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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 401: Fourth Grade Meditation Technique

Chapter 401: Fourth Grade Meditation Technique

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“I will only choose someone I like! Do not provoke me, or else…” Leylin coldly replied, sword drawn, as he immediately pulled Robin away.

At the bottom of his heart, he was actually a little fearful of these two crazy women.

“Pure Giant Kemoyin Serpent poison! Such a powerful Intimidating Gaze! His bloodline is exactly what I need!” Freya muttered to herself and watching Leylin’s back with a steady glint of light in her eyes.

“Haha! What a personality! I like it!“ Miranda was even more excited than Freya.

“Hey. Hey! You saw his ability. Although he isn’t as strong as either of us, he will definitely escape if we try to get him ourselves. I suggest we join hands to deal with him. What do you think?” Miranda moved close to Freya and bit her ears. ”When the time comes, I can let you be first! Of course, if you prefer a threesome, I have no objections…”

“Nonsense!” Freya rolled her eyes and walked straight out.


“Phew……” Leylin let out a long sigh of relief after leaving the place.

“Haha! You will get used to such incidents! You are considered lucky, joining only after you have attained the 3rd rank. These 2 lady Warlocks are the most powerful. If they can’t get a hold of you, the rest won’t have a chance!”

“Thinking back about my past… Sigh…” Robin sighed as if recalling some repressed memories.

Leylin maintained his silence, he was sensible enough not to provoke Robin at the moment.

“This is it, this manor belongs to you!”

After passing through a series of buildings, Robin led Leylin to the front of a big garden courtyard.

At the entrance sat two enormous ash-gray stone serpents. Faint energy undulations were emitting from them. They were evidently not just ornamental.

Kubler was standing at the front of the gate, dressed like a butler. Upon seeing Leylin, his eyes lit up and he immediately stepped up and bowed respectfully. “My Lord!”

Robin handed Leylin a pink crystal. “My men have sent the decoration details to Kubler. This is the master key and identification crystal!

“I assume you will have many matters to handle since you have just arrived. Just remember to be at the same meeting place tomorrow afternoon. Sir Gilbert will see you then…” He stepped out after giving his last instructions.

“Show me around the manor! Also, your matter is resolved now!” Leylin was deeply moved as he looked around at the surrounding structures. He would be spending a long time here if nothing happens out of the blue.

“As you wish, my Lord!” Kubler thankfully replied. Although a simple matter like his could be resolved with a word from his Lord, it was indeed rare for the master to care so much about a servant.

Leylin was now not only a Marquis of the Ouroboros Clan, but also a student of Duke Gilbert. His future was truly bright and immeasurable.

Kubler was naturally filled with enthusiasm as he intended to be a good servant to Leylin. “In this manor, other than your personal master bedroom, there is also a study room, a laboratory and an arena for negative energy. There’s a bloodline purifying pool, a quiet field of sculptures… In addition, there are more than enough specially prepared facilities meant for use by Magi who are 3rd rank and below……”

Kubler clearly had been briefed before. During the introduction, he spoke with much familiarity.

“A common facility for other Magi? Looks like it is an exclusive one for the vassals!” Leylin nodded his head, “Go ahead, pick a set for yourself!”

“Thank you, my Lord!” Kubler bow earnestly, his face filled with joy.

The perks that came with being the retainer of a marquis were definitely outstanding. In fact, they were better than what he would normally get if he’d become a Baron.

“This manor is too big, and it is a little quiet. Look into whether we should recruit some acolytes or perhaps buy a few slaves…”

“Leylin casually gave the order and Kubler listened intently.


In the study room.

Gilbert unrolled the document in his hand and analysed it closely.

“Hmm, according to what Leylin has revealed, his bloodline is that of Norco Curadu Sfar!?”

“Yes, sir!” Robin replied respectfully.

“This Norco Curadu Sfar is registered in our records. It belonged to a marquis of the Kemoyin bloodline who went missing during an exploration. Looks like it had been disseminated to the south coast, and he also left behind a descendant…”

“The south coast! I travelled there when I was younger, it was a barren place…” Gilbert sighed.

To a Magus of the central continent, the south coast and Twilight Zone were poor backwater regions. The energy in their atmosphere was extremely lacking and their resources were limited, which was the reason they’d left.

“As for the Norco Curadu Sfar Warlock, he is considered my senior! For Leylin to acquire such an inheritance, and the corresponding accuracy of events in the timeline, it is clear what will come next!”

