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Warlock of the Magus World (Web Novel) - Chapter 441: Guest

Chapter 441: Guest

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Leylin holed himself inside the Magus Tower after its completion.

This was because the elemental particle concentration here far surpassed that of the outside, allowing his spiritual force to grow much. Furthermore, there were many high-level experiments that could only be done in the Magus Tower. Many of his previous theories could finally be put to the test.

More importantly, the Magus Tower could block out the probing of high-ranked Magi, turning into an elusive location which could hide Leylin’s many secrets.

With those factors coming into play, it was natural that Leylin almost never left the tower, and had neglected both sleep and food to focus on his meditation practice and research.

Many top-notch results had been actualised with the A.I Chip’s assistance, which had increased Leylin’s own knowledge reserves.

In the gigantic library, Snoopy was trying his best to chain up a hysterical, screaming copper-coloured book that had pages filled with fangs, and properly settled it on a bookshelf made of black pinewood.

The library of a Magus was naturally extremely enriching, and represented the accumulation of its owner’s knowledge.

Even though Leylin had the A.I Chip, he had previously collected many books from the south coast and Twilight Zone; the books were so plentiful that all the space was practically filled up. Now, they would have to tidy the books up and sort them out according to their different genres.

Other than that, the central continent was vast as well. Its accumulated knowledge was even more shocking. Leylin had always been actively purchasing books related to magic and a steady flow of such books were sent to the Magus Tower, which further enriched his collection.

His apprentice Snoopy was sent here to sort out and manage the conservation of the books.

Even if it was tough, he cherished this opportunity. Not to mention the stiflingly high concentration of energy particles in the tower, the chance to read so many books freely made him so happy that he could die.

Even if he had his head buried in books day in and day out, he would only have covered an insignificant portion of Leylin’s collection.

Only now did he realise the depth of his Mentor’s knowledge. Just the terrifying accumulation of information was enough for him to look up to Leylin.

At this time, in a room within the library, Leylin was sitting before a giant study desk, quill in hand, as he wrote with lightning speed.

Every second, tens of characters were jotted down, one after the other.

His astonishing speed as well as the coordination of spells allowed Leylin to perform a miracle unthinkable in his previous life.

A blue light glowed in his eyes as rows of words appeared unceasingly. He was actually trying to replicate all the information the A.I. Chip had recorded.

“All done!” Leylin looked at the messy yet seemingly organised documents on his desk, and his face revealed a satisfied expression.

“The entirety of the ecological garden’s experimental data has been replicated. As for these…” Within the Quicksand Castle, Leylin’s biggest gains were what he’d appropriated from the Blood Vultures. However, he had also found large amounts of miscellaneous data in the laboratory.

Due to the lack of the core information and the receptor model, the data could not be replicated at all.

But the other gains thereafter had allowed Leylin to see a glimmer of hope. In the spatial pouch of the Green-skinned Barbarian Magus whom Leylin had saved from a curse, Leylin had found some flawed research data and notes. From the looks of it, the forces in the outer circle had also obtained some data from their explorations.

Even though the other party had not managed to analyse any information, Leylin’s deductive ability was very strong with the support of the A.I. Chip. He had instantly realised the connections between the data and the experimental information he had collected.

If he was not wrong, the torn and tattered journal he obtained from the Green-skinned Barbarian Magus was the core data that was missing in the laboratory!

Even though the Green-skinned Barbarian’s collections were not complete, as long as Leylin had some form of data, albeit flawed, he would be able to derive the other information through deductions and simulations. It was only a matter of time.

After interactions with Tanasha, he had further improved the core data.

With his research, he gradually deciphered the experiments that were conducted in the gigantic laboratory.

“Studies on transferring and combining bloodlines?” Leylin held out a part of the deciphered content and muttered to himself.

Quicksand was undoubtedly an alliance of various Warlock organisations, and their research on bloodlines had never ceased.

Their experimental data was actually more in-depth and concrete than the research of the Ouroboros Clan, which had allowed Leylin to reach a whole new level.

‘I have a premonition that if I finish analysing the experimental results and add them into my own A.I Chip’s system, my research in bloodlines would advance to an unimaginable stage, even to the extent that I can directly extract genes from rank 1 and 2 bloodline creatures and assemble them into an ancient bloodline!’ Excitement flashed across Leylin’s eyes.

Bloodline shackles were the greatest pains to a Warlock. Those that had advanced to the peak of what their bloodlines would allow and reached a dead-end would normally choose to turn their attention to research on bloodline modulation and combination.

