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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 428: The Last Supper

Chapter 428: The Last Supper

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Leylin recognised a few items in the golden nest.

First was a crimson gemstone. This was a bloodline crystal, a very precious material for Warlocks. It could even slightly increase the purity of a bloodline.

Though this was practically useless for Giant Kemoyin Serpent Warlocks like Leylin, whose bloodline had been purified to the limit, it was definitely something that could cause most other Warlocks to go all out. As long as news about bloodline crystals was spread, the two female Warlocks, Freya and Miranda, would definitely pounce over like lunatics, willing to pay any price in order to obtain it!

The Dragon Root Fruit was also a very special plant, with a very durable outer layer that even surpassed the strength of Magus alloys. It could be preserved for over a hundred years, and Magi that ate it could increase the durability of their bodies. Rumours had it that there was a chance of inheriting a trace of a bloodline from within the fruit.

This would mean the beginning of a Warlock family!

Of course, for Leylin and all the others who already had a bloodline, they could no longer change it. However, if traded outside, it would go for a sky-high price. Such a resource could not be measured by price, and could be exchanged between Morning Star Magi.

The other few things included some skeletons that were each the size of a human femur, and the remains of a powerful creature above rank 3. Even after so many years, there was no erosion, and he could still sense some remaining suppression from a bloodline.

These remains were actually what were most useful to Leylin. The blood of most bloodline creatures came from the bones, and these specific remains came from powerful rank 3 creatures. With them on hand, he could refine an ancient bloodline out of it.

Besides these few items, there were also other bloodline items within the little golden Blood Vulture nests. Even Leylin, who was very learned and had gathered a terrifying amount of knowledge, could not identify everything.

There was no question that these were all bloodline items, and every single one was enough to make any Warlock go crazy!

“I see…” Leylin glanced at the pile of bloodline items, a look of understanding flashing in his eyes.

It was obvious that the growth of a Blood Vulture was inseparable from these items. Though they could be used directly, long-term contact with them increased its rate of maturation. It could also increase its strength and awaken its mysterious bloodline ability!

This was also why the Blood Vulture was so enthusiastic about gathering bloodline items.

Glancing at all these, Leylin had to expend a lot of effort to suppress the desire within his body.

“Though these are good, they aren’t as important as the Lamia Hair. Also…”

Leylin glanced towards the Blood Vulture outside the cave.

He was currently in stealth, and with the added bonus from darkness techniques, he had not been discovered by the bird.

Though Shadow Stealth was great, there was one flaw. If Leylin wanted to take these items away, he would need to dispel his Shadow Stealth.

In that case, he would definitely be discovered the Blood Vulture, and the whole group might be attracted here. On top of that, with a terrifying King Blood Vulture, Leylin would need more than nine lives to survive!

This would definitely raise the guard of many other Blood Vultures, which would not be beneficial to Leylin’s future plans.

‘A regular Blood Vulture nest has so many great items inside. Within the King Blood Vulture’s nest, there should be even better things!’ A fire began to blaze in Leylin’s eyes.

‘The place with the highest probability of having the Lamia Hair should be the King Blood Vulture’s nest!’ Leylin immediately recalled the giant cave he had merely shot a glance at earlier, with very profound, horrifying energy waves hidden within.

‘Looks like I’ll be stuck here for a period of time. I’ll have to find out the behavioural patterns of the Blood Vultures…’


“Uncle, are you sure this is the place?” Noah glanced at Robin who was beside him. They were now in front of a large door, intricate and complicated patterns on the frame.

The three remaining Black Horrall Snake Warlocks were like little followers as they gathered closely behind them.

“If we activate anything wrongly, we’ll lose our way even more thoroughly and be stuck here till we die!”

“Don’t worry. Based on the information I received, it can’t be wrong. Besides, that item is too important to us!” Robin looked grim, yet there was a fiery look in his eyes.

“I need some time to confirm this. Have all the issues at the back been taken care of?” Robin did not even turn back as he asked.

“I’ve already set up five spells of abduction, as well as created a body substitute!” A sinister expression appeared on Noah’s face.

“The moment they catch up to us, they will definitely be teleported to various areas within the maze and then be trapped in the Boundless Room till death. Barbarian Bears are such stupid creatures.” He spoke confidently.

*Boom!* At this moment, a giant howl travelled from a short distance away, accompanied with the breaking of a spell formation and a roar, “Little worms, I’ve found you!”

*Ka-cha!* A pink crystal necklace was split open while Noah looked on in disbelief.

