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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 400: Female Warlocks

Chapter 400: Female Warlocks

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“Don’t worry, I won’t spread this!” Leylin promised immediately, knowing what Robin meant.

“Good! Come, then. I’ll show you your manor and some important places like the trading hall! Giant Kemoyin Serpent Warlocks are our most valuable members. You will enjoy the best we have to offer…”

The Ouroboros Clan held quite a bit of fame in the central continent. There was no doubt that they controlled a huge region teeming with mortals and acolytes. Parts of this land would often be granted to the higher-ups within the clan.

Some of the Warlocks in the clan built giant castles in their territory. They preferred to stay there, and seldom visited the headquarters. Slowly, they would expand their families.

On the other hand, most Warlocks who held a high hope for further advancement were the exact opposite, choosing to stay behind at the headquarters, leaving the territory to someone else to manage.

Given that Leylin was a Marquis, his territory would undoubtedly be quite large. The production of magic crystals as well as other resources from it would far exceed the poor south coast and Twilight Zone.

Additionally, he would be given an isolated manor in the headquarters as his personal residence.

The trading hall was like a stock exchange. A screen hung in the air, displaying various fields of information as numbers blinked with different colours. Under the big screen were Warlocks of different ranks looking hurried as they whispered to the staff behind the counters.

Every organisation had a place like this. It was similar to a hall where missions were issued, and handled part of the exchange of goods. Leylin was very familiar with such places, but never before had he seen one this large. One message on the screen left Leylin embarrassed, “Rank 1 Giant Kemoyin Serpent Warlock with a decent bloodline. Selling the opportunity for a night’s irrigation of seeds. Price: 1000 contribution points. Additional requirement: The female’s appearance must be approved by me.”

“This…” Leylin didn’t know what to say.

“Haha!” Robin was not surprised at all.

“After the passing of generation after generation, most Warlock families will have their bloodlines thin out. Exceptions to this rule do exist, but are very rare. Even among Giant Kemoyin Serpent Warlocks, there are those whose bloodlines are weak enough to match Black Horrall Snake or even Huge Mankestre Snake Warlocks. Therefore, Warlock families generally search for those with pure bloodlines to improve their own fading ones. There are some weaker Giant Kemoyin Serpent Warlocks who live on this income. Although it’s difficult for a Warlock to sire a child, it’ll happen eventually if they try often enough.”

“That I know!” Leylin said contemptuously. He was quite unhappy about this kind of work, where they were basically pimping themselves out.

“By the way, you do have a very pure bloodline, Leylin. You’re also quite strong yourself, so be careful. The female Warlocks will go crazy over you!” Robin said with a teasing smile.

“It doesn’t matter. I won’t do this no matter what!” Leylin said assuredly. This kind of act violated his bottom line, and he would not do something that went against his basic principles.

“Your wants have nothing to do with it. Some female Warlocks with high bloodline purity will capture ones like you and not let you go until they become pregnant. Given that the male suffers no substantial losses and revealing this would generally hurt their reputations, they choose to silently endure, thus making it hard for us to interfere…” Robin’s following words dumbfounded Leylin.

Robin looked Leylin up and down, and nodded to him. “Don’t worry. Based on your current strength, there are few female Warlocks in the clan that can actually capture you.”

“Robin! What a coincidence!” Suddenly, a woman’s voice rose up behind them. Robin turned back and saw a female Warlock with long black hair creating a divide in the crowd as she approached them. While occasionally eyeing Leylin, there was an undisguised hint of excitement on her face which sent shivers down his spine.

“Who is this handsome fellow? We haven’t met before, have we?” The aura of this female Warlock was the same as Robin’s, their spiritual force have both reached the Hydro Phase. She was also a well-built beauty, with a charming appearance and fair skin.

“This is Marquis Leylin, a new member of the clan who is under Mentor Gilbert’s tutelage!” Robin said with a smile on his face but he felt uneasy.

He transmitted to Leylin, “Be careful! This is one of the female Warlocks I just told you about—Blood Serpent Miranda!”

