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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 422: The Sun’s Child

Chapter 422: The Sun’s Child

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“So what now? Do we continue our chase?”

Upon hearing the howl of the Barbarian Bear, the huge monster had already returned to its original state and was currently lying on the floor, depressed.

“Or we could simply destroy this entrance!” the golden-furred Barbarian Bear proposed.

“Are you mad? It would be a waste to destroy such a good pocket dimension. Nobody will agree to it!” The Green-skinned Barbarian shook his head and continued: “Besides, those Magi can completely escape from other small cracks. This is such a silly plan!”

The Barbarian Bear groaned coldly, revealing a big flag on his back.

“Alright! Alright, currently we are allies and we need to discuss as to how we will handle our enemies!” said the human Magus as he was stuck in between the Green-skinned Barbarian and the Barbarian Bear.

“What else can we do? If we have no intentions of letting our enemies mindlessly plunder from our pocket dimension, then we must send people in! But you’ve seen their strength, we’d be sending them to their deaths!” The Green-skinned Barbarian’s eyes flashed with a tinge of helplessness.

“Then we’ll have to deploy Hydro and Crystal Phase Magi! In the worst case scenario, we just abandon our bases. First, we must gather our men here!” the human chief replied.

“Since you said so…” The Green-skinned Barbarian and Barbarian Bear chiefs looked at each other. “Then it’s settled! We will immediately send out the signal!”


“Is this the pocket dimension that was established by Quicksand in ancient times?” Leylin said whilst standing on a huge plain that, every now and then, emitted wisps of fog.

Leylin looked at the statistics gathered by the A.I Chip and nodded his head. “From this mapping of energy particles, the concentration here is almost the same as that of the outside world. There isn’t any impact to spells anymore!”

During the battle at the underground river, Leylin and the other Magi could not use their entire strength because of the lack of energy particles. But it was different here.

Of course, there were always two sides to a coin. With this concentration, even the Crystal Phase Magi of the other side would have their strengths restored as well, and become free of restraints.

Robin’s silhouette slowly emerged as silver rays of light flashed. He looked at his surroundings and his expression lit up, “Wonderful! These are the Purple Plains, which are not very far from the Magi buildings in the center!”

“Where do you intend to go? If we have different targets to plunder, we need to separate here!” He asked Leylin and Kesha for their opinions.

“Of course! I want to go to the core of the Magi buildings!” Leylin said with a know-it-all look on his face. The Lamia Hair was likely to be kept in the core of the pocket dimension, why would he go to other places?

“Me too!” Kesha followed. Each pocket dimension had its own set of rules, and the resources were most plentiful at its core. Furthermore, the ruins of Magi are there, so there definitely would be storerooms and laboratories inside, making it the most sought after place.

“That’s good then! We shall go to the ruins of the central continent together, then split and start our mission when we arrive!” Robin nodded his head: “In any case, the ruins there are expansive and we can’t say for sure we won’t run into…”

There could still be remaining Magi and other creatures from the previous three forces that dwelled in the pocket dimension, and not to mention the possibility of armies chasing after them. They ought to move as a group to achieve better security to prevent any mishaps.

To make full use of time, Robin immediately announced the start of the mission.

Although they had lost two men in their lineup, the remaining ten shot out blazing rays of light from their pupils, which transformed into ten black streaks that pierced through the horizon.

*Bang!* A Green-skinned Barbarian Magus was thrown to the ground with no light in his eyes. His forehead had a massive and terrifying hole in it, and one could faintly see a portion of his brain. But it was already thoroughly destroyed and looked like a lump of starch paste.

This Green-skinned Barbarian Magus originally had rank 2 Strength. But because his brain was damaged and he did not deploy a clone seed beforehand, he was actually doomed to die.

As his body twitched, the flames of his life were slowly extinguished.

Kesha, who was beside him, took out a gold-trimmed handkerchief and cleaned her hands of the brain remnants.

“I’ve already extracted fragments of his memory. He is a sage of the Green-skinned Barbarians. This time, he came to gather potion materials and resources. According to his memory, we did not deviate far from our original path and we are almost at the core of the pocket dimension—the Quicksand ruins!” she told a bunch of Magi near her.

Their faces flashed with delight upon those words.

They had taken about two days to get to their current location. All this time, they had not only encountered scattered members of the three forces, there were also Hydro Phase Magi on their tails with orders to kill.

That troop, under the lead of a Crystal Phase Magus, had unhesitantly chased after their group.