“Never underestimate your opponents!” Robin’s eyes were still fixed on the giant door, but his voice was transmitted over, “They’ve only broken through our first defensive spell formation. We still have some time.”

“Take care of the spell formations and try your best to buy me more time!” Robin commanded, and the other three Black Horrall Snake Warlocks bowed, before leaving immediately.

Rumbling sounds were heard constantly, and a large bear monster could vaguely be seen roaring in the spell formation, causing beads of cold sweat to roll down Noah’s face.

*Ka-cha!* *Ka-cha!* Crystals shattered one after another, every time being followed by the voices of the subordinates.

“Second defensive spell formation destroyed!”

“The main body of the defensive formation is damaged. We can hold for less than a minute—AAHHH” The short conversation ended, followed by the abrupt blood-curdling shrieks, signifying the end of these Warlocks.

Noah clenched his fists. All of them were from his family, but they had all fallen in this exploration.

Now, only he and his uncle were left.

“I’ll go and stall for more time.” Noah exclaimed.

“No need for that.” Robin interrupted his words and, raising his finger, tapped on the door a few times. Using some strange rule, he drew a circle.

A hum rang out as, in an instant, multiple water ripples appeared on the surface of the giant door. The tide surged, and then rushed into a brass keyhole.

Like a castle of blocks collapsing, the door rapidly broke apart into countless fragments, the two sides springing open and revealing a mystical luster within.

“Wretched maggots, I’ll tear you apart!”

*Boom!* With a loud sound, the last spell formation hindering the Barbarian Bear Shaman shattered, revealing a giant Barbarian Bear with firm muscles all over. After seeing Robin, its eyes immediately turned red.

“Don’t mind it. Let’s enter.” Robin pulled Noah through the door.

“If you want revenge, then come in!” The sound of Robin’s taunts travelled over.


Its eyes completely red, the Barbarian Bear Shaman chased them in.

Magnificent rays flashed, and the scene suddenly changed.

By the time Noah came back to his senses, he was already sitting at a dining table. On the large white tablecloth was not even a speck of dust, while the silver lampstand had candles burning above it.

“Hm?” After which, Noah found that he was unable to get up. Even the spiritual force and magic power that he had been so proud of as a rank 3 Magus could not be used at all.

He looked towards his uncle, fear and terror apparent in his expression.

At the other end of the table, the Barbarian Bear Magus was sitting in a daze. Though the muscles that were bulging displayed the fury of its owner, it could not move an inch.

“This is ‘The Last Supper, which is the most impartial and bloody duel. Between us, only one side can live, while the loser shall lose everything and turn into the meal of the victor. In addition, the victor will even be awarded with the judge’s horn.”

Robin said matter-of-factly, seemingly very familiar with all that was happening.

The moment his words sounded, black figures suddenly appeared in seats that had initially been empty. There were no energy undulations from their bodies, their eyes completely red.

For some reason, the moment he saw them, Noah felt cold sweat running down his back.

He counted carefully. There were thirteen seats at this long table, but there was one empty.

“Now, for the first dish. The Bloody Mary Desert…”

An indescribable voice resounded in Noah’s mind, sending a shiver down his spine.


“What the hell is this!”

At another area in Quicksand Castle, Kesha was quickly fleeing along a corridor, a Green-skinned Barbarian with a strange appearance escaping shoulder to shoulder with her.

These two were originally hunter and the hunted, but for some reason, they had formed an alliance, and were both looking pale in panic.

“All offensive spells of the four great elements are useless against it. Try special attacks! I’ll cover you!” The Green-skinned Barbarian looked to be in pain as he flung a gemstone necklace behind him.

*Bang!* Terrifyingly chilly air exploded, covering the ground with a layer of frost as numerous runic chains appeared.

*Crack! Crack!!* What followed was the sound of ice shattering, and footsteps drawing closer.

A black figure materialised from the icy mist. It was a monster that looked like a middle-aged man wearing a trenchcoat. He donned a hood, and it was hard to tell what he looked like. The fingers on his two palms had disappeared, and in place of them were many scissors that were glinting with light.

The numerous runic chains did not stand a chance against the man’s scissors, and were easily snipped at and broken.

“Eye of Petrification!” Many crimson runes appeared on Kesha’s body as she bit her finger and drew a strange rune on her forehead.

Following that, her eyes turned into a pair of amber vertical pupils.

With the amplification from the blood rune, her innate spell had reached a frightful degree of power. A circle of petrification began to spread with Kesha at its center.

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