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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 430: Activation

Chapter 430: Activation

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The illusion that surfaced was that of an astonishingly beautiful young woman. Her hair was like a sea of emerald green with light curls, flying in the wind like it had a life of its own.

She possessed a pair of mesmerising eyes, coupled with a delicate yet puzzling charm to her face. To Leylin’s surprise, she gave him a baffling sense of familiarity.

Especially after the complete materialisation of the illusion, Leylin’s blood vessels generated a sense of fear, as if he had met a natural enemy. Yet, he felt an amiability within her that tempted him to throw himself into the arms of the woman regardless of everything.

“Lamia?” There were agony and bitterness in Leylin’s tone. From how called out to him just now, he managed to guess some things.

The similarity in temperament and looks between her and the Snake Dowager was especially striking.

The Lamia shared the same bloodline as the Snake Dowager. In fact, it had an even more direct line of descent compared to the Giant Kemoyin Serpent. Thus, on the whole, they could be considered siblings with blood relations.

“My brother! Tell me, why are you here, what are you looking for?” The green haired Lamia asked, her voice strangely charming, compelling him to answer.

[Warning! Warning! Instability detected in host bloodline, possibility of an emotional outburst!] The A.I. Chip sounded the reminder, snapping Leylin out from the confusion he was in.

This made him unwilling to look at the opposity party, particularly at the Lamia’s eyes.

“Rumor has it that the ancient Lamia has the ability to manipulate any kind of snakes she desires. It seems like this is true indeed…”

It was merely a remnant soul, yet it almost got to Leylin. If the Lamia were to be at the Morning Star Realm, Leylin was afraid he might have to bow down to her.

“Your bloodline, it seems to be extremely pure, and you have a special power enveloping your whole body…” The virtual image of the Lamia bit her finger.

“Who are you, really?” Leylin spoke in a deep tone.

“I was a human once, I had a few names, but I have forgotten them all……” The virtual image smiled, as if she was narrating a story unrelated to her.

“Are you the soul of the ancient Lamia Warlock?” Leylin made a guess.

According to his intelligence, the ancient Quicksand Organisation once had a Lamia Warlock. And apparently, after her atavism, she became a true Lamia possessing terrifying power that even average Radiant Moon Magi could not match.

“No! She had perished completely. I am just a phantom image formed by the scattered fragments of memories that have evolved together after a very long period of time…” A sense of loneliness could be felt from the green haired woman’s face.

“Even so, for your soul to take such shape, I am sure there is a source of radiation nearby!” Leylin’s eyes lit up and he reached out and grabbed at the fur cushion.

Huge black claws appeared, splitting the fur and metal within and revealing what was underneath the surface.

It was a layer of white fur. Brush that aside and immediately a rich and heavy scent of undulating bloodline spreaded out.

“You can even resist the radiation undulation and the aura of the bloodline!” Leylin kept the white feathers in a flash and thereafter eyed the hollow area intensely.

It was the broken section of a bone, it must have been a part of some bloodline creature.

Although it might have been a long time ago, the horrifying threat and undulations emitting from the bone made Leylin have an impulse to kneel down.

“You are truly the adult form of a rank 5 bloodline creature; even though it is a broken section of a bone, it could still radiate even after your death. Moreover you can induce such a thing!” Leylin looked at the green haired Lamia in amazement.

For Blood Vultures, the remains of a rank 5 bloodline creature was a precious item to that was dearly cherished. No wonder the Blood Vulture had safeguarded it under so many layers, even going so far as to mask its energy with the feather.

“What do you intend to do here, my brother?” she asked again.

Leylin muttered under his breath and finally replied, ”I want to acquire something that will speed up the maturation of my bloodline, for instance Lamia Hair or some such thing.”

“Compared to Lamia Hair, this can help you more!” The Snake Woman smiled and the broken bone was flung out and landed on Leylin’s hand.

“You… Why are you helping me?”

Feeling the ecstatic joy boiling in his bloodline, Leylin knew the broken Lamia bone in his hands were the real deal. He could already feel the transcendence.

However he did not immediately accept it and instead asked some questions.

“I have been in existence for far too long… It might be a few hundred years or even thousands. I can never leave the designated finger bone’s radiation area……”

The Lamia shot a glance at Leylin, “Do you know how it feels?”

Leylin fell silent. Such pain, it did indeed have the ability to drive a Magus crazy to the verge of seeking death.

“If you take the finger bone, there will be a shortage of such a radiation environment and I will gradually fade away……” The young woman’s silhouette became more and more illusionary with a smile of relief on her face.

“Wait. How can I resolve the shackles on the Giant Kemoyin Serpent Warlock bloodline?

Watching the young woman’s illusionary image gradually fading out until the wall behind her could be seen, Leylin quickly blurted out the question.

