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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 405: Internal Affairs

Chapter 405: Internal Affairs

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In Twilight Zone, Siegfried had been extremely proud of just the earth-elemental energy particle pool that he had saved up for over hundreds of years.

However, Leylin had basically constructed energy particle pools of various elements, and even made two pools for each element.

This terrifying consumption was enough for Kubler to want to faint.

This was not all. Kubler knew what his master was planning. Not taking into consideration the tower itself and the spell formations for each level, it was the intellectual core that Leylin was planning to make, one using a Domore Crystal and a fourth-grade magic scroll that could give the crystal life.

A fourth-grade magic scroll was not something that could be bought with magic crystals. If not for Leylin’s status as Gilbert’s student, he might not have even found a way to obtain it.

With a tower genie, all the defenses of the tower would coordinate with each other. This intellectual being that would only recognise one master would be a great helper for a Magus.

After all these resources and materials were brought out, Kubler believed that this Magus Tower would not be unpresentable even for a Morning Star Magus to live in.

Its defensive abilities would be able to hold on for a long time against the joint attacks of multiple rank 3 Magi.

“The construction of the Magus Tower is a large project. With the people we have now, we can only make some preparations. After the Onyx Castle is completed next year, I shall live here and watch over the building of the Magus Tower.”

In Leylin’s plans, the Magus Tower was something long term that would take more than a decade to complete.

The blood, sweat and resources put into it could not be calculated, but after all was said and done, he would have a solid foundation in the region.

The amplifying effect that Magus Towers could provide for Magi was considerably frightful, especially for a high-grade building like this. Leylin reckoned that as long as he was at the Gaseous Spiritual Force stage and within the scope of the tower, he would not need to be afraid of any rank 3 Magus, even if they were at the Crystallised Spiritual Force stage.

Of course, if the offender was a rank 4 Magus, even one of the disgraces that did not possess a final technique, could destroy him.

The terror of Morning Star Magi was something he had really understood through experience.

If those true Morning Star Magi used a final technique, half of his territory would be wiped out, and his Magus Tower would be useless. Unfortunately, he would be done for immediately.

“Kubler, have you found the people I asked you to look for?” Leylin glanced towards Kubler.

He had gotten Kubler to look for talents at administration. Also, he needed many more vassals that would help him build up his power. In addition, when construction of the Magus Tower began, he could let them come and take over, and thus save him some strength.

As long as he personally took the last step of giving the tower genie life, he would be able to have complete control of the tower, and there would be no other issues.

“Master, my apologies.” Upon hearing Leylin’s words, Kubler’s heart sank and he quickly knelt.

“What’s wrong?”

“There are many talents, and even a few came in answer to the recruitment. I have taken them all in. As for vassals, all my friends have the Mankestre Snake bloodline and may not be able to meet your needs.”

Kubler looked ashamed.

His clan of friends was obviously of the same rank as him. If he were to bring them to Leylin, it was just seeking death. He would obviously not do so. Higher-ranked Warlocks would naturally want to serve Leylin, but he lacked the connections and could not get into contact with them.

“En! That’s true.” Leylin stroked his chin, having guessed the reason. He considered looking for Robin, where he would surely be able to recruit a few Warlocks.

He could not even consider Giant Kemoyin Serpent Warlocks. However, among the rank 2 and even rank 3 Warlocks, there were surely some who would think this was a dream come true, even going as far as hugging onto his leg, crying and yelling in hopes of getting the position.

“Let’s look at the talents you recruited who can take care of our internal affairs.”

“Understood, master.” Seeing that Leylin did not punish him, Kubler relaxed and brought Leylin to another makeshift camp.

Here, a few regular humans whose auras were so very weak, waited in trepidation to meet with Leylin.

Leylin even felt that if he did not intentionally moderate himself, just the radiation from his body would kill all these people, and it would not be a peaceful death.

Of course, out of all these regular humans, there were one or two acolytes. However, in Leylin’s eyes, they were just slightly-larger ants and were not much different.

“Greetings to the Marquis of Onyx Castle!” A few of them called, and then bowed respectfully to Leylin.

He scanned them and realised most of them were elderly, with one of them being a resolute-looking middle-aged man.

“Announce your name and capabilities.” Kubler saw Leylin’s expression and shouted.

“I am Saltcliffe, proficient in internal affairs.” This was an old man.

