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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 358: Defeat And Assistance

Chapter 358: Defeat And Assistance

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Anyone who betrayed their community for profit would immediately be labelled as unreliable. How, then, would they do well in the opposing camp?

Furthermore, Leylin was confident in the humans’ ability to defend. Even if the protector of the eastern Twilight Zone were to perish, and the entirety of it fell into enemy hands, he still believed the humans in the subterranean world were not weak enough to go extinct.

As a result, matriarch Alicia’s temptations did not affect Leylin in the slightest.

On the contrary, Leylin was eager to fight this rank 2 matriarch.

“Perfect. The template of a rank 2 Magus, as well as the rank 2 spell models the A.I. Chip deduced, can now be tested.”

Leylin’s eyes flashed, which caused Alicia who was opposite him to feel cold within her heart. She had a bad premonition.

But Leylin would not give the other party a chance, and he swiftly made the first move. ”Shadow Flames!” Dark red flames poured into the sky, forming a pillar of raging fire.

[Shadow Flames: rank 2 spell. Elements: darkness, fire. Might: 120 degrees (Elemental essence conversion added)]

These were the A.I. Chip’s stats on the spell which had been evolved from the Latent Fireball that he had previously made.

Over the last ten years, Leylin had obtained the spell model of a powerful rank 2 spell from Nature’s Alliance. The guilds that they had consumed had also net him quite a few such models as well. Of course the Alliance, as a medium-scale guild, had possessed the most outstanding model.

Thereafter, during his stay in Dolon, he had exchanged for many more rank 2 models. By luck, he had even managed to collect two damaged rank 3 models, which he had treated like gems and diligently copied down. The A.I. Chip had been tasked with restoring these two models.

The power of these dark red flames had clearly surpassed that of Scorching Touch from before.

Matriarch Alicia had a solemn face. Suddenly, she took out her whip and cracked it in the air.

*Pa!* The cracking of the whip had compressed the air, producing a sonic boom.

“Come out!” Complex black patterns emerged on Alicia’s face, covering the right side of it like a mask.

“As you wish, My Lady!” Space seemingly split apart, and a cute spider as white as jade materialised out of thin air. The blood red lines across its carapace only served to make it look cuter.

*Hiss* The matriarch let out a hiss, similar to the sound of a spider stridulating.

That white jade spider immediately targeted Leylin, its back shooting out large amounts of thread that emitted cold air.

The densely packed threads tangled together, forming a white cocoon that surrounded the elf and beast.

The A.I chip made his vision flash blue, and the details of the white jade spider surfaced immediately.

[Underground Frost Spider, a mutation of the Underground Winter Spider. Has an extremely strong ability to mutate!

Strength: 35; Agility: 16; Vitality: 46.9; Spiritual force : 27; Special abilities: 1; Thread defense: the Underground Frost Spider’s threads have the ability of ice, and is the bane of many rank 2 fire-type magi; Stealth: the Underground Frost Spider’s shell has abilities to reflect light, allowing it to be concealed with the surroundings.]

Leylin had never slacked off on feeding the A.I. Chip’s database with information after entering Twilight Zone. By now, a large portion of Twilight Zone’s special items were already recorded within it.

“A matriarch with an Underground Frost Spider as a familiar? One that can suppress fire elemental Magi?”

Leylin’s smiled lightly. “What a pity, my Shadow Flames are mainly composed not of fire, but of darkness!”

Along with the change in Leylin’s intent, the dark red pillar of fire immediately transformed. The red glow at its center quickly faded, being replaced instead by a dark black which took over most of the space. In a moment, the shadow forces occupied most of the pillar.

”Ingest!” Leylin grabbed at the air with both hands, and the large pillar swept Alicia’s giant white cocoon into itself.

*Sssii!* Large amounts of white gases appeared on the surface of the white cocoon, moving about in the air.

*Hiss* Leylin even heard the bloodcurdling sounds of the giant spider.

*Boom!* The large white cocoon suddenly exploded, smashing into the reddish-black flames.

From within the white fog, a silhouette surfaced.

The matriarch had connected her body directly on top of the Underground Frost Spider, forming a monster that was half-human and half spider. It reminded him of his subordinate, Skrill.

‘This look is very compatible with Skrill!’

Leylin laughed mockingly, but he knew that these two parties were vastly different. Skrill had used his meditation technique to alter his physical appearance, but this matriarch had fused her body with that of her pet, maybe even her soul!

