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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 367: Clone Seed

Chapter 367: Clone Seed

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Ernis looked defeated. “So I’m definitely going to die?”

Merlin sneered in his mind. “Not necessarily! Longbottom is a child of destiny, and is not one to fall so easily. Besides, do you think the matriarch backing him doesn’t have any contingency plans?”

“You dare offend me, a respected rank 2 Magus? You will pay for this humiliation in blood!”Rosby declared grimly, and a line of spiritual force converged that was tinged silver.

The rank 2 Magus had even been slightly frightened. If he hadn’t possessed a technique that could temporarily suppress his weakness, he could have died just then.

A rank 2 Magus dying at the hands of a group of rank 1 Magi would be the biggest joke in Twilight Zone’s history!

Rosby felt like a robust adult who had been bitten by an ant. The humiliation irked him to his soul.

This secret technique was not without cost. His period of vulnerability would be extended, and in the times of war, this could have had deadly consequences. Hence, he was now truly enraged.

“I shall turn you into maggots, making you rot and suffer underground for ten thousand years. I swear it!” Rosby’s eyes were completely red, and great amounts of solidified silver spiritual force swept through the area.

“Damn it. Use that!” Longbottom yelled.

The two dark elves behind him exchanged a glance and nodded, silver rays shooting out of their eyes. In that moment, their expressions were that of those preparing for death.

They then produced jewelled daggers with a strange curve, aimed them at their own hearts and jabbed in.

*Puk! Puk!* Two peak rank 1 elves collapsed, a bloody mist spreading from their chests.

The phantom image of the spider behind Longbottom had been seriously injured by spiritual force and was on the verge of disappearing. However, it suddenly twitched and absorbed the red blood-mist, quickly restoring itself. Its aura continually strengthened, until it was almost strong enough to rival the rank 2 Magus ahead of it.

“What- What’s going on?” Ernis was astonished.

“Hehe, nothing much. It’s just a sacrifice! The same old thing that the dark elves always use.” Merlin laughed sarcastically.

“Dark elven society is made up of clans. Every clan has its matriarch, and they all have immense control over their descendants. This control runs deep in the blood, and is very difficult to free oneself from. Even if it’s a peak rank 1 Magus, a mere spiritual suggestion would convince them to kill themselves without hesitation.”

“The meditation technique Longbottom is training in is one that absorbs life energy. After absorbing that of two peak rank 1 Magi, although he can’t defeat his opponent, he will most likely escape…”

“Hm? What about me?” Ernis was suddenly put in a difficult spot. Longbottom could leave, but he was just a semi-converted Magus. How was he to escape?

“This is the retaliation of destiny! Longbottom, being a child of destiny, can escape successfully. You’ll be left behind as an outlet for the rank 2 Magus to vent his anger upon!” Merlin’s voice was frigid, rendering Ernis silent.

His eyes turned white again as he tried to think up some countermeasures. He was trying to make a prediction, but he did not get anything.

“What should I do next?” Ernis’ voice was hoarse.

“Pray! At this point, you can do nothing but pray!” Merlin’s voice displayed his helplessness, “If I still had my body, killing him would be as easy as crushing an ant. But now? You can only hope he doesn’t prolong your life to torture you.”

“No! No! I still have hope!” Ernis stared hard at Longbottom, “As long as my lord is willing to save me, I can…”

Ernis’ words stuck in his throat. He watched as Longbottom, who was manipulating the phantom spider and battling with Rosby, quickly withdrew.

Black gas flew everywhere and increased his speed. In a moment, he disappeared into the horizon.

“I… I…” Ernis’ eyes were filled with despair.

On the other end, Rosby who had lost Longbottom turned his attention to the semi-converted Magus.

A giant silver claw flew forth, its strength not something that Ernis could resist, and grabbed him!

“Am I going to die? I can’t accept this!” Ernis closed his eyes. Powerful solidified spiritual force causing the magical power in his body to become sluggish in its movements. He could do nothing in the face of a rank 2 Magus’ wrath.


At this moment, a low voice sounded from the horizon a long distance away, carrying with it a berserk energy.

“Hm? An opportunity! A person seeking revenge against Rosby seems to have appeared. I’ll use my power to cover your presence. Quick, run!”

