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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 414: Noah

Chapter 414: Noah

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“Perhaps the Lamia Hair within the pocket dimension was not obtained by capturing an ancient Lamia. There might have been someone who advanced their own Lamia bloodline to the extreme and has even gone through atavism, thus leaving this item behind.”

When a Warlock’s bloodline was concentrated to its limit, it would transform into its original form. Once this process was over, a Warlock would discard their original appearance as a human, and completely turn into a creature alike to his bloodline origin.

By that time, the Warlock would no longer be human. Even those with the same bloodlines would not be able to tell that it was a Warlock who had gone through such a process.

In other words, if Leylin did so, he would truly turn into a Giant Kemoyin Serpent.

“Hm… Forget it.”

Leylin imagined himself as a giant serpent, only able to swallow raw food everyday and looking for female serpents whenever he had to sate his desires, and it made his whole body shiver.

‘The Morning Star morphing technique is enough. I have no desire to really become a giant serpent,’ he decided.

He pursued strength and dominance, as well as his own freedom. If the option was that he obtained unequalled strength and yet suffered for eternity, it was fine if he was not unrivalled.

In addition, the closer he was to the source of his bloodline, the greater the suppression of his mind by higher members of his race.

In the ancient war of the Icy World, the Snake Dowager was the only thought in mind. Many Giant Kemoyin Serpents who risked their lives and battled with beings from other worlds were more than aware of this. Leylin did not want to be controlled by someone after all his efforts and become cannon fodder.

Of course, all this was far into the future. Right now, all he was focused on was using the Lamia Hair to nourish his bloodline, allowing it to mature faster and bring him to the Morning Star realm.

In the central continent, rank 3 Warlocks were respected, but only Morning Star Magi held any actual clout.

Only after reaching the Morning Star realm could he perform experiments on astral gates alone, attempting to travelling between various places and worlds. This was the only method for Leylin to solve the issue of his bloodline and could not be substituted.

After thinking about it for a while, a silver light flashed in his hands, and a dull gold coin appeared.

‘If I go to the pocket dimension, will I be able to get all that I want and leave safe and sound?’ With this thought in mind, Leylin tossed the Coin of Destiny in his hand.


The coin landed steadily on the back of his hand, revealing the image of a luckbird. At the same time, slight cracks appeared on it.

Noticing this situation, Leylin kept the coin away, and a flash of excitement could be seen on his face before he turned serious.

‘It’ll work out, but the power of a Morning Star will hinder me?’ The Coin of Destiny was a unique magic item that Leylin had sacrificed blood and tears to make. It had the terrifying ability to predict the future, but could not be used when powers at the Morning Star realm and above.

Every time a prediction involved a being with Morning Star strength, the coin would crack further and further until it would eventually be destroyed.

Leylin had a feeling that after losing this Coin of Destiny, he would not be able to create another for a long time.

‘What does this prophecy mean? Is there a Morning Star creature slumbering in the pocket dimension, or will there be Morning Star Magus outside who’ll interfere’ Leylin rubbed his eyebrows, the many possibilities flying through his mind and giving him a headache.

The Coin of Destiny was a non-living thing and its prophecies were vague enough to baffle him on occasion.

In addition, destiny could not be grasped so easily. Even the coin could make some wrong predictions, especially in a place like the central continent where almost every area was overseen by Morning Star Magi. They would affect destiny even more.

Morning Star strength was already able to slightly affect the force of the river of destiny.

The strong grasped their destiny. This was an eternal truth.

Hence, the prediction of this coin could only act as a reference and might not be accurate. Blue light flashed in Leylin’s eyes, and all sorts of possibilities streaked through his mind…

About two months had passed in the blink of an eye.

Leylin was now in front of the black Magus Tower, with various runes and strange metal plates on the ground.

“Enchant!” Foggy spiritual force congealed to form a solid rune pen that carved out refined, complicated patterns on the metal plates. All the patterns combined to form a dazzling spell rune and imprint.

After the last stroke was completed, the many metal plates were shrouded with dim light.

“Your enchantment techniques have probably reached the level of a master and are not far from those of a grandmaster, my Lord. My respects towards you!” Parker glanced at the enchanted metal plates, of which almost all had been done successfully, his expression revealing his admiration.

The young man in front of him had reached the Vapour Phase before he turned a hundred, leaving him biting the dust. His knowledge in potioneering had even reached the level of a grandmaster. It seemed like his enchantment knowledge was also not to be underestimated, at the level of a master!