That was also the main direction of the research of the Ouroboros Clan.

While the three elders were looking for the Purgatory World, they were also trying to manufacture an even stronger bloodline by building upon the foundations of the Giant Kemoyin Serpent’s bloodline, and from there onwards, break their own bloodline shackles.

Of course, until now, the experiments had made no progress to speak of, not to mention any hopes for success.

“From the looks of it, in this area, the ancient Warlocks have greatly surpassed us…” Leyin sighed as he held the data tighter in his hands.

If he did not experience a breakthrough after being promoted to a Morning Star Magus, or if his search for the Purgatory World were to fail, this would perhaps be his last hope.

“Tower genie! Store the bloodline research data well, at level 1 confidentiality!” Leylin issued the command.

Nowadays, he felt that it had been extremely worth it to construct the Magus Tower. If he didn’t have one, let alone experimentation and information storage, how would he hide such a valuable object?

Just after Leylin had consumed some food and was about to start research, the tower genie suddenly appeared before him.

“Master! A strong radiation has been sensed south-east of the Magus Tower, about 200 kilometres away. Estimated to be a Magus of rank 3 or above!”

In terms of range of detection, the Magus Tower far surpassed the A.I. Chip. That was also one of the reasons why many Magi liked to construct a Magus Tower in their territory. The feeling one got when in complete control of their territory and that nothing could escape their eyes was extremely desirable. More importantly, they were able to protect their own interests.

Of course, in terms of accuracy, the Magus Tower could not measure up to the A.I. Chip. Currently, it could only scan for energy spikes, and could not concretely tell him how many people there were or even their genders.

Leylin was not too worried about that. Even when compared to all other Morning Star Magi, his Magus Tower was one of the best in the entire central continent.

As the enemies inched closer, the accuracy of the Magus Tower’s scans would increase until it could project a proper image.

“It’s them! I’m afraid I’ll have to go out for a while.” Leylin looked at the two silhouettes in the image and stood up, feeling a headache coming on.

At the same time, Kesha had arrived at Onyx Castle with another female Warlock.

Kubler, who was in a butler uniform, lowered his head, “Distinguished Marquis Kesha, my Master is currently conducting experiments in the Magus Tower. If you could rest here for a while, I’ll inform him immediately!”

As a Mankestre Bloodline Warlock, his position in the Ouroboros Clan was very low, and he could only admire the highly-ranked Magi like Kesha. If he wasn’t Leylin’s vassal, he would not even have a chance to speak to her.

“There’s no need for that. He’s already here!” Kesha waved her hands, and a shadow from afar waved back.

“Hehe… How did Senior find the time to visit me here?” Leylin landed on the floor, his robes flowing in the wind. He nodded to Kesha as a form of respect, and looked at the other female Warlock.

The Warlock had jet-black hair that gushed like a waterfall until her waist. This was an effect of the darkness elemental energy particles in the Giant Kemoyin Serpent bloodline, but it matched Leylin’s standard of beauty very well.

Her fair skin, gentle facial features and voluptuous body were what made many men find her unforgettable, but what left a deep impression on Leylin was her wild and reckless personality.

“Welcome to my castle as well, Marquis Freya!” Leylin’s smile was a bit forced. Kesha, however, disregarded all societal expectations and came forward, giving Leylin a passionate hug.

“Leylin, I haven’t thanked you for saving my life the other time! Originally, I had wanted to subsidise the construction of your Magus Tower, but from the looks of it now, you are so much richer than I am…” she remotely sighed, and appeared to be jealous as she stared at the splendor of the Magus Tower not far away.

“Keke… That’s only some savings from a lifetime of risks!” Leylin touched his nose and said unabashedly.

“Alright. Freya and I came here today specifically to see you. Aren’t you going to show us around?” Kesha curled her mouth. In front of close friends, she behaved in a feminine manner, and was sometimes even childish.

“Of course, of course, it’ll be my pleasure. Please!” Leylin wryly stretched out his hands and locked arms with Kesha.

Inviting close Magi to take a look at one’s Magus Tower, or even to reside and perform research there, was something many Magi used to strengthen their bonds with them. Leylin, of course, was not an exception.

Thanks to the manipulation abilities of his tower genie, things that he did not want found would be hard to discover while inside the tower, even for Morning Star Magi. Hence, there was no need to fear his secrets being exposed.

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