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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 394: Engaged

Chapter 394: Engaged

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“This is the crest of the Rolithe Family!” Kubler took a quick glance and concluded.

He knew that his master was not of the central continent and knew nothing about this matter. He went on to explain, “The Rolithe Family is a rather famous Magus Family in the Black River region. It’s said that there’s a rank 3 Magus in charge there!”

“A rank 3 Magus? What stage is he at?” Leylin asked on.

Rank 3 was a period where one prepared to become a rank 4 Morning Star Magus. It took a long time and was extremely difficult to cross. Within it, there were a few smaller stages, and each stage meant a large difference in strength for Magi.

For instance, a rank 3 Magus at the Vapour Phase was definitely capable of suppressing a few Magi who had yet to reach that stage.

“All information regarding the strongest Magi is confidential. We subordinates know very little about it…” A look of shame appeared on Kubler’s face.

“But that Magus Rolithe once won against a rank 3 Vapour Phase challenger, so his might cannot be underestimated.”

“Is that so? I understand.” Leylin seemed absent-minded. As long as his opponent was not at the Hydro Phase or above, he was confident in his abilities.

“It’s all up to you now. I hope you won’t continue to provoke me, or else…” Leylin lowered his head, a dark glint flashing in his eyes.

The first class cabin not only had individual rooms but also had the luxury of a dining hall with fine wine, all included in the ticket price.

After all, given the value of magic crystals, normal food and drink were all very cheap.

Only precious ingredients and high-energy beings could be used to make delicacies that were effective for Magi. That was why they were sold at such a high price.

“Sit, Kubler.” Leylin sat down at a round table with a white tablecloth spread over it without asking anyone and then called Kubler over.

Kubler bowed respectfully, and seated himself at the edge of the seat, not daring to get comfortable.

He was now a retainer of Leylin and was similar to a high-grade servant. It was natural that he acted respectfully, lest he be punished by his owner.

Leylin noticed this and sighed inside.

Kubler’s behaviour showed how rigid the hierarchal system in the Ouroboros Clan was.

Luckily, he was not only a Giant Kemoyin Serpent Warlock with a pure bloodline but also a rank 3 Magus. The moment he went there, he would be considered one of the higher-ups and would not have to suffer.

“The fourth level of Kemoyin’s Pupil, as well as information regarding the shackles of bloodline! I have to obtain them from the Ouroboros Clan.” Leylin schemed.

Though he had successfully simulated the level of Kemoyin’s Pupil through the A.I. Chip and information regarding multiple meditation techniques in Twilight Zone, he was not that confident. Hence, he still had an intense desire for the original.

High-grade meditation techniques were usually not for training the body. They also related to a modification of the spirit, and this was something the A.I. Chip would not be able to calculate.

Just like Sacred Flame before, the A.I. Chip had made changes, but there were a few issues during the experimentation stage with the guinea pigs. Leylin did not want a repeat of this disaster, especially since this was not going to be on any guinea pig but himself!

“Mister, do you need anything?” At this moment, a waitress in black, low-cut maid attire with white socks arrived in front of Leylin’s table, asking respectfully.

Leylin opened the menu and took a look. There were all sorts of dishes, and they could be considered quite sumptuous. “Give me a calf steak and cider. As for Kubler, ask him yourself.”

The atmosphere in the dining hall was not half bad either, with warm light from a crystal lamp and a pleasing fragrance from the fresh flowers on the table.

At a corner of the dining hall, they had even placed a bard who was currently performing.

Even Leylin felt like he had made a good choice in spending those magic crystals!

“Mister Leylin!” After the fresh calf steak was brought out, Leylin arranged the napkin and, with a knife and fork in each hand, sliced up the steak that was emanating steam. The calf steak here was of a good quality, and the chef had also spent great effort on it. The moment the fork and knife made contact with the steak, boiling gravy gushed out.

Just as Leylin raised his wineglass and was about to enjoy himself, he heard a voice like that of a skylark.

He looked aside and found Jessia, who had seen before, waving her arms with all her might, while that Rolithe’s face was as sour as a lemon.

“Oh!” Leylin greeted casually, and then turned his attention to his own food.

However, it was evident that the other party had no intentions of letting him off. Lifting her skirt, Jessia ran over in little steps, sitting right beside Leylin.

