain, Leylin seemed to have been leisurely observing his palm.

On his palm that was as white as jade there appeared to be a glowing white layer radiating from it.

“Frost!” Leylin gently recited an ancient spell in the Byron language.


A cold wind whistled, and many snowflakes rotated on his palm and formed a small frost tornado.

“I can’t believe that after the frost had taken effect, not only has my sea of consciousness fully healed, a power within in my body regarding an ability related to frost energy has also been awakened!”

Leylin casually toyed with the mini frost tornado on his palm, his eyes revealed that he seemed to be distracted.

In his mind, his rejuvenated body had received a set of data from the A.I. Chip.

[Leylin Farlier. Rank 2 Warlock, Bloodline: Giant Kemoyin Serpent. Strength: 21.1, Agility: 14.4, Vitality: 27.9, Spiritual force: 104.3, Magic power: 104 (magic power is in synchronisation with spiritual force)] [Beep! A new innate talent has been created within the Host’s body, transferring data]

The A.I. Chip’s voice intoned.

[Host’s innate spell: Increase in affinity and control of frost energy particles. Reduction by 40 degrees of frost related attacks! Ability to manipulate frost energy in a small area!]

This is similar to having a new innate spell, even though it is only rank 1.

“No! That’s not all!” Leylin immediately ordered the A.I Chip to show his graph on elemental capabilities.

In fact, everyone has an affinity with various element types, only that it is extremely small and almost negligible.

Talented acolytes had affinity with various element types far greater than that of the normal levels, at least 50 times and above, and that was also the Magi world’s official levels.

Originally, Leylin had the most affinity with the darkness element type followed by the fire type, and then the plant type which was such a small amount that it could be ignored. With regards to his affinity with the other elemental types, they were so minute that it could only be represented in decimal points.

As for now, the graph representing Leylin’s elemental affinities had experienced minor changes.

The darkness element type still had the longest bar, and even exceeded that of previous levels. This strengthening of Leylin’s innate gift could be attributed to the numerous triggering of Leylin’s bloodline, and because he chose to cultivate in the darkness element. Thus, he obtained an increase in the element, which was a lot higher than that of other elements, even exceeding that of the total of the remaining elements.

The next highest ranked element Leylin had an affinity with is that of the red bar that represented the fire element, which had also experienced an increase, though of a smaller magnitude.

After the fire element, was that of the green bar representing the plant element type. It was extremely short, indicating that Leylin’s innate gift in this area was not as developed as the other elements.

After this, there was an additional bar.

It was a shade of pale blue, representing the element pertaining to freezing, frost, and ice.

Originally, the affinity levels were extremely low, to the point that the A.I. Chip did not represent it in the histogram. However, now the frost element type had obviously obtained a large-scale increase.

Under the detection of the A.I. Chip, Leylin now possessed an innate talent in the frost elemental affinity!

“So, this is the way to increase elemental affinity after birth…”

Leylin sighed deeply: “What a pity. This is not of any use to me anymore.”

The elemental affinity typically represented the path a Magi took. When Leylin was still a rank 1 Magus, he had already chosen the darkness elemental particle type to develop in, even choosing to convert his elemental essence in it.

This was the most sensible decision because the darkness type had the highest elemental affinity, which meant that the results it could produce along this path would be the greatest!

Hence, he was currently not able to change his elemental type, nor wished to change it.

Furthermore, his innate ability with the frost elemental type was too low, and could not even measure up to that of the plant type!

To have an insignificant increase of innate ability was of little value!

“However, this can be something worth thinking about!” Leylin stroked his chin, and appeared to be in deep in thought.

Since the elemental affinity type could be changed and influenced by skills acquired after birth, what about that of the spiritual aptitude?

Honestly, compared to the newly increased frost elemental affinity, Leylin would much rather have hoped for an increase in spiritual aptitude.

His spiritual aptitude had been examined when he first entered the Abyssal Bone Forest Academy; it was of the most common grade 3 aptitude. Amongst the many acolytes this is considered as a medium level!

After his bloodline as a Warlock had experienced numerous advancement, upon the A.I. Chip’s re-examination, his spiritual aptitude had now received a boost, and was now considered a good level within that of the other grade 3 aptitudes.

However, it was still far from enough.

Compared to geniuses with grade 5 aptitudes, Leylin knew that he still had a long way to go. If not for the help of the A.I. Chip, the support of large doses of potions, and the good fortune of acquiring the bloodline Warlock heritage, he would not know where he would have been now.

As a result, he had been continuously searching for the easiest ways to alter his spiritual aptitude.

However, these methods were rarely seen in the Magi world.

There were probably ways to increase one’s elemental affinity, but with regards to spiritual aptitude. Its involvement with many other aspects and its intangibility, made it difficult to conjecture.

At most, only a handful of Magi who were skilled in high-grade meditation techniques could have, when promoted to a new level, forcefully increase their spiritual aptitudes by a small amount.

At this moment, Leylin involuntarily laughed.

“Perhaps I was too greedy. The spiritual aptitude involves the spirit. I had not been as in-depth in my previous research, and am now lacking in skills as well. After I get promoted to a Warlock of a higher rank, and have commenced discussions with a few other higher ranked Magi, perhaps I would be able to find solutions to rectify problems of this nature!”

Leylin thought to himself.

“Regards this the frost innate spell…” He glanced at the pale blue bar chart again, “I can only put it aside for now!”

However, in his heart, he had already been making plans. For the innate ability he had in the frost element type, perhaps in the future this gift would be useful, in particular when he would decide to explore the Icy World or when side effects from the removal of his Warlock bloodline.

These abnormal changes had been caused by the radiation from the Icy World and might not be that simple an affair after all.

“No matter what, being able to increase an area of ability, albeit not being able to raise it any further in the future is still pretty good!”

Leylin opened his eyes and his face revealed a smile.

“Furthermore, what’s most important is still this!”

Rays of silver spiritual forces radiated from Leylin’s eyes into the frost tornado within his hands.


Together with the rapid wind movements, the frost tornado’s physical form expanded multiple times, and the edges of the spiral formed sharp knife blades.

The surrounding areas were seemingly frozen as pressure radiated from Leylin’s body.

“Finally, I’ve managed to recover all my abilities as a rank 2 Magus!”

Leylin’s smile became bigger. Having recovered his peak strength from when he was on the south coast, and having removed the emotional instability of his bloodline, the power he now possessed was greater than ever before.

In actual fact, on the night of his return to the Nature’s Alliance headquarters, Leylin had used the runes that the Icy Jade Scorpion Emperor was carrying on its back and had made a mark of the frost bloodline!

Furthermore, Leylin had secretly left Nature’s Alliance headquarters and had chosen a safe place to practice the defrosting process.

With regards to his personal safety, Leylin had never liked or wished to depend on others.

He had left for treatment, and had not allowed for anyone to discover him. During his defrosting period, he had created a protective ice layer around him, one that was harder than steel, and hence could have assured his own safety.

Furthermore, under Leylin’s deliberate control, the entire thawing process was extremely fast. It took just one night for him to have solved the problem.

Under Leylin’s meticulous calculations, it was no wonder that he had smoothly restored his original abilities without any big hiccups.

The so-called ‘treatment’ here was merely a facade Leylin had let out to lure others into taking the bait.

“It’s about time, I have already ordered Celine to secretly release the news. Through the interrogation these few days, Skrill has already given in, and will soon be sent to the committee members of the conference just like that of the crystal ball!”

Leylin’s eyes shined with a tint of deep thought. Imagery evidence could be falsified, but if a witness was present, the Dense Fog Forest, who was a medium-scale guild, would definitely still be in trouble.

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