“Hello, Marquis Miranda!” Leylin knew her status and gave her a salute.

“Marquis Leylin! So is this the first time you’ve come here? Why don’t you follow me? I can show you around, and we can even go to my manor later where I show you the enthusiasm of our female Warlocks!”

Miranda’s eyes shone with excitement as she surveyed Leylin and ran her tongue along her lips. This further increased her charm to the point that few males could resist her.

“My apologies! I’d prefer to be lead by Robin!” Leylin denied. He liked beautiful girls, but it was only if he was the dominant one. It would feel too humiliating to be used like a tool for mating.

“Don’t refuse me so fast! Five thousand contribution points! Five thousand contribution points for one night! Deal?”

Miranda offered a price without any hesitation, and the Warlocks around inhaled a deep breath. It seemed like five thousand contribution points was quite the number.

“That’s enough!” Leylin’s face turned solemn, his hand reaching for the hilt of his sword.

“So that’s how you want it. Then let me tame you in my own way!” Miranda felt no fear for Leylin, and instead a foxy expression appeared on her face.

She’d seen through Leylin at first glance, and knew that he was a newly advanced rank 3 whose spiritual force had not reached the Vapour Phase. Meanwhile, hers was already in the Hydro Phase.

Rank 3 Warlocks were divided into those with Vapour Phase, Hydro Phase, and Crystal Phase spiritual force. There was a huge gap in strength between each phase. With Leylin being two phases below her, she was not worried even if he had some secret weapons.

“Right here?” Miranda’s eyes narrowed into slits, a dangerous aura bursting forth. Dense scales appeared on her body in the shape of flowers which made her even more alluring.

“Miranda! Stop!” Another clear female voice arose, and a red snake flew over.

“You!” Miranda waved her hands. Countless black wisps appeared around her, bumping into the red snake. Robin ended up having to repress the following explosion, but even so many Warlocks were pushed down by the aftermath of the clash.

“Another one! Leylin, your luck today is just too poor!”

“Another one?” Leylin looked at the source of the sound.

The one who attacked with the red snake just now was also a female Warlock, her long black hair cascading to her waist like a waterfall. She possessed a voluptuous body that was in stark contrast to her saintly face.

“This is Marquis Freya! I’ve never heard about rumors of her capturing male warlocks, but her family’s bloodline has been declining in recent years. They are looking for a suitable male to marry into their family, be careful!” Robin transmitted to Leylin who currently could only keep silent.

“Freya! If you want a man, there are plenty in my castle that I can gift you. This one is mine!” Apparently, Miranda had already considered Leylin her own prey.

“Miranda, you slut! I’m not here for romance. I’m here to ask him to join my family!” Freya retorted sharply.

“No way! I saw him first!”

“So what?” With the argument escalating, the danger around these two women grew and everyone around backed away.

Leylin stood between them, feeling amused and annoyed. Rather than asking for his own opinion, these two were fighting over him like he was a victory item. “Listen here! Are you even going to bother about my opinion?”

“You?” Miranda smiled faintly, “Weaklings have no right to an opinion. Even your Mentor wouldn’t say anything about this. I have an elder backing me as well.”

On the other side, Freya expressed her silent agreement.

“Fine! I will let you know who is the weakling!” Leylin drew his sword from its sheath. The Meteor Sword was a high grade magic artifact; it began emitting a scary aura.

Streams of black light shot at the two women, containing within them the horrifying toxins of a Kemoyin Serpent. Meanwhile, Intimidating Gaze, his rank 3 bloodline spell, shot forth.

Although similar waves shot forth from the two women, they retreated the moment they came in contact with Leylin’s domain.

“An Intimidating Gaze this powerful?” Robin looked at the weaker Warlocks who had fallen to the ground. “It seems like Leylin’s blood purity is much higher than I expected.”

With a flash of black light, two distinct sounds rung out. A red whip in Miranda’s hands cracked into two, and Freya retreated a few steps as a red ring in her hands was crushed into a powder.

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