“Yes, our men from the south coast have sent over some information!” Robin nodded his head.

“It is a pity that he only acquired part of the inheritance and didn’t lay his hands on the fourth grade of the Kemoyin’s pupil!” Gilbert sighed, knowing very well and viewing the status of Leylin from the cinema room

If he had the full inheritance of a Morning Star Magus, perhaps it might have triggered his interest. However Leylin had obviously inherited only the external portion, hence he lost all passion.

“I agree with you!” Robin echoed.

For Magi of the south coast and Twilight Zone, even if they were to rise in rank to a Morning Star Magus, they would still be lacking in comparison to their peers from the central continent.

There were many advanced and sophisticated experiments that could only be implemented on the central continent. Moreover, a single Magus’ lone research would never be on par with the accumulated research of a huge group.

“Since there are no problems, let’s admit him! The Clan has not had any new blood for a long time!” Gilbert let out another sigh.

Warlocks and Magi were created differently. Not only did they need innate skill with the soul, they needed to meet the required concentration of bloodline. Warlock bloodlines tend to dilute over the generations, hence the first and second generation’s bloodline were the purest and they held the most accomplishments. Those who came after would find it difficult to surpass their success.

Even if bloodline mutations occurred, such cases were rare and random. The probability of success was also pathetic.

Many of the famous Warlock clans of the ancient period did not perish due to external enemies, but instead due to their own bloodlines gradually withering away until they faded from the world of Magi.

This was a problem of the current Ouroboros Clan as well.


The next day, Leylin arrived at Duke Gilbert’s villa earlier than reporting time.

The two lady Warlocks of yesterday were either stunned or had other plans in mind, as they did not approach Leylin which caused him to heave a sigh of relief.

‘Amongst animals, it’s very often the females that possess formidable physiques and great power! Serpents, too, are as such! This might have caused the Yin element to become stronger than the Yang element within the Clan. In fact, it might be the root cause for the female Warlocks’ bloodlines to be thicker than those of the males.’ Leylin walked on with a thought circulating non-stop in his mind.

According to what Robin had revealed yesterday, within the Ouroboros Clan, even if the ranks were the same, a female Warlock’s ability was distinctly higher than a male’s. This seemed to verify his conclusion.

In addition, even the legendary Snake Dowager was female!

Leylin shook his head, trying to get rid of such mixed thoughts as he approached the main gate of the villa.

“Mentor! This is Leylin” he spoke into a purple morning glory hanging by the door frame.

*Crack!* The door of the villa automatically opened once Leylin’s voice was heard. As he stepped in, he saw that the decorations were similar to the day before, resembling a commoner’s grand mansion.

The A.I. Chip made a quick scan and discovered nothing out of the ordinary.

However, the more normal it seemed, the more vigilant Leylin became. The decoration of a Rank 3 Warlock already made it beyond his ability to perceive energy.

If Gilbert were to launch a spell in such a seemingly safe place, how frightening would it be?

As Leylin stepped into the study room on the second floor, he once again came face to face with the bald glossy head of the Rank 4 Warlock, Gilbert.

“Mentor!” Leylin bowed immediately, showing great respect and etiquette.

“Mmm! Very good! Get up!” Gilbert was reading a book that was made of bone. From time to time, green sparks and howls erupted from its surface, but they very soon vanished into thin air before they could come into contact with Gilbert.

“You saw the images yesterday, how do you feel about it?” Gilbert closed the book and it made a crisp sound.

“Very strong! Very terrifying!” Leylin truthfully replied.

“That was a true rank 4 Morning Star Magus, one that qualifies to join the frightening final battle for power! He was also a true elite of the central continent!”

Gilbert sighed and continued, “In reality, to differentiate between the strong and the weak organisations, you just need to look at the number of Morning Star Magi they possess! I have very high expectations from you…”

Gilbert then handed a crimson red crystal ball to Leylin, ”This the fourth grade of Kemoyin’s Pupil. Since you have already achieved rank 3 as a Giant Kemoyin Serpent Warlock, you are entitled to it. And since you are a student of mine, I can give it to you directly! As for the requirement of rank 3 Warlocks to attain Vapour Phase spiritual force and things as such, you will still need to make the necessary contributions.

After he received the crystal ball, the A.I. Chip immediately recorded the fourth grade of the Kemoyin’s Pupil meditation technique and started to deduce a comparison with the current version, optimizing many abilities.

“Thank you, Mentor! If I attain the status of a Morning Star Magus in the future, I will certainly protect the Clan!”

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