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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 365: Life Absorption

Chapter 365: Life Absorption

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Leylin was actually full of praise for the last guinea pig.

To be able to overcome the pressure to help their own race, and to disregard the norms and side with the enemy race, that required courage and decisiveness that not many possessed.

“It’s a pity that since all the information you get is transparent to me, it’s useless no matter what you do.” Leylin sighed, eyes flashing with a dangerous light.

“My lord!” At this moment, a Magus’ voice sounded outside.

“Come in!”

“Yes!” The fabric for the tent was pushed aside, and a kindly old geezer entered. This was Iren, the peak rank 1 Magus Leylin had forced into his service.

He had many plans for the central region, and had naturally brought his strongest helpers to put them into practice.

“The inconveniences around Ardent Gale Lake have been taken care of. We can move in at any time,” Iren respectfully lowered his head, reporting to Leylin.

Though the central region had gone all out and agreed to give Nature’s Alliance resources that were usually reserved for large-scale guilds, there were still many problems which Nature’s Alliance needed to handle themselves.

Magi could be controlled, but dangerous creatures would not obediently listen to the orders of the war council.

“You did well!” Leylin nodded slightly.

Ardent Gale Lake was where they were going to be garrisoned. It would be Nature’s Alliance’s headquarters in the central region.

Iren responded deferentially to Leylin’s indifferent commands, and withdrew quickly.

“Also!” Just as Iren was about to leave, he heard Leylin’s voice, “I want to go out for a bit, and I’m leaving you in charge. Be careful of the surrounding dangers.”

“Of course, my lord.” Iren bowed even lower.

“En!” Leylin nodded, waving his arms and letting Iren leave.

The next job was construction, something that was both troublesome and time-consuming. Leylin could not be bothered with helping, so he left everything to Iren.

If this was his previous world, this might result in him becoming a mere figurehead, but the Magus world was different.

His own strength rivalled or even surpassed that of the rest of Nature’s Alliance combined! Not to mention, he still had full control of Iren’s life. He still had the man’s spirit source!

Hence, Leylin did not worry one bit that Iren would betray him.

“It’s also time to see some old friends.” Leylin laughed slightly, and his body was suddenly engulfed in black mist.

*Pak!* With a light noise, the black mist suddenly exploded, and Leylin’s figure disappeared from the tent.


“Ernis, are you sure that he is vulnerable right now? This is a rank 2 Magus we’re talking about!”

Somewhere else underground, Longbottom wore his black robes with an image of a spider twisting on the back. Eight jet-black claws stretched towards the air, as if trying to draw in some mysterious energy.

“Of course, my lord!” The Magus named Ernis was a pale, sturdy man. His features were clear and he wore exquisite handmade armour. The tattered notebook in his hand stood out, as if it didn’t belong there.

“The great Magus Rosby, the guild leader of Green Waters Garden, will be weakened by restrictions in his high-grade meditation technique, and his strength will fall from that of a rank 2 Magus. I’ve already foreseen the exact time, and even his hiding spot!”

Ernis sounded very confident.

Ever since he’d begun practicing Sacred Flame, every prophecy he’d made had played out in real life. Naturally, he had grown to be sure of their accuracy.

“Good! This operation will be a big one!”

Longbottom closed his eyes, as if he was communicating with the spider on his back. He then suddenly spoke, “The Magi that belong to guilds all own the most land and have the best resources, and restrict us from advancing. They monopolize high-grade meditation techniques and cruelly exploit we acolytes and Magi who have humble backgrounds. Can you tolerate that?”

Longbottom’s body floated to the air, sound magic amplifying his voice tenfold such that it resounded in the underground cavity.

“No!” “No!”

Within this cavity, there were a few acolytes and Magi besides Ernis. Though they looked to be down and out, their eyes seemed to be ablaze.

Few magicians were lucky enough to find inheritances on their own. If the rest were not nurtured by guilds, their futures would be bleak.

As a result of unfair treatment and having been pushed around for a long period of time, Longbottom had easily lit their hearts aflame. He had needed to spend little energy in gathering a large group of magicians to his side.