“Mister Leylin, do you like cider? In the Jessia Family, there’s a bottle that’s not bad in our cellar…”

“Even if you’re looking for a shield, does it have to be me?” Leylin raised his head gloomily, taking a look around.

He then found out that he really was the only choice she had. After reaching the rank 1, Magi could use energy particle radiation and alter their appearances, retaining their young, bright looks.

There were very few geniuses who, like Leylin and Jessia, had become official Magi before the age of 20.

Many rose to rank 1 after fifty, and female Magi obviously wanted to retain their most youthful and beautiful looks. On the other hand, many male Magi chose to keep their image at the time they advanced.

Hence, in the Magus World, there were old and young male Magi, but most female Magi were around twenty to thirty years old in terms of their looks. There were few who presented themselves as old women.

In the dining hall Leylin was situated in, it was not that there were no official Magi, but most of them were middle-aged or elderly men. The few young acolytes and the like did not dare flirt with official Magi or rival anyone for the affection of the people around.

Thinking about it, it seemed like Jessia’s best choice was Leylin.

Firstly, though she could not tell Leylin’s strength, he was definitely an official Magus. That was the most important thing! Next, Leylin was young and rather handsome, which was enough for other men to get mad at.

However, towards this unexpected luck with women and the calamity it could cause, Leylin rolled his eyes.

“Can I sit here?” At this moment, the young man whose expression was dark also arrived.

Leylin nodded and watched as he sat by Jessia’s side, much to her visible displeasure.

“Let me introduce myself. My name is Nolan, Nolan Rolithe! This is my fiancee, Miss Jessia!”

Nolan laughed slightly, putting emphasis on the words ‘Rolithe’ and ‘fiancee’.

“En! Honestly, this engaged couple is quite compatible! Both are just as young and full of talent!” Leylin nodded.

Through their conversation, the aura and waves that were unwittingly emitted, and even their eyes helped him deduce their general age.

Usually speaking, this would be a perfect pair, but it was a pity that the female did not seem satisfied with this wedding.

Though there were two extra members here to disrupt things, Leylin was able to enjoy his meal, completely ignoring Jessia who paid much attention to him, and Nolan who was about to explode.

Before leaving, the guy called Nolan secretly sent Leylin a transmission, “Get away from my fiancee, or else you’ll regret it!”

“Master?” Kubler looked at the expressionless Leylin and asked, sounding him out.

With Leylin’s command, he would immediately kill the moron Nolan who dared offend his master. Though they were all rank 1 Magi, these two were obviously rookies who had just advanced. It was impossible for them to survive under the hands of Kubler, a Warlock.

“There’s no hurry,” Leylin waved his hands, though he had some questions. Magi were rational people, and while Jessia’s actions would give rise to Nolan’s displeasure, he would definitely recall everything and not start a feud with another Magus over such trivial matters. Besides, Leylin and Jessia had only exchanged a few words.

In addition, Leylin would not kill the two of them over something so insignificant. It was not beneficial to him.

“Looks like the female Magus called Jessia might continue with some tricks!” Leylin touched his chin, feeling like he was watching a show.

“Yes, master!” After hearing Leylin’s instructions, Kubler was unwilling but did not bring it up again.

Two days passed by quickly, the airship stopping outside a station at a middle-scaled city in Black River Region.

Leylin held a cane and put on a hat, wearing something like a suit. He seemed even more elegant than young masters of noble families, having the dignified aura only a ruler would have as he walked down the stairs.

Meanwhile, Kubler was like a loyal butler, following close behind and holding something in his hands.

“Mister Leylin!” Jessia’s voice sounded. This was also her stop.

Leylin laughed and approached her.

Nolan stood aside, though he was full of smiles as if he had understood something.

“Sire Leylin, my apologies for my behaviour!”

Nolan resumed his good behaviour, washing away the impatience and seeming poised.

He had realised his mistakes and was now coming forward to apologise.

“It’s fine! If I had such a pretty fiancee, I’d be overly suspicious of everyone else well!” Leylin teased.

Jessia rolled her eyes at Leylin and asked, “Mister Leylin, where are you going?”

It wasn’t the first time she was asking this, and Leylin had refused to answer.

“Me?” Leylin saw a hint of nervousness in Nolan’s eyes, and couldn’t help but shake his head and break into laughter.

No matter how poised and calm he looked, his eyes would give him away in the end.

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