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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 387: Discovery of A Warlock

Chapter 387: Discovery of A Warlock

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Celine watched Leylin who was bathing in the light from the sun stones, seemingly intoxicated by the sight.

Leylin still retained his handsome young appearance, as if the passing of time did not leave any traces on him. He, who was glimmering with golden rays, seemed to be a war god wrapped in golden robes.

It was this young man who had already reached the apex in Twilight Zone, having seized immense authority that nobody could even imagine of possessing!

“How are the results of the experiment?” Celine asked.

“Quite alright!” Though there was a smile on his face, it seemed slightly dark, and Celine tactfully did not ask further.

Leylin’s hand groped around her body, but his thoughts were someplace else.

Through supplements from numerous high-grade meditation technique, the A.I. Chip’s meditation technique databank was becoming even more complete, and it had even simulated the fourth level of Kemoyin’s Pupil!

However, Leylin was still slightly worried. He planned on searching for the original Kemoyin’s Pupil meditation technique to compare as well as improve his own. It was always better to be more careful when it came to anything that had to do with the spirit.

If the situation with the meditation technique was a good thing, there was something else that made Leylin’s mood the worst it could be. He looked at his stats.

[Leylin Farlier. Rank 3 Warlock, Bloodline: Giant Kemoyin Serpent. Strength: 23.6, Agility: 20.1, Vitality: 35.7, Spiritual force: 206.5, Magic power: 206 (Magic power is in synchronisation with spiritual force).]

“Fifteen years! It’s been fifteen whole years, and the improvement in my meditation technique has been slight. If not for the numbers given by the A.I. Chip, I would have suspected I had completely stopped improving.”

Leylin’s expression was dark. In these fifteen years, he had hovered around the level of a rank 3 Warlock that had just advanced. He had not even reached the Vapour Phase of his spiritual force. This speed was making him go crazy.

Though Leylin liked to enjoy himself, those were things he did while he was not increasing his strength. At his level, he might not have a rival in Twilight Zone and be the tyrant he was. However, how was this the life that he wanted?

Before obtaining the greatest strength at the apex, Leylin did not plan to slow his footsteps.

“The resources of Twilight Zone are plentiful for rank 1 and 2 Magi, but for rank 3, they’re insufficient. In addition, based on calculations by the A.I. Chip, to become a rank 3 Magus with gaseous spiritual force, I need to have a Vapour Phase spell formation, but it doesn’t exist in Twilight Zone!”

Leylin pondered, “In addition, there’s still the Kemoyin’s Pupil meditation technique. Though the A.I. Chip has simulated a portion of it, it’s better to get the original and refer to it.”

“All these can’t be obtained in Twilight Zone!”

Leylin made his mind, while the beautiful woman beside him let out a frail gasp.

Leylin, who had come back to himself, realised that his hand seemed to have reached a very deep place that was causing Celine to let out pants.

Without telling Celine his plans, Leylin embraced and ferociously rolled her onto the bed…


Even though he enjoyed this pleasure, Leylin did not lose himself to it. He rejected Celine’s suggestion of gathering the Magi of Nature’s Alliance Academy and instead left, keeping a low profile and travelling around Twilight Zone.

On one hand, Leylin was filled with curiosity about Twilight Zone. After all, he had never truly toured the area, and only gathered information through maps and the information in the A.I. Chip, which was only one aspect of it.

More importantly, Leylin wanted to try his luck. He might even be fortunate enough to discover the legacy of some ancient Magus!

Leylin rejected Celine’s requests to accompany him and went on the road since he was used to travelling alone.

He weaved through Twilight Zone. He went deep into the nests of darkness creatures, but also headed to the edge of the world, to see the Magma Sea that stretched as far as the eye could see.

While journeying, Leylin disguised himself as a common wandering Magus. With the A.I. Chip and directions from the coin of destiny, he found quite a few inheritances and the like.

It was a pity that these were all small harvests, and were dispensable to Leylin.

The more dangerous areas, such as Icy World and the Weeping Ghost Grounds that were extremely terrifying, would cause damage to the coin of destiny and were not places Leylin could go to as of yet.

Even so, with his own instincts and the slight directions of the coin, Leylin continued to wander.

A thick darkness constantly shrouded around the earth, and only the light on the carriage persisted, illuminating the surrounding area.

“Is that Grand Ivy Canyon is a ruin left behind by Morning Star Magi?”

On the carriage, Leylin was conversing with another wandering Magus.