With the secret support of the dark elves, as well as Longbottom’s generous distribution of high-grade meditation techniques, these magicians had increased their strength by a level or two.

Magi who were able to survive in the cracks of society were all quite capable in their own right, and the amount of power they had been able to muster had left Longbottom tongue-tied.

Now, by brainwashing them into desiring change by revolution, Longbottom had played these Magi into the palm of his hands.

“What do we need?” Longbottom’s voice boomed.

“Revolution!” “Revolution!” “Revolution!”

The sound waves almost launched Ernis off his feet. He stood aside, hearing the acolytes and even official Magi’s shouting themselves hoarse, and flushed red. He felt incomparably cold inside.

At this moment, he felt a mysterious power shrouding them. It seemed as heavy as the mountains and seas, but it had no element to it.

After training in Sacred Flame, Ernis was extremely clear of what this energy was.

“The power of destiny, and so concentrated at that!” Ernis muttered.

“We are now going to destroy a large-scaled guild and kill the rank 2 Magus, Rosby.” Longbottom ordered, full of spirit. Behind him, the spider totem’s eyes suddenly brightened.

*Ka-cha! Ka-cha!* Soft booms sounded from Longbottom’s body as elemental rings of light appeared around him. These were the symbol of a semi-converted Magus.

Immediately, numerous energy rings appeared, creating brilliant lights and vibrant colours. Longbottom’s aura constantly strengthened, until it would not lose out to a peak rank 1 Magus.

“‘Life Absorption,’ a high-grade meditation technique used by dark elven matriarchs. Through drawing on the life force of others, one can advance very quickly, but the aftereffects are severe. If they cannot gather the requisite amount of life energy every day, then the Magus’ own life force will quickly wither, until the technique has drained them completely of their life.”

Ernis lowered his head, hiding the glint in his eyes.

“Looks like Longbottom has been gaining a higher status at the dark elves’ end, and I have pretty much entered the dark elves’ camp and turned into a traitor.”

A sardonic smile appeared on his lips, “But so what if I betrayed them? Magi should only consider their own benefits. My counterparts are still contesting the other child of destiny, how would they have the advantage I gain by being alone? I will be the one with the last laugh!”

Ernis roared in his heart. He felt his own body twist, and the meditation technique that had been advancing at a snail’s pace began to progress at a rapid rate.

He suddenly raised his head and looked at Longbottom, who was ready and waiting.

In his vision, of the powers of destiny that had gathered on Longbottom’s self, a part had quickly turned towards him.

*Ka-cha!* As if he had broken through some bottleneck, tiny elemental rings appeared in his hands, along with a crisp sound emanating from his body.

From a normal Magus who had just advanced, he had become a semi-converted Magus.

“As expected. By changing the course of the river of destiny and taking in its power, Sacred Flame can improve at a rapid pace!” The burly man’s eyes were filled with a crazed excitement.

“How is it? I didn’t lie to you, did I?” A voice suddenly sounded from the tattered notebook.

“En! I was too careless previously. I apologise, dear Magus Merlin!”

The man did not hesitate to lower his head, since he would lose nothing by apologizing.

“You really are quite gutsy to dare tamper with destiny on such a large scale. Longbottom could very well die there!” The old geezer Merlin touched his beard, “Even I have rarely done something this crazy in the 3200 years of my life!”

“Hehe. Longbottom is a child of destiny, he won’t die so easily. As for the other Magi? What do their lives have to do with me?” Ernis snickered, “Even if the child of destiny really were to die here, that will alter the course of the river of destiny as well. How much power could I get from that?”

“And after that, you will be devoured and killed.” Merlin refuted without hesitation.

“It’s all a gamble. I don’t care.” The burly man chuckled, radiating an aura of determination and madness.

These two auras mixed together and formed something even more contradictory.

Merlin sighed, but did not speak further. Inside, however, it was sending the main A.I. Chip and Leylin some information.

[Target has developed type 2 mental breakdown. Data has been recorded as such: …]


Somewhere at a high altitude, Leylin halted his footsteps.

“Interesting! What an interesting plan!”

His lips quirked up in a smile.

“The central region is unstable right now, but it hasn’t been pushed past the tipping point yet. Let me be the one to do that.”

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