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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 343: Dragon King’s Mystic Might

Chapter 343: Dragon King’s Mystic Might

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Nature’s Alliance headquarters.

The headquarters had now undergone renovations. The reconstruction had started from the bottom, with magic spells fixed up and the acolytes who had died in battle buried.

Powerful energy fluctuations were concealed within these few building structures. They were like multiple stars aiming to bring out the moon, crowding around a laboratory right in the centre.

Whether it was the original acolytes of Nature’s Alliance or the newly-joined Magi, they would always unconsciously slow their footsteps when they passed by and exhibit their respect.

In the middle of the laboratory.

Leylin stood by a table, deep in thought while gazing at the few items on the silver desk.

These ten or so items were very simple. There were green leaves, red earrings, a short brown rod, and even the black crystals that Skrill had previously given him.

The silver surface of the table was made using a special alloy. It was incomparably hard and had a high resistance against specific magic experiments. Hence, it was widely used in this area.

Currently, the shining, sparkling metallic surface reflected Leylin’s troubled expression.

These were naturally the numerous high-grade meditation techniques Leylin had forcefully obtained.

Though the Twilight Zone had obtained a larger number of complete inheritances from the ancient Magi, high-grade meditation techniques weren’t anything common. Some unrated guilds only had the simplified versions that had been altered based on incomplete high-grade meditation techniques, which were completely useless to Leylin.

There were also a few guilds who had the same high-grade meditation technique as the Dense Fog Forest. However, they only had the first or second levels, and these were slightly modified. Leylin could immediately recognise this.

These guilds must have been the Magi guilds that had split up from the original Dense Fog Forest.

This was not uncommon. It was not unusual for Magi in the Twilight Zone to split up based on differences in opinion while still having a good relation with the original guild. This was somewhat similar to a branch of the original guild.

Hence, though Leylin had technically destroyed ten or so guilds, what Leylin actually gathered were only six high-grade meditation techniques.

Of course, the rate of advancing was much higher here than in the south coast, but Leylin was still in a bad mood.

This was because out of the six high-grade meditation techniques, there were five that were incomplete!

This was not something that could be explained just by the chaos of war. Only after checking some documents regarding this guild did Leylin gather a more reasonable explanation.

In ancient times, the inheritance of high-grade meditation techniques was not open to everyone in one go.

Only one or two levels would be passed down at a time, and only after Magi succeeded would they gradually be passed down more.

This was to ensure the secrecy of the high-grade inheritances. The other reason was to prevent Magi from seeking instant returns.

However, after the fall of the ancient Magi in the final war, there appeared a huge problem—a discontinuity in the passing down of meditation techniques! The higher-ranked Magi had fallen before they could pass down the other portions of their meditation techniques, which had resulted in the Magi of the Twilight Zone being unable to advance further.

The level of Morning Star Magus was the bare-minimum requirement to participate in the final war, and hence, the high-grade meditation techniques left in the Twilight Zone mostly had two or three levels, and there was a lack of information on the essential later portions.

In ancient times, rank 2 and rank 3 Magi were considered to have just finished their apprenticeships, and as such, they were naturally not required to enter the battle. They had survived and passed down their meditation techniques.

However, it wasn’t as if there were no surprises.

Leylin extended his hand and picked up something like a part of a white bone joint from the table.

Though it had an interesting appearance, this was actually a tool used for storing information. Leylin connected his spiritual force to it and information about a high-grade meditation technique appeared.

Ancient symbols appeared at the beginning of the meditation technique, emitting an ancient aura. There was even the sound of a dragon’s roar.

“Dragon King’s Mystic Might! High-grade meditation technique for Dragon Magi split into four levels—Infant Dragon, Young Dragon, Adult Dragon, Elder Dragon!” Leylin slowly read through the content regarding this high-grade meditation technique.

In ancient times, ‘Magus’ was a term that was inclusive of all powerful beings, whether they were of other races, humans, or even high-energy creatures. As long as they possessed intelligence had strength, and pursued the truth, they could all come under the umbrella of being a Magus!

This Dragon King’s Mystic Might was obviously a high-grade meditation technique meant for the Dragon race to train in!

“Based on the A.I. Chip’s estimations, as well as a few illustrations from Dragon King’s Mystic Might, creatures of the dragon race, would accelerate their growth rate if they trained in this high-grade meditation technique. They would develop twice as fast as their peers, and would enter the sequence of being a mature dragon earlier…”

Leylin unhurriedly caressed this bone.

This Dragon King’s Mystic Might was what the Dense Fog Forest had in storage, but it was a pity that this was merely a decoration for Dense Fog Forest, as it was comprised of only humans.

This was a high-grade meditation that was meant for another race and was unsuitable for the human body. Even Warlocks that had the bloodline of dragons could not do this!

However, after Leylin discovered this Dragon King’s Mystic Might, it was like he had gained a treasure.

Though he could not train this technique either, he could see the traces of a new bloodline in this high-grade meditation technique.