Based on strength alone, Skrill could not compare to this elf who was already rank 2 and possessed many techniques that he did not.

”Disgusting, disgusting humans!” the elf that formed the upper half of this abomination hooted on the spider’s back.

*Ding! Ding!*

The elf held a spider leg that looked like white jade. The long spider leg instantly transformed into a white scimitar. Along the elegant curve of this scimitar were pretty patterns that glowed repeatedly. The blade emitted some white fog, which emanated cold rays.

”Kill!” The voice of the elf transformed into a wave of bright rays that enveloped her, which gradually disappeared into the air.

“Is she concealing herself now?” Leylin stroked his chin and smiled wryly.

Although dark elves were quite capable in open combat, they preferred more underhanded tactics. They would make use of their own bodies and beauty to tempt their opponents, or hide away in corners, to launch sneak attacks.

However, as a dark Magus, Leylin had come across many of these tactics, and employed them himself. He tilted his head and smiled, rooting himself to the spot and narrowing his eyes.

A few minutes later, a ray of cold white air quickly slashed across Leylin’s body, but was met with the exterior of his body rippling. The body had been a mere phantom.

“You’ve fallen into my trap!” Leylin materialised in a corner, his body ringed by defensive darkness elemental particles.

“You are the one who fell into a trap!” Alicia laughed softly, as another body shot out explosively from the side, targeting him with his own tactic.

*Boom!* A large white web filled with mucus flew out and trapped Leylin. White sap fell onto him, and the sounds of corrosion rang out as it continuously seeped into his body.

“So that previous attack was fake!”

Leylin smiled gently, but his expression did not show any dejection, as if the person trapped was not him.

With a flash of white light, Alicia appeared in front of Leylin. Currently, she looked apathetic. She held a white scimitar and was about to directly chop off Leylin’s head.

However, Leylin’s demeanor made her feel uneasy.

*Boom!* As Leylin’s head flew upwards, a strange transformation occurred in mid-air.

The head dissipated into a large number of black shadows, condensing many darkness elemental particles to form a cage that bound the matriarch.

“Rank 2 spell, Illusory Body: Second Stage!”

The surrounding space flashed as Leylin removed the darkness elemental waves concealing his body, appearing in front of Alicia.

Closer inspection revealed the sensuality of this matriarch’s body; the temptation it induced was shocking.

However, Leylin’s expression was as cold as ice. A black spear ringed with red flames instantly appeared in his hand.

“Rank 2 spell: Lance of corrosion!”

“Go die!” Leylin said beneath his breath, the black spear in his hand being launched forward.

The space warped where the spear passed, and a strong corrosive force continuously condensed onto its tip.

“Explode!!!” Upon seeing the terrible force the spear contained, as if able to destroy the very earth, Alicia’s face changed instantly. She resolutely chanted a few spells under her breath.

Suddenly, the Underground Frost Spider screeched irritably, the blood lines on its body enlarging and dying almost its entire body red. Moreover, weirdly, its body swelled up.

A ray of white light swiftly separated Alicia and the white spider.


The spear exploded intensely at Alicia’s original location.

The black chains instantly exploded, which caused the exploded flesh and blood to strike the black spear.

Two large energy forces melded and grew denser, causing large distortions to the void.

*Bam! Bam! Bam!*

When the distortions had condensed to a point, it ended off with a violent explosion.

Even though the forces collided in mid-air, the remains of the energy waves they generated headed towards the ground, blasting off layers of stone and soil. The waves swept the area, causing large-scale destruction.

Alicia’s silhouette flew out of the explosion. However, things did not seem to look good for her, her lower body dripping with fresh blood. Being caught right in the middle of the explosion, she’d naturally received the brunt of the force it generated.

However, she currently did not have time to care about her injuries. Looking over herself restrainedly, she turned into a ray of blood that disappeared into the horizon.

Leylin stood where he was silently, and did not give chase.

To him, helping the humans retain their lands was just a passing favour. He did not want to kill a rank 2 existence of the opposing party, as he did not desire an animosity that could not be resolved.

Of course, some preparations had to be made to expedite the end of the war.

Leylin smiled wryly. Having roughly figured out his next course of action, he rushed towards the other two groups.

Fendix’s opponent was the matriarch who wore the two rings on her bosom. This opponent’s strength was tyrannical, and she had suppressed Fendix and limited his movements. Fendix ended up constantly on the defensive, which embittered him.

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