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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 355: Revolution

Chapter 355: Revolution

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“The core of the spirit genie!” Longbottom sighed slightly, unhesitatingly releasing a shockwave to destroy the spell formation.

*Tss tss…* Instantly, the spirit genie’s voice faded, and Potti City immediately grew chaotic.


As if long since prepared, the opposing dark elves and beast wave unleashed their most ferocious barrage of attacks.

While the Magi were engrossed in battle, the defensive spell formation that had lost its spirit genie sputtered out.

“What are you doing?” Two Magi immediately rushed out.

“Life Absorption!” Longbottom’s expression remained unchanged as he waved his hands. A few green beams flashed on the two, and they began to age visibly. Their life force was rapidly depleting.

“Begin localization!” Longbottom took a glance at Yade, who was still sealed, and produced some materials and began setting something up.


Minutes later, with the guidance of a spell formation that glowed purple, eight large spider legs pierced through, tearing the ceiling apart. On top of the giant spider that entered was a completely naked girl.

This girl had a slight smile on her face, her skin pale and ears pointy. She radiated a captivating charm.

“Greetings, matriarch!” Longbottom immediately bowed.

“Well done, Longbottom!” The young girl giggled, causing Longbottom’s heart to leap.

“Though you’ve wasted a portion of a precious Earthen Fetal Membrane, it’s still not a bad result to be able to deal with a clone of your opponent. After all, that person’s a peak rank 2 existence!”

The young girl spoke slowly. Just her voice was enough for his heart to be inflamed with desire.

Rank 2 Magi were powerhouses in their own right. If one was prepared, even the dark elves’ matriarchs would find them difficult to deal with. Additionally, there were bloodline detection spell formations scattered throughout Potti City. Any dark creature that entered would immediately be discovered.

But Longbottom was different! He was a pure human, and what more a Magus. Though he was a wandering Magus, he had some achievements and was well received.

Earthen Fetal Membrane was a top-class treasure of the Dark Elven Empire used to conceal one’s aura.

Only when all sorts of conditions were favorable to him could he make use of the parasitic seed.

This had made Longbottom very proud of himself, but her words had surprised him greatly.


“Yes! Aren’t you going to come out?” The girl giggled while speaking at the air beside her.

*Xiu Xiu!* Two pure white arrows of light shattered the tendrils, revealing a hazy human figure.

This figure transformed into a long line and shot out, entering another figure that had just appeared.

“This is the real body of Protector Yade!” Longbottom stared at the figure overhead that looked exactly the same as the one before, his fists tightly clenched.

“I didn’t expect Her Majesty, the Empress to come personally !”

Yade, who was floating in mid-air, paid no attention to Longbottom who was on the ground. His eyes were riveted on the young girl before him, gaze tinged with fear.

“Hehe… With your clone heavily injured, how much of your strength can you really use? 70%? Or 80%?”

The girl could not stop laughing, while her back tore open.


A monster that was a cross between a human and a spider appeared in the air, and a massive darkness drowned out Protector Yade…

Not far away in the horizon, Magi were stunned to find that, besides the dark elves and the horde of darkness creatures, dwarves and gnomes had joined the battle.

Half a day later, an earth-shattering piece of news spread throughout Twilight Zone.

Potti City had fallen! The Empress of the Dark Elven Empire had personally acted and killed Protector Yade of the northern region!

The dwarven tribes and gnome kingdom had also entered the battle, and the entire northern Twilight region fell into enemy hands, entering a reign of terror.

Still in Potti City.

The master of this region had changed. Squads of elite Underground Winter Spider knights patrolled the streets, and one could occasionally see dwarven warriors and gnome puppeteers passing through.

In the great palace hall at the heart of the city.

The Empress summoned Longbottom in.

“You did very well this time, Longbottom!” The girl spoke from the bottom of her heart. If not for him plotting against their opponent’s clone, she could not have killed him as easily.

“It is my honour to be able to serve the Empress.” Longbottom gazed at the girl’s absolutely beautiful face, seeming enchanted.

“Now, I need you to travel to the central region and drum up hate against Magi.” The girl did not seem disgusted by his gaze, instead of wriggling her body to expose more of her skin to the Magus before her.

“Hate against Magi?” Longbottom could not understand the reasoning behind this.

“Yes. Magi and the nobility all hold large amounts of knowledge and power in their grasp, restricting peasants and regular humans from obtaining them. Animosity, abhorrence, and anguish have been building up through the generations. What we need now is a tipping point, an opportunity for it all to explode into a huge uproar!”