“My name is Royce, and I’m adept at training troops. I was once the commander in a dukedom.” This was the middle-aged man.

“My name is Alesandor, and I’m proficient at internal affairs and law.” This old man was brimming with the waves of an acolyte, and Leylin shot him a second glance.

“Alesandor, have you taken the blue berry essence before?” Leylin’s nose wrinkled and he suddenly asked.

This blue berry essence was a special secretion of plants, and had the effect of lengthening the lives of acolytes who were below official Magi. However, their strength would be fixed, and they would never be able to improve.

“Yes, my lord. I am now only a hundred and fifty, and I have a hundred or so more years to work under you.”

Alesandor was truly a magician who knew the way they thought.

What Leylin needed was long-term support. Regular old geezers would be so old they could not move in ten or so years. What use were they?

“Very good. You and Royce, from just now have been recruited.” As for the old people who were experienced but on the verge of death, they could only take their leave regretfully.

After they left, Royce and Alesandro bowed once more, “Master!”

This was the etiquette used when vassals greeted their masters.

“From hereon, you are all my subordinates. Royce is in charge of security and the army, while Alesandro will take care of internal affairs. As long as you work hard, I will bestow upon you titles and your own land, and also take in your descendants to work for me.”

As nobility, Leylin naturally knew what they wanted, and want to use it to motivate them to work diligently.

As expected, after hearing his promise, Royce and Alesandro all knelt in gratitude, kissing the ground under Leylin’s feet. “I shall offer my loyalty and respect, even if the world were to end.”

“En! You can go. Kubler will give you more details.” Leylin waved his arms.

He was in no mood to deal with this, and could only pass on his authority to someone else to make decisions.

If this was in the middle ages in the previous world, doing something like this would mean certain death. He would be made a figurehead by his subordinates, or even killed, but it was different here.

Leylin himself held absolute power and did not have to worry about what his subordinates thought.

Under the deterrence of Magi, those two would not dare to have any strange thoughts or plans.

“It’s about time I return. Not only do I need to gain experience from Mentor Gilbert, it’s best to obtain a spell formation to vapourise my spiritual force.”

Leylin looked at his stats.

[Leylin Farlier. Rank 3 Warlock, Bloodline: Giant Kemoyin Serpent. Strength: 23.6, Agility: 20.1, Vitality: 35.7, Spiritual force: 215.3, Magic power: 215 (Magic power is in synchronisation with spiritual force).]

After entering rank 3, the effects of the Giant Serpent’s Breath Potion had weakened.

Though the environment in the central continent was much better than in Twilight Zone, after using such great amounts of resources, his spiritual force was now stuck, still around the level where he had just entered rank 3.

However, Leylin was confident because the clan was a group formed entirely out of Giant Kemoyin Serpent Warlocks. There were many formulas and products used to raise a Warlock’s spiritual force.

In addition, with Gilbert’s help, he would soon reach his current goal.

The Vapour Phase spell formation would thus become essential.

*Buzz Buzz!* Rays of light were emanated from the suspended imprint on Leylin’s body, forming a scarlet rune.

“Mentor Gilbert’s ready now? Alright, I’ll get back as soon as possible!” Leylin spoke to the secret imprint and then called Kubler over, telling him to oversee the project while he made his way back.

Phosphorescence Swamp.

The black swamp held within an aura of death, occasionally generating green flames.

Leylin walked atop the swamp, feeling his body jubilant and excited, and could not help but nod. “As expected of the final choice made by the clan amongst many others. This environment with the particles around is very suitable for the advancement of those with Kemoyin blood.”

The headquarters of the clan were similar to before. Many Warlocks resided, lived and researched in this small Magus city.

Leylin went straight to find Robin and found out that Miranda and Freya had received a mission recently and had left. Knowing they were no longer in headquarters, he could not help but sigh in relief.wood

“Haha!” Seeing Leylin like this, Robin as a senior could not hold back his laughter.

After the teasing, the two doves into work.

“The cosmic gate experiment is very dangerous. The creatures from other dimensions could be terrifying existences with strength surpassing Morning Star Magi. In the White Terror incident 214 years ago, the great pioneer, Morning Star Magus Borrell made contact with another world recklessly and met with a fearsome consciousness formed from terror. Not only did he fall, all his descendants all died as well. Even if they were not on this continent, they met the same fate. I hope you can reconsider.”

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