Similar to the Kemoyin’s Pupil, the Dragon King’s Mystic Might was a high-grade meditation technique that had very stringent requirements in terms of bloodline. It was probably even more strict than the Kemoyin’s Pupil.

This would be of immense help to him in completing the next few parts of Kemoyin’s Pupil.

The Kemoyin’s Pupil that Leylin had acquired only had three levels and lacked the most important part, which was a description about the Morning Star Realm at the fourth rank. Dragon King’s Mystic Might could be used to make up for this.

In addition, the other high-grade meditation techniques had their unique features, which could be used to improve the A.I. Chip’s database.

No matter how different they were, they were high-grade meditation techniques and had to have some similarities. This was what Leylin was going to rely on to complete Kemoyin’s Pupil and Sacred Flame.

“Even so, the last few portions of the Dragon King’s Mystic Might are missing!”

Leylin felt a little regretful.

He still wanted to know what was after the fourth level of the Dragon King’s Mystic Might.

“In ancient tales, after the Elder Dragon were the Ancient Dragons, top creatures that could contend against great rank 5 Magi! And after that, there were the beings that only existed in legends—the Immemorial Dragons! However, the Dragon King’s Mystic Might lacks content after the fourth level.”

Leylin looked at the description of the fourth level of the Dragon King’s Mystic Might. “The Morning Star realm for humans is equivalent to the Elder Dragon in our Dragon race. At this position, the power of domain has penetrated into our bones, and our dragon might have also been developed to the limit. In addition, all our spiritual force, magic power, physical strength and even bloodline will, under influence of some rules, concentrate into ‘point mass’. This point mass is what humans call ‘Morning Star’, and what we call a ‘Dragon Crystal’.”

“So at the Morning Star realm, it is where Magi pathways will become condensed. All creatures of the Magus World at this realm are all the same. Point mass formed from hundreds and thousands of energy all can refine one’s strength. Hence, there is a difference like that between heaven and the earth between Morning Star and rank 3 Magi.”

Leylin gradually understood.

In his mind, the A.I. Chip constantly recorded information regarding high-grade meditation techniques to fill its database.

After goodness knows how long, a prompt from the A.I. Chip appeared in Leylin’s mind. [Beep! Recording of six high-grade meditation techniques complete. Dragon King’s Mystic Might, Abyssal Breath… Completeness of high-grade meditation techniques at 14.7%, beginning to infer actual level of the meditation technique…]

Following this, the Magi strength chart in Leylin’s database experienced some changes.

On top of the rank 1 and rank 2 Magi, information regarding rank 3 Magi constantly generated. This was the most accurate information the A.I. Chip had gathered after doing simulations with multiple high-grade meditation techniques.

[Beep! Requirements to advance from a rank 2 Magus: Spiritual force reaches the boundary of 200, solidification 100%. Paired with the momentum from the essence of the Wisdom Tree, probability of advancing to rank 3: 46.9%.]

“I’m a Warlock, so I have an added requirement from my blood. However, my bloodline directly came from a Giant Kemoyin Serpent at the Morning Star, rank 4 level and completely fits the requirements. It even aids me when my rank is too low!”

“In addition, having almost a 50% chance is not a low percentage! It’s no wonder Alistair had made his move and did not hesitate to betray his faction!”

Leylin touched his chin.

The conditions that the A.I. Chip inferred were based on the most regular Magi that trained in high-grade meditation techniques. This meant he was not included in there.

“A.I. Chip, if I use myself as a model, what are my chances of advancing to a rank 3 Warlock?” Leylin asked silently.

Immediately after, a virtual 3D image that looked similar to Leylin was projected in front of him, and large amounts of information streaked through.

[Chances of Host body advancing to rank 3 Warlock: 61.72%!]

This was with the added bonus from the Giant Kemoyin Serpent Bloodline. It was a matured body that had reached the Morning Star Realm. To break through rank 2, it was still able to provide an impetus.

“Looks like breaking through is not an issue. The most important part is to accumulate more spiritual force!”

Leylin suddenly sighed, looking at his data.

[Leylin Farlier. Rank 2 Warlock, Bloodline: Giant Kemoyin Serpent. Strength: 21.1, Agility: 14.4, Vitality: 27.9, Spiritual force: 104.3, Magic power: 104 (Magic power is in synchronisation with spiritual force).]

The injury to his sea of consciousness had only recently healed, and during the time where he had solidified his spiritual force, rather than improving, it was already very fortunate that he was able to maintain his strength.

It was for this reason that the numbers for his spiritual force did not rise.

Now, with the repairs to his sea of consciousness completed, his spiritual force could increase once more.

Leylin couldn’t help but ask, “A.I. Chip, based on my current speed, how long will it take me to be able to meet the requirements to advance?”

A few minutes passed, and the A.I. Chip gave an answer. [Host body is estimated to reach the limit after 200 years, 12 days and 13 hours.]

“That long?” Leylin’s eyes widened.

He had increased his lifespan after advancing to become a bloodline Warlock, and after rank 2, he could live past 500 years, but 200 years! That was an extremely long period!

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