‘Looks like my master’s future will be hard to predict!’ Parker suddenly had this thought. ‘This is good too. I’ve made the right choice!’

Leylin cared little for Parker’s thoughts. He glanced at the enchanted metal plates that he had worked on, looking satisfied.

In actuality, with the support from the A.I. Chip, what he was least afraid of was complicated things like this. His skills in enchantment and alchemy had long since reached the level of a grandmaster.

He had even intentionally failed a few so that he would not be seen as terrifying.

He would be considered a genius if he could be one or two steps ahead of everyone. However, being ten or more steps ahead would cause panic, and he would be seen as a freak. Leylin obviously did not want that to happen.

“Parker, spread these isolation plates within the positive and negative energy elemental pools based on the blueprint from before. Is that understood?”

Leylin took a white towel from a deferential Snoopy and wiped his hands as he spoke to Parker.

The Magus Tower was now completed with the efforts of the Stone Tribe men. The next order of business was to carve defensive runes and activate spell formations.

The Warlocks that sided with Leylin were like him, spending all their time adding these runes on all sorts of materials. After inspection, they were stored until the building’s construction was completed.

“Understood, master.” Parker respectfully bowed 90 degrees, leaving Leylin flabbergasted. This new vassal of his seemed to be even more respectful than before.

However, this was to be expected. The might of a leader was built from strength and obedience.

“Also, I’m planning to leave. When I’m not around, you’re in charge of everything regarding the construction of the Magus Tower. A few supportive facilities have been built. However, the activation of the spell formations will wait until I’m back, I’ll do that myself,” Leylin commanded.

These miscellaneous matters could be passed on. As long as he was the one checking everything and activating the spell formations, there was no problem.

The last step, which was to give life to the structure, was enough for Leylin to make the whole Magus Tower perfect and even have a spirit of its own. If there were any issues, all would be known to him.

“Understood. Master, are you going on a long journey?”

The Magus Tower was only half-done, and it was the lifeblood of a Magus. Usually, nothing could move them from the tower, which was why Leylin’s actions were very strange.

“Yes! I’m going to the headquarters, but it is not certain how long it will take.” Leylin glanced up the sky, into the distance.

He had a reason why he had to go there. The temptation of the Lamia Hair was too much for him. In addition, besides the last few steps, the construction of the Magus Tower now was all about the details. There was no need to stay here and supervise.


A few days later, outside Phosphorescence Swamp.

“Haha, Leylin, you’re finally here. We’ve been waiting for you!” Upon seeing Leylin’s figure, Robin immediately moved over and gave him an enthusiastic hug.

“My apologies. I had some work to do so I’m a little late.” Leylin had an apologetic look on his face as he greeted Kesha.

Besides Robin and Kesha, there were nine other Warlocks whose auras made it evident that they had reached rank 3. Leylin couldn’t help but sigh in admiration at these Warlock families who had accumulated their bloodline and strength for a long time. Just a casual request would call forth many powerful Warlocks.

“This is Noah. You’ve seen him at the banquet before.” Robin laughed as he pulled Leylin aside.

“Uncle Leylin!” This young man named Noah had wine-red eyes that were very memorable.

This young man was Robin’s nephew, and he had a very concentrated bloodline. He had already reached rank 3 and Robin thought highly of him. Leylin had also seen him once before at the banquet.

As for the rest of the rank 3 Warlocks, Robin merely skimmed over them.

Headed by Leylin and the other three Giant Kemoyin Serpent Warlocks, the eight other Black Horrall Snake Warlocks were also at rank 3 but had a lower status.

Out of these eight rank 3 Warlocks, Robin had brought over five, and with his nephew added in he held the most authority in this small group. Kesha had brought three Black Horrall Snake Warlocks from her own family over. Those rank 1 descendants from before had not appeared at all, and it was probably because she knew this expedition would be dangerous, and it was pointless to bring them along.

Leylin was alone and looked quite pitiful.

Out of all his subordinates, only Parker was somewhat acceptable. However, he was useless in this expedition, and might even have hindered them. Leylin though it’d be better if he just stayed and looked after domestic affairs.

“Alright. Since everyone is here, let’s go! The Forgotten Zine is very far from here, and it will take a month by airship.” Robin waved his arm in high spirits.

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