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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 410: Attempt At Vaporisation

Chapter 410: Attempt At Vaporisation

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In his three years in the Ouroboros Clan, it was not as if Leylin had done nothing but brew potions.

Through the support of Robin and a few other seniors, he’d gathered a few henchmen and organisations under him.

In the Ouroboros Clan, it was a fixed tradition for lower-ranked bloodline Warlocks to support higher-ranked bloodline experts.

Leylin was a pure-blooded Giant Kemoyin Serpent Warlock, and even had a Morning Star mentor. He could be said to have boundless potential, and it was obvious that some Warlocks would want to side with him.

Of course, as he was still not as strong yet and had not done anything to gain himself a reputation, no powerful people would side him. This Parker in front of him was Leylin’s biggest gain!

Parker had been introduced to him by Robin. He was a Black Horall Snake Warlock, and his limit was rank 3. Giant Kemoyin Serpent Warlocks would obviously not become someone else’s subordinate and become a vassal.

Besides, Parker had only just entered rank 3 and had not even reached the Vapour Phase. Due to his age and the injuries and poison accumulated in his body due to his adventurous lifestyle, he had lost all hopes of advancing.

He had joined Leylin’s side to make preparations for his family.

Despite all that, Parker was a rank 3 Warlock, and was Leylin’s strongest vassal. Thus, Leylin naturally treated him well, and even took in his grandson as a disciple to strengthen their bond.

“The main structure of the Magus Tower has been completed. It’s exactly the same as is in your blueprint, but the energy circuit and spell formations need to be done by yourself, my Lord. I wouldn’t dare make that decision myself.”

Parker had experienced much in his life and knew what could be done, and what could not. Just these few sentences pleased Leylin a lot.

Leylin couldn’t help but turn towards the construction site.

A tall black spire had already taken shape, possessing a vast power within, as if making its presence known to the whole world.

Parker continued with his report. “Also, we have already stocked up on many of the materials to create the elemental reactive pool and garden. There’s also something regarding the Faens Family…”

“The Faens Family?” Leylin’s brows furrowed. That was Freya’s family. It was said that there were signs of their bloodline declining, and it had been a long time since any descendant had awakened their Giant Kemoyin Serpent bloodline. For this reason, Freya was now going around looking for pure-blooded Giant Kemoyin Serpent Warlocks, and had thus considered Leylin.

“What do they want?” Leylin asked, suddenly alert.

Of course, he was even stronger than before and was not afraid of her. However, this was still troublesome.

“The Faens Family sent people to contact us, hoping to sell a large amount of materials for the construction of the Magus Tower at a low price. I’ve seen them, and they are all top-grade materials and of great quality… They have even expressed their intentions in helping construct the tower, my Lord! In times of need, they also offered to send over manpower…”

Parker made sure to note Leylin’s reaction as he made the report. Rumours were already circulating about the previous incident, and he himself wondered whether his master had chosen her.

Leylin twitched upon hearing the news. He glared at Parker, which resulted in him lowering his head deferentially.

“We can purchase everything at full price, we don’t need their discount. As for any assistance they provide, reject it all,” Leylin commanded. Though he knew the other party was expressing goodwill, just thinking of their goal caused Leylin’s expression to warp. He had to resist rolling his eyes.

“Understood, master.” Parker acquiesced, though he felt a tinge of pity.

The Faens Family was prestigious amongst the Giant Kemoyin Serpent Warlocks. They went back a thousand years, and had an unfathomable background. If he had their sponsorship, the construction of the Magus Tower would go much smoother.

However, Leylin would definitely not agree to it.

If not, the Faens Family would definitely throw out more bait and lure him into a trap.

Though he could be ruthless, taking all the bait but not caring about them, that would be too shameless of him. Leylin believed that unless he was in dire straits, he would not do such a thing.

After all, all the resources he had plundered from Twilight Zone were more than enough for him to use for himself as well as to construct the Magus Tower. Since his needs were all taken care of, Leylin would not even consider this. It was much too shameless.

It was now night.

In the large Onyx Castle, candles and oil lamps were used everywhere to illuminate the area. There were even illumination spells such as Eternal Light in several areas, filling the interior of the castle with light. From afar, the castle was like a large, dazzling column of fire, overflowing with radiance and heat.