Merlin’s voice was hurried, and with a sudden feeling of coldness infiltrating his senses, Ernis found himself able to move once again. He quickly escaped, dodging the attack of the giant claw. Without looking behind him, he quickly left.

Rosby did not pursue him, because a rank 2 spiritual force was now focused on him. He raised his head and saw a black figure rushing over from the horizon.

This figure’s face was shrouded by black mist, causing him to be unable to tell the real appearance of this person.

“Who are you? I don’t think we’ve met.” Rosby sounded out.

He was currently in a very dangerous situation, and his secret technique could lose its effect at any time, causing him to fall down to rank 1. That would be very dangerous.

“It doesn’t matter who I am, but this is a seed I planted. How could I let you harvest it?” The figure’s voice was robotic, obviously having been altered.

“Seed? Harvest? Are you…” Rosby’s stunned expression immediately warped into an immense fear.

Mist! Large amounts of black mist brought with it a silver luster, forming a large maze that trapped him within.

“He plans to limit my strength, and after my secret technique stops working, he’ll deal with me.” Rosby could tell his opponent’s intentions with a glance. He waved his arm, and numerous silver arrows flew into the mist.

*Pu pu! Pu pu! Pu pu!*

The arrows of light flew into the wall of mist and instantly disappeared, causing Rosby to pale.

“You don’t need to consider calling a friend or anything of the sort. This place has already been sealed by me, and no information can be transmitted out.”

The voice from before sounded in the black maze, but it did come from a single location.

His opponent was very cautious in dealing with a rank 2 Magus that had used a secret technique to somehow return to his regular strength. He had not appeared, preventing him from using some powerful force that could destroy everything.

A look of hopelessness appeared on Rosby’s face.

Ten or so minutes passed, and Rosby bellowed, unresigned. The aura on his body quickly weakened, and lines of wrinkles appeared on his face. His appearance changed from that of a middle-aged man to that of an old man.

This meant the secret technique was no longer in effect. He was once again weak, vulnerable.

Seeing this, large amounts of mist pounced on him…

*Pak!* The black maze dispersed, and a single black flame fell, burning Rosby’s corpse to ashes.

Leylin weighed the green ring in his hand, a smile blossoming on his face.

“As expected of the guild leader of a large-scaled guild. He’s accumulated plenty of things, and there’s even a spacial magic artifact!”

He stared closely at the ring in his hand. It was extremely slender and looked like it was for a female to use. Its surface was decorated with flowers and vines, forming an exotic image.

“There are many good items in this spatial ring, but the defensive layer on the surface is slightly troublesome. I’ll need to use the A.I. Chip and slowly analyse it.”

Leylin scratched his chin and kept the green ring away.

Rosby was a rank 2 Magus and had a spatial item. He would definitely have a lot of resources on his body, the total value of which could even exceed that of those stored in Green Water Gardens’ headquarters.

Gaining this was akin to robbing a large-scaled guild, as well as all the property belonging to a rank 2 Magus.

“The gains aren’t too bad this time. Also, hehe…” Leylin laughed coldly.

On the surface of the ring, he felt a tiny connection to a being a distance away. This meant that Rosby had yet to truly die.

The connection was minute, and if not for Leylin already being a rank 2 Magus, as well as the A.I. Chip’s help in carefully scanning the ring a few times, he might not even have noticed this.

If his opponent were to escape this time and find the ring on Leylin’s person, things would be bad.

But now? Leylin glanced in the direction that Ernis had fled, a slight smile on his face.

“It’s great that you could come back!” Longbottom glanced at Ernis, revealing a bright smile.

“I was just lucky!” Ernis laughed wryly, though the seed of distrust had been planted within him.

The two of them had already returned to the little manor.

The four Secret Silver Puppets had been reduced to dust after being attacked by the two dark elves and many Magi.

“Do you know who that Magus is?” Longbottom asked Ernis.

“No, but he should be an enemy of Rosby’s. The strength of a rank 2 Magus is too far off, so I couldn’t gather any useful information.” Ernis seemed a little regretful.

All of a sudden, he felt a prophecy entering his mind, and his eyes turned white.

“Rosby is dead, but the seed of a clone is still within the headquarters of Green Water Gardens!”

Ernis quickly passed on this information to Longbottom and asked, “What should we do?”

“Is there a need to ask?” A sinister smile appeared on Longbottom’s face.

“Summon our people. We shall go to their headquarters!”

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