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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 388: Mankestre Bloodline Warlock

Chapter 388: Mankestre Bloodline Warlock

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The emblem was rather small, the back being a bronze base.

After seeing the symbol on the front, Leylin’s pupils suddenly shrunk.

It was a giant black serpent formed from numerous runes, holding its tail in its mouth and forming a strange circular imprint.

“That symbol! I’ve seen it before in the Dylan Gardens!” Leylin obviously would not have forgotten this. The memory was still fresh in his mind.

When he was in the Dylan Gardens, there was a large oil painting of this black snake holding its tail in its mouth in Great Magus Serholm’s inheritance. Behind that oil painting had been where Leylin had obtained Kemoyin’s Pupil.

This symbol could be said to mark the beginning of Leylin’s path as a Warlock!

“Him being a Warlock, the resonance of our bloodlines, and the symbol!” Leylin weighed the emblem in his palm, “Looks like he was what the Coin of Destiny was leading me towards.”

“What? Reynold, you know him?” Old Pharen asked.

“No, but I need to rescue him.” Leylin’s tone was light but held within an unquestionable resolve.

“My apologies, but if you insist, we can only part ways here. I don’t want to meet with any trouble.”

As a Magus, Pharen instinctively declined.

A rank 1 Magus like that usually represented some form of trouble, and Pharen had no wish to provoke it.

Besides, he and Leylin had merely met en route and just got along well. He wasn’t close enough to Leylin that he’d take risks for him.

“Of course. You can leave first.” Leylin answered, not finding Pharen’s choice strange.

If Pharen was the type to ardently insist on staying with him, he wouldn’t have been able to live to this age.

“I’m sorry!” With an apologetic look on his face, he made to get on the carriage and leave.

“Stop right there!” At this moment, a sudden sound was heard, bringing with it a loud boom.

Five or six streaks of glaring lights shone over from the skies, and by the time the shine dissipated, the figures of six different Magi had appeared.

They were evidently a mix of races, and the presence of dark elves and dwarves surprised Leylin,

*Rumble!* Amidst the flying dust, a group of elite Underground Winter Spider knights and dwarven soldiers hurried over.

“Human Magus?”

The dwarf and dark elf in charge furrowed their brows after seeing Leylin and Pharen.

Twilight Zone was now a place where the human race had the highest status. Even in the outer regions, human Magi would be respected. Of course, if they were in the desolate outskirts, there would be situations where these races murdered humans and robbed them of their treasures.

Although such acts occurred, there would be no traces left behind, lest the humans use it as a cause to invade.

It was difficult to eliminate two Magi and prevent news from spreading.

“This is a despicable thief that stole the sacred item that our two races are jointly protecting. Magi, please don’t misunderstand!” The dark elven and dwarven Magi warned them.

“Protecting a sacred item? What is it?” Leylin curiously scanned the unconscious middle-aged Warlock with his spiritual force and then found a green bundle of vines in his arms.

A concentrated life force extended from within the vine ball.

“So it’s this!” A look of understanding flashed in Leylin’s eyes.

This bundle of vines was actually called the Vitality Fruitvine, and it held within a large amount of life force essence. To those races that trained in meditation techniques like the dark elves’ Life Absorption, it was truly invaluable.

It could replenish much life force and treat injuries or even save lives and was naturally thought of highly by soldiers and the artisan dwarves. That was why these two races were looking after it together.

The reason why Leylin was so knowledgeable on this was because this fruit had always been a major product in the dark elves’ and dwarves’ yearly offerings, and Leylin enjoyed a whole portion of them alone.

Because of him, there was a shortage of these Vitality Fruitvines. Even the theft of one fruit would result in one getting in much trouble and being hunted down.

“Though you are human Magi, these sacred items have to be offered up to the Guardian of the Realm, Lord Leylin!”

Seeing Leylin still unmoved, a dark elf threatened.

“Magus Reynold, you’ve brought me trouble!” Pharen laughed bitterly.

Pharen naturally knew of the famous Guardian of the Realm. Se was the ruler of the entirety of Twilight Zone!

Even he, a wandering Magus, had many mentors and acolytes to take care of. He could not truly break away from them.

At the mention of the legendary rank 3 Magus, Pharen seemed to have plans of casting away this troublesome matter. “Reynold, we…”

“Pfft!” Leylin could not hold it in and began to laugh.

The smile on his face became so big that he even bent down, holding his belly with both hands, unable to rein in his laughter.

