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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 344: Rank 3 Magus

Chapter 344: Rank 3 Magus

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One property of high-grade meditation techniques was that they tended to get harder to cultivate towards higher cultivation levels.

Typically, many Magi would not be able to wait for their meditation techniques to be promoted because they tended to die of old age before their meditation techniques could be cultivated to a higher level.

This was why Magi were all passionate about collecting data since they wanted to increase the pace of the cultivation of their meditation techniques.

“Hu…” Leylin let out a long breath.

“Looks like it is imperative that I use potions or other methods to hasten the pace of the increase in the level of my meditation cultivation. 200 years is way too long!”

There were many differences between the resources of the Twilight Zone and of the south coast; perhaps it would be possible to find spiritual force potions suitable for a rank 2 Warlock. Leylin remained confident in the resources that the Twilight Zone possessed.

[Beep! Rank 3 Magi simulation data has been completed. Completion level: 69.24%]

The A.I Chip intoned. Behind the data on rank 2 Magi, a new data was quickly generated.

[Rank 3 Magi, estimated spiritual force: between 200-400! There are three stages in the spiritual force: vapour, liquid and crystal forms. The differences in strength between every rank is estimated to be between 3 to 5 times!]

The A.I Chip projected a large paragraph of information before Leylin.

“Towards the end, the spiritual force span within one rank will be of a large amount and is terrifyingly difficult to achieve!”

Leylin sighed.

An acolyte’s spiritual force was within 20 degrees, whereas that of a rank 1 Magus was between 20 and 80, that of a rank 2 Magus between 80 to 200, and upon reaching rank 3 the spiritual force was between 200 to 400.

The larger the spiritual force span, the more obvious the differences between the displayed strength.

As a result, newly promoted rank 3 Magi and rank 3 Magi with crystallised spiritual force would have an unimaginable difference in strength.

After understanding the strength of the rank 3 Magi, Leylin had recognised the formidability of a Morning Star Magi.

He had known vaguely that rank 3 Magi would enter a very long transmutation transformation period. Should the Magi be promoted successfully, they would have a rank equivalent to that of a Magus from ancient times!

“That makes sense! Even in ancient times, Morning Star Magi were the rulers of a region and hence could have had a role in the Final War. How can it be so easy to level up one’s rank?”

Leylin stroked his chin “Only through the continuous concentration of the spiritual force, can it crystallised and turn into point mass, before promoting to a Morning Star Magi!”

At this moment, the path that a Morning Star Magus took had appeared in its entirety within Leylin’s mind.

First, the elemental essence conversion. Only when the elemental essence conversion had reached 80% were Magi qualified enough to transform their essence and be promoted to rank 2.

Upon promotion to rank 2, all spiritual force would have to have a substance form, appearing as the smallest spiritual force particles!


These spiritual force particles, upon approaching rank 3 would gradually be condensed. Through the three stages of vapour, liquid, and crystal, they would condense further to form point mass!

At this point in time, these Magi would have entered the Morning Star level!

“The path of a Magus is indeed getting tougher! Merely 80% of elemental essence conversion would easily kill many Magi. Needless to say, the barrier at the end would be an even more difficult task!”

Leylin exhaled deeply. “Thankfully my path ahead is clear, I only have to follow the path accordingly!”

“A.I Chip. Set up a long-term mission: Deduce what happened to Kemoyin’s Pupil and Sacred Flame!”

Leylin immediately ordered.

The A.I Chip automatically projected two progress charts that deduced the mission progress. The progress had not even reached that of 1% and had been increasing incredibly slowly, but at least Leylin could see hope.

Amongst these, Kemoyin’s Pupil was the main meditation technique that Leylin was cultivating and was the path that he had decided to take a long time ago, and as such, it could not be easily changed.

On the other hand, Leylin had gained interest in Sacred Flame, the meditation technique that had its roots from the prophetic Botelli family.

Even after having accumulated so many high-grade meditation techniques, from what Leylin could see, the value of Sacred Flame was above that of the other meditation techniques, and could even be on par with that of the Dragon King Mystic Might due to its ability to predict the future. This ability was honestly a tad too terrifying. Even though there was the possibility of errors, Leylin still longed for it.

“Based on the A.I Chip’s deductions and information database on high-grade meditation techniques, one day it will be able to prophesize things. Of course, if I am able to continuously add in new high-grade meditation techniques, the process will be accelerated…”

Leylin was very clear on this line of reasoning.


Suddenly, a wave of invisible spiritual force passed through numerous barriers and exploded next to Leylin.

“Is it finally here?” Leylin’s eyes revealed a hint of a smile, and he immediately flicked his hand.

The numerous high-grade meditation techniques had disappeared after a silver flash, and Leylin turned into a phantom before arriving in front of Nature’s Alliance’s headquarters.

