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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 340: Invasion And Siege

Chapter 340: Invasion And Siege

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Continuing the trial of the joint conference, the Dense Fog Forest would most likely not be destroyed, but there would be bloodshed. In addition, a decrease in their evaluation was a possible punishment, which would be a big loss in benefits!

Needless to say, the “seriously injured” Leylin was here too!

Since there was so much hatred, the only way to end this would be through complete destruction, was something that the other party could not tolerate.

Thus, they would take advantage of Leylin being in the midst of recovery by gathering all their manpower, and destroy the Nature’s Alliance!

This was what Leylin also hoped for.

“I had specially given him a few days to rally his men. I hope he doesn’t let me down!” Leylin sneered.

Shortly after, he turned and looked towards the canyon’s exit.


At this moment, Magi wearing black Chinese-styled gowns stood in a circle outside the Canyon, silently crowding around several figures in the middle.

The leader of the group, a middle-aged man with a face worthy of veneration, was the escaped guild leader of the Dense Fog Forest.

“Tsk Tsk! Gus, you really should be embarrassed, being reduced to this miserable state after getting injured from an honorary professor in a small-scaled guild!”

So ‘Gus’ was his real name, and the previously used name, ‘Xerxes,’ was fake!

Another man who stood tall beside Gus, was an elderly man in his 50s or 60s. He had wrinkles all over his face. With his slanted nose, sharp, narrow pairs of eyes, it made him look even more sinister than Gus.

Even as he mocked Gus, no anger was seen in the eyes of the surrounding Magi from the Dense Fog Forest, as if they never heard what was said.

The reason for their change in attitude was that this old man was radiating huge waves of energy.

Among the emptiness in the middle of the circle formed by the old men, radiations of spiritual force could be observed. Impressively, it was the strength of a powerful peak rank one Magus!

“If you had been me, the result would not have been any better!”

Gus sighed in the face of mockery, but deep down, was still fearful of Leylin’s strength.

Having profound knowledge of Gus’ strength, the old man turned solemn too; “If Leylin has already recovered from his injuries, then I want twice the compensation!”

“If it’s doubled, let it be doubled!” Gus promised immediately with clenched teeth.

“I have actually used an ancient ‘light protector’ rune. That’s the reason why I could recover fast in such a short period of time. The other party could not possibly have such a thing…”

This was the confidence Gus had, as he hailed from a medium-scaled guild. To him, as a small-scaled guild, it was impossible for Nature’s Alliance to have such an asset.

“Je Je! You’re right. Besides, they are at most at the same level with you, how can they stop us two on their own?”

The old man chuckled.

“My Lord guild leader! The broken signal has been repaired!” At this moment, a semi-converted elemental Magus walks over and spoke to Gus

“Great! Attack immediately! I want the Nature’s Alliance guild removed entirely from the Twilight Zone!”

A malevolent look swept across Gus’ face, and he suddenly raised his hand.

More than a dozen of different coloured bright lights fluttered out of the Canyon. Unexpectedly, each one was a rank one Magus!

As a medium-scaled guild, it was not a big problem if the Dense Fog Forest nurtured or recruited official Magi. considering the long, accumulated history of the more than 30 Magi.

This time, Gus planned to use a large number forces from his guild.


More than a dozen brilliant lights rushed to the entrance of the canyon, but were immediately stopped by a membrane formed from a defensive layer of light.

“It’s just defensive formation made by an insignificant small-scaled guild! Destroy it!”

From the layer of bright light, a screeching sound was heard and black light converged, forming the shape of a large axe. The head of the axe even had strong black iron chains coiled around it which were threads of bright, cold and threatening light.

*Ka Cha!*

The giant hatchet ruthlessly struck!

In the wake of the loud strike, the entire membrane of light fell apart, disintegrating and dispersing into small specks of light that gradually darkened.

“Enemy Attacking!”

As an official Magus, Celine was the first to react. Her face turned deathly pale and a gush of cold wind sent her to the entrance of the experiment lab within the icy mountain.

*Shaaa!* The black light flashed past, a mole no smaller than the size of a young boy crawled out, his two long, grizzly beards dragging across the floor.

“This Celine! Causing trouble this time! If I am still alive later, you’ll have to send me 10 times as many berries as before!”

The mole stroked his beard, with an unwilling look on his face.

“Damn it! If it wasn’t for the deal that I made with that stupid old man at that time, I wouldn’t have to be stuck here defending his place!”

“All of the acolytes, meet me here now!”

Celine did not even have the time to force a smile, let alone talk to the mole. She just communicated directly with the rest of the acolytes in the guild.

She was extremely sure that the attack this time around was from the Dense Fog Forest’s men!