Luckily, being Warlocks whose strength exceeded their levels, Leylin’s group had been able to fight them and flee whenever they met, but this had still caused a deviation from their original plans.

“Go there as quickly as possible, find what we need and immediately get out! Our traps will not be able to hold them off for long!”

Robin’s expression sank. The small squads at the back could only grit their teeth and carry on with the mission with no time to rest, not to mention any time to find resources.

Even if a trap was put in place again, with the add-on of Leylin’s spectacular skills, and the difficulty in successfully confining multiple Rank 3 Magi, the effects would not last very long.

Even their whereabouts would be known to their enemies.

After entering the pocket dimension, their ultimate goal was to reach the Quicksand ruins in the central continent. Leylin and company had never tried to conceal this fact — or rather, they couldn’t.

The fiery, blazing sun shone in the sky scorching everything.

Although this was merely a projection of the sun of another realm, the terrible heatwaves were still rising constantly, clambering up the surrounding temperature.

Leylin had draped himself with a white cloak and was standing in a large desert. There was only yellow sand as far as the eye could see. Not even a cactus could be seen, not to mention other plants and animals. It was a scene of death.

“Although this is a desert, the atmosphere and environment here are out of the norm!”

Leylin grabbed a handful of sand and its boiling heat spread to the center of his palm, “This kind of temperature is easily beyond a 100 degrees. Leave alone animals or plants, even a group of acolytes or rank 1 Magi cannot stand this terrible place for too long…”

He opened his palm, letting the boiling sand slip through his fingers. “Furthermore, this terrain is giving off a peculiar vibe. It seems to be from an ancient life form!”

“Did you notice it too?” Robin walked up to Leylin as he asked.

“Mm! Apparently, there are traces of some kind of ancient life form that lived here once, and they have a characteristic of blazing heat.” He said with a firm nod of his head.

Large-scale environmental changes like these, made subconsciously by the ancient life forms, were scaringly similar to those by Breaking Dawn Magi.

“I’ve heard a rumor. Among the ancient Quicksand Organization, there was once the son of a famous Bloodline Warlock who safely returned to his ancestors and really became the ancient Sun’s Child.

Robin looked at the vast desert and could not bear to sigh with sorrow: “We can’t say for sure but if that Sun’s Child was here before and cast his power…”

“The Ancient Sun’s Child!” Leylin’s faced changed slightly as he scanned through the database of the A.I Chip.

This was not just a simple bloodline creature. Its flames could burn in a vacuum, twisting the concepts of time. Even in some small worlds, the sun seen is not the actual fixed burning star, but in fact a grown Sun’s Child!

In the event of a Sun Child leaving the small world, it would bring great disaster to that place.

“Relax, even if the Sun’s Child surpassed Breaking Dawn Magi and entered the unpredictable rank 7, he would have probably died long ago during the ancient war.”

Robin seemed to have confidence and Leylin nodded his head in agreement.

Although ancient Magi were incomparably strong, their enemies, too, knew the rules of survival. And could even wipe out certain Magi via these rules.

Once somebody falls during the war, there was no possibility for them to survive. Even if they cloned their bodies as a backup, it was no use because it would decay the second the main body dies.

Even if the Sun’s Child surpassed the strength of the Morning Star Magus, it would be dreadful if he was made to enlist and die during battle.

‘Everything takes its own course. Even one as strong as the sun cannot escape the fate of death!’ Leylin sighed.

‘So it is uncertain if rank 9 Magi will be able to reach immortality?’ This was his highest pursuit and his greatest ambition, a path to eternal life!

Even if he attained the position of a rank 9 Magus in the highest realm, if he realized that he was unable to be immortal, he would still carry on with his journey, without the slightest hesitation, looking for all hope and opportunities!

Leylin’s pupils burned with desire, but he quickly concealed it.

“We’ve arrived!” Shouted Robin who was at the front.

“Hm? Let’s take a look!” Robin and Leylin looked at each other and walked to the front.

After kicking a small sand dune over, they spotted a huge, black, ancient castle, peacefully standing on its own amidst the yellow desert. The rising heat waves caused the castle to look like an oasis, a scene from a dream. But they could only see a small portion of it, and were able to roughly gauge the size of the ancient castle.

“We’re here! There are traces of Magi here—Quicksand Castle!” Robin laughed out loud.

And surrounding the ancient castle, there were a few people working on temporary construction; a few Barbarian Bears, Green-skinned Barbarians and human Magi forming a harmonious group. At certain times, there were Magi setting off alone, changing into flowy rays of light and entering the ancient castle.

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