“Human Magus, why are you laughing?” Their leaders exchanged a glance, having a bad feeling.

At this time, they took note of the handsome young man in front of them, his face seeming to be exceptionally familiar with them.

“It’s the first time someone’s used my own name to threaten me!” After laughing, Leylin’s expression darkened.

At the same time, there was a strange change to his face, as if there was a spontaneous removal of some concealing method.

An aura similar to the awakening of an ancient wild beast began to emanate from his body.

*Thud! Thud! Thud! Thud!* The eight legs of the Underground Winter Spiders began to tremble and they weakly fell to the ground. The Underground Winter Spider knights and Dwarven soldiers all fell.

Leylin took a step forward, and space seemed to freeze.

The six Magi in mid-air were forced to the ground, expressions full of terror.

“You- You- You’re Leylin Farlier, the Guardian of Twilight Zone, the Great Emperor of the Night!”

Pharen’s mouth widened, his goatee sticking up. His fingers were trembling and he was so scared he was almost unable to speak.

Goodness! So the one who had been journeying with him was the lord Guardian whose name had spread far and wide? The one who was almost deified?

Pharen immediately searched through his memories until he found he had not said anything unpleasant about Nature’s Alliance or Leylin himself, and then heaved a sigh of relief.

After that, however, his heart got stuck in his throat once more.

Previously, he had been planning on leaving Leylin and that Magus to flee for his life. Would this behaviour gain the displeasure of the Radiant Guardian?

Compared to the inner conflicts Pharen had, the blow Leylin’s appearance had towards these other races was completely different.

“Greetings to lord Guardian of the Realm!” The dark elven and dwarven Magi immediately bowed.

Even if he were a fake, the unique energy undulations from a rank 3 Magus could not be mistaken.

The Magi of both races had a very deep impression of Leylin’s expression, and even if they were turned to dust, they would not get it wrong.

After all, Leylin had destroyed the splendour their two races had possessed, and even killed their rulers brazenly!

Leylin was now like a devil king or monster to them.

“En! Tell the people behind you that I’m going to take this man. This Vitality Fruitvine will also be considered part of this year’s portion.” Leylin indifferently ordered.

He was not planning to use raw force because that would just be bullying them.

“Understood, my lord.” The dark elven and dwarven Magi heaved a long sigh, bowed, and then withdrew quickly as if there was a great monster chasing them.

The news of Leylin’s appearance here was much too mind-blowing, and they had to bring this news to their higher-ups immediately to be able to respond.


“Are you awake? If you are, come here!” The middle-aged Magus opened his eyes, Leylin’s voice sounding by his ear.

He immediately got up and saw Leylin standing aside, playing with a test tube full of blood. Within that test tube were strands of earthen-yellow that had congealed, unable to scatter.

“Kubler greets my lord!” he immediately knelt respectfully, looking deferential and awed, as if a wolf that had seen its king.

Leylin had sensed this. He had the feeling that through his bloodline, he could influence this Magus.

This was a terrifying thing.

“The Huge Mankestre Snake! Your bloodline comes from the Wilted Huge Mankestre Snake.” Leylin concluded.

“Yes. Warlock of the Mankestre Bloodline, Kubler, greets my lord!” he bowed once more.

“No wonder…” Leylin shook his head.

He finally understood the strange feeling he got from this man.

The Wilted Huge Snake Mankestre was said to have a trace of the bloodline of the Giant Kemoyin Serpent. Though it was thinned out, it was still a descendant of the Kemoyin Serpent.

In the face of a true Warlock of the Giant Kemoyin Serpent, it was natural to be affected and suppressed by him.

When Leylin was still an acolyte, he had once seen a Huge Mankestre Snake. Though it was still young, it was enough to cause him a headache.

The matured body of this Huge Mankestre Snake was comparable to that of an official Magus. Though it was nothing in Leylin’s eyes now, that was a terrifying strength for acolytes.

“Well then, tell me your history and your reason in coming here.”

Leylin spoke expressionlessly, though his eyes were enough for Kubler’s heart to turn cold.

Though he could not use spirit-searching spells on official Magi, it was very easy for Leylin, a Warlock who had already advanced to rank 3, to completely smash the spirit and extract spirit fragments from him.

Though he would not get a complete set of information if he did that, and this Warlock would definitely die, it was very possible.

Fortunately, Kubler was evidently a sharp-witted man and deathly afraid of Leylin. Soon enough, he systematically narrated his origins.

After hearing a few words, Leylin’s expression became grim.

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