In fact, during a war between the official Magi, acolytes were just cannon fodder! By sending them out was only a disgrace, and even causing needless casualties.

Currently, they had a slim chance of survival!

Celine’s eyes flashed with a tinge of hope, and started shouting towards the laboratory, “My Lord Leylin! It is the Magi of the Dense Fog Forest! They have violated the rules of the joint conference and launched an attack on our guild!”

But what took with Celine by surprise even more than the sudden attack was the fact that there was no reply from inside.

Celine repeated the message thrice, and it was only after she could not wait any longer and broke the layer of ice, that Leylin’s voice responded. ”I’m still in the midst of recovering! If this gets interrupted, I’m afraid that there will be immediate repercussions…”

“How much longer do you need?” Celine clasped onto her handkerchief tightly.

“Ten minutes!” After some silence, Leylin’s voice was heard again.

“Alright! I will fight for you during this period of time!” Celine took a deep breath towards the acolyte that was previously there and cleared her throat.

“As the guild leader, I command you to protect this place at all costs! It might be hard to you, but with the help of spell formations, I need you to persevere just for ten minutes!

“Yes, my Lord! We will fight to the end!”

After being distracted for a moment, the acolytes below started an uproar one after another, Obo and Ilya were among those acolytes.

It was obvious and they clearly understood what the future had in store for them if their guild was defeated today.

“That’s great! Let’s activate it! Grandpa Cedric!!!”

Celine took a deep breath.

“Okay, alright! I can’t stand youngsters like you all!” the mole shook his head and suddenly plopped to the ground!

In some instant, black rays of light spread out, forming a big spell formation runes on the ground.

A barrier of light rose and combined with the original spell formation, engulfing Leylin and the experiment lab within.

*Boom! Blast!*

At this moment, a group of enemy Magi arrived at the scene, and the acolytes that were not able to get into the barrier in time were severely injured.

A small boy was cut in half by a blade of light. His upper torso was still wailing as he tried to breathe.

Another female acolyte, who was decimated into a pool of blood by a green sphere that fell from the sky, did not even had time make a sound.

More and more acolytes were instantly buried to death, by huge broken structure of the building that was shattered by magic spells, also without being able to make any sound.

As Celine looked at the devastating scene in front of her, she was unable to control herself and broke down into tears. They were the future potential Magi of Nature’s Alliance, where her sweat and blood were poured in.

“I found it! It’s here!”

This new barrier of light, which was visibly thicker and stronger than the ones before, caught the attention of the enemy Magi quickly. Very soon, more than a dozen rays of light enveloped the entire place, creating faint shadows in the middle.

*Clang!* Celine threw a communication device on the ground.

“The signal is disrupted! Hold on!”

She placed her palm on the barrier, as a huge wave of spiritual force and magical power was poured forth and injected into the barrier.

The rest of the acolytes followed suit, though their spiritual powers were very weak. With a mere touch, most of the acolytes’ faces turned pale, as though they had been beaten up by a large hammer.


Both sides did not exchange many words, and more than a dozen colourful energy beams bombarded the spell formation.

*Bang!* Numerous acolytes lay paralyzed on the floor, most of them having fainted. Celine could barely even stand up straight and was on the verge of collapsing.

Upon seeing two shadows behind the numerous Magi, Celine’s expression was filled with despair.

At this time, it has not even been half the time that Leylin had requested. Fighting against the two peak rank one Magi had made Celine lose all hope and strength to fight back.

In the laboratory behind Celine, Leylin quietly waited, a cold and detached expression on his face…

“It should be roughly about now, right?” He muttered.

In fact, Leylin could have fought back, but he had waited until the Nature’s Alliance had racked up a disastrous amount of casualty…

As for the dead acolytes, they did not have much importance to Leylin, and their deaths weighed lighter than specks of dust in his heart.

As long as the opponent left irrefutable evidence of an attack, what were the deaths of a few acolytes? Also, these acolytes were under Celine’s guidance. If he really wanted to gain complete control of the Nature’s Alliance, more blood would have to be shed!

Now, however, it was time.

Gus and the rest of them had done so much damage to the Nature’s Alliance that even if Leylin were to kill them all, it could be reasoned as self-defense.

This excuse may not be very good, but it was definitely better than having none! The acolytes that have died and the data that have been perished

“Magus Gus! Why? Just why?”

Celine retracted her hands and looked at the barrier which was damaged by the combined attacks of the enemy. The guardian animal too was severely injured as it spat out blood, smiling bitterly.

“Benefits! Naturally, everything is for our own benefits!”

Gus’ voice was ice cold, as if not having any of the emotions that a normal person would have. He had also turned a blind eye to Celine’s charms.

“You hindered my path, and I just want to settle the dispute, that’s all!”

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