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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 361: Movement

Chapter 361: Movement

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“I really can’t hide anything from you!” Logan laughed bitterly. “As you know, the situation in the central region is not favourable. The dark elves are a part of it, but the Protector of Twilight Zone is the more pressing issue…”

Leylin roughly understood the situation. Powerful rank 2 Magi normally overtook the duties of protecting the north, south, east, and west of the Twilight Zone, but central Twilight Zone was different.

That area housed the elite forces of Twilight zone, so the overseeing Magus was titled the “Guardian of the Realm”. The current generation’s Guardian possessed the strength of a rank 3 Magus.

But intelligence reports said that the lifespan of the Guardian was nearing its end; he hadn’t even appeared in public in the last few decades. His seclusion was so foreboding that it was probably the main reason for the dark elves, dwarfs and gnomes to gang up on them.

“You…” Celine clenched her fists tightly, her face turning red from anger, she had finally realized the meaning of the invitation. If it was during peacetime, and one was allowed to enter the central region and become a large-scale guild, that was a truly fortunate event. But now?

The dark elven army had just been routed in the east, giving them some room to breathe. On the other hand, with the fall of Potti City, the center was facing a surge of dark elves and other enemies from the north. This meant the situation in the center was currently much worse than in the east.

At such a time, what sort of invitation was this? Wasn’t this just a request for troops and cannon fodder?

Celine almost cursed before she realised that the person sitting across her was the rank 2 Protector of the East. She suppressed her rage by force of will, leading to nothing but a smudge in her expression.

Leylin remained silent for a while. He finally let out a bitter smile. “The central region was originally protected on all four sides. It was extremely stable and peaceful, and was the best choice for accommodation. But currently, it’s being eyed by our enemies. Logan, do you really want me to suffer?”

“I understand your problem! But…“ Logan said hesitantly, “Firstly, I can tell you, this is an order of the Guardian of the Realm. We are to summon forth assistance from all four regions. Additionally, regardless of the other large-scale guilds’ intentions, I can guarantee that my own guild will step forward and enter the central region!”

Logan stood up and vowed solemnly to Leylin, even bending his head all the way to his knees.

“Sir Leylin! For Twilight Zone, and for the entire human race, I hope you can help us!”

In that moment, Leylin felt like Logan’s body was glowing. That expression greatly moved Celine who was at his side.

“Hu…” Leylin locked his brows, and seemed to be deep in thought. Logan and Celine, on the other hand, were afraid to even breathe too loudly for fear of interrupting Leylin’s ruminations.

“I’ll help you…”

After a few moments, Leylin produced an answer, bringing a sudden streak of joy across Logan’s face and causing Celine to worry. She wanted to speak out, but was abruptly thwarted by Leylin continuing, “but I have a few conditions!”

“Speak!” Logan’s voice could not conceal his excitement.

Leylin raised his index finger. “Firstly, The resources and seat you promised previously must be handed over to us unconditionally!”

“Of course; you’re entitled to the resources and treatment given to a large-scale guild. If that bunch of brats dare to embezzle anything, I will kill them immediately!” Logan’s tone was merciless, but during war the protector did indeed have the authority to do such a thing.

“Great!” he raised another finger, “In addition, I need to keep my land and position in the east!”

“Want to leave an escape route? Sure! I can promise you that! Anything for mankind!” Logan considered the condition for only a few moments before he agreed in delight.

“Anything for mankind!” Leylin chuckled to himself. He had always known that the central region would be where everything would come to a head, and his plans also required that he go there. Hence, he had already considered going to the central region.

Keeping a hold of their land here was obviously for him to retain the icy cave. There would have been no further negotiations if this point had been rejected. Leylin would rather secede from Twilight Zone than share the icy cave with anyone.

Now, he didn’t mind putting on a little show.

Logan was truly touched. Many large guilds that he had visited previously had refused to help. After all, Magi were all rational beings, and they too had to think of their subordinates. The central region was now full of danger; how then was it more alluring than the east?

“Ley… … Sir Leylin, Twilight Zone will forever remember your contribution!”

Logan appeared very reassured, as he entered his metallic lifeform and hurriedly left. It seemed like he still had many guilds to visit.

“Sir! Why did you…” Immediately after Logan left, Celine asked with urgency.

“I have already decided. You can stay behind and guard this place if you wish. In any case, we will retain our land in the east. Going to the center is merely a gamble. It doesn’t matter if we fail, and if we do manage to succeed, Nature’s Alliance will become one of the central region’s large-scale guilds! Isn’t that what you’ve always been dreaming of?” Leylin smiled at Celine, placid.