Following the directions of a thread of spiritual force, Leylin arrived at a location.

This area was originally a wasteland, but in the middle of it now lay a silver-white metallic building.

Leylin went up to the door and raised his hands with the intentions to knock.


But before Leylin had transformed his thoughts into action, both steel doors, decorated with floral patterns, had opened automatically and revealed the interior of the building.

In the middle of the huge living room sat an old man on a steel chair who smiled gently at Leylin.

“Distinguished Leylin! You have indeed been promoted to a rank 2 Magus!” The old man stood up and smiled while having given up his seat.

This Magus wore burlap clothes and had an average appearance, like that of an ordinary old man, but Leylin had not dared be brazen in front of him.

“I’m lucky to have advanced a little further on the path in search of the truth!”

Leylin appeared extremely humble. From this old man, Leylin could feel that he had a deep solidified spiritual force that had surpassed his own accumulation.

Of course, having a high spiritual force was one thing, but having the actual strength was another. Leylin, had, in addition, the strength of his bloodline and a few other hidden trump cards, did not think he would be at a disadvantage, but felt no need to show his abilities.

“Hahaha… Please take a seat! You still don’t know my name, do you? I’m Logan, the Melhawk Guild’s leader!”

Logan beamed and introduced himself.

“Magus Logan, the protector of the Eastern Twilight Zone, I have long heard of your name!” Leylin smiled and replied, and at the same time sat down on a chair.

“Eh?” Though the chair’s exterior still had the glow of steel, it did not have the hardness of one and instead felt like a sofa that had caved into a certain arch. It comfortably supported Leylin’s body.

“How’s that? This is a steel lifeform I had specially acquired from the external zones!”

Logan revealed a smile as he observed Leylin’s expression.

“Not bad!” Leylin indifferently evaluated the chair. Though this steel lifeform could not compare to the organisms entirely constructed from the elements of the Steel World, this was already very hard to come by.

“If I’m not wrong this entire room is a huge steel lifeform, right? And we are currently speaking to its body?”

“Haha! ‘Dark Steel’ has an innate gift in concealing its life aura. You are the first person to be able to guess this so quickly!” Logan chuckled, and hit the table top, “Dark Steel, come and say hello!”

*Ka Cha Ka Cha*

The steel flowed like liquid and formed a rough face on the table top. “Hello, Mister Leylin!”

At this point, because there was no need for Dark Steel to hide anymore, Leylin could clearly feel a wave of energy that was of a certain standard. Should it be a Magi, it would be of peak rank 1.

After conversing for some time, Logan entered the main topic.

“Magus Leylin, I think you should be clear about my intentions, no?” At this point in time, the old man’s face became more solemn.

“Of course!” Leylin nodded his head.

“In that case, with regards to the matter of Nature’s Alliance Guild violating the rules and exterminating the Dense Fog Forest Guild, and subduing all other subsidiary small-scale guilds, what is your explanation?”

Logan glared at Leylin as if he would make a move on Leylin should he say something not conforming to what Logan expected to hear.

“With regards to this?” Leylin smiled mildly and took a step back, his fingers crossed, and seemed to be very uneasy.

”The Dense Fog Forest first robbed and killed us, then barged into Nature’s Alliance’s headquarters and engaged in so much killing that they almost exterminated the Nature’s Alliance guild. As a result, out of self-defence, we naturally retaliated. If I remember correctly, shouldn’t this be in accordance with Eastern Twilight Zone’s laws for revenge?”

Leylin continued smiling and passed the crystal ball with Celine’s previous records to Logan. “Furthermore, we have eyewitnesses as well. If you would like to hear the words from one of them, you can leave with me now to meet him…”

“But the dark elven empire is left running amok, and the tide of darkness creatures is approaching. Distinguished Leylin, aren’t you being too reckless? If you were to just showcase your abilities, Gus would probably surrender…”

Upon receiving the crystal ball, Logan did not immediately look into it, but the gloomy clouds on his face had dissipated to a large extent, though his brows were still furrowed.

“He offended me! The dignity of a rank 2 Magi!”

Leylin squinted his eyes, the atmosphere suddenly became tenser. “He almost interrupted my promotion. Only by offering all his blood, will it be enough to cleanse his sins!”

“Are these all the excuses that you have?” Logan looked right into Leylin’s eyes.

“These are all facts! Not excuses!” Leylin retorted without restraint.

Two rays of silver glow seemingly collided in mid-air and produced a crisp sound.


All of a sudden, Logan’s face revealed a smile, resolving the tension in the atmosphere.

“Since the opponent started it first, and offended you, then I would have nothing else to say…”

“Thank you for your understanding and support!”

Leylin smiled respectfully.

All of these were actually within his calculations. After all, Magi were all smart people, especially the more so the older one gets!

A medium-scale guild or a rank 2 Magi, this decision did not need deliberation to choose between!

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