“This problem, can only be solved by the Grand Matriarch……”

Accompanying the fading image, the Snake Woman’s grew softer and softer until she dissipated into thin air.

“Grand Matriarch? Snake Dowager?” Leylin stroked the finger bone he was holding in his hands, his face a sea of infinite obscurity.

“Regardless of that, I better make a move fast!”

With lightning speed, Leylin kept the finger bone well, swept his eyes over the surroundings and launched the Dark Elven Crown.

Thick, black darkness enveloped Leylin completely, and coupled with his magic power he was able to pass through the gate which was guarded by the two Blood Vultures unharmed.

After he reached the foot of the mountain, Leylin looked back at the huge black form of the mountain and its innumerable caves. He looked hesitant.

This was practically a Warlock’s treasure trove, but without a strength at the Morning Star realm, there was no way the entirety of the Blood Vulture could be subdued.

“I have, at most, five more minutes before the King Blood Vulture is back from his patrol. When he realises that the finger bone is gone, I am sure he will definitely launch an investigation into the matter…”

Leylin stroked his chin. He had been hiding up here for so long, the backup plans had to be more than these. But now, the biggest harvest was already in his hand. Whether to continue or not, he had not yet made up his mind.

Since ancient times, it was a common occurrence for an individual to place himself in danger for personal benefits. Leylin did not want to become one of them.

“Forget it! Let’s go!”

With some regret, Leylin turned his head and left the place.


“Huh?! You are finally out.”

Not too far away, a temporary underground cave opened up. A female Magus in pursuit ran in with a crystal ball in her hand. On the surface of the crystal ball, a blood-red layer appeared, getting brighter and brighter.

“If you had kept hiding in the nest of the Blood Vultures, I might not have been able to find you. But what about now?”

The female Magus flashed a smile.

She was in pursuit of Leylin all the way and had even used a spell to use a trace of Leylin’s energy to build a tracking item. But after reaching this place, she realised Leylin had hidden in the nest of the Blood Vultures!

The King Blood Vulture there was at the peak of the Crystal Phase! Other than that, there was a big group of rank 3 followers. If she chased in after Leylin and a commotion was created, it would definitely alert the many Blood Vultures to join in for the kill.

Therefore, this female Magus chose to hibernate and wait. To her, Leylin would come for collection of resources, it was just a matter of time. As long as she waited with patience, regardless of success or failure, he would leave and an opportunity would present itself.

“All thanks to you, I was able to discover this treasure place. In return, I shall grant you a quick death…” The female Magus shook her robes and immediately disappeared underground.

[Beep! Warning! Warning! High energy force field undulations detected. Distance 15 kilometers away. Approaching quickly!]

The A.I. Chip gave out this sudden warning, shocking Leylin.

This was the advantage of having the A.I. Chip. Not only did Leylin possess the Magus’ special abilities of consciousness scanning, he also had the A.I. Chip for exploration, probing and throwing necessary warnings.

Moreover, the range of probing by the A.I. Chip was much wider compared to Leylin’s own ability.

“Begin imaging!” Leylin gave the order immediately. Soon after, a red-hued motion picture was sent in front of him.

It was an image of a living creature. There were only heat and radiation readings, without any signs of the gender, however the bright colours were a giveaway. It was a rank 3 Magus, one that had attained the Crystal Phase.

“Ah, the pursuers are finally here!” Leylin had expected this would happen.

*Hoot!* At this moment, from a distance, a high-pitched sound pierced forth, turning Leylin’s face pale white.

“The King Blood Vulture is back! If I turn back now, all that awaits me is death!” As it is, at this point in time, Leylin curled his lips into a smile and commanded his A.I. Chip, “A.I. Chip! Prepare to activate all programs!”

[Command received! Activated!] The A.I. Chip alerted without any emotion.

*Hoot!* Immediately after the King Blood Vulture had entered its cave in the mountain, a violent cry rang out.

Two Hydro Phase Blood Vultures were pinned to the ground by its claw. Feathers and blood were smeared all over the ground. The King Blood Vulture snarled, creating a whole world of uproar in the Blood Vultures’ mountain.

But that was not all.

*Bang! Bang! Bang!* Following Leylin’s order, in a secret corner of the Blood Vultures’ mountain, hidden spells were activated in series.

One after another, shadow servants manifested themselves at lightning speed, so much so that they appeared right next to the Blood Vultures’ nests. They grasped at many of the bloodline treasures, with some even clasping onto huge Blood Vulture eggs, fleeing the grounds.

Basically, except for the area around the King Blood Vulture’s cave, the rest of the mountain in its entirety was under attack. There were at least fifty such spells placed!

Corresponding with the loud snarl of the King Blood Vulture, multiple shadows of darkness bore through to the center of it all and immediately the whole of the Blood Vultures’ mountain became a huge field of upheaval.

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