The girl continued quietly, “I need you to go to the central region and cause unrest in the name of a revolution. When the time comes, you can even spread high-grade meditation techniques.”

“…Yes…” Longbottom answered after a pause. He would cause a rebellion at his enemy’s side, and then flank the enemy from both sides.

He knew that under the governance of Magi, commoners had been living miserably. The Magi and nobles enjoyed everything, while the rest had to suffer from day to night. Even then, they might not even get a good meal out of it. Crimes could be pinned on them for offending nobility, or in the worst case scenario, they would be killed without recourse!

It was difficult for commoners to be allowed to grow even if they had the aptitude

Even if they were lucky enough to enter a guild, they would still be discriminated against and even treated as guinea pigs or cannon fodder.

Of course, if one only had resentment and no strength, they would only be mercilessly massacred by Magi. After all, power was still in the hands of Magi.

But it was different now. Magi now were confronting a great enemy, and their mental and physical efforts were mostly spent.

In addition, there were calls for a rebellion.

Sometimes, resounding catchphrase and beautiful promises for the future could attract many hot-blooded teenagers to turn their heads.

If they were given some power, it would be a disaster.

When that happened, there might be internal strife amongst Magi. How many people would die? How much blood would be spilled?

Longbottom knew this very well, but he had no thoughts of opposing this, nor any pity. All he had in him was the thrill of taking revenge.

“Leylin, I’ll make you suffer tens and hundreds of time for what you did to me. I promise!”

Longbottom howled in his heart.

If Leylin was here, he would find that this traitor called Longbottom was the little boy, Longbottom, he had played around with in Potter Town.

“En! Very good. When you’re back, I’ll carry out the bloodline changing ceremony. From then on, you’ll be part of us dark elves, even in blood.”

The girl nodded.

“Many thanks, Empress!” Longbottom touched his head to the ground.


“Longbottom?” Hearing the rank 2 female Magus’ words, Leylin suddenly had the urge to cry and laugh as well.

“Though the name might just be a coincidence, I have a feeling that this traitor to our race, Longbottom, is the same person as the one in Potter Town!”

Leylin sighed ruefully. When he had found out that this boy had left to seek better opportunities, he had not taken it seriously. The chances of success were much too low.

Unexpectedly, he had actually succeeded and even become a rank 1 Magus!

Without proper tools, Leylin could not tell a Magus’ aptitude. Hence, he did not know that Longbottom had the talent to become a Magus.

“But this is interesting. Looks like Potter Town is a place where Twilight Zone’s destiny converges.” Leylin touched his chin, deep in thought.

Potter Town had seemed like a regular little common town and had probably already fallen into enemy hands.

However, it was surprising that it had given birth to both Baelin and Longbottom, the two darlings of destiny.

“Baelin and Longbottom are like the two sides of a coin. One day, they will meet again, and that day will be when Twilight Zone’s power of destiny is most concentrated!”

Leylin suddenly had a strange premonition.

“It’s quite interesting being able to shape history…” Strictly speaking, he had personally created this entire situation. It was in Potter Town where everything began. It made him feel like the destiny of Twilight Zone was in his hands.

But this only left Leylin sneering.

“In that case, let me be the one to end this all!”

These thoughts merely flashed in his mind, while the other two rank 2 Magi’s expressions were filled with worry.

“Now that the entire northern region is gone, we have lost a fifth of our power.”

Fendix caressed a ring on his hand that had a ruby the size of a pebble, a dark cloud seemingly hanging over him.

“Not only that. Besides the dark elves and horde of darkness creatures, even the dwarves and gnomes have appeared!”

The female Magus smiled wryly.

Twilight Zone was a small area, and the subterranean world had all sorts of incredible races. The humans and dark elves were the two largest powers, but one could not underestimate the gnomes and dwarves either.

When they joined forces, the humans were definitely in a disadvantageous position.

“This war could result in genocide!” Fendix drew in a deep breath, “We need to get the war council and mobilise everything we have…”

“Before that, we need to first deal with the threats outside.”

A golden ring on Leylin’s finger lit up, and he immediately straightened his back, “The dark elves are on the offensive once again, and it can be confirmed that they have three regiments of elite Underground Winter Spider Knights, backed by three matriarchs.”

“Those wretched pointy-eared bastards…” Fendix got up, furious.

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