“But… what about your safety?” Celine knew that the rise of Nature’s Alliance was founded completely on the formidable strength of the man before her. Were they to lose him, the consequences would be unimaginable.

“You do not need to worry about my safety, for I will not put myself in a deadly situation. Furthermore, do you not trust my abilities?” Leylin persuaded her calmly.

Celine nodded and her heart calmed. As the person who came into contact with Leylin the most and the one closest to him, she deeply believed in the man’s unfathomable abilities.

Sometimes, the display of just a fraction of his power could scare her breathless.

“Okay! Pass the orders. A new batch of Magi and acolytes are to be chosen, we set off in ten days!” Leylin commanded.

“Yes!” Celine saluted withdrew herself with a bow. Nature’s Alliance was currently under Leylin’s sole command, and nobody in the guild could disobey him. Although there were some small troubles initially, Leylin’s absolute authority ensured the orders for the mobilization of their forces were sent out methodically.

Although many acolytes feared the disorder in the central region, they also craved adventure. Despite the danger, there were also many magicians there who had gained rewards aplenty.

As for the higher ups? Their fates were in Leylin’s hand, so what choice would they have?

After ten days, an enormous squadron had been formed, and began advancing towards the central region

Meanwhile, at the entrance of the canyon of Nature’s Alliance, Celine was clad in a purple gown. She observed the squadron proceed slowly until they disappeared along the horizon.

Due to some considerations Leylin had, he wanted Celine to remain here.

“You must definitely return alive!” She prayed as she returned to Nature’s Alliance.

“Guild master!” Several official Magi and acolytes hastily greeted her. They knew of Leylin’s and Celine’s relationship, and the fact that both of them were the nominal masters of the guild, so they did not dare to be negligent

Upon witnessing this scene, Celine felt some emptiness in her heart, but shortly after, another unfamiliar feeling arose.

“You may rise! The dark elves in the eastern region have already retreated, leaving behind many resources for us to conquer. This is our chance!” Celine’s voice was cold yet noble, and no one dared to look straight at her.

“Things will only be interesting when some leeway is given to these sorts of women”

Meanwhile, on a luxurious vehicle pulled by a giant salamander, Leylin stroked his chin and he broke into a demonic chuckle.

A woman like Celine could only bloom completely if authority was given to her. Hence, Leylin had intentionally given her position and power in the guild. He was sure that, in their next meeting, she would definitely not disappoint him.

Furthermore, his goals during this journey to the center were too large for Celine’s strength to be of assistance to him. He was also not in the mood to get intimate with her, so he had left her behind.

“The central region!” Leylin quietly went over the intelligence he had gathered regarding the central region.

It was the core of the entire Twilight Zone with a very high population density. The strength of its large-scale guilds largely surpassed that of guilds in the other regions. Yet, this was not the most horrifying fact…

“The Guardian of the Realm… …” Leylin let out a sigh.

The position of the Guardian was normally given to the most powerful Magus in the entirety of Twilight Zone.

But the Protector of the East, Logan, had met him several times and their abilities should be on par. Hence, the Guardian of the Realm should be a powerhouse even amongst rank 3 Magi. If not for his lifespan that was almost depleted, Leylin would not dare to play such tricks.

The squadron proceeded gradually, and the roaming darkness creatures and bandits on their path fled in all directions the moment they spotted them. They did not dare to obstruct Leylin’s party and offend them

The bandits were observant and naturally realised that this squadron was composed of Magi. As for the darkness creatures, they could sense the strong aura travelling towards them and escaped for fear of death.

Thus, the journey was rather a peaceful one.

Along the way, Nature’s Alliance had amassed a following of several other medium-scale guilds as well as a few small-scale guilds. They, too, had heeded the call and wanted to go to the central region to keep watch.

Upon witnessing Nature Alliance’s standard, the guild masters of different guilds immediately came forth to visit him, and even let go of their pride to discuss the possibility of joining forces to advance.

After all, the fact that Leylin was a member of Nature’s Alliance was made known to many. That was a rank 2 Magus! With him there, the procession would definitely make it to the central region without any hiccups.

“Although there are a few idealists in there, most of them are those with great ambitions who are willing to take a gamble!”

After a look, Leylin evaluated these people indifferently.

However, he still agreed to their requests. The horse carriages, which formed a large procession resembling a river, began to travel towards the central region.

As Magi could illuminate the path ahead with spells, there was no need for the carriages to carry torches.

The giant sunstone was placed on the top of a carriage, illuminating the surroundings and their path brightly.

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