All his subordinates and vassals were gathered in the ballroom. After enjoying a sumptuous meal together, Leylin returned to his bedroom alone.

This was the most secure area in Onyx Castle. Not only were there many regular elite human troops patrolling, if one went further in, some specific detection spell formations and guard Warlocks would appear.

He closed his eyes inside his bedroom, and the general situation in the castle entered his vision. He could not help but nod. “Looks like Parker and the rest are doing quite well.”

The defence of Onyx Castle was not bad. Though it was far from perfect, it was impossible for rank 2 Magi to sneak in.

‘To truly make Onyx Castle a strategic stronghold against Magi, it might take over a hundred years to strengthen the defensive spell formations bit by bit. The radiation unwittingly given off by high-ranked Magi residing here has to affect the whole castle and strengthen it…’ Leylin rubbed his chin as he pondered.

The higher ranked a Magus was, the easier it was for them to affect their surroundings. Leylin believed that just by emitting the terrifying might of their bodies in the castle, Breaking Dawn Magi could affect the quality of the castle itself. The powerful members of the Magus World could even give the castle a life of its own, having it give birth to many strange creatures.

These were the best foundations in creating defensive spell formations. As long as one subdued the castle’s spirit and enslaved all the strange creatures, the defence of the castle would reach its peak.

With his own radiation, he could achieve a similar effect. However, the time taken would be more than a century.

If numerous Magi were to reside here, this time could be shortened.

Hence, the older a Magus’ castle, the more profound the strength of the defence. There would also be many strange occurrences that even the Magus family occupying the castle would not be able to explain.

But now? There was still a long way to go on his own.

Leylin calmed his thoughts and conveniently pressed some button on his bed. With a mechanical sound, the large bed in front of him opened up and revealed a passageway that led downwards.

Leylin walked in expressionlessly. After he entered, the machine closed itself and no trace of it could be seen from the outside.

The path was long, and by the time Leylin had walked to the end, he had reached deep underground. It was at least several thousand meters below the surface.

At the end of this path, there was a standard underground laboratory. The surrounding stone walls were full of runes that prevented energy from dissipating and isolated all auras.

“Though this is still very crude, it’s good enough.” Leylin waved his hand as he entered the laboratory, and a defensive screen of light closed off the pathway. This screen was still flickering with a glaring light, and it was obvious that it concealed an extremely powerful defensive spell formation.

This was a temporary laboratory Leylin had constructed. Before the Magus Tower was done, some secret experiments could be done here.

Leylin patted the spatial pouch on his waist, and silver rays lit up. Three items appeared on the ground.

One was a giant green crystal that contained a spell formation. Within the transparent crystal were a few runes that were constantly shifting like a fog.

Another was an irregular black vessel in the shape of a shell. It held within a it green blood that emitted a nauseating smell.

The last was a set three purple fruits that looked like apples, although they had a fine layer of snake-like scales on top.

“A vapourisation spell formation, blood essence of the Corrosive Lizard, and Purple Leaf Snake-scaled Fruit.” Leylin extended his slender fingers, looking through these items once more.

The A.I. Chip cooperated with a scan, and then relayed the news that there was no mistake.

“Let’s begin!” Leylin muttered, sitting cross-legged at the heart of the vapourisation spell formation. With a flick of his hand, two pieces of pure magic crystal essence entered the groove in the spell formation.

The vapourisation spell formation trembled, and the runes within began to undulate violently.

[Host body beginning attempt to break through the bottleneck of the Vapour Phase. Beginning real time monitoring] The A.I. Chip’s robotic voice followed soon after.

“Next is the blood of the Corrosive Lizard.” Two streaks of black shot out of Leylin’s eyes, disappearing into the black shell.

*Plop Plop!* The green blood began to bubble, mist rising and forming a large green lizard in the air. On its skin were numerous signs of corrosion, and its white bones and internal organs could somewhat be seen.

*Hiss hiss!* The green lizard’s front claw scratched at the earth, as if it was eager to give something a try.

As if provoked by the Corrosive Lizard, Leylin felt the Giant Kemoyin Serpent bloodline in his body begin to stir.

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