Leylin was now concealing his frightening rank 3 aura, and also made adjustments to his outer appearance. Nobody would be able to recognise him as the legendary Glorious Guardian.

After all, he did not want to be surrounded and watched everywhere he went.

He was now having a delightful conversation with a wandering Magus he had just met.

“Yes! I once excavated the outer portions of a ruin and found part of a sculpture there… The surrounding aboriginal culture has also recorded this matter.” The slender blue-haired Magus with a goatee was speaking excitedly.

His name was Pharen. Though he was merely a rank 1 official Magus, he was unusually interested in travelling and adventures. He had once explored many famous ruins and had a great reputation amongst wandering Magi.

Leylin listened quietly while sitting beside him, occasionally asking a few questions and providing opinions, which caused Pharen’s eyes to sparkle.

With his current knowledge, there were few in Twilight Zone who could be compared with him. With just a few words, Pharen was full of praise for him.

Leylin chatted with him once in a while, forcing down the anxiety in his heart.

“I forcefully made a prophecy while disregarding the damage done to the Coin of Destiny. I finally found out that the way to improve further is in the west, but now that I’m here and almost at the Magma Sea, why haven’t I discovered anything yet?”

Leylin dug his hands into his bosom and caressed the surface of the coin of destiny.

On the simple gold coin, there were already two fine cracks, causing Leylin to feel pain in his heart.

“Oh! By the way, may I know what Sir Reynold’s intentions are in accompanying me deep inside here?” Pharen asked.

This was a question that had been in his heart for a long time.

“This is the common territory of the dark elves and dwarves. Though us humans have now seized control, if they see us in the outskirts, we could easily be surrounded and attacked.”

“There are a few things I have to take care of. Besides, I want to see that magnificent scene you mentioned about the lava tides.” Leylin laughed slightly in answer.

Pharen’s eyes brightened, feeling like he had found someone who could understand himself.

“Not bad. Based on my guesses, the lava tides that are going to burst out will be the largest in a whole century! They might even surge to the surface!” Pharen’s face was flushed.

“That’s impossible. There are several hundred kilometres of earth crust until we reach the surface!” While Leylin said this, his heart suddenly lurched.

The surface? This was something worth considering. Perhaps the directions from the coin of destiny had to do with this.

Of course, Leylin was not going to start fantasising and think that he could use the magma and break through the crust. That was something even Morning Star Magi might not be able to do.

“But this is still possible in theory. As long as I find a suitable place and channel, such as a volcano…”

Leylin touched his chin, thinking that he would need to inspect a few lava lakes that could link him to the surface.

While Leylin was deep in thought, a strange undulation caused him to awaken in surprise.

“This is…” Red rays flashed in his eyes, “A resonance with my bloodline… Who is it?”

He abruptly looked in a direction, stirred up and grim.

“What’s going on?” Pharen waved his hand curiously, and the carriage stopped.

Immediately after, he felt Magi’s energy fluctuations travelling from the direction Leylin was looking at.

“So it’s a battle between Magi! Sir Reynold’s acuity is truly admirable!” Pharen sighed in heartfelt awe.

Just this extraordinary sensory ability made it clear that this Magus called Reynold was ranked far above him.

An energy aura far away sensed something and began to head in this direction at a mad dash.

“Sir Reynold, it looks like they are going to use us as a shield!” Pharen sneered.

Such a scheme was as crude and laughable as a little tease in the eyes of Magi. However, seeing someone dared provoke himself, Pharen’s eyes flashed with an icy glint.

*Shoo!* A brownish-yellow ray launched over.

The response from his bloodline became more intense.

The yellow light stopped in front of the carriage, revealing a middle-aged Magus. His skin let off a bronze light, and there were numerous traces of burning on his skin. The lines on his face were resolute, and even while heavily injured, he still emanated the charm of a mature man. What was even more eye-catching were his eyes, which was a pair of amber pupils!

“A Warlock! He’s definitely a Warlock, and he has a deep relationship with my bloodline!”

Leylin’s eyes met with the other’s, and they immediately understood each other’s identities.

After seeing Leylin, the middle-aged Magus’ expression slackened and he produced something like an emblem to Leylin, “My lord, please save me!”

He used the Byron Language, which was a mandatory subject for all Magi. Leylin naturally understood.

*Thud!* As if he had relaxed too much, the middle-aged man could not hold on any longer and collapsed, fainting on the ground.

*Pak!* The emblem accurately fell in the palm of